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Creating, managing, and publishing content can be a tedious task.

You always need to stay on top of your game, especially when your content will be read by people who’ve been part of your journey for a long time.

High-quality content is a must if you look forward to creating a loyal fanbase and taking up blogging as a serious business model.

However, when you’re regularly coming up with new content, you might likely use the same old repetitive sentences.

You might also face writer’s block or use plagiarized content to make things “unique” in your writing style.

This scenario worsens when you have a set posting schedule and have to finish your article by that time.

If you’re majorly relating to all this, then there’s a very smart solution to it. The solution is to use a sentence rewriting tool that’ll help you improve your writing style and pull you out of that writer’s block.

If that sounds interesting, let’s learn more about them and discover the best options.

When to Use a Sentence Rewriter?

A sentence rewriter tool will help you rewrite your sentences and frame them much better while retaining their original meaning.

You can use this tool at its full capacity when you:

  • Want to avoid accidental plagiarism
  • Want to adjust the tone and use a different tone in your content
  • Want to improve the quality of your content
  • Want to make your sentences crisper and more concise
  • Want to overcome writer’s block on a tight deadline

A sentence rewriter tool takes the help of an AI to reframe your sentences for you within minutes. This helps you stay on top of your game while maintaining time and efficiency.

However, it’s important to remember that these tools shouldn’t be used to write the entire article, as you want to maintain a human touch.

AI-generated content is not appreciated by your loyal readers or search engines.

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How Can a Sentence Rewriter Improve Your Writing Style?

If you’re using a sentence rewriting tool for the first time, you’ll realize that it’s a boon in times of crisis. It helps you change your sentences’ tonality, quality, and structure. It provides you with a fresh and new take on your written content. 

You also enhance your verbal and written skills by learning new words through AI. You’ll be learning how to frame your sentences better to make them sound more engaging and reader-friendly. 

If I had to sum up the benefits of using a sentence rewriter tool, it’d be the fact that you learn new ways to frame your sentences.

Difference Between a Paraphrasing Tool and a Sentence Rewriter Tool

A lot of people tend to think that both tools are the same, but the truth is they have different uses and outcomes, and you need to know the differences between them.

A paraphrasing tool helps you “spin” or paraphrase your sentences and makes them plagiarism-free. It also eliminates all the unnecessary words to make your sentences unique.

The AI retains the idea and portrays it differently by rearranging the important aspects of the text to give out the original message. It’s widely used for speeches or when you have to deliver a message in fewer words.

On the other hand, a sentence rewriting tool rewrites the same sentence “creatively” to enhance the quality of your writing.

I know it sounds the same, but I promise there’s a difference here. The main difference in a sentence rewriter tool is that this tool retains all the original information of your text.

You’re not eliminating any words or text but just using a different tone, the figure of speech, or style to make it look and sound different.

If we’re all clear here, let’s move on to the list of sentence rewriter tools that’ll do the job brilliantly.

Probably the most popular sentence-rewriting tool out there, has been around for a while now, and it remains the top choice for many people.

One of the things that I love about this tool is that it takes inputs and briefs from you in DETAIL to figure out how you want your sentences to turn out. It’ll ask you several questions, including the kind of tone you like, your target audience, and your language.

You can use this solution for free as long as the word count is within 2,000 words per month in total. For anything more than that, you’d have to purchase their premium plan.

However, rest assured; you’ll get an easy-to-use interface, 45+ templates in over 25 different languages, and many amazing features that’ll make rewriting content a breeze.


Frase helps you take AI-powered content creation to the next level with its great features. 

You can rewrite your sentences in 3 simple steps:

  1. Copy-paste the sentence you wish to rewrite in the tool input box (up to 400 words)
  2. Choose rewrite -> Decide the tone -> Check the AI output
  3. You can also choose to rewrite the sentence in different voices

The tool does an amazing job of highlighting the changes in yellow to help you understand what has been changed. Aside from this, it has plenty of helpful features for the writers to go through the process seamlessly.

All in all, it easily changes your rough to polished ones while still retaining the original message. Not to forget, the result comes back 100% unique.


