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In Development Last updated: November 9, 2022
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Are you looking to generate QR codes for your business for menus, flyers, or other marketing materials?

With the QR code APIs mentioned in the article, generating a QR code and customizing it as per your need within seconds has become easier.

What are QR codes?

QR code, short for Quick Response code, is a 2-dimensional machine learning code that a digital device can easily read. It consists of an array of black and white squares for storing URLs or other data.

One of the applications of QR codes is in the marketing sphere, where they are used to redirect users to websites, social media profiles, landing pages, coupons, etc.

What are Static and Dynamic QR codes?


Static QR Codes

Static QR codes refer to QR codes that, once created, can’t be edited or changed. The static QR codes are not trackable and hence can’t be used for retargeting marketing campaigns. A few examples of static QR codes are email QR codes, SMS QR codes, Text QR codes, WiFi QR codes, etc.

Dynamic QR Codes

Unlike static QR codes, dynamic QR codes can be edited, updated, or changed after it has been created or even shared with the public. The type of QR code or the content can both be edited. The dynamic QR code can be tracked on how many scans are done, from where and the operating system used.

Static QR CodeDynamic QR Code
It can’t be edited It can be edited after printing
Static QR code can’t be trackedIt can be tracked and offer data analytics as well
Comparatively takes longer to scanQuicker to scan
It can not be used for retargeting campaignsIt is used for online retargeting marketing campaigns
Have long URLHave a short and simple URL

Use cases of QR Codes


Quick registration

QR codes can be used for quick registration as it stores more information than barcodes. Users can scan the code and access the registration form to fill out on their mobile phone, which you can fill out and submit easily.

Digital restaurant menus

QR codes are used in restaurants to scan and get menus on mobile phones. The use of restaurant menu QR codes become popular after the pandemic.

Money Transfer

Money transfer via QR codes has become extremely popular after the pandemic. It’s a quick money transfer method compared to other payment modes. It allows contactless payment to offline shops, restaurants, etc.

You can generate a QR code to display all your social media platforms on one landing page. Social media QR codes can promote the profile and create marketing campaigns.

App downloads

If a company wants to increase app downloads generating and creating QR code campaigns is more useful. If a user is using a desktop device, then just by scanning the QR code, he can download the App on his mobile phone easily. 

WiFi password sharing

QR codes can offer encrypted messages via HTTPS, making it reliable and safe to share passwords. WiFi QR code can be generated quickly and, once scanned, will help users to connect or join the connection.

Features of QR Codes APIs

Following are some important features of QR code APIs:

  • Develop a QR code generator using APIs.
  • Scan or read QR codes via the Internet.
  • With API, you can develop your QR code.
  • Create custom QR codes with various colors, print formats, etc.
  • Offers encrypted communication via HTTPS (SSL/TLS)

Here’s a list of some of the best QR code APIs to help you generate QR codes:



GoQR helps to generate free QR codes. The tool is excellent for creating dynamic QR codes, QR code campaigns, and managing the campaigns. It helps track the scanned QR codes and gives insightful data. The platform offers transparent and custom QR designs and prints them in vector formats.

Bitly QR Generator


QR Code Generator by Bitly is an easy-to-use platform for creating QR codes. It provides API to generate QR codes inside your App. The tool offers two versions. The first one, QR Code Generator, is a free tool to create static QR codes with various colors and logo customization.

The second one, QR Code Generator Pro, is paid tool and offers dynamic QR code generation, in-depth analytics, and campaign management. It is best for advertising agencies and small to medium businesses.

QRCode Monkey


QRCode Monkey is a free platform to generate static QR codes with various customization options, colors, logo images, and the overall look of the code.

The platform’s paid tool, QRCode studio, is applicable for creating dynamic QR codes. The free version is best for small business owners, freelancers, and anyone who needs a QR code in vector format (SVG/EPS).



Beaconstac is the most preferred QR code API for multi-channel and omnichannel campaigns. The platform allows the creation of both static and dynamic QR codes. You can create static codes in various styles, colors, etc.

You can create dynamic codes if you have bought a paid subscription to Beaconstac. Anyone can use the platform for QR code generation and management, but It is best for marketers and business owners looking for proximity marketing solutions.



QuickChart offers reliable and customizable solutions to generate QR codes. It helps create images of charts from the URL. The QR code generation can be used for email or other marketing campaigns. Businesses and developed prefer QUickchart API, which is free up to certain limitations.


YouTube video

Scanova is one of large businesses’ most preferred APIs to generate QR codes. The tool offers a trial period to generate a dynamic QR code.

Some important features of Scanova are an easy-to-use app interface, high-quality QR code generation and management, and password-protected QR codes. The platform offers various ready-to-use templates to create landing pages.


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QRTiger offers an easy-to-use interface to create QR codes within seconds. The tool offers various customization options for QR codes like URL QR codes, social media QR codes, restaurant QR codes, and more.

It allows integration with 3000+ apps through Zapier or APIs. QRTiger offers excellent 24/7 customer support. Its tracking features enable users to track QR code scans and provide better insights and data.


qrdby offers tools to generate and manage QR codes as a private-labeled platform. It offers an all-in-one solution to create mobile marketing campaigns and manage them.

It allows tracking of who scans the QR codes and analyzes the data. You can create dynamic QR codes and can even change the URL of the dynamic QR code at any time.

Neutrino API


Neutrino QR code API offers to generate QR codes as PNG images. It provides tools to solve developers’ complex problems. The platform offers three paid plans. Other features of Neutrino API are Bad word filter, Email validation, UA lookup, etc.

QR.io_-1 helps to generate custom QR codes with various colors, shapes, and logos. It helps to manage and keep track of a number of scans done by people with location and date.

It allows the creation of dynamic QR codes with custom landing pages. The dynamic QR code could be updated or changed at any time, even if it went public. is ideal for businesses of all sizes, like restaurants, gyms, etc.



uQR is one of the most preferred solutions to connect digital content with the real-world using dynamic QR codes. It allows for creating, tracking, and managing dynamic QR codes for successful marketing campaigns.

Other important features the platform offers are a mobile page builder, QR design features with logos, QR analytics, white-label options, API integrations, and more.

Final Words

In today’s digital world, QR codes are becoming a big part of contactless transactions. In this article, we have shared some of the best QR code API generators. You can sign up for their free trial to gain hands-on experience before purchasing the paid version.

You can also explore some best QR code generators for Your next digital campaign.

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