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In Mobile Last updated: June 21, 2023
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Capturing the perfect passport-size photo can come with a lot of hassle. Not only do you want to look super good in it, but you must also be mindful of the size, pose, background color, attire, and other government requirements. To save you the time and effort on countless retakes, introducing – passport photo apps for iPhone!

These apps are specifically designed to click and edit perfect passport-size photos to make travel easy and hassle-free. There’s no scarcity of passport photo apps on the App Store, but this simple fact also makes choosing the right one challenging. To make things easier, I have rounded up only the best passport photo apps you can install on your iPhone.

Before we jump into the list, let’s get a few things straight.

Why You Need a Perfect Passport Photo


You might wonder what the fuss around the “perfect passport-size photo” is about; after all, why worry about photo editing apps or the right photo size? Well, embassies and consulates worldwide have many prerequisites when it comes to valid passport-sized photos. Here are the 2 prime reasons why you need the perfect passport photo.

#1. Visual Identification While Applying for Visas 🪪

A passport photo serves as a visual representation of your identity across the globe. It’s your proof of identity while applying for passports, visas, and other official documents when traveling overseas. 

Your application and paperwork would be rejected without a valid photo since you’d fail to deliver a valid visual identity to the relevant authorities.

#2. Proof of Identity at the Government Checkpoints 📍

When you travel overseas, you must prove your identity at various security and government checkpoints and border crossings. This helps them verify your identity by cross-checking with the photo that’s on your passport.

You have to meet specific requirements so it gets approved by the authorities in the first go. If the picture meets the standard requirements, you could avoid having your passport application delayed or rejected.

Here’s what counts as the perfect passport-size photo:

  • The size, color, and position of the photo have to be up to the mark. These requirements may vary from country to country, so it’s best to identify the conditions of your native country before getting the photo clicked and developed.
  • The photo must be recent, with the appropriate attire and accessories. You can’t wear any head covering (except for religious or medical reasons) or ear accessories, such as earphones or headphones, while taking your photo.
  • The quality of the photo, background, and shadows are also crucial while taking the picture. Your face should be clearly visible and not grainy.

With these many conditions, clicking the perfect passport photo can be challenging but important. Thankfully, with passport photo apps for iPhone, you can edit your photo on the go and make your travel easy.

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Benefits of Using a Passport Photo App


Why would you need a passport photo app if you can get your passport photo professionally clicked while meeting all the government criteria?

To answer that question, here are some benefits of using an app for it.

 #1. Convenience ✅

The biggest advantage of using a passport photo app is its convenience. There is no hassle of being in a studio, having the perfect lighting, or even the perfect background. Most apps come with advanced features that adjust all these elements to help you take good passport photos anytime, anywhere. All you need is your iPhone camera and a portable photo printer or a regular one to get the job done!

#2. Quick Photos 📸

With passport photo apps, you can take good pictures quickly and on the go. These apps come to the rescue when you’ve run out of passport-size photos and need new ones urgently.

You can quickly snap and download a picture without professional support or equipment. Even if you trust the professionals for this, installing one of these apps on your iPhone for emergencies is a good idea.

#3. Free to Use 🆓

Most of these apps offer a free version, which means you won’t have to pay to have a valid passport photo clicked and edited. If you want to be a little economical while traveling abroad, having a passport photo app on your phone could save you money. Every little saved while traveling on a budget is a win.

With the latest advancement in technology and camera functions, you can click a valid photo for your passport right from your iPhone.

Passport photo apps are designed to create suitable photos for official documents, and they come with various features that allow you to edit your snaps to ensure they meet all government requirements. And if you still aren’t happy with the result, you can always edit the image with image editing tools for that professional touch!

Don’t let needing to take the perfect passport-sized photo make photography a chore! lus, you add some fun by taking some selfies and using these best selfie apps to add special effects for Android and iOS!

Ready to click and edit a passport photo on your own without any professional help? Let’s jump into the list of apps.

Passport Photo – ID Photo

With the Passport Photo – ID Photo app, you can create, format, edit, and print your passport-size photos within seconds and without breaking a sweat.


You can use the built-in camera function to click a new photo or format any suitable photos already present in your gallery using the app’s editor.

The editor allows you to perform various functions, such as ideal positioning, zooming, rotating, and cropping, to meet the unique photo requirements of your country. However, before you start clicking, ensure you have installed one of the best free and paid iPhone camera apps to use!

Passport Photo – ID Photo App

The Passport Photo – ID Photo App has many useful features that can make clicking and editing the perfect photo a piece of cake.


The background removal feature can erase the background of the photo as per the guidelines of your country’s government.