A well-known name in the writer’s community, Scalenut has a lot to offer regarding its sentence rewriter tool. The content it produces is SEO friendly, which is probably the major USP to watch out for in these tools.

It simplifies your sentences to improve readability and structure while also making sure it’s plagiarism and error-free.

Scalenut has a huge community on Facebook and a helpful support team to help you when you’re stuck on a problem.

Besides their sentence rewriter tool, you can also try out other tools like meta description creator, blog introduction generator, and passive to active voice converter.

Sentence Checkup

A tool that helps you sharpen your writing skills by rewriting your sentences in the cleanest manner, Sentence Checkup stands by its name. In a way, it does a checkup on the text you put in and fixes it to something unique and fresh.

It also comes with an advanced paraphrasing tool that makes complex sentences easier to read and saves time by processing it in a jiffy.

This solution is beginner-friendly and creates plagiarism-free content that you can use when you’re stuck in the rabbit hole of writer’s block. The fact that it uses unique synonyms helps you to amp up your content game like a pro.

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SEOMagnifier comes in handy when you’re running out of time and want to publish your post on your decided date.

Here are some of the many amazing features that make this tool really cool:

  • Web-based AI sentence rewriter
  • Best for professional or personal use, even for students
  • Phrases sentences in an interesting way
  • Retains the original message of the sentence
  • It contains a rich library of unique words

Despite these features, it remains completely free to use as long as your requirement is basic.


Positioned as one of the industry’s most sophisticated sentence rewriter tools, AISEO is a tool you should try. It uses GPT-3 and other AI engines to rewrite your sentences with top-notch quality without missing a single detail.

It also saves a lot of your time when you want to generate bulk content for your blog or even when you need clarity amidst writer’s block.

I’d say it’s a great way to increase your productivity and learn new writing skills from its powerful AI engine.

Neil Patel’s Sentence Rewriter

If you’ve been in the online business space for a while, you’d surely know who Neil Patel is. He sits at the top with the greatest SEO experts, so it’s natural to say that you cannot go wrong with his offering.

In this case, it’s Neil Patel’s Sentence Rewriter tool that you can use without a doubt in your head. As the name suggests, it returns with sentences that are SEO-friendly yet simple to understand.

It churns out unique sentences and helps you increase organic traffic to your website and keep the audience hooked to your article until the end.


Contentwise runs on an AI technology that constantly learns from different inputs. This means it’s constantly learning new things to apply them in further commands, making the process super convenient. 

The entire software has a pool of manual content editors that constantly check its outputs and immediately rectify errors if any.

It also goes the extra mile to change the active voice to the passive voice in your sentences, if needed.


Been featured in sites like Yahoo, Fortune, Business Insider, and other big names, Wordtune is a rewriting tool that integrates seamlessly with your favorite sites, such as Slack, Whatsapp, and Google Docs.

It lets you choose the tone of the sentences and weaves it into a compelling and authentic piece of content that you can flaunt proudly.

Not to mention, it also equips your content with spelling fixes along with re-wording and rewriting the sentences. You can use Wordtune for absolutely free.

Rewrite Tool

A very simple and straightforward solution, the Rewrite Tool, can be suitable for you if you need something quick. Simply paste your content in the text box and click on “Start Re-writing” to improve your sentences immediately.

Of course, it goes without saying that once the AI is done rewriting, you can manually change the words if you’re not happy with the result. However, you can be assured that it goes the extra mile to give you error-free output only.

Additionally, it allows you to run a deep grammar check with the help of Grammarly.

Author’s Note

As mentioned above, the above tools are great at what they do, but it’s also important to edit and tweak a few things in the result so you can be fully satisfied.

Personally, as long as you’re not using these tools incorrectly, I believe it could be beneficial for you to give you ideas and help you when you’re stuck.

I’d also recommend not completely relying on these tools because you might lose your creativity by always using the help of AI. Human touch is always going to be needed to engage your readers.

Next, check out these amazing Chrome extensions to help you with writing.

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