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In Business Operations Last updated: August 16, 2023
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Want to attract investors and get funding? Get help with these pitch deck templates to make your work easier.

Pitch deck is a widely used term in the business world. Popular companies like Airbnb and Facebook were able to attract investors for their projects by using brilliant pitch deck presentations. So, having a good pitch deck is very important to grab the investor’s attention. 

Making a pitch deck can take a lot of work for beginners. This is where pitch deck templates come to our rescue. These templates provide you with an editable presentation and guide you throughout the process of making your presentation. 

In this article, we will discuss what a pitch deck is and what its content should be. Next, we will see how pitch deck templates can help you and their benefits. Lastly, we will look at the best pitch deck templates to grab investors’ interest and secure funding. 

What is a pitch deck?

Pitch decks are presentations that startups and entrepreneurs use to showcase their business concepts to potential partners or investors. The purpose of a pitch deck is to attract attention, obtain funds, or forge strategic alliances. It provides a concise and aesthetically pleasing synopsis of the business opportunity.


A standard pitch deck consists of slides that emphasize a business’s crucial elements. These include determining the issue, establishing a solution, analyzing the market, and creating a business strategy

It also entails highlighting competitive advantages, introducing the team, outlining the budget, and pitching for funding or a partnership. The pitch deck must be concise and easy to understand. It should ideally include 10 to 15 slides that each effectively and efficiently deliver information.

What should a pitch deck contain?


The purpose of a pitch deck is to convince your investors or clients about your project’s interests, requirements, and benefits. Your pitch deck presentation should briefly convey all about your project while making it attractive. The following points are a few things that should be indeed included in your pitch deck slides.


Briefly state the issue or difficulty that your target market is experiencing. Clearly define it and explain why it matters to them.


Describe your original approach and how it successfully solves the issue. Moreover, highlight the benefits and advantages it offers.

Available Competition

Identify competitors and highlight advantages you have over them or unique sales characteristics. Make your solution stand out by highlighting your competitive advantage or unique selling points.

Business Model

Explain how your business generates revenue and maintains profitability. Outline your primary revenue sources and describe your business model.

Effect on Market

Demonstrate your comprehension of the target market’s size, potential expansion, and trends. You must demonstrate that you are well-versed in the market’s dynamics.

Description of Products or Solutions

Give a comprehensive description of your product or service, focusing on its distinctive value proposition, benefits, and features. Explain to customers why they should select your product over other options.

Targeted Audience

Draw up a list of your target market and your customers. Provide insight into your ideal customers’ requirements and preferences by clearly identifying them.



Explain how you intend to boost revenue, connect with your target audience, and attract customers. Describe your strategies for increasing market penetration and driving sales.

About the team

Explain the individuals on your team, their experience, abilities, and relevant accomplishments. Show that you have a capable and qualified team to execute your business plan.


Give a concise synopsis of your financial projections, including profitability, costs, and income. Prepare a precise and attainable financial forecast.


Discuss significant accomplishments and any traction, such as user growth, alliances, or earnings. Demonstrate progress and momentum in your business.

Funding or Partnership

If you are seeking funding or a partnership, indicate your desired level of funding or the type of collaboration with specificity. Make a direct request for the support that you require.

How can pitch deck templates help you?

Regarding time and effort savings, pitch deck templates can be a game-changer. Instead of beginning from scratch, these templates already have a variety of slides and frameworks. 


The best thing is that they provide your pitch deck with a clean and professional appearance. This is likely to leave an excellent impression on potential partners or investors. Moreover, the fact that you may alter these templates to meet your requirements makes them even better. This guarantees that your pitch deck will precisely reflect your company and brand. 

With pitch deck templates, you can ensure that all essential components are included. Also, these templates provide helpful advice on organizing your data and making an exciting presentation

In addition, they ignite your imagination and enable you to create an aesthetically pleasing pitch. Using pitch deck templates is an effective tool that streamlines the design process and improves the overall caliber of your pitch deck.

