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If you are transforming a manual production unit to an automatic one, here is an ultimate list of SCADA software for you essential for your manufacturing plant.

From digital content to physical consumer goods production, automation is everywhere. It reduces costs, improves consistency, and boosts productivity. SCADA software is a must-have item for industrial automation. 

The application combines field data and computation in one place for the operators to deliver outstanding product performance in any industry producing real-life goods.

What Is a SCADA Software?

SCADA is the acronym for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. This is a concept of high-level management of industrial production processes and machines. A SCADA system in a factory usually consists of different components, as mentioned below: 

  • Numerous actuators and sensors collect real-time machine data.
  • Remote telemetry or terminal units (RTUs) convey machine data to the software.
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) convey instructions from the software to the sensors and actuators.
  • A network for data communication, wired or wireless.
  • SCADA computers to analyze and process industrial data.
  • A human-machine interface (HMI) software provides GUI control to the operators.

If you are in the following industries, you must use robust SCADA software to modernize your business: 

  • Consumer goods, appliances, and vehicle manufacturing
  • Refining oil and chemical
  • Power generation in power plants
  • Private or public infrastructure like water, electricity, wastewater treatment, gas pipeline, etc.
  • Facility management for seaports, land ports, airports, apartment buildings, etc.
  • Home or office utility controls for heating, cooling, gas, ventilation, etc.   

We have researched many SCADA tools on the market and found the following useful platforms for your business.

Adroit Ignite

Adroit Ignite is a scalable and advanced SCADA solution in the market. Its HMI application is built using the most sophisticated technologies, making it highly flexible, fast, and easy to use.

Even the most seasoned users will find this Windows-compatible software offering limitless features.

The HMI software application’s products offer smart visualization solutions for various industries, including automobile, utility, food and beverage, telecommunication, life sciences, manufacturing, mining, IoT,  and building management.

The tool receives raw data input from devices like PLC, RTU, and IoT for displaying them to you through graphic visualization.

The software interface consists of an intuitive ribbon toolbar with a familiar design for higher productivity at a reduced expense. Its Designer and Operator applications support the internet, so companies can use them for on-premise and cloud computing solutions.

Fernhill SCADA

Fernhill SCADA is the software you can deploy on multiple SCADA systems with a cost-effective developer license. This cross-platform SCADA is suitable for systems running on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.

It offers the background service of the server to run your SCADA app. There is also an option to work using a redundant configuration. Users can use its operator interface to check the equipment status through graphic visualization. 

Also, you can get alerts during abnormal conditions, see the changes in the trend of the process, and get an audit report in the form of an event list. The data access interface feature allows other applications to access the SCADA data.

With the Configuration Tool of Fernhill SCADA, you can configure your applications. The solution supports various import tools for simplified configuration migration from other applications.


Companies looking for plant transparency and maximum productivity should go for SIMATIC. It is an open, innovative yet scalable SCADA system for process visualization. The solution comprises numerous high-performance attributes that let you monitor automated processes.

This software is for you whether you use a single-user system or need to check on a distributed multi-user system with redundant servers.

This open system contains the functionalities needed in all industries for visualizing highly complex tasks and SCADA applications. If necessary, you can extend the system functionality with add-ons for this software. 

SIMATIC offers you a blend of efficient engineering, top-grade data security, and powerful archiving. With it, companies can control operations and analyze production efficiently. There is also a mobile SCADA solution for tablets and smartphones that you can use for information provision.

CloudView NMS

Being network management and monitoring system, CloudView NMS is also capable of performing SCADA monitoring for your plant or industry. This software shows a consistent geographical picture of your complete network and, thus, lets you configure and troubleshoot as well.

One can run it as a simplistic GUI application or a distributed system for multiple remote users working simultaneously. The supported platforms are Windows, Linux, Mac, and Raspberry Pi. With CloudView NMS, you can access the data remotely from any device, including mobile phones. 

To ensure maximized performance and minimal downtime, the solution offers 24 x 7 real-time monitoring, SMS alert, and email notification. With it, companies can monitor the availability and performance of networks, servers, devices, interfaces, maps, applications, VoIP, and IT automation. 


COMBIVIS from KEB offers a complete line of industrial software products to construct a powerful SCADA system for your next-generation production units. These applications are mainly compatible with KEB’s industrial automation equipment. 

Firstly, COMBIVIS Studio 6 is the primary drive configuration and automation software. KEB’s controls, drives, and Input/Output tools effortlessly sync with this app.

Secondly, you can use COMBIVIS Studio HMI to program human-machine interface products from KEB. The tool offers built-in functionalities like sounding alarms, logging production data, creating production recipes, etc.

Thirdly, COMBIVIS Connect is for maintaining industrial equipment from global or local production control hubs.   

Elecdes Design Suite

Scada Systems’ Elecdes Design Suite (EDS) helps you to produce electrical diagrams and schematics for plant electrical systems, equipment, etc. It produces diagrams via computer in a 3D space so you can visualize the exact network of equipment effortlessly.

Automated electrical design software is the backbone of SCADA software since it enables the HMI tool to detect any faults in the production machinery efficiently. EDS enables you to reduce manual network designing, automate repetitive tasks, create professional reports, etc.    


