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Best 7 Relight Photo Tools for Amazing Transformations

relight photo tools
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Bad lighting is rather depressing, which is a problem if you’re like me and just snapped a candid picture. Using your device’s or other editing software’s default editing features might be one of the solutions. However, the outcome could not be satisfactory or may take much time. So how can we use various internet tools to relight photos?

We now have various ways to quickly relight images thanks to the fast-growing technology, new software, and constantly evolving AI. First, we’ll examine the benefits of using the tools to get the best possible results. After that, AI will rule the world, and humanity will perish (Just kidding 😜). With that said, we should dive into the subject.

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How Relight image tools are more effective than other editing software

Relight image tools’ intelligence and efficiency make them a better choice than other editing programs for this purpose. It also applies extra touch-ups to improve the overall quality of the image and the lighting. Let’s also take a closer look at several aspects that make the relight image tools differentiate themselves.

User-friendly interface

You will be scratching your head if you are new to editing and try to use specific editing software. For novices, the tools and interface might be complicated. However, relight image tools are different. With their highly user-friendly interface, you can edit images fast and effectively without any editing experience.


As mentioned earlier, “all of this lightning adjustment happens at lightning speed.” Relight image tools are much faster than any other editing software. This means you can quickly see the outcomes of your edits and make changes on the spot. Moreover, the cherry on top is that it requires less human effort.

Advanced algorithms

Advanced algorithms are used by relight image tools to determine the state of the image. These algorithms are designed in a way that allows them to evaluate and correct the image’s illumination. These algorithms are quite effective at determining the lightning condition for each image and applying the most suitable adjustments. Interestingly, all this lighting adjustment happens at lightning speed.

Smart lighting adjustments

Relight image tools use clever lighting adjustments designed to detect the image’s dull areas. This means it will be able to identify the places that require darkening or brightening. Compared to editing software, which requires human labor, relight tools do this task for you.

Without keeping further suspense, let’s dive into the list of relight image tools.


The user-friendly design of Clipdrop makes it perfect for usage. More than 100 million images have been processed by the tool, with more than 15 million users globally. The tool’s most prominent feature is how much fun it is to improve the lighting in your picture.


To use the drag-and-drop functionality, all you have to do is choose the color you want to add to the image. Hold on, Clipdrop has additional features to offer. You can clean up your photographs, resize them, remove the background, have stable diffusion, and many other things.

Additionally, Clipdrop provides API that can be used to embed it virtually any place. You must be curious about how Clipdrop operates and how the features mentioned earlier function so swiftly and precisely. Clipdrop, a product of, recognizes the image and offers the best solution using its custom artificial intelligence.

It often happens when you try to improve the contrast or an image’s lighting needs to be more relaxed or well done. Most tools need to recognize colors correctly, and the outcome could be better. Autoenhance provides the most accurate solution to this issue.


It is safe to say that Autoenhance accomplishes its goal of “perfect contrast and lighting“. Autoenhace’s AI photo editor analyzes images to find highlights and shadows. Additionally, it produces a realistic result, resolving all of the image’s flaws and giving the user an image with ideal lighting.

If you are someone who deals in real estate and wants to enhance the image of your property with perfect lighting, this tool is highly recommended. We’re not finished yet; Autoenhance also provides additional features like API, sky replacement, 360 enchantments, HDR merging, and many others.


With Skylum, you can brighten your photos while maintaining complete exposure control. You can change the amount of light, dehalo, and depth in your image with only one click. With the help of Skylum, you can create a 3D depth map of your image and modify its lighting and exposure based on its depth.


You can also play around with various light sources to achieve the most authentic outcome for your images. Whether the image is in portrait or landscape orientation, Skylum specializes in producing the best results. On Trustpilot, Skylum received a rating of 4.8 out of 5 for customer satisfaction.

So why would one use Skylum? This tool is simple to use and is driven by AI, so you don’t need to make many changes. It has an interactive user interface (UI). The fact that Skylum can be used as a plugin in Photoshop and Lightroom is one of its most appealing features. It is also accessible on several platforms. 


Honestly, I’ve never had more fun editing a photo than I did using Relight. It seems more like a game than like you are editing an image. The phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is quite well known. Just like that, don’t judge this tool by how it looks since developing it was not simple, and the outcome it produces is far more accurate to reality.


For instance, you may be carrying a flashlight and aiming it at someone in a pitch-black space. On Relight, you may achieve the same result. This is a tool that is worthwhile trying out. 


Next up is Fotor, another specialized tool that uses AI to produce virtually relight images with only one click. This utility specializes in illuminating dark images or modifying the lighting of images with uneven lighting. Additionally, Fotor provides built-in editing features to improve your image further. The overall quality of your photograph can be improved with AI and editing tools


Other than lighting up your images, Fotor offers additional features like photo enhancer, photo restoration, unblur images, sharpening images, and many more. You can use Fotor in Mac, Windows, and Mobile apps. 


The first thing we must be aware of is that Pixerylabs can only be used on iOS devices and is available for download from the App Store. Therefore, you might be disappointed if you were searching for a web-based tool or an Android-based app. This raises the question of why Pixerylabs is included in this list. The application’s capacity to relight photos and other aspects is simply fantastic.


The lighting in your photographs may be adjusted to the best possible quality using Pixerylabs’ tools. Additionally, it contains studio light settings that will instantly improve the image you upload. Color, intensity, and a variety of other aspects are all configurable. It gives high-definition exporting for your images as a final feature—a plus for iOS users. 


It’s an excellent day to be an iOS user since Codeorgana is now only available via the app store for iOS devices. It is a real-time HDR app that comes with eight different settings for improving exposure and lighting, adding artistic effects, highlighting details, and more. Tone-mapping algorithms can be used to edit your photos and videos.


It also has some excellent image-relighting capabilities, much like other tools. You can unleash your inner photographer with these tools and the support for professional image formats and editing. The app includes real-time HDR and more than 50 filters. However, Codeorgana’s ability to record the moment in 4K and live 1080P HDR videos places it on our list. 


I think it’s time to shift to IOS. Thanks to advanced technology, we don’t have to spend much time editing our images just to get a satisfactory result. Why settle for less? Get your hand on the above tools and get the best out of your pictures. Since we can see AI in every field, it is also good to have it in the editing field; it does assist in a lot of work. 

So what are you waiting for? Relight your images!

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