Now, let us directly jump to the best pitch deck templates list.


Pitch offers an extensive collection with a variety of sample pitch deck presentations. Every one of their designs includes all the necessary pitch deck slides. You can quickly create an effective presentation using this.

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On Pitch, you can start making your pitch deck simply by selecting a template and clicking “Use this template.” A free Pitch account is all you need to start editing. Also, you can create a presentation style that mirrors your business’s branding to give your pitch deck a personal touch.

You can also create a public presentation link to pitch your big idea to potential investors, business partners, or clients.


PandaDoc is an online tool that can help you easily create pitch deck presentations. You can browse their different types of pitch deck templates to find the one that suits you best. PandaDoc also guides you through the process of making the presentation to make sure your pitch deck stands out from the rest. 


The best part about PandaDoc is that it has specific templates according to the purpose of your pitch deck. They have investor pitch deck samples, sales deck templates, business deck samples, and much more to cater to your needs. All of these templates have ready-to-use slides that you can edit according to your company’s objectives.


Canva offers a variety of professional pitch deck templates and a user interface that is easy for beginners to use. After selecting the layout, you can add to each slide your excellent content, and you’ll be well on your way to making a solid pitch deck. 


Each template on Canva is easily editable using its user-friendly editing platform. You can also load the design onto the dashboard, where you can work with your coworkers and teammates. On Canva, you will have access to all the tools required to modify each presentation to fit your business objectives or strategic plans

You can make any necessary adjustments to the fonts, backgrounds, and colors so that they effectively convey your brand or personality. Additionally, you can add filters and fun animations to each element in your pitch deck slide design and upload your logo or photographs from your gallery.


You should use SlideBean‘s pitch deck services if you want a polished and professional pitch deck. SlideBean provides pitch deck design, content development, and pitch deck coaching. You can make an excellent pitch deck using Slidebean that distinguishes you from the competition and helps you obtain your company’s finance.

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You can pick multiple backdrop photos and add bullet points of text about your company concept; SlideBean will then load the contents into a template that has been expertly crafted. If you’re in a hurry, you may even choose to have SlideBean pros write and create your pitch deck.

The tool’s metrics are one of the significant advantages for entrepreneurs employing SlideBean. You can monitor investor engagement and backlink sharing to determine whether slides are popular and reach the proper audiences.


Visme is a user-friendly presentation tool enabling non-designers to generate beautiful pitch decks quickly. Several tools are available to select from so you can quickly visualize information.

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These consist of chart engines that offer more than 16 different types of charts, millions of free photos, tens of thousands of vector icons, dozens of image filters, and ready-to-use data widgets for displaying statistics and data. 

Its pitch deck templates have everything you need to display ideas, statistics, and data, which may help you elevate your presentation. Various pitch deck templates are available, ranging from simple and elegant slides to vibrant and dramatic ones.

To get started and build your pitch deck template with the precise slides you want, select one of their 900+ searchable design layout templates.


SlideKit allows you to search for, go through, preview, and integrate creatives directly into Google Slides. It can meet all of your company’s demands with over 4500+ inventive slide templates to choose from in over 30+ categories.

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This could encompass everything from building systems and defining agendas to conveying strategy. Each template for a slide show is adjustable and the correct size. 

You can integrate SlideKit’s more than 150+ free slides and free presentation templates into your presentation. They also add additional free and paid templates regularly. You can use a library of expert presentation templates with SlideKit covering every aspect of the company, including Timeline, SWOT, Roadmap, Process, Marketing, Circular, etc.  


BaseTemplates delivers decent value for your money by giving you a customized feedback document containing all their observations, in-depth analysis, guidance, and strategy ideas. Additionally, it provides free pitch deck templates that you can use if you’re starting out and need help determining where to begin or how to build your deck.

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The best feature of BaseTemplates is that its pitch deck template is entirely customizable in Google Slides, Keynote, and PowerPoint (.pptx). The 100+ slides in each of their templates have pre-designed elements & design concepts. Each slide is also created to convey all the relevant information while looking gorgeous.

