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In Career Last updated: May 11, 2023
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Resumes and CVs are one of the most crucial and elemental parts of your interview process that may make or break your candidature.

Technology has not only paved the way for insurmountable opportunities but has also elevated the level of competition among the candidates applying for jobs.

You can not land your dream jobs from the methods of the gone era. It is not just enough to list your achievements and skills in bullets. In addition to the technical expertise, you need a powerful resume to get your foot inside the door. From there on, it’s you, your communication skills, and how well you can sell yourself. 

Free Resumes Vs. Premium Paid Resume Services 

Free resumes are a great way to start your job search, but they can also be limiting. Even if you’re using a free resume service, you’ll likely need to spend some time tweaking it to make it fit your needs. They are often missing key features like cover letters or resume highlights. And some of them might not even have the right format for your industry.

A premium paid resume service will take care of that for you. They will take care of formatting, font, layout, and design so that your resume is not only professional looking but also stands out from all of the other candidates.

You can feel confident that the work will be well-written and edited. You will also have the opportunity to get expert feedback on your resume before it goes out into the world.

What are some things a powerful professional resume should have?

A powerful professional resume is one that speaks to the needs of your future employer. It should be clear, concise, and easy to read. It should also include specific skills and accomplishments that can help employers see how you are a good fit for the job. A powerful professional resume is also one that highlights your unique selling points.

You can do this by listing any achievements or positions of leadership you have held, as well as any unique skills or experience you might have. You can also talk about any awards or honors you have received for your work. Make sure your resume is tailored to the job you are applying for.

What are some things to look forward to in a premium resume builder?

There are a ton of great features to look forward to in a premium resume builder. For starters, most builders offer unlimited customization options and the ability to build your resume from scratch. They also make it easy to share your resume on social media without worrying about formatting issues.

  • Customization: It allows you to customize your resume with colors, fonts, and sections.
  • Collaboration: You can collaborate with others on the same project.
  • Audience targeting: Target specific audiences and optimize for different skills.
  • Personalization: Personalize your resume by linking it to other information (e.g., LinkedIn profile).

Let’s now look at some of the best resume builders to help you get that dream job offer. offers a range of professional, field-tested templates that follow specific rules. These rules have been devised after a thorough survey and are believed to be what employers look for. platform is designed for you to build powerful resumes and cover letters effortlessly within minutes. 

Some of the premium features offered by the platform are Easy Edit Online, Addition of pre-written phrases, Automatic spell-checker, and platform independence on exporting.

The platform provides several resume templates for you to choose from. These templates are designed considering the requirements of different types of roles available in the market. All the templates are easily customizable, so you can build a fresh design that stands out from the herd.

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The cover letter template offered by has been proven time and again to be one of the most effective cover letters that win employers and recruiters all across the globe. The website has over 27 professionally designed cover letter templates, which can be easily downloaded in word or PDF format.

Your professional story will be in the right hands regarding The platform provides the most user-friendly, professional, and effective cover letters and resume builders across the internet. 

My Perfect Resume

My Perfect Resume is another one of the most user-friendly resume builder platforms. Over 43 million resumes have been downloaded from the platform and used to land people their dream jobs. My Perfect Resume stands true to its name by offering professional and customizable templates serving the needs of job-seekers from every industry in the world. 

Other premium features offered by the platform are expertly crafted phrases, popular format downloads, optimization of resumes, and customization of resumes as per the requirement of the job. The platform has a range of resume templates in its store classified into modern, professional, and creative templates. 

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Building a Resume is one of the trickiest jobs on the planet. You have to artistically say much about yourself in as little content as possible. My Perfect Resume understands the requirement and the weight of responsibility that comes with building a resume. With this view, the website showcases over 1000 proven resumes as an example and guiding light for you. 

The landing profile of these resumes includes teacher, Registered Nurse, Accounting Manager, Customer Service Representative, accountant, General Manager, Personal Trainer, Software Engineer, Bookkeeper, administrative assistant, sales associate, and many more. You can also build your cover letter on the Perfect Resume Platform that complements your resume and makes you stand out in the eyes of recruiters. 

Rezi AI

Rezi is one of the few platforms incorporating Artificial Intelligence in building resumes. The users of Rezi, who are now thriving at their dream company, are particularly impressed by its feature-rich minimal experience. Their approach of prioritizing content over design has hit a chord with professionals and employers all across the globe. 

