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  • Running a business without advertising is like having a light bulb but no electricity.

    And without retargeting, the business fails to establish brand awareness. Retargeting is the king for brand awareness and conversion.

    As the technology keeps evolving, it brings digital transformation in every field. Hence it is essential for business owners to keep up with the latest marketing methods. One such technology is the use of remarking tools to improve brand awareness and conversion.

    Business owners shouldn’t miss the opportunity of marketing tactics that are proven to increase the conversion. It is essential to improve the brand awareness of any business to increase the conversion of your products.

    What retargeting or remarketing does is that it brings the customer back to you who was previously lost. There is a number of remarketing tools available to help the campaign managers and business owners to convert the lost customer. If you’re wondering how remarketing will lead to gain the lost customer, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Let us look at the below example:

    You visit an eCommerce site and browsing for a new wallet. You click on the product that you like to look for more information or add to the cart. But you don’t make a purchase. So now the customer is lost to them.

    After some time, you may visit another website seeking information, here you see the same wallet. That is the power of the remarketing tool, and that’s how the lost customer is converted to returning customers.

    Now that we understood the power of the remarketing tool, let’s see some of the most popular solutions available.


    Adroll is converting the lost customers to the business owner for over 12 years. Today they have become one of the most reliable platforms for remarketing.

    Adroll can be used to connect the eCommerce sites such as Shopify and Magento. It can also connect to marketing tools like MailChimp and Marketo. Adroll brings the lost customer from the recommended products or abandoned shopping carts by displaying retargeting ads at them.

    It offers a comprehensive solution that is likely to take some time to adapt to it. But, they do offer great resources on how to use and set up Adroll.

    SimplyBook.me is an online scheduling solution for businesses of all sizes. After using Adroll, their CEO Ingvar Gudmundsson says that their traffic spiked to 20-30%, and their conversion rates are stable and don’t go down. That’s one way to build a stable business with constant recurring revenue. Also, they achieved a 60% CPA below target and $0.54 cost for every new visitor.

    Another brand Johnells needed a retargeting solution, and Adroll was the one that gave them the performance and control. Adroll served them high-quality service. Adroll gave them an average CTR of 1.76%, CPC of $0.49 USD, and cost per acquisition of $9.02 USD.

    Facebook Custom Audiences

    Like Google Ads retargeting tool, Facebook Ads also packs its own engagement tool in the form of custom audiences. By creating and inserting a Facebook pixel in the landing pages of your product, you can use the Custom Audiences to retarget the Facebook users.

    This is not limited to just Facebook engagements, as you can insert the pixel on any site that you control. Once the user logs in to their Facebook account, they can be targeted with the retargeting ads. That’s one way of leveraging social media to maximize the conversion.

    New brands and old brands have both seen a significant impact on their sales by using Facebook ads. StyleShare used Facebook to attract shoppers and boosted its sales with targeted photo ads. Overall they achieved 15x return on their ad spend, a 60% increase in CTR for app installs, and a 25% increase in monthly active users on their app.

    More success stories of Facebook Ads can be found here.


    It is a popular tool for generating huge conversion and are here since 2005. Criteo’s web remarketing services packs over 16000 publishers with high-quality inventory. Additionally, their networks include Instagram, Facebook, and Google.

    It is a favorite remarketing tool for huge brands such as Sony and BMW. Their support is one of the most reputed ones and packs a knowledge base to help the budding business.

    Criteo offers a full stack retargeting solution, from creating a campaign to automating bidding, creative, and retargeting.

    Polytrans is an online pet shop. They used Criteo to both reduce the cost and increase conversions. Polytrans focused the web visitor who showed interest and purchases intent by using the AI technology to display personalized ads at the right place and right time—thus bringing back the customers to increase their conversions and reducing their acquisition cost.

    Philips saw a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by 848% by using Criteo Sponsored Products solution and 400% ROAS by using the Criteo Co-marketing solution.

    Instagram Retargeting Ads

    Since Facebook owns Instagram, they too offer a pretty awesome way to retarget ads. Instagram has over a billion active accounts, and there lies an untapped marketing opportunity.