Envato Elements 

Envato Elements‘ pitch deck is an outstanding tool for entrepreneurs and companies looking for a complete and aesthetically appealing presentation. These pitch deck templates include a wide selection of professionally created slides, layouts, and images that may take your presentation to the next level.

The templates’ clean and contemporary style makes it easy to produce a visually appealing presentation that attracts the interest of potential partners or investors.


The pitch deck template includes all the necessary components, such as problem identification, solution presentation, market analysis, business model, introduction of the team, and financial predictions. The Envato Elements pitch deck stands out due to its versatility and customizability, which let you modify the template to fit your brand and particular company requirements. 


Slidesgo‘s templates are visually appealing and have a modern style, assisting in creating an engaging and impressive pitch deck. The templates include all the components for an attractive pitch deck.


These templates are incredibly editable, allowing users to add their own material and change the layouts, colors, and fonts to suit their tastes and branding. They can create a visually appealing and polished pitch deck more quickly and easily. 

The templates from Slidesgo are available online, making it simple to browse and select the best one for your presentation. They are user-friendly and make it simple for consumers to alter and produce their pitch decks without having to have much design knowledge.

VIP Graphics

On VIP Graphics, you don’t need to be an expert or a designer to produce a beautiful pitch. Even the most inexperienced presenter can dazzle because of their pitch deck kit. Add your material and graphics; their intelligent pitch deck will cover the rest. 


VIP Graphics offers an intriguing overview of the success of your business, future projections, and a growth strategy. This pitch deck template is ideal for entrepreneurs introducing new companies & startups to investors, partners, and clients.

With this all-in-one presentation template, you can create a magnificent and persuasive summary of your company and opportunity. You can also use infographics, diagrams, and charts to convey your company plan effectively. 


Notion is widely known for its productivity and collaborative tools. These tools help individuals and teams to carry out their day-to-day work easily. Their pitch deck template is one such tool that helps people make pitch decks. 

Unlike traditional pitch decks, the Notion pitch deck template offers an interactive page to impress investors. It offers a user-interactive interface, and its drag-and-drop facility makes it easy for users to create pitch decks. You can also link over 50 apps on Notion to ensure that most of your work is done on a single platform. 

You can use Notion galleries to display your prominent use cases, clients, and team. Additionally, you can include more text, pictures, and information on the gallery subpages. Investors would have the option to read more about the topics that interest them. 


You can use Miro‘s pitch deck template to collect ideas and valuable resources for your pitch deck. In Miro’s template, each slide is a frame. The slides’ content can be readily changed, and you can also add or delete additional slides or rearrange them using drag and drop.


You can switch to Miro’s presentation mode whenever you’re ready to present your slides. Navigation between slides can be done using arrow buttons or keyboard shortcuts. The comments or collaborators’ cursors will be hidden, leaving only the slides in the frames you chose to display them to minimize distraction.

Pitch Builder

Pitch Builder not just provides templates but also offers one-to-one guidance in the process of pitch deck making. On buying the templates, you get to contact the experts directly. Pitch Builder’s London-based professionals review your pitch deck before being sent to potential angel investors or venture capital funds.


They have created their own grading and evaluation mechanism to give helpful input. The most beneficial part is that they have created hundreds of pitch decks while working with hundreds of clients. As a result, Pitch Builder is a highly skilled tool for creating pitch decks. 


As we discussed before. Pitch decks are a crucial component of your business that can make or break your deals. Having a proper pitch deck presentation is a must for all of you who want to get your deals and leave an impressive impact on your investors. 

While making your pitch deck, ensure you include all the necessary components. Having stats, pictures, and a pleasing color scheme also leave a remarkable impression on your clients. With the help of the Pitch deck templates, you can create beautiful and attractive pitch decks that reach your and your investors’ expectations.

Next, check out how to write an Elevator Pitch!

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