With the help of Rezi AI writers, you can present your achievements, skills, and everything you want to share in the best possible manner. To our surprise, the Rezi AI writer mainly provides such relevant content that you’d be shocked at how well the tool knows about you and your profile.

It will be quite a task for other platforms to catch up with Rezi regarding sampling resumes. Rezi AI offers 313 Ready-To-Use Free ATS Resume and Cover Letter Templates for various job roles. 

Rezi AI beautifully incorporates AI to make it convenient for the users to build their resumes because the platform understands the value of working your dream job. The ATS Keyword Targeting instantly improves the chances of being selected for the interview by using the targeted keywords identified by the AI platform. The Real-Time content analysis identifies common content errors and provides your resume with the finesse it deserves. And to top it all off, the platform offers a Rezi score that critiques how well your resume stands out across their devised 23 criteria points. 


Resumonk is one of the most minimalistic resume maker websites on the internet. The platform enables you to create a beautiful and professional resume in minutes. You can now make a great first impression with their modern resume templates. In just three easy-to-follow steps, you will have your resume/ CV ready for the interview for the dream job you have been waiting your whole life for. 

Among many satisfied platform customers, Emily Sachar, now an Art Historian & Educator in the Greater New York City Area, says it was very convenient to build a resume from the platform. She is quite a fan of the platform’s ability to create a resume directly from her LinkedIn profile. 

Unlike other platforms, Resumonk doesn’t stop at templates; its customer service teams also provide quick hints to adjust and improve. The list of qualities that separate the platform from other websites is its features of Data Privacy, Transparent Pricing, Simple and easy-to-use software, Interactive Cover Letter Builder, and much more than the website and the team behind it have to offer.

Resume Build

Resume Build offers impressive resumes and an easy online builder to create them. The professional out-of-the-box resumes are instantly generated by the most advanced resume builder technology available. 

The website has separate silos for professional resume, entry-level resume, and student resume, and all of them can be built in 3 easy steps: Choose Your Template, fill in your details and download the output. You can choose from the 20+ tailored templates provided by the platform. 

The effortless crafting of the platform has helped hundreds of thousands of students, entry-level job seekers, and professionals land their dream job. The real-time preview and pre-written HR-approved resume examples help candidates understand what employers seek from their resumes. 


The Resume platform is one of the most thorough, exhaustive, and one of the few where you will get what you seek. The website offers the latest, up-to-date resume templates that are ages ahead of its peers. And all of it can be built with their free builder and professional templates.

The intuitive resume builder by the Resume is tailored as per your requirement. The templates offered by the Resume are divided based on candidates’ Education, Skill, Experience, and Personality. No other platform (the ones we know of) has this kind of innovative bifurcation regarding resume templates. 

The platform also offers tested and proven resume samples from professional resume experts of job titles such as Accountant, Mechanical Engineer, JAVA Developer, Designer, Product Manager, Digital Marketing, Marketing Associate, Front End Developer, Civil Engineer, and so many more. The features that make Resume stand out among its peers are its attention to detail along with being a free platform that offers data-driven templates.  

Resume Builder Pro

Resume Builder Pro should be your go-to destination if you are unsure about what to write in your resume. The platform has prepared texts you can use in your resume and be done with them in minutes. The platform assists you in picking up the proper layout based on a few questions. Picking up a suitable template is essential as it is the first and most crucial step in your journey to the dream job.

Working with the Resume Builder Pro includes Easy Resume Writing, Pre-written Resume phrases, Real-time recruiter’s advice, and multiple designs. People prefer Resume Builder Pro because it has approved templates, provides unlimited reviews, keeps the data secure, generates summary automatically, and offers high-quality PDFs without all effort of making resumes is a waste. 

Job Hero

Job Hero enables you to build your professional resume in minutes. The template designs of the Job Hero Platform are classified into four categories: Simple, Modern, Professional, and Creative. 

Job Hero provides professional template designs that save you time and can be created even when you do not have much writing experience. The resume built with the assistance of Job Hero is ATS (Applicant Tracking System) compatible. It means that it can be read and scanned by recruitment software and downloaded in PDF, JPEG, and SVG. 


A great interview without a powerful resume is similar to an excellent presentation without visuals; it’s forgotten. So to stay in the game of getting recruited for your dream job, you need a clean formatted, to-the-point resume that vouches and speaks for every claim you have made in the interview. 

The platforms we have shared above are some of the world’s best Premium Resume Builders that will help you build your next powerful resume. The question that only remains is, what’s stopping you from getting your dream job? 

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