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  • It happens.. sometimes you need to recover the crucial data from your mobile or tablet devices.

    A lot of people have started storing essential files on their mobile phones as they can have easy access to data on the go or nowadays, almost in any situation.

    It goes without saying; you can easily access your emails, share pictures, edit and share a document, pay bills, and a lot of with a single touch on your mobile phone. Generally, all of your personal and important data stored on the phone is safe except for rare cases such as- loss of your phone, memory wipeout, jail-breaking went wrong or maybe a virus.

    What happens next?

    You technically lose all the stored information, photos, videos, music, documents, etc. in a fraction of a second. Therefore, it is always advisable to have a back-up. But, what if the backup is of no-use?

    One of the safest options is to have a reliable data recovery tool. It is one of the easiest and convenient methods which does spill the golden beans in times of crisis. Data recovery software helps to easily extract the wiped/lost/deleted data from your phone. If you are very specific about your data, this article is for you!

    However, you must check-list the following things while choosing the right Data-Recovery Software-

    • Ensure that the software is reliable.
    • It must have an easy to use and intuitive interface.
    • Check the compatibility of the software with your existing iPad and iPhone device.
    • The support team of the software should be diligent enough to answer all of your questions.
    • The most important is that the software should be well-founded and must be able to handle the worst of data wipes.

    Keeping all the above points in mind, we have handpicked some of the best Data Recovery software available in the market today.


    Users have rated Tenorshare as the best software for data recovery. It does help you with life-saving data recovery faster than other software out there. A great thing is you’re covered even if you’re caught in the following mishaps:

    • Broken screens
    • Jailbreak
    • Water damage
    • Stucked & locked phones
    • System crash
    • Virus attacks
    • Stolen phones

    The software offers three modes of data recovery- via iCloud backup, via iTunes backup or from iOS device backup. The best part is that it is compatible with most of the iOS devices and also has an option for selective data recovery.


    This software is more versatile concerning the audience it caters to. It is available for Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android as compared to Tenorshare, which is exclusively for iOS devices.

    Data recovery is as easy as connecting your phone, scanning it and clicking on ‘recover data.’ It also offers the users a free version which you can use, but with limited features.

    The interface is sleek, pleasant, and comes with easy navigation so that anyone can use it.

    Any problem? Download Wondershare.


    This software has a plethora of features when it comes to data recovery. Firstly, it offers the option to recover unlimited data from multiple iOS devices. This means that this software is the single key to all the locks which have kept you away from using your device.

    It also offers data recovery from non-responding devices and devices with operational issues. EaseUS is also compatible with the Microsoft Store version of iTunes. Besides, they have regular updates and bug fixes to keep the performance up to the mark.

    Recovery Android

    Never judge a book by its cover and not this software. Though the name suggests Recovery Android, it does a pretty decent job for iOS devices which the users have talked about on various portals.

    It does offer a fast and straightforward step to recover the data from your phone. The fun part here is that it also has a simple step by step tutorials which you can follow in case you are stuck. The interface is also smooth and graphic savvy.


    Along with the phone recovery data, this software also offers data recovery of social media application which some of the software companies do miss out on. It also offers to recover the data in case of stolen phones along with system errors, water or system damage, accidentally deleted device, factory resets or in case of forgotten passwords.

    You can recover the data from iTunes, iCloud, or your device directly. Fonepaw interestingly also offers iOS Data Backup, Restore, and iOS System Recovery options.

    iPhone Backup Extractor

    This software caters explicitly to the iOS audience. It helps you to recover all of your lost files along with the screen passcode, which lead you to use the data recovery software.

    It also does an excellent job of recovering the corrupt data as well. This is very important as many times we may not even know which data has become corrupt. It uncovers even the encrypted data and backup from your iPhone. Not only that, but you can also recover the deleted Safari browser history and bookmarks.

    Know more about it here.

    iPhone Recovery

    No doubt, the pro version of iPhone Recovery has advanced features. But as compared to the other free version software available in the market, this tool has a lot more to offer in its list.

    It helps you extract call history, media files, reminders, contact lists, songs, recordings, WhatsApp messages, Safari Bookmarks, etc. Like most of the software, you can recover the data in three simple steps.


    Ontrack has intuitive and easy to use interface which has made thousands of users happy. It helps you recover lost or deleted data, restore data from back up files, supports multiple devices, and is available for IOS and Windows both.

    You can avail these benefits in the Free version as well. It has two types of plans – Home and Technician. While the home plan suits the layman, the Technician plan is for IT professionals.


    Syncios has one of the most pocket-friendly pro versions available in the market. This software mainly helps you with lost documents, images, videos, music, emails, archives, etc., lost data, water damage, and factory resets. It is a fundamental software as compared to some of the advanced ones listed above but is still very efficient in its work.

    It has won hearts with easy its interface and reliable staff.


    I hope the above data recovery tools help you back-up your data and avoid any hassles in the future. Having data recovery software not only helps you in personal stuff but professionally as well, so be sure to utilize them.