You can arrange the photos on one sheet of varying sizes, such as 3×4, 4×4, 4×6, 5×7, and A4, to use on passport or visa paperwork.

The app also offers photo templates from various countries to simplify editing the snaps.

Biometric Passport Photo

Whether you want a photo for your passport, job application, or any other paperwork, Biometric Passport Photo can help you click an accurate photo for it.


You can edit the snap using multi-touch gestures and correct the brightness, saturation, and contrast as per the requirements to get your photos approved by the authorities. You can adjust the print size in the app based on what’s needed.

It also comes with passport photo templates for about 100 countries. If your country is one of them, your task is even easier.

iVisa: Passport & Visa Photos

No more spending money on professional photos because you can capture and edit your passport photos from the comfort of your home with the iVisa: Passport & Visa Photos app.


This app ticks all the boxes on the criteria list of the government and strives to deliver suitable passport photos.

Simply click a selfie and follow the tips provided by the app’s proprietary passport photo selfie algorithm to edit the snap as per the government guidelines.

You can also remove the background using the app and download the photo for accurate printing.

Passport Photo Booth Creator

Use the Passport Photo Booth Creator app to capture the perfect passport-size photo and edit it as per government guidelines.


You can then get it printed from a local store without having to pay the extra bucks for professional printing.

This app allows you to store the photo in your gallery to print the same photo as many times as you want. It can be incredibly useful whenever you’re planning on traveling overseas or need passport photos for official purposes.

The best part is it comes with a silhouette that will guide you about where to place your eyes and face to get an accurate picture.

Passport Photo & ID Maker

A very advanced photo maker, Passport Photo & ID Maker has many useful features that make capturing perfect passport-size photos a breeze.


From facial feature recognition to auto-editing, this app will create photos that meet the official requirement of over 130 countries in various formats. You can also adjust brightness, saturation, and contrast to your liking.

Get accurate pictures for passports, visas, green cards, ID cards, driving licenses, and other official documents at your fingertips for free with Passport Photo & ID Maker.

Passport Photo Booth US AiD

Passport Photo Booth US AiD leverages the power of AI and generates biometric passport photo templates for official documents. It comes with a photo background remover that replaces the background of any photo with white background, as the passport authorities accept. 


Additionally, it has many useful features, such as a crop tool, resizer tool, and other editing functions to adjust your photos appropriately.

Besides the US, it has guidelines for countries like India, Zimbabwe, Canada, and Thailand.

Official Passport Photo

For quick, efficient, and free development of a passport-size photo, Official Passport Photo app is ideal.


It allows unlimited photos and gives you easy saving and printing options. This handy app saves you a lot of time and money on professional editing and printing.

Also, if you’re on the go and want to get a passport photo urgently, you can install this app to get the job done. The process consists of clicking the picture, choosing the country and the document type, editing the image as per the guidelines, and sending it over your email. That’s it!

ID Photo – Passport Photo Maker

ID Photo – Passport Photo Maker comes with all the basic features of a passport photo app.


However, above that, it offers an advanced feature that allows you to change your attire for the photo. If you’re wearing a t-shirt, and your document requires you to wear something formal, you can switch the attire to a formal one to meet the requirement.

It also modifies the background to blue, white, or red, depending on what’s needed.

Passport Size Photo Maker App

For those of you who want to create studio-like photos from the comfort of your home, Passport Size Photo Maker App is an option you can consider.


Besides giving you a professional foundation, it has several sharing options. Once you have clicked and edited the perfect passport photo with the help of the built-in tools it offers to enhance the quality, you can easily share the image or have it printed from a local photo booth.

The photos can be added to a single 4×6, 5×7, or A4 sheet.

ID Photo Application

An app that offers several size options, ID Photo Application is highly versatile when clicking photos for official documents.


It makes the entire process super quick. All you need to do is install the app and start taking professional-looking photos from your home. You can then use the editor to tweak the pictures as your government requires.

Its general print size is 4×6, which can be adjusted whenever needed.

Getting that Picture Perfect!

Passport photo apps are an easy, convenient, and cheaper alternative to having your photos clicked and developed. Now that you have your photos ready, use photo management solutions so that you can keep all your various pictures at easy reach.

Considering that there are many options available when it comes to passport photo apps for iPhone, you can try different apps from this list to see which one meets your requirements the best, keeping the government’s criteria in mind.

Once you have a pick, you’ll never want to walk out of your house to get your photos taken in a studio, especially if you’re on the go. And what’s more, your photos can look professionally done with AI-powered photo editor software and apps without you having to spend a dime.

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