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Are you trying to find free eBooks online but ending up empty-handed? Here is a list of PDF Search Engines becoming game-changer in the present world.

If you are a book fanatic, you would love nothing more than the smell of books and a hot cup of coffee. However, digital advancement has made eBooks gain popularity over time, which has made people go for the websites like Goodreads, Amazon Kindle, and Wattpad.

With tons of books available on these online books, readers are enjoying themselves. These books are easily accessible to read and enjoy with extensive options available.

On top of that, the readers can download eBooks (sometimes audiobooks and podcasts) from websites to forever have them on their smartphones, tablets, and even computers.

With this said, here are the major PDF Search Engine that can help you find the right book.

Internet Archive

With more than 2.3 million modern eBooks, the Internet Archive has archived all the full downloadable texts and books for free. Readers can access an extensive collection of modern books at the Internet Archive in many formats. On top of that, anyone can contribute to the list of books by adding their eBook to the archive.

The archive offers:

  • 790,000 software programs
  • 14 million audio recordings and live concerts
  • 625 web pages
  • 4 million images
  • 7 million videos and news
  • 38 million books and texts

Consider it as a library allowing book fanatics to enjoy digital versions of their favorite books.

Google Scholar

What can be a better way to get the best books than Google. Google Scholar is a search engine for someone trying to find out the articles, case law, or articles on a particular topic. The users can also add articles to read later, such as a research paper and knowledgeable articles that they want to read.

On top of that, users can leverage the advanced search option allowing users to search with all the words, exact phrases, at least one word, omit certain words, and even the exact place where the keyword is placed in the article. The metrics data cited publications like Science, The Lancet, and Nature Communication.


If you are a fan of eBooks, ManyBooks is the perfect solution offering 50,000+ books at your fingertips. ManyBooks cover different genres such as myth, adventure, pirate tales, psychology, espionage, drama, criticism, cooking, etc. It is easy to access any book by registering to the website or reading online for free. The self-publishing authors can introduce their work to the market and gain recognition.

BASE Search

Bielefeld Academic Search Engine searched through 9000+ content providers to come up with 300+ million documents and PDFs. BASE search is a search engine for a web resource that offers complete texts of 60% of indexed records for free.

The repositories include documents such as digital collections, institutional, and journals offering content with several features.


ResearchGate has access to 135 million publication pages in different domains like computer science, biology, mathematics, engineering, chemistry, and many more. The users can easily collaborate with their peers to advance their careers and get in-depth stats on citations.


Gutenberg is the best in the category of PDF search engines and is among the finest online library of free textbooks. It involves the digital archiving of cultural works, and it is aimed at promoting literary creation and distribution.

There are more than 70,000 books available on this website. Various languages are available for the books, and browsing curated eBook collections across various genres is possible. Project Gutenberg does not ask for additional fees or registration, which turns this PDF search engine to the top of the list.

On top of that, there are no compatibility issues; you can continue to read your favorite eBooks without the need for any separate applications.

Open Library

Open Library provides free access to ebook downloads where you can enjoy reading ebooks on the web. More than 4 million users are registered on the site, and the library has more than 1 million books collection. The free ebooks on this website can be downloaded to your device. 

One of the outstanding things that make Open Library worth trying for your next PDF search engine for reading ebooks is its digital shelf feature that allows you to store books you would like to read. Organizing the books is possible with the help of a Reading Log and a List.

Using the virtual library explorer, you can easily organize your books to fit your needs. Unfortunately, the website does not provide a feature to download books for offline reading. Besides, you have the borrowing option, but only for a limited period.


PDFBooksWorld Library is an excellent resource for finding free PDF books, including digital versions of public domain books converted into PDF format. The PDF books you will find here are of high quality.

Its easy-to-use interface and powerful search engine make locating and downloading books easy. However, every reader should be aware that only those person will be able to download or read the eBooks who holds the membership with PDFBooksWorld. With membership, you can access multiple books.

PDFBooksWorld keeps everything so organized that you won’t face any hassle accessing your favorite eBooks. A neat and clean Table of Content section lets you switch headings and paragraphs easily. Moreover, most eBooks at PDF Books World are easily accessible on different screens, from computers and laptops to mobile devices. 

These are some of its impressive features that makes PDFBooksWorld, the best pick for PDF search engine. 


ScienceDirect may be the perfect pick for you if you are an enthusiastic researcher. It is a very high-quality PDF search engine that you can use to increase the depth of insights you gain through your research projects. 