    Instagram has a similar platform to retarget ads on Instagram. It works the same way as the Facebook ads to retarget the lost audience. Using social media is great to improve brand awareness and increase conversion. Without a doubt, Facebook and Instagram pack a powerful retargeting tool.

    JOOP! is Germany’s best-known fashion label, and its goal was to increase brand awareness to reach a larger audience. JOOP! partnered with social media agency dreifive and created some stunning video ads with German artists and along with influencer Toni Mahfud on Instagram and Facebook. They targeted both men and women with the age range of 20-39.

    The result they obtained was stunning, in the year 2018, between April 7 to May 20, the campaign raised ad recall by 60% at 27% lower cost per person reached.


    SmarterHQ uses advanced behavior analysis for retargeting ads to the customer to increase brand awareness and conversion. Hence they are a strong competitor in the behavioral segmentation.

    This tool analyzes the behavior of user engagement with your ads and provides you the right tools to engage across other platforms. This ensures that the users see your ads at precisely the right time to get you the conversion.

    Finish Line, the leading athletic retailer in the U.S, used the SmarterHQ that saw 50% growth in the triggered email revenue since its adoption. Finish Line email campaign includes cart abandonment, post-purchase series, category browse, low inventory alerts, new product alerts, loyalty sign-up abandonment, etc.


    ArtuData leverages AI to help marketers discover and target the highest value audience, group. Their list of use cases is impressive in search, display, and social.

    ArtuData’s AI-powered retargeting tool is designed to assist the business owners or users in creating effective and efficient campaigns. With the help of AI, the customers are most likely to convert with the right retargeted ads.

    Kabbee is London’s leading airport taxi app. It used ArtuData to improve the understanding of user behavior and increase ROI. ArtuData’s AI tool was used on live data to categorize clicks and predicting the ability of a click to become an actual booking.

    LiveCoach used the ArtuData and saw a 17% growth in conversion from registered to pay users. Over 85% chose one of the top 10 recommended coaches, and over 30% chose the top 3 recommended coaches. Following the success, LiveCoach has decided to use it for future collaborations.

    Perfect Audience

    The perfect audience is packed with a powerful ad network with more than 100k sites. They are reputed for its extensive reach. They also cover Facebook and Twitter to retarget ads. It helps advertising agencies and business owners to keep retargeting ads coordinated across many channels.

    99designs is the world’s biggest marketplace for graphic design. They reached out to the perfect audience after reading about them in TechCrunch and set up a campaign with them. They achieved a fantastic result in the conversion with a 134% increase in incremental revenue and a 24% lower CPA than Google Ads.

    Also, American Apparel saw a 20x return on Ad spend, surpassing the average, typical range of 5-10x. With these numbers, their ROI charts were way off. They saw a 400% increase in ROI on FB retargeting.

    Twitter’s Tailored Audiences

    Like Facebook pixel, you get the Twitter pixel and insert it into your website. Then the pixel collects the cookie ID of visitors and then matches them with Twitter users.

    Twitter’s tailored audience consists of a Twitter username, email address, website visitors, and mobile app users. There are three ways to use the Tailored Audiences they are:

    • Web: Target the users who have recently visited your website.
    • List: Use the email address or Twitter username to retarget ads.
    • Mobile Apps: Uses the data collected from Twitter user activity.

    iClothing, an Irish e-commerce website that sells women’s cloth and footwear across Europe. They partnered with a digital agency Wolfgang Digital, to create their campaign. They utilized Twitter’s Tailored Audiences to target women living in Ireland that are interested in fashion. This saw a 25% growth in peak engagement rate.

    IMO Barcelona, an internationally renowned ophthalmology center. IMO used the followers’ campaign with two objectives; one is to increase brand awareness, and second was to share the latest news, information about eye health with the new followers. They saw a 600% increase in followers in 3 years.


    Sizmek was founded two decades ago in 1999. It is one of the oldest advertising platforms that carry years of experience with them. It is an independent platform for advertising.

    In 2017, Sizmek acquired Rocket Fuel and integrated its retargeting features into its AI-powered decision-making engine. By achieving this, Sizmek will bring great insights into data and bring them together in one place. This enables the users to understand and optimize the campaign in one place.

