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In AI Last updated: November 18, 2022
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Learn how a smart writer web app can boost your email marketing process and make it 40 times faster and six times cheaper.  

Business is all about marketing your product. There are many online and offline marketing tools. Email marketing is one of the most affordable products, services, or brand outreach techniques.

However, email marketing is also challenging since many marketing emails go to any folder other than the inbox. And the target customer never sees your email because you send stock emails without personalization.

Smartwriter.AI is here to change how email marketing work by infusing automation and machine intelligence. Read on to learn how this app can transform your marketing efforts.  

What Does an AI Writer Do?

What Does an AI Writer Do

Written content is the most affordable way of marketing. However, it takes a lot of time, effort, and investment to create a well-structured written blog or article that Google Search will rank. Businesses that trust blogs and articles for lead generation, revenue earning, and product/service sales need faster content production.

Hence, artificial intelligence (AI) development companies have developed smart writer apps that learn from the human writing style and generate high-quality written content. AI-generated content could be blogs, articles, tips, how-tos, help articles, web page content, social media copy, sales copy, and many more.

The investment behind such apps is a one-time cost, and the app becomes your company asset. You can use it to produce content for long years to come. Also, AI developers can update your AI to make it more efficient.   

Smartwriter.AI: An Overview

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Smartwriter.AI is primarily a smart writer app hosted on the cloud. But its application is not limited to just one task. Over time it has become an email and social media marketing powerhouse backed by an AI.

The tool uses Open AI’s GPT-3 model. GPT-3, aka Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is an AI model of autoregressive language model kind. The Smartwriter.AI use deep learning networks to learn from millions of human writing styles. Then it generates unique and high-quality written content equivalent to human writing.

Smartwriter’s GPT-3 model was trained on billions of tokens from datasets of different types like 410 billion Common Crawl, 19 billion WebText2, 12 billion Books1, 55 billion Books2, and 3 billion Wikipedia.

With this highly advanced AI model, Smartwriter.AI generates unique and catchy email marketing texts, Google Ads copies, Facebook Ad copies, Instagram copies, LinkedIn emails, etc. It also helps you with blog content like outline generation, title creation, topic expansion, etc.     

Smartwriter.AI: User Interface

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Once you signup for this smart writer app, you will enter the Projects dashboard. It will show you two types of content generation options, and these are: 

  • SmartScript for automated content generation flow
  • Template-based content creation.

If you click the Check from more templates link and go to the All Templates screen, you will find an exhaustive list of automated content creation and personalization templates. Notable templates are: 

  • Google Revie Icebreaker Generator
  • Value Proposition for Product/Service Sales
  • Gmail marketing email intro lines
  • High converting email subject lines 
  • Shopify product title generator
  • Shopify product descriptions
  • Create blog title, intro, meta description, outline, etc.
  • Quora content expansion
  • Write Instagram captions
  • YouTube title generator
  • AIDA marketing framework
  • Google Ads headline and description
  • AI-generated copies of Tweets

Other functionalities apart from the Projects are: 

Lead List

It is the hub for all contacts and emails collected online. For example, you can install the Smartwriter.AI Chrome extension. Then, you can automatically scrape verified emails directly from social media platforms like LinkedIn. However, for LinkedIn, you must get a LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription. 

Email Verification

Email Verification

This section of the smart writer app offers two dedicated tools: Find Email & Verify and Verify Email. You can use the first one to scrape emails directly from a domain like,, etc. 

You can also upload CSV files of structured data like Domain Names, Prospect’s Name, and Prospect’s Position. Once the tool completes its task, it will let you download a CSV file of verified data as an output.

If you have lead emails and want to verify them one by one or in bulk, you can use the Verify Email tool. Here, you just enter the email in the correct format, and Smartwriter.AI fetches the details of the email address. To speed up the work, you can upload email addresses in bulk in a CSV file, and the tool will also return a CSV file as output with verified details.    


Smartwriter Integrations

Your email marketing should not be limited to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There are a lot of other popular platforms out there that your prospects visit regularly. You can also target those platforms and improve link building, prospect building, and sales.  

These apps or platforms are: 

With this smart writer web app, you can quickly add your existing accounts on any of the above platforms. Then, you can also use Smartwriter.AI’s high-quality and automated bulk content generation feature for marketing efforts on these platforms. 

Features of Smartwriter.AI

Features of Smartwriter.AI

Personalized Cold Email Outreach

Smartwriter.AI has an end-to-end (e2e) personalization engine. With the help of an AI model, it reads the prospect’s data from various online sources. Then, depending on the marketing campaign and topic, it generates personalized emails.

The tool also injects company-based personalization, tailored product pitches, and persuading subject lines for better cold email conversion. 

Personalized LinkedIn Lead Gen uses 6-step SMTP checks to confirm that LinkedIn email leads are valid. Then, it also scans the profiles on a real-time basis and updates the centralized database to ensure position, company, requirement, job, and other details are up to date. 

After reviewing all the above research data, the tool creates persuasive and personalized emails for each contact. You can reach out to hundreds of company stakeholders in just two steps when you start fully utilizing it.

Deep Enrichment

Enriching your contact list in the CRM could take years because human-based research on a lead takes more than 45 minutes. Whereas Smartwriter.AI does this in 15 seconds. 

