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Damn, I just forgot my password! Sounds familiar?

That’s true if you have to remember many passwords for different apps. But why depend on your memory when it’s especially important to be able to recover passwords when most online services have upgraded their security protocols?

Truth is protection is essential, but only if it works. However, forget any of your passwords, and you’ll find yourself between a rock and a hard place. The ensuing nightmare can be a real problem as you won’t be able to access important apps on your devices or even your Wi-Fi network.      

Should you ever be unlucky enough to find yourself in this sorry situation, the good news is you can access password recovery solutions. Tens of software platforms perform the noble task of recovering lost or forgotten passwords. Since you need an authentic password recovery tool that’s simple and easy to use whenever the inevitable happens, this article will explore Passware Kit, one of the leading Password recovery tools, to show you its features and why you need to invest in it.  

The Importance of Password Recovery and Encryption Solutions

Password protection is essentially easy to set up and use security measures that enable only authorized users to access files. However, it’s always possible for you to forget your passwords or for someone else to get hold of them and get unauthorized access to your apps or online data.

Instead of solely betting on good luck or depending on your memory, you’ll be better off investing in a good password recovery tool. This refers to third-party tools designed to work with your browser to recover lost or stolen passwords.

Modern password tools can also sync your password database to a cloud end-to-end encryption that sends a one-way hash of your password before it leaves your device and remains unreadable, making it difficult for a hacker

In today’s world, where data breaches are a real problem and cybersecurity is a top priority, using a password recovery tool and other password protection strategies remains essential.

Among the most tangible benefits of password recovery and encryption solutions are that you no longer need to remember everything, use stronger passwords, have faster access to your apps and data, securely store and manage logins and passwords, and manage shared accounts.    

The Passware Password Recovery Kit 

The Passware Password Recovery Kit is a dedicated tool to recover your passwords from different files. The easy-to-setup-and-use tool uses various methods and approaches on different systems, including MS Word, MS Excel, Access, Lotus Notes, Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Firefox, among others, to recover their passwords.

The app presents a comprehensive interface that simplifies the entire password recovery process and offers a step-by-step wizard to guide the entire process. 

Users can choose between predefined settings and set up custom solutions to choose from different settings or scenarios leading to the needed password. It’s possible to create customized custom attack solutions depending on the encrypted files you’re dealing with if you’re uncomfortable using the automatic one-click method.

Besides your regular files, you can also use the Passware Password Recovery Kit to recover passwords from websites within a few seconds. Moreover, you can also use the tool to search for passwords from your computer, making it a handy tool in most situations.  

Passware Kit: Important Features 

#1. Five Different Versions

Described as the one tool that can recover all passwords, the Passware Kit is available in five different versions: Basic, Standard, Standard Plus, Business, and Kit Forensic, with their main differentiation being the number of file types they can retrieve passwords from whether its Microsoft or OpenOffice documents.

However, all the versions feature a dictionary manager and GPU acceleration. The first three are designed for home use, while the Business and Forensic kits are intended for office use where the difficulty level could be higher. 

While the Basic or Standard edition can unlock over 50 different file types, the Forensic version can unlock over 300 different file types. The Basic kit is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Windows Vista, and Mac and can be used to recover files through its “Instant Recovery” mode or “Brute Force” attacks.        

On the other hand, the Standard Plus version is designed to unlock password managers, including 1Password, LastPass, KeePass, and Dashlane, among others, as well as server accounts and the latest Windows and Microsoft Live ID accounts. 

#2. Password Recovery Performance

Passware Kit facilitates instant removal or removal of numerous passwords using a range of automatic cracking algorithms or Brute-Force for just about any password. For example, the Brute-Force feature uses any known part of a password or performs dictionary attacks using reversed spelling and different kinds of symbols.

When dealing with extremely complex cases, the kit offers hardware acceleration via NVIDIA and AMD instruction sets and the multi-core CPU support available with the Standard, Standard Plus that speeds up the recovery process.     

#3. Locate Password-Protected Files 

While emergency password recovery is the primary reason most people buy password-cracking software, users often have to deal with numerous older password-protected files. The tool’s automatic search feature helps find all files from all the file types it supports, which are at least 130 in the Standard Plus edition.  

#4. Easy-to-use Interface 

The Passware Kit’s user interface is designed to copy that of a user’s Windows system. As a result, a user doesn’t have to spend time learning any new stuff whenever they’re trying to recover a password.

Also, the system uses a drag-and-drop formula that allows it to run large-scale attacks from complex passwords. This means you can grab an attack from any repository and drag it to the required work zone or a particular document. Moreover, users can easily customize the interface’s settings and adjust their desires.   

#5. Decryption and Data Access

The Passware Kit’s batch-processing feature saves users substantial time and effort during password recovery. Rather than decrypt passwords one by one, the kit allows you to queue up several tasks so they can run parallel. You add the password-locked files, disk images, archives, or account credentials to the queue using the batching process. 