If you are looking for an advanced HMI suite for Windows systems, GENESIS64 is a viable solution. It can deliver matchless performance using OPC, BACnet, Modbus, and other standard connectivity.

Even when you run corporate business systems, the solution can provide connectivity straight from the plant floor and building facilities. 

With the help of OPC UA technology, GENESIS64 allows you to monitor real-time manufacturing, energy, and business data on a unified visualization dashboard.

The platform also offers an enterprise-wide distributed alarm system, historical logs and trends, 2D and 3D graphics assets, and exporting updated configuration.


Aircada uses Augmented Reality to bring the future of SCADA to your fingertips. Plant maintenance is an effortless and straightforward procedure as it gets your plant data from the factory floor to where you need it most.

You can access your data with a single scan and view the historical data of any connected asset. Setting up this solution is also a quick and simple thing to do. Moreover, it lets you have a look at your entire operation through an aerial map.


Automation can make processes more efficient, and AzeoTech can become your partner in automating your organizational processes.

It lets you acquire data from OPC, Modbus devices, LabJack, and similar channels for easy setup. The solution offers a collection of 45 screen components and 3500+ symbols for custom interface creation.

Its powerful scripting engine is all you need to develop flexible software. You can log the data into databases or a CSV file. The application will also alert you whenever something is not right. All in all, it offers you all the tools necessary to create your SCADA software.

INDAS IT Solutions

INDAS IT Solutions offer custom-made SCADA software development for any business. It has so far developed the following automated software solutions: 

  • inVIEW IIoT Platform for infrastructure, residential, and industrial projects. It utilizes Industry 4.0 standards like cloud solutions and IoT devices to collect data, control production tools, and monitor a manufacturing plant remotely. 
  • inVIEW Soft IoT Gateway converts your Linux or Windows workstations into IoT gateways for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices that perform in automated production plants.
  • INDAS Smart Lift for monitoring, performance analysis, and overall management of businesses that deal with oil and natural gas.

For SCADA tool development, it utilizes the following core competencies: 

  • Mobile internet communications with end-to-end data encryption for production unit’s security.
  • Telemetry technologies, remote equipment control, and monitoring processes.
  • Multimodal data connectivity via GPRS, WLAN, 3G, etc., offers maximum system uptime.     


CIMPLICITY is the SCADA solution that offers high-performance HMI for optimizing operator efficiency. Leveraging its proven visualization, companies can also reduce the risks involved in plant management.

You can use it to securely collect data from any source to ensure total control over the process through monitoring. 

Its HMI and dashboards are there for native and HTML 5-based visualization. In case of any anomaly, Cimplicity notifies you with a complex alarming system. You can extend its functionality using APIs and scripting for data acquisition and customized configurations. 

This solution also ensures high availability with 24/7 uptime and redundancy. Regarding reporting, the solution offers operations dashboards where you get all the KPIs and compliance data. Enterprises can easily set up this software as it supports cloud and hybrid environments. 

Open Automation Software

Open Automation Software (OAS) is the SCADA solution provider for any industry. Using it’s Universal Data Connector, companies get unparalleled access to all their plant operations and enterprise data. The tool covers some levels of connectivity, monitoring, delivery, and analytics. 

You can create a business-grade SCADA system with OAS by directly connecting PLCs, OPC servers, databases, and IoT platforms. It supports the visualization of real-time and historical data using its desiccated tools and SDKs. 

For that, developers can either use the libraries and components of this platform or utilize the web HMI dashboard for instant data visualization. Entry of system events in a log and importing data history are some other robust features of OAS.

Benefits of SCADA Software

#1. Reduces Production Cost

Legacy manufacturing plants needed hundreds of operators to sync and operate factory machinery during production accurately. It increases the production cost greatly.

But, companies saw a sharp decline in operational costs when they got access to the SCADA tools for manufacturing plant management. You can now run a whole production unit with just 2 to 3 operators.

#2. Global Production Hub

Businesses that operate in multiple locations for production or operations use SCADA software to oversee the whole process. 

#3. Disaster Control

High-level production officers in the global control centers can shut down a manufacturing plant remotely when the local SCADA system experiences an error or industrial accident.

#4. Precision

Manufacturing processes that need to deliver the ultimate precision benefit from SCADA. This app effortlessly controls hundreds of robotic arms, feeders, and fabricators to produce consistent product batch after batch. 

#5. Plant Machinery Maintenance and Safety

A SCADA app continuously runs system checks to detect if any machine is experiencing mechanical issues. If it detects one, the tool immediately stops the process from saving the end products. 

The application also reminds the maintenance team of upcoming preventative service events and prolongs the life of production tools. 

#6. Process Improvement

As a production manager or plant operator, you can effortlessly improve each batch’s product, process, and productivity by analyzing data collected by the HMI app.

Its database also gives you a clear idea of the number of consumer goods under production. Hence, depending on your orders, you can increase or decrease production with a single button click.     


SCADA software is an indispensable tool in today’s standard manufacturing practice. Selection of the right SCADA will ensure you have optimum control over your production floors, facilities, and utility supplies. Not to mention protecting costly plant equipment and products being produced. You can try these SCADA tools to select the appropriate software for your business.

You may also be interested in chaos engineering tools to keep your production process reliable. 

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