Furthermore, it scours the entire internet to generate unique attributes about your lead. Consequently, the tool searches 2.3 billion website pages per lead to enrich your CRM with updated lead data.  

Personalized LinkedIn Outreach

Personalized LinkedIn Outreach

You need to study their profiles, portfolios, activities, and social media presence for a guaranteed connection with a stranger. Because when you do all this background work and send an email or text message, the prospect feels that you have done your research. Then you and the prospect create an emotional connection. 

This smart writer app does just that without you needing to do the research or employ an army of data scrappers. 

SEO backlinking is an unavoidable task if you wish to skyrocket your website’s organic traffic and rank on Google SERP. However, creating personalized backlink request emails could be a hectic process. And, if you are a marketing agency, this task could be highly challenging.

But the AI engine of Smartwriter.AI reads through all website blogs in a matter of seconds. Then, it creates hyper-personalized backlink request emails for each blog in a few minutes. All you need to do is just send the emails.   

Blogs Content

Smartwriter Blogs Content

Smartwriter.AI comes with a specific smart writer content flow template for blogs and articles. With this feature, you can create outstanding blog outlines by researching millions of Google search data on the said topic.

The AI can also write a catchy intro paragraph and metatag description for SEO optimization. Moreover, it can expand the blog topic into text content of high quality and with zero plagiarism.  

Email Verification

You can keep sending marketing emails and paying subscription fees to the marketing email service provider without seeing a bit of increase in replies or sales. Because the emails you are using as leads may not be correct.

Smartwriter.AI provides a powerful email verification tool to verify your prospect’s or lead’s email address. Then, you can add the address to an email campaign for the brand, product, or service promotion.

Use Cases of Smartwriter.AI

Use Cases of Smartwriter.AI

AI Marketing Tool

It works as an AI tool that generates a personalized email and promotional copy for each project and individual you target for promotions. Your email marketing project archives better click-through rate, conversion, email opens, and email deliverability. 

Personalized emails add value to your communication with the prospect and help you create a one-on-one relationship rather than making them victims of mass email campaigns. 

LinkedIn Email Lookup

LinkedIn Email Lookup

LinkedIn is the most popular destination for real profiles, unlike Facebook or Twitter. If you already have paid LinkedIn service, you can boost its utilization by linking it to Smartwriter.AI. 

You can verify emails of your prospects or build leads from LinkedIn by doing email scrapping. Consequently, you can find quality profiles of customers, job candidates, business partners, external project collaborators, freelance experts, etc.     

Lead Generation Tool

Smartwriter.AI is a powerful lead generation tool. Like other lead generators, it does not just collect emails. It also verifies the emails. Further, the tool enables you to engage with the customers using AI-smart writer-generated personalized emails, check email deliverability rate, and increase your sales. 

Sales Prospecting Tool

Sales prospecting helps you reach out to potential customers and convert them to sales. With this technique, you can also know the market’s expectation for features of certain products/services, and accordingly, you can upgrade yours.

Smartwriter.AI is the appropriate sales prospecting tool for small to large businesses, including marketing agencies. It fetches numerous sales prospects in a few minutes. You only need to enter your name, designation, and domain address. It can scrape names from apps like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter.    

Smartwriter Link Building Tool

The tool is also helpful for SEO backlink outreach programs. You can select a specific blog, and its smart writer algorithm will generate unique content. Then you can post backlinks on backlinking sites, social media, and through cold emails. 

Improve Email Deliverability

Subject line generator, content personalization, persuasive intro creation, sales navigator lead extractor, email verifier, and email quality check tool collectively ensures that your marketing emails land in the recipient’s primary inbox.

How to Get Smartwriter.AI

How to Get the smart writer tool Smartwriter.AI

Smartwriter.Ai is a cloud-based web app. You can run the app from any device that has a web browser. You do not need any specific operating system. Also, there are no minimum software/hardware requirements to run the app.

The tool offers three different subscription plans, and these are:

  • Basic Plan: For businesses that manage marketing in-house
  • Popular Plan: It is also for businesses managing their sales and marketing endeavors, but at a large scale.
  • Pro Plan: For marketing agencies or businesses with a large marketing team with many products and services. 

All the above three subscriptions are available in monthly and yearly contracts. You can save more when you sign up for a one-year commitment.

Now, if you would like to evaluate the tool before getting a monthly or yearly subscription, that is also possible. All the subscription plans offer a 7-days free trial period. You can try all the features, and if you are satisfied with the tool, you can sign up for a paid plan.      

Final Words

Smartwriter.AI is your business’s smart writer tool if you regularly perform self-service sales and marketing. Also, its convenient subscription options let you scale up or down as your business’s consumer grows up or down. Furthermore, the AI tool is also appropriate for digital marketing agencies that cater to multiple clients.

Whether you using it in an agency or own a business setup, the message is clean and simple. Email marketing needs a lot of effort and groundwork. If you invest human force, it will be costly and slow. 

To stay competitive in the ever-changing market, you need an accurate and fast AI that can produce content in minutes. Moreover, for a growing business, you also need a tool to scale up your marketing efforts. Smartwriter.AI offers all these features at a cost-effective subscription plan.

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