Once you customize the attack method based on the particular encryption type, the kit will tap into its GPU-powered decryption algorithms and automatically run through the list.

Moreover, the user can view the status of the running tasks via the batch processor window. The main benefit of using the Passware kit is that the ability to customize decryption attacks facilitates the password recovery process by offering tailor-made cracking methods.

You can use the automatic default settings that work across different file types for simple password cracking needs or modify the parameters such as mask types, dictionary sources, and brute force complexity.       

#6. Supported File Types and Encryption Methods

❇️ Over 300 File Types: As the leading password-recovering software that recognizes over 300 different types of files with its batch-recovering mode, Passware Kit supports files like MS Office, PDF, Zip, and RAR. Others are QuickBooks, Bitcoin wallets, Mac OS X Keychain, Apple iTunes Backup, FileMaker, Lotus Notes, password managers, and several other popular applications including the following:  

❇️ Full Disk Decryption: The tool can be used to recover or decrypt passwords from BitLocker, Dell, APFS, Apple DMG, TrueCrypt, McAfee, PGP, FileVault2, LUKS, Symantec, and VeraCrypt disk images.

❇️ Live Memory Analysis: Users can analyze hibernation files and live memory images and extract hard disk logins and encryption keys for Windows and Mac accounts. The tool’s Bootable Memory Imager can acquire memory for Linux, Windows, and Mac computers.  

❇️ Mobile Forensics: Passware Kit can also recover passwords from mobile devices such as Apple iPhones or iPads besides Android backups and Android images and extract data from images in Windows phones.

❇️ Mac version: The tool not only has all the latest Windows version features but also has a Passware Kit Forensic version designed specifically for Mac and gives access to disks on Mac computers using the Apple T2 chip. 

❇️ Intelligent Detection: The tool can detect all hard disk images and encrypted files and report the encryption types and their complexity.  

❇️ Automatic Updates: Users can choose the automatic software and agent update that comes alongside a one-year Software Maintenance and Support subscription. Note that the Passware Kit Enterprise version can recover passwords for encryption algorithms, including AES, Blowfish, DES, and RSA.

Pricing and Licensing

Unlike a few other password-cracking tools, Passware doesn’t have a free-to-download version. The five versions are priced differently, ranging from at least $49 for the basic kit to over $1,095 for the forensic version. If you’re unlocking regular PDF, Microsoft Outlook, or archived files like .rar, .zip, and .exe, you’ll need the standard version, which costs $79. 

However, if you plan to surpass password managers like LastPass, KeePass, or 1Password, the Standard Plus kit, costing $195, will do for you. The business kit that costs $875 is ideal for users intending to recover passwords from a Mac OS keychain. The price of the Passware Rainbow Tables begins at $2,195, while the Passware Kit forensic lab subscription is at $1,750, while the Passware Kit ultimate is the most expensive at $3,195.  

Passware Kit Alternatives 

#1. eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery Software

For anyone who accidentally loses or forgets an Excel security key or file password, the smart way to access and reopen the locked Excel sheet is using the eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery software.

This password-cracking tool is easy to use due to its intuitive user interface. The software uses the best recovery methods, including Mask Attacks, Dictionary Attacks, and Brute Force Attacks, to recover different password combinations.   

It doesn’t matter whether the password contains different characters, including upper case, lower case, special characters, numeric, or any other user-defined characters. This Excel password that removes opens locked spreadsheet passwords safely and effortlessly has a 3-in-1 feature that supports Excel, Word, and Access  

Users downloading this Excel password remover tool can immediately open over-locked spreadsheet passwords safely and effortlessly. The tool supports the latest Microsoft Excel versions and keeps up with the regular updates of MS Word versions. Users can remove any password combinations with an assurance of no data modification or damage. 

#2. Stellar Data Recovery 

The Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows is an all-encompassing password recovery solution to recover lost or deleted data from different Windows media storage systems.

Anyone can use this DIY data recovery software that effortlessly retrieves erased or vanished files from USB drives, SSDs, HDDs, and other related storage devices. 

The tool supports various file types, such as vital documents and photos. The software can recover all valuable data, including passwords, whether the dives are encrypted, formatted, or corrupted.

Stellar Data Recovery works even in dire situations, such as when a system crashes completely or becomes unbootable. The software can retrieve data and passwords, so no single file is unrecovered.

Users can also choose the Stellar Data recovery tool designed for Windows to recover data from different data loss scenarios. The tool supports different storage devices and file formats, including RAW and encrypted drives, offering a comprehensive password recovery solution.   


Passware Kit does an excellent job reporting and recovering all password-protected files and items on your devices. With the ability to recognize over 330 different types of files and works via its batch mode to recover lost or stolen passwords, it’s a worthwhile investment.

You won’t find many competitors that can analyze live memory images or hibernation file types or effortlessly extract encryption keys for hard drives and passwords for Mac and Windows accounts.

With the recent addition of an instant encryption feature via memory analysis, I highly recommend Passware Kit.

Next, check out the best forensic decryption tools to aid in investigations.

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