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There are many ways to learn to code online or offline. One of the best and most effortless ones is gamified coding lessons. If you are looking for some of the best platforms to learn coding through gameplay, you have come to the right place!

Knowing how to code a computer program is a great skill. Top companies will pay you thousands of dollars if you can code good quality computer, mobile, or web apps. However, coding is a challenging skill to learn since it involves good memory, logical reasoning, abstract thinking, mathematics, etc.

However, learning platforms that teach coding have transformed it into easy study methods through games. Now, all you need is the willpower to learn to code; the rest is on the game you play to learn coding skills.

If you are not sure which gamified coding platform is appropriate to learn coding in a fun way, that is not at all an issue. This article presents the most popular platforms that help you learn coding with fun and gaming activities.     

Coding as a Career

The best career option is one that never becomes obsolete or requires upskilling. There are very few, and one of them is coding computer software, web apps, and mobile apps.

Information technology (IT) is the future of every business and computers are at the heart of IT. These computers can only understand code and no other languages. 

Hence, if you know how to code, you will control these computer devices for IT. Therefore, you never run out of job options. Every industry needs IT, It needs computers, and now you can do the math! The industries need you.

Now, a career in coding depends on the programming language you learn. Take a look at the table below, and you will get to know what type of coding you want to learn and which coding language you need. 

Coding CareerYou Will CreateCoding Languages You Need
Computer ProgrammingOperating systems, application software, system software, Windows apps, etc.Python, C++, C#, Java
Mobile App DeveloperApps run on mobile devices like iPhones, iPad, Android, etc. Kotlin, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Dart, Swift, Flutter, etc.
Web DeveloperWebsite themes, layout, menus, buttons, content, databases, servers, etc.HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, and Ruby
Game DeveloperOnline and offline games for PC, mobile, tablet, etc.C++, C#, C, Java, OpenGL, DirectX, WebGL, and Unity3D
Data ScientistVisual data dashboards for companies by analyzing survey or market research dataR, Python, Cloud, Spark, SQL, AWS, JavaTensorFlow, SAS, and Hadoop
Computer Systems AnalystIT administration workflows, IT services workflows, introducing new IT assets to the business, etc.Basics of Python, C++, C#, Java
Database AdministratorBusiness databases for internal or external serversSQL, MySQL, NoSQL, etc. 

How Does Gaming Help to Learn Coding?

Gamified coding learning content helps you to assimilate the coding lessons faster than text-based books, lecture videos, webinars, and more. It has become a trending tool to teach coding to beginner-level programming students. 

Gamified coding entered the mainstream of the coding industry through Google’s Grasshopper project. Grasshopper is a mobile and desktop application that helps you learn coding through puzzle solving.

However, the platforms we have explained below are more robust when discussing gamified coding learning classes. 

You acquire coding skills instantly when you go through turn-by-turn coding games or puzzles. Also, it does not strain your brain since you are going through fun activities.

Not to mention, gamified coding lessons not just teach you the basics of coding, but you can also practice and make your skill perfect.      


CodinGame enables you to step up your coding game by providing a new approach to enhance your coding skills. While doing so, you can have fun and get noticed.

Here, you will get the option to learn new concepts in 25+ coding languages. Moreover, you get the chance to discover new languages along with the tricks devised by the best developers.  

Following the approach, you can become a next-level developer. It has some multiplayer programming games you can play with friends or colleagues. You can also get recognized by your peers if you get to the leaderboard of this platform.

Moreover, CodinGame also helps you get hired by awesome organizations. As you code, it improves your developer profile. If you can prove your worth on this platform, you will get successfully noticed by top employers for jobs or career changes. You can even control which company can view your profile here.

Swift Playgrounds – Apple

If you want to be a specialist or generalist on iOS, iPod, or iPad, you must learn Swift. It is the official mobile application development language for mobile devices made by Apple.

Since you need to learn Swift anyway to build a career in Apple apps, why not a gamified mobile app that comes directly from Apple? That is right! It is the Swift Playgrounds app from Apple.

You can be from any educational background since Swift Playgrounds does not require any previous coding experience.

Hence, it is the appropriate app to learn Swift in a fun way for students from elementary school, middle school, junior high school, senior high school, junior community colleges, undergraduate programs, etc.     


CheckiO aims to expand the world’s coding literacy, and it is doing so through gameplay. It creates the most entertaining game intertwining the gaming and coding experiences. Here, you can play games for beginners and advanced level that involves challenges using Python and TypeScript.

Learning new coding skills becomes an effortless process as you play the games. These fun games need you to apply coding organically to progress and move to the next level. Furthermore, you can practice your skill to keep your coding knowledge in shape.

This platform has a community where knowledge sharing and peer support are vital elements. This community not only consists of some extremely talented coders in the world but also helps people to become fluent in coding. 


CodeCombat is the platform where one can learn to code by playing games. It uses innovative game-based learning technology to transform students learning to code.

Here, students need to write code from the beginning of their adventure, promoting active learning and a growth mindset.

Its personalized code engine and interpreter are suitable for beginners. Here, you can learn true Python, JavaScript, and C++ languages through beginner-friendly and human terms. Besides students, this platform is also helpful for parents and educators. 


Codewars is a platform that helps you achieve mastery in coding through challenges. Here, you can train with your peers and take your coding skill to the next level by constantly challenging yourself with code kata.

However, one should win the beginner-friendly initiation challenge to become eligible for signing up on this platform.

The community uses these kata or small coding exercises to challenge and strengthen your different coding skills. It supports 55+ programming languages, so you can become an expert in your current language or start learning a new one. 

The Kata code challenges are available for beginners to expert coders. As you complete the kata and move to the higher level, there will be an improvement in your profile. Also, Codewars has a helpful community where you can compare your solutions and discuss best practices.

Elevator Saga

Are you looking for a full-fledged game that involves coding? Elevator Saga could be the game you are looking for. It is a game of programming that involves programming the movement of elevators in JavaScript.

The more smoothly you progress, the higher you will go on the challenge ladder. If you can complete all the challenges, you can consider yourself one of the best coders.


If you are looking for a platform where kids and teenagers can learn coding easily and with fun, Tynker is the right platform. This coding program offers a fun way to learn programming that will help the learners to develop skills like problem-solving and critical thinking. 

It uses interactive story-based learning, such as easy block-based coding challenges at the initial stage, to teach the basics. Later, this application transitions into text-based languages like JavaScript and Python that are used in the real world.

Tynker has 70+ courses and over 5,000 lessons consisting of tutorials, hands-on projects, and interactive assessments. So, no matter your age or expertise level, you can find the learning path that suits you.

This platform also uses methods that encourage students to become confident and get rid of the fear of failure.


The article, so far, has described various aspects of coding, like career opportunities as a coder and a fun way to learn to code. Furthermore, it has also presented some trending and reliable coding platforms that can help you to become a front-end, back-end, or full-stack developer

Also, the above platforms offer a variety of coding languages to learn in less time, effort, and strain on your brain. So, try out any or all of the above platforms and choose the best according to your coding goals, background, and career objectives.     

You may also be interested in green coding.

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