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  • We all know browsers, namely Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, which is used extensively by more than 95% of all the 3.5 billion users.

    So we can safely say that one of these browsers is going to prevail over the others and crown itself as the supreme of its genre. However, what if you could use different browsers suited for better privacy?

    Here are some genuinely unique alternatives to some of the mainstream browsers, which, with their vivid specifications, stand out among the rest. Check out this post for a privacy-focused mobile browser.


    Brave is an open-source browser focused on privacy and performance.

    Brave claims that it is up to eight times faster than Chrome and Safari. You can download on your Windows, macOS, Linux, or Mobile phones. Some of the features are:

    • Block ad and malicious scripts
    • An option to configure the per-site or global shield
    • Send Do Not Track request
    • Built-in password manager

    Brave got a private window too! Similar to Chrome incognito.

    Avast Secure Browser

    Privacy with speed is probably the best combination a browser could have, and Avast Secure Browser happens to be one of those. It makes the browsing experience so much better by getting rid of all online ads or the ones that are annoying and spammy, as per your preference.

    You can be sure your browsing data and activities are kept private and away from hackers, all thanks to their advanced built-in security. There’s a very useful option to block malicious websites and downloads, and also force websites to use encryption to ensure your data is secured.

    Avast Secure Browser uses multi-layer security, which makes features like masking your digital identity and blocking online trackers possible and to deliver great privacy control norms. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Mobile devices.


    Polarity is a light-weight and privacy-oriented browser powered by Blink. It consumes less CPU & RAM compare to other browser and deliver an excellent browsing experience.

    Polarity comes with an inbuilt screenshot capture tool called POLARSHOT, which means you don’t need to install any add-on/plugin to capture the screen.

    So go ahead and unleash the web with Polarity.


    Tor or The Onion Router is a browsing tool used to surf the web anonymously. Generally, by using our IP addresses, websites can track our location and use identifying information to target advertising and collect data about our browsing habits.

    However, this is not the case with Tor. The Tor network, yet, is made up of many nodes, which pass your data along using layers of encryption hence the onion metaphor.

    Thus, the anonymity granted by Tor is used by journalists who are reaching out to sources, activists who live in countries that censor or block internet usage, and even law enforcement officers for undercover operations.

    • Operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
    • Rendering Engine: Gecko
    • Crunched review: Best for protecting anonymity on the internet.


    Tenta is a private encrypted browser for Android iOS. It encrypts and secures your downloaded data, so only you have access to private files.

    Tenta got smart incognito mode with many features, including.

    • Private bookmarks
    • No logs on the device
    • Automatic VPN connections
    • Data encryption
    • Anonymous browsing
    • Clear history


    Vivaldi is one of those browsers that gives its users a niche for customization.  Vivaldi is an opera based browser that makes sure your browser adapts around you and not the other way around.

    It offers different color schemes, where you want the tabs positioned on the window, backgrounds to start with.

    It gives you an option to have websites side by side and can view them simultaneously. You can also create notes.

    • No track
    • Rendering Engine: Blink
    • don’t store data

    Min Browser

    Min is an open-source browser compatible with Mac OS and Linux.

    It is an intelligent browser in which the search bar answers your query even before you complete typing it, compiling the information from DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia entries, and various other sources.

    It has efficient tab management, which opens the next tab in the current tab.

    Min got built-in ad-blocking and an option to block trackers, scripts, and images.


    JonDoBrowser is based on Tor and focused on offering secure and anonymous web surfing. You can get it installed on Windows, Linux, or macOS.


    A fast and secure browsing experience. Yandex is like Google in Russia.

    Yandex browser got inbuilt antivirus, so when you download any files, it gets scanned.

    Comodo IceDragon

    IceDragon browser by Comodo is based on Firefox. When you access some webpage, it gets scanned in the background for malware.

    It works on Windows, and you have an option to use Comodo’s public DNS for a safer and faster browsing experience.


    Don’t let anyone track what site you visit or search. Epic browser is on a mission to encrypt the browsing data and hide your location.

    It is powered by Chromium, and some of the features are.

    • No URL tracking, password saving, DNS cache, third-party cookies, etc
    • Delete everything on closing the browser
    • No error tracking
    • WebRTC IP leaking blocked
    • Fingerprint protection

    More than a million users use epic. It is compatible with Windows and macOS.

    Firefox Focus

    Firefox has released Focus for iOS and Android, which got inbuilt tracking protection powered by Disconnect.

    Privacy data gets deleted after closing the browser, and it blocks the ads automatically.


    If you want something that is fast and protects your privacy at the same time, then Opera is a great option. It comes bundled with a bunch of amazing features that’ll totally change the way you browse. Some of the most notable ones are:

    • Uses less processing capacity to garner speed
    • Comes with free VPN for privacy protection
    • Built-in messenger to stay in touch with people
    • Ability to customize various elements like theme and keyboard shortcuts

    The VPN that comes with it requires no purchases or subscriptions. It is completely free and unlimited for your use. Using it will help you big time in terms of online security.

    Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla Firebox is generally a brilliant browser, but with their new update, they have paid a lot more attention to privacy, and that makes them even better. After you download it, you can access privacy features like:

    • Enhanced tracking protection to check how many trackers are blocked
    • Ability to block over 2000 trackers
    • Easy access to your saved passwords on all of your devices
    • Instant alerts for data breaches

    Firefox has been around since 2004 and is one of the go-to options for many users around the world. I highly recommend giving this a try!


    I hope this gives you an idea about some of the alternative browser of Google Chrome to try. You may also consider using a VPN for better online privacy.