With ScienceDirect, researchers can easily access answers and the latest scientific developments, from mainstream research to the most novel and cutting-edge research. 

The databases shown here allow users to access thousands of electronic books, millions of articles, and journals on various topics. 

Once you register with ScienceDirect, you will receive more and more recommendations for articles depending on your daily activities. From Physical sciences, Health sciences to Life sciences, ScienceDirect have touched every category. is a PDF search engine available in the market, similar to ScienceDirect. It offers an extensive collection of authoritative federal science information and 60 and 2200 website databases. 

It is possible to download information in different formats, such as full-text documents, multimedia, and scientific data that supports federally funded research.

This website lets you access research and development results and technical and scientific information from 13 federal agencies and scientific organizations. 

Users can find information on various topics on the website, including computer technology, engineering, and mathematics education and training opportunities. 

Whether you are a scientist, business owner, student, or teacher looking to dig into science, is the way to go.  

Anna’s Archive

Anna’s Archive is one of the significant finds in the category of the PDF search engine. This search engine is specially designed for shadow libraries and is a solution for all types of books, research papers, novels, magazines, and so on. 

The best source of information and providing knowledge is what makes this search engine the ideal choice for enthusiastic readers.

This search engine was brought into the market without any motive of earning profit as it was built to encourage those who have tried to prepare the shadow libraries. 

Library Genesis

Are you familiar with the Library Genesis? It is one of the finest PDF search engines available to ebook readers. The site is an excellent resource for all readers of ebooks, and there are some awe-inspiring statistics on it. 

This makes this on the list of top PDF search engines for free ebooks, with over one million free ebooks available for download. Here you can even find classics, magazines, and books on almost any subject imaginable.

It holds different sections from a volunteer, community, donation, and much more; this has various things to explore. You can log into the Library Genesis to get a better insight.

Ebook Hunter

Ebook Hunter is a renowned name in the category of the PDF Search engine. Its name, ‘eBook Hunter’ goes well with its work. Here you can hunt for your favorite ebooks that suit your daily reading schedule well. 

With this website, you can read even the most popular ebook without any cost, from bringing to notice some of the best ebooks that will make your day. Since its inception, it has continued to gain attention. In addition, you do not need to log in or register with EBook Hunter to access the ebooks.


Have you ever imagined free access to some globally renowned books? If not, READ ANY BOOK; the exceptional PDF Search engine makes it possible. 

With READ ANY BOOK, you can read and download the ebooks at no cost. From Mad Honey to Ugly Love, these are some of the best ebooks you will find here. But you must register and log in with READ ANY BOOK to continue reading and downloading your favorite ebooks. 

One of the things that set its place in the list of top and most popular PDF search engines is that its books cover all genres. So no matter if you look for something like action and adventure, this ebook lets you experience it all in one place.


You should check out STANDARD EBOOKS if you are looking for a website where you can download PDF files. It provides premium quality eBook editions that are free of any claims of copyright and are available at no charge. As a free eBook website, STANDARD EBOOKS offers an interactive user interface.

Volunteers drive the project, but the books in Standard eBooks are well-formatted and well-designed before they are republished.


When compiling the list of best PDF search engines, PDFGet should be on your list. It is not only popular for its history but for its extensive collection of ebooks. 

With this topmost and highly in-demand PDF search engine, you will always have options, as here you can access multiple choices that are rarely found with any other platform or website. This search engine lets you find your favorite book by Google search, author, and genre.

With this PDF search engine, you also have the choice to share it with your family and friends via social media platforms like Whatsapp and Twitter.

Digital Public Library of America

Digital Public Library of America is among the most reliable website to share insights and information to keep you updated with all the details and information. 

As Americans’ most trusted sources of shared knowledge, libraries and cultural organizations are enlivened by the Digital Public Library of America.

On this website, you can browse millions of collections from libraries, historical records, museums, and other cultural institutions on one page.

Choose the right PDF Search Engine

Choose any of the products mentioned above to get the accurate search results of your favorite PDF and enjoy reading.

With the right tool, you can get a wide range of learning resources (or entertaining) for avid learners, literati, and some casual reading. The best thing is that these sites contain almost all the eBooks from primary level to scholar level.

So, enjoy your favorite book legitimately with a user-friendly interface.

If you want to share the downloaded files and find them too large, here are some pdf compression tools.

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