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Are you concerned about privacy leaks via a calendar app? Or trying to figure out how to protect your calendar? 

A secure calendar app makes this possible with password protections, encryptions, and permission management.

In this article, you will discover why calendars need security features and how to secure them, two prominent security features you should look for when investing in a calendar app, and a list of most secure calendars you can install and try out this year.

Why is Security Important for Calendars and Online Scheduling?

Calendars are designed for synchronizing data from different devices, auto upgradation of tasks and events, and scheduling your upcoming plans. These activities require sharing your data with the calendar you’re using. 

Thus it’s essential to have an end-to-end encrypted calendar that prohibits third parties and the app itself from acquiring your personal information. 

When choosing the best digital calendar, privacy must first be considered apart from all the productivity-boosting features. 

It has been found that big data companies use the information fed by the users in the calendar for targeting ads. 

They try to know about their life goals and preferences by sneaking around the given data. This is why calendar security is becoming important day by day. 

But how do you secure your calendar? Let’s see!

How to Secure Your Calendars?

First and foremost, use secure online calendars for personal and business purposes. 

Enabling password-protected calendars links can also help secure your information while sharing.

A timely review of your calendar lets you know with whom you share your data. 

Being aware of the permission levels at the beginning might help in choosing the right calendar for your organization. 

Security Features Your Calendar Should Ideally Have

#1. Permission Management

If you use a calendar to bring your team on board and share it with them, permission management features can come in handy.

Sometimes, depending on your business, you might need some specific teammates to look at team meetings with particular clients. 

The calendar app you choose for your business should have the feature to assign specific client meetings to certain team members.

#2. 2-Factor Authentication

2-factor authentication is a protection layer you set above the normal password protection.

How it works is that whenever you log into your account via username and password, you either get an email on the registered mail id or an OTP on your submitted mobile number.

This helps you prevent getting hacked big time.

Now that you know about calendar security, let’s look at some secure calendars you can use.

Proton Calendar

Proton Calendar is a great tool that helps you remain organized privately while keeping your data secure.


  • Protected by end-to-end encryption, the Proton calendar is the go-to tool to manage your daily tasks and events easily.
  • Easily import your existing calendar to Proton and stay on top of your schedule along with safety.
  • It has multiple themes and features like contrast mode that help you personalize your calendar.
  • The ad-free feature allows you to remain focused on your day

Proton calendar is an effective tool that keeps you away from prying eyes while keeping track of your daily schedule. You can get started with Proton for free.

Tutanota Calendar

Tutanota Calendar is a free encrypted calendar that helps you stay on top of your day.


  • The built-in end-to-end encryption makes it easy to schedule your day without being worried about any unauthorized person accessing your saved information.
  • Lets you focus on one thing at a time by combining your personal and business events in a single view.
  • Available on all devices like browsers, smartphones, and desktops
  • Has push notifications available to remind you about special events throughout the day
  • Combine personal events, business meets, and recurring tasks in one view and prioritize your day accordingly

Tutanota Calendar not only saves your valuable time but money as well. It comes in free and premium versions with features like more storage capacity and adding users.


EteSync provides a secure way to host your contacts, calendars, and tasks. Its secure and end-to-end encrypted information sync for the desktop, Android, and the web makes it a standout choice for task management.


  • Integration with your existing apps makes it easier to use
  • End-to-end encryption and a self-hosted server ensure maximum security when you access your calendar
  • Encrypted backup helps you to review the changes you make to the calendar at any point in time

EteSync has been reliable to use except when it comes to the iOS platform, which makes it harder for the application to sync data, owing to its privacy norms.


Pravica is a unique messenger app that utilizes blockchain technology to protect the user’s digital identity. It provides a secure platform that integrates all the communication tools in one place, making it easier for you to access the relevant information.


  • Enables encryption of chats, voice calls, and emails, making it a super safe platform to use
  • Uses blockchain technology that secures your private data in a decentralized network
  • Empowers users’ privacy by not collecting sensitive info like phone numbers or email addresses for signing up
  • The safeguard feature protects your data even in case your phone gets stolen.

Pravica is still in the early stages and monetizes through subscription plans.

Keep & Share 

Keep & Share is an online calendar and collaboration tool which aims to make office communication secure and simple. 


  • Establishes a simplified communication channel among small and large teams in an organization
  • Share your account with anyone or any other device easily and coordinate with other clients, whether they are part of your team or not.
  • Give a personalized touch to your calendar by adding a variety of colors, notes, and tags.
  • Added benefits like visitor’s book appointments and email text reminders make it even more attractive and valuable to boost your productivity.
  • The freedom to create repeated events and schedules that will repeat multiple times makes it unique.

With shareable group calendars as the USP, you can download the Keep & Share app for free on iOS and Android.


As the name suggests, Teamup is a secure calendar used by teams to collaborate and coordinate their daily schedule. It’s not for one person.


  • The calendar is designed for groups or teams specifically and has some unique team-specific features that you and your team will enjoy using.
  • A simple user interface makes adding users and managing small and large teams easy.
  • Color-coded sub-calendars give it an edge over calendars in managing tasks and people.
  • Customized access for different users makes it easy to distinguish among different members of the assigned group.
  • Upload images, docs, and files to your calendar and share them with your teammates in a second

Teamup aims to make complex group tasks easy. It’s available at different prices starting from the free basic version, which you can later upgrade to further models like Plus and Enterprise. Besides this, it also offers a free 3-day trial to test its premium features. 


Readdle works around building productivity apps for Apple products. It has added more to its list by introducing powerful calendars for Mac to manage your schedules effortlessly. 


  • A comprehensive app that integrates to-do lists, tasks, and reminders on iPhone, iPad, or Mac
  • Syncs Readdle with Outlook, Google calendars, and iCloud to balance your work commitments
  • Saves time with shortcut features that let you quickly add your habits and hobbies to the calendar

Readdle has been successful in improving the calendar experience on Apple devices. However, you need to subscribe to the pro model for more features like sync with Google tasks and Zoom for slightly higher prices.


For someone looking to enhance their productivity, the Fantastical calendar by Flexibits offers a variety of unique features along with a beautiful design that helps you own your time. 

Built for Apple products, it makes managing events, tasks, and meetings easier.


  • It has a beautiful and detailed UI experience with different themes
  • Quick access to your files and photos needed for your next event
  • Comprehensive and powerful screen views of your days and tasks 
  • Designed with privacy as a priority and thus makes you feel secure about your data
  • Unlocks unique features like organizing calls and meetings efficiently and adding your favorite task templates

Flexibits offers a basic free plan and a premium version with a 14-days free trial.

Wrapping up

At its most basic, a calendar records your plans, goals, and life moments. This makes it necessary to protect it from prying eyes. 

You don’t want any third party snooping around your data to influence your daily life decisions. Thus, ensuring privacy while you stay on top of your day is essential. 

So, choose a calendar that helps you secure your data and boost productivity simultaneously.

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