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In Privacy Last updated: September 12, 2023
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With our inboxes witnessing a flood of emails almost every day, it becomes impossible to verify the authenticity of all the senders.

Be it a job offer, a promotional email informing us about a luscious deal, or a personal mail from someone you cannot remember – accurate identification is the need of the hour. And with scammers and fraudsters penetrating every sphere of human life, you may become easy prey to their trickery if you are not careful enough.

Fortunately, Social Catfish’s Reverse Email Address Search can make the impossible possible and help you identify an unknown email address. Let us discuss this in detail to give you an idea.

What Is a Reverse Email Check, and Why Is It Necessary?

Reverse Email Check is a method that helps users find information about someone using only their email address. The information includes the owner’s full name, address, contact number, social media profiles, and more. Oftentimes, a reverse email check becomes a necessity for the following reasons:

  • To verify the online identity of the owner of an email ID.
  • To easily look up an email address to see whether it is from one of your old pals and reconnect with them.
  • To verify if the calls you are getting from an unknown number belong to someone who reached out to you via email before.  

What is Social Catfish Reverse Email Address Search? 

Social Catfish Reverse Email Address Search is a useful tool that helps people discover someone’s real identity using their email address. All one has to do is provide an email ID, and the tool will start its search procedure.

Social Catfish Reverse Email Search

After it has finished looking up, Social Catfish will tell you the full name, physical address, phone number, social media profiles, etc., of the email ID owner. Sometimes, you can even get to know about their relatives.

To give you the most accurate results possible, Social Catfish searches through a database of over 200 billion records. These include government archives, news articles, social media, etc. 

Using Social Catfish Reverse Email Search comes with a plethora of handy benefits. Here are some of them:

#1. Avoid scammers

If you feel something fishy about an email you have received recently, you can perform a quick Reverse Email Search. This way, you can distinguish genuine people from scammers.

#2. Hire the right employee

The reputation of an employee directly influences the reputation of an organization. By utilizing Reverse Email Search and verifying your candidate information via their email address, you can be sure about your decision to hire them.

#3. Discover social media accounts

The Reverse Email Search feature of Social Catfish empowers you to find all the social media accounts belonging to a person using just their email address. 

How Does Social Catfish Reverse Email Search Work?

Social Catfish’s Reverse Email Search uses advanced algorithms to look through a huge database of records to find the owner of an email address.


The service is useful in cross-checking information that a person has provided to ensure whether there are any inconsistencies or not. Besides an email ID owner’s name, address, mobile number, social media info, etc., Social Catfish can occasionally provide their IP address and location too.

What most scammers do is create a new email account that is obviously fake. Usually, they do not send scam emails from their official email ID in fear of repercussions. Social Catfish can assist you in detecting such few-weeks-old email addresses so that you can stay cautious.

It does not take much technical knowledge or expertise to use Social Catfish Reverse Email Search.

First, you need to purchase their subscription plan, which costs 29.95 USD/month. Then, type an email address in the given field and click the ‘Search’ button. The tool will take care of the rest and aid you in obtaining detailed information about its owner and verifying their online identity.  

Real-Life Applications

Let us now turn our attention to a few real-life applications of Social Catfish’s Reverse Email Search service:

#1. In company verification


Getting a job in the wrong company can not only be a daunting experience but also end up wasting some of the employee’s golden years. A Reverse Email Check comes in handy for job seekers in finding out a company profile and seeing for themselves if they are the real deal.

When they find out that the company they are thinking of applying to has a questionable record, they simply dodge it and apply somewhere else.

#2. In online dating platforms


Having blind faith in a person someone has met on an online dating site is a recipe for disaster. However, a Reverse Email Search is beneficial in determining if they are dealing with a scammer.

This helps maintain a healthy and safe atmosphere in online dating platforms ridden with scammers and con artists. 

Are There Any Privacy Concerns Regarding the Service?

The privacy of the user is an extremely important factor when it comes to any app or service. If a service does not respect the privacy of its users, it is best to avoid them.

But thankfully, Social Catfish leaves no stone unturned to ensure that your privacy and security are never compromised in any situation.

All of your searches using the Reverse Email Search feature are anonymous. Therefore, the individual or company you are searching for remains unaware of your searches the entire time.

Plus, Social Catfish vows never to share your personal data with anyone outside its team. This makes your Reverse Email Check experience a safe and relaxed one.        


When talking about alternatives to Social Catfish, Reverse Contact and InfoTracer come to mind.

#1. Reverse Contact

Like Social Catfish, Reverse Contact can give you detailed information regarding a person or organization based on their personal or professional email address. FYI, Reverse Contact is GDPR-compliant and, thus, is incredibly trustworthy in handling personal data.

Reverse Contact Reverse Email Search

From full name to contact info to job position to confidence score – the tool shows promising accuracy.

However, its Reverse Email Lookup service is way costlier (99 USD/month for the Basic subscription) when compared to Social Catfish and can be an issue for people on a budget.

#2. InfoTracer

InfoTracer also helps you verify the legitimacy of an email ID by offering you the owner’s full name, contact information, social media and web accounts, photos, videos, and more. Like Social Catfish, it can sometimes tell you about relatives and associates as well.

InfoTracer Reverse Email Search

While InfoTracer lets you run a Reverse Email Search for free, you cannot download reports unless you pay 1.95 USD (with a 7-Day Unlimited Search Access). 

Final Words

As you can see, Social Catfish Reverse Email Address Search has the power to discern the legitimacy of an online profile. By separating the real from the fake, the service can be a blessing to anyone striving for safe, unthreatening online interactions.

The advanced algorithm of the tool digs through a huge pile of records to make sure no fraud or swindler can play their dirty tricks on someone innocent ever again. Also, Social Catfish gives utmost attention to the protection of its users’ privacy. So they can benefit from its services while feeling a warm sense of security.

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