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In Security Last updated: August 23, 2023
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Social Catfish has become a prominent name in reverse image searching. This tool has resolved many cases of fraud done through fake online profiles. But only a few people are aware of such technological advancements. They easily fall for all sorts of trouble in the digital World.

The Federal Trade Commission reported about 70,000 people cheated through such romance scams. They further investigated the matter noticing 40% of the traps were made via social media that quickly initiated sweet talks.

There can be uncountable scenarios when you encounter a picture showcasing a suspicious personality or forged visuals. Reverse image search became an investigative term when cases of online scams started increasing. Thus, it became imperative to reach the source of the image generator.

A few years ago, it was challenging to verify image files📂. But now you can clear your doubts on tools like Social Catfish. So, it is essential to know the crucial role of the Social Catfish reverse search tool in verifying photos, names, locations, and other such information.

Need for Social Catfish Tool


Social Catfish is launched to track the most trending dating scams. These scams suddenly started increasing globally when many cases got registered about people getting cheated through fake profiles.

People use to receive random friend requests or followers on social sites. Soon the other person deceives them by using false images, names, designations, addresses, and additional critical information to gain an individual’s trust.

Later these acquaintances start cuddling with flaunting messages and often ask for money after a few days of conversation. These fraudsters avoid video or audio calls to hide their identity. Few victims do feel unusual with such behavior and lookup for ways to find the truth behind the scene.

What Does Social Catfish Tool Do?


Social Catfish is an online software that helps scrutinize data, including pictures, in reverse search mode. This USA-based company can extract information over the internet with 100% accuracy💯, which also favors meeting long-lost friends.

The name “Social Catfish” has significant importance. It creates awareness among the public about how scammers illegitimately use social sites to enter their life. Like a catfish🐟 would follow a cod in a tank to keep it stimulated or energetic, the same way a selfish can lure a person to fulfill undue purposes.

Thus, the website terms dating scams as catfishing. It elaborates with a few examples of how easily people fall for them and face trouble. The deceivers take undue advantage of emotions and fake for money, relationship, and a lot more.

Hence, the makers of Social Catfish have provided a platform to do reverse image searches. The general public or a group can utilize this online tool for investigation purposes. They can clear their doubts about unknown personalities and, thus, protect themselves from getting cheated for long.

Social Catfish: Features


The Social Catfish reverse image search tool has a primary motive of saving people from false tricks while dating on social sites. It encourages staying aware of the person’s activities before getting closer and using the software to instantly check the background if the symptoms.

Here are the features of the Social Catfish tool.

  • User Interface: The tool is easy to use with a user-friendly interface. Even a non-tech-savvy can understand the panel and verify images and other critical information. With a few clicks to filter the data, the user gets a complete report of reverse search on the website.
  • Six Functions of Reverse Search: You can verify pictures, names, usernames, email addresses, locations, and phone numbers of the person.
  • Membership Plans: There is a membership plan of a fixed time period and per search result basis. You can buy any of them using the reverse image search function.
  • Image Search Accuracy: This improvised tool works differently than the Google image search function. Some fraudsters easily tackle Google’s security algorithm, but the Social Catfish has a self-proprietary online setup that scans the internet for exact results.
  • Image Search Efficiency: It takes a few seconds⌛ to track millions of sites for image metadata and gives more reliable results quickly.
  • Data Privacy & Security: They keep the member’s information in the database, but you can contact the Social Catfish support team to delete your data from the website.
  • Approved Reports: The reverse image search results are authentic, and you can use them for filing legal complaints.
  • Fetch Complete Information: This powerful online tool can fetch everything in correlation to the query and can be used on any other webpage, blog, social networking site, Google images, etc.
  • Customer Support: The customers can contact the support team on the phone number provided between 09:00 – 05:00 PST on weekdays. Unsatisfied users get full assistance from the team regarding the reports.

The Social Catfish is capable of detecting English content at global levels, provided a nation’s IT law does not block any specific website.

Functions of Social Catfish

As you enter Social Catfish‘s official website, it displays the online tool with specific search options: Name, Email📩, Phone, Username, Address, and Image. You must select one of these choices, fill in the required entries, and hit the “Search” button to generate the results.

You can use the Reverse Image Search function to verify an individual’s authenticity by uploading the picture on the panel and checking if it belongs to the same person.


The image search is helpful in many other ways. You can look out for a lost connection⛓️ with their photo or check if a website is using your personal or copyright pictures unauthoritatively. You may also search for an available link to buy a specific product you have seen on a website.

The search result is available for paid members, which lists all the links where the image has been found. There is a caution to click on the given links at your own risk, as they do not check if they are malware protected.

To verify a name on this panel, you’ll also have to enter the country’s name where the person🙍 belongs and select a specific age group for more precise results.


The report lists the persons with similar names. It provides the social media accounts, phone number, address, and locations where he has stayed. You also learn about his family members, personal relationship, and criminal records, if any.


To search an email account, enter the email id in the given box, and generate the report. The service is useful for dating couples, companies hiring an employee, and others.

The search report first shows the list of social accounts connected with this id. You will also see the associated name, address, phone number, and relatives with it. Sometimes the IP address and the location are also reported.

#4. Reverse Phone Lookup

Phone numbers sufficiently authenticate a person’s identity, as they are registered on a specific name. Therefore, it is possible with the reverse phone lookup function to fetch the actual name of the caller or a verifiable owner.


Usually, fake numbers generated through the VOIP are used in online scams, and these do not possess an identity. Before moving ahead in a relationship or falling into a money trap, you can search the number for the person or the organization’s legitimacy.

You can search for a username from a social networking or dating site on this panel and check if the profile is authentic to the person or not.


This is also convenient for finding out a friend who is not in touch for a long time.

#6. Reverse Address Lookup

Real estate experts recommend thoroughly researching the property’s paper and other details before buying or renting it. The software takes a few seconds to search for a valid address🌎 and provides a complete report about the ownership.


The report includes purchase history, price, deed details, specifications, etc. It also gives the property’s current status, whether it is rented or free. You will also get to know if the owner has other properties.

Individuals and companies can use this tool to determine whether the person’s claim about staying at the address is genuine.

Alternatives of Social Catfish

Let us look at some of the credible alternative online tools to Social Catfish that work effectively in reverse image search.

#1. TinEye


TinEye is a Toronto-based software company and was the first to launch a reverse image search mechanism in 2008. The website only deals in image detection and does not offer any other data search feature.

TinEye tool applies computer vision, pattern recognition, neural networks, and machine learning technology for reverse image searching. It has indexed and added over 61.7 million images by regularly crawling the web, and thus, delivers quick and efficient results.


  • The WineEngine image recognition API is popular in the beverage industry for tracking the misuse of labels, while the MobileEngine API helps buy products by searching through clicks. The MulticolorEngine targets color-based searching.
  • You can add the TinEye tool as an extension on the Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Edge browser and right-click on the image to reverse search instantly.
  • This tool has strong filters to review the search results. You can sort the results on the basis of archives, collections with copyright details, or stock images.
  • There is a compare feature, which gives the option to analyze the two pictures simultaneously.
  • They understand clients’ privacy issues; therefore, they have a policy not to save or index an uploaded image on the portal.

The MatchEngine method is suitable for verifying social profiles to match the modified or flagged photos. Insurance companies can use the automated visual inspection method to check for duplicate picture submissions.

Brands like Thales, Trader,, and many others trust them for authentic results.

#2. Pixsy


The owner of Pixsy, Daniel Foster, is a photographer by profession. He holds deep concern about the illegal usage of copyright©️ images and thus, provides a powerful reverse image search software to the photographers to deal with image theft issues.

They make use of advanced technology integrated with AI🤖 to continuously monitor the client’s pictures over the internet. It lets you raise quick copyright issues with instant action. Instead of uploading a photo, Pixsy allows you to synchronize the whole image portfolio on their portal and get them protected.


  • The panel alerts you by email when it finds a copied image, while the dashboard provides detailed information.
  • The company offers a customized price plan for its services and features on the tool, while reverse image search for results is entirely free on the website.
  • There is a strong team of legal experts to effectively handle infringement cases and send takedown issues globally, supporting over fourteen languages. These experts will help in recovering the charges for you, and the service is free if they are unable to recover the cost.
  • The company also helps photographers in registering their images for legally binding copyright protection. You can easily register in USCO and get damage protection of up to $150,000. There is a unified registration form in multiple jurisdictions, and you can protect 750 images at once.
  • They have a setup in four locations Worldwide. Customers in Australia, North America, Europe, and the UK can connect with the support team directly on call, while others can send emails for quick assistance.

The company has partnered with prominent American and European brands like Flickr, AOP, APA, and many others to provide a suitable solution to safeguard illegitimate picture usage.

#3. PinEyes


PimEyes focuses its reverse image search tool on identifying an individual’s face on the internet pages. It extracts the results using the latest AI and machine learning technology integrated with the face recognition search engine system.

The reverse image search reports by PinEyes are applicable for copyright infringement cases, which helps in dealing with scammers for illegal image usage. The users can directly upload an image on the panel and get links to its unauthorized appearance.



  • It is not free-to-use software, and the users need to buy a subscription plan as per usage.
  • The tool only looks for publicly available data on websites with no🚫 restriction for crawlers.
  • The company has strict conditions for not searching social media accounts, as they do not intend to peep into someone’s personal data.
  • The search result only contains the links to websites where the image is published.
  • You can set up email alerts and track the images if they ever get used in the future on a website without your consent.
  • The PROtect plan legally assists subscribers in permanently removing the images from the websites.

According to the terms and conditions of PimEyes, you can only search for your own picture on this software. They believe using a third person’s image on this panel is unethical without their consent.

Many media houses like BBC, HuffPost, CNN, and others recommend them for commendable results.

Final Words: Is Social Catfish Worth

Reverse image search is a practical application that has a vital role in preventing individuals from romance scams. It is the best and most trusted technique to reveal the reality of the person with undesirable wishes.

Social Catfish is one of the trusted investigating online tools. It cares to provide reverse search features on multiple parameters along with resolving image verification and duplicity issues.

One can easily use it without reading instructional guidelines and can successfully tally