    Their campaign reports are very simple to understand, even for the new users.

    Citibank ran a Citibank Platinum Reward campaign using Sizmek. By using Dynamic Creative, they reduced the production time in half and achieved 42% higher conversions for a complex and optimized retargeting campaign. This campaign was first of its kind in Malaysia.

    Dell used the Sizmek to create The Power to do More campaign. This campaign was viewed by more than 27 million unique users and generated 162,000 visits to their site.


    ReTargeter offers several solutions for brand awareness and conversions such as Web, Facebook, CRM, Dynamic Retargeting, Search options, and audience.

    ReTargeter focuses on the websites that bring in over 30K unique visitors each month, meaning the retarget your ads on the quality websites. They provide you a pixel to be placed on your website to track the website visitors, and then they serve the retargeted ads with your brand. This increases the brand awareness of your business.

    According to ReTargeter, they help brands reach 98% of web traffic that they lose will convert them into customers. This is a tremendous feat to achieve.

    BattlBox is the survival gear and outdoor gear delivery of the highest quality. They used a ReTargeter to drive over 2900 visitors to their website and achieved over 500 conversions. This was just a three-month campaign, and they saw great results.


    Fixel is a powerful segmentation tool that leverages Artificial Intelligence technology. Their tool turns engagement into actionable metrics, and this allows marketers to target only the most engaging visitors. It is likely that when a user engages more, it means they might be interested in the product. This leads to more conversions.

    Unlike other tools, there is no need to learn how to work on Fixel. They are integrated into existing workflows to deliver its engagement metrics into the ad platform. It can be used with Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, etc.

    For $299, you get three months of full Fixel service and up to 100K sessions per month.


    This tool is aimed to provide a solution for eCommerce. Retargeting.biz products include personalization, email marketing solution, and ad management across Google and Facebook ad platforms. Hence they provide all the necessary tools for eCommerce operation.

    Their best unique tool is a predictive suggestion engine. It uses the power of AI that will make suggestions to provide an optimal decision, such as when to offer a discount and make contact. Retargeting.biz is steadily growing and getting traction for its unique features.

    bobomoda.ro, an online store that sells clothes and accessories to women. Being in a highly competitive business, they wanted to stand out. They used both Facebook Dynamic Products ads and Retargeting.biz. They achieved its target by increasing 53.45% traffic growth, 2.66% average order value, 130.82% recovered carts, and 12x Return on Ad Spend(ROAS).


    Meteora is the pride of its achievement in improving ad engagement and increasing brand awareness. This was achieved by rolling our number of automated features into their platform.

    They have automated the keyword targeting and also helps in finding websites that are likely to have a large number of the target audience. This is helpful in achieving the relevant first impressions. Meteora is great if you’re focusing on increasing your brand awareness locally in the local market or targeting customers in specific areas.

    Google Ads

    You were expecting Google in the list. Weren’t you?

    If you’re using the Google Ads on your own or via an agency, then you should be aware that Google has an inbuilt tool in its ad platform to assist you with retargeting. Using this tool, you can retarget the ads to the lost customer on the Internet powered by Google Ads.

    It’s good if you’re using Google Ads for advertising, and, it is great once you start using their inbuilt remarketing tool.

    Many small and big brands use Google ads to promote their products and have successfully increased their ROI. Colgate used Google ads to raise awareness of their new product, Colgate Optic White Express White toothpaste. They saw a 13% rise in brand awareness and 1116% increase in brand interest.

    Schmidt’s Naturals achieved 48% raise in Brand Awareness, which is 12.75% better than the average campaigns. A total of 2.2 Million new users engaged with Schmidt’s ads. What’s great is that their CPM was efficient at $5.64.

    If you are new to Google Ads and interested in learning, I would suggest checking out this Udemy course.


    This comprehensive list of remarketing tools for brand awareness should help business owners at any level. Any size organization can start advertising and use remarketing tools to improve their conversion.

    Remember, you cannot perform retargeting ads without anyone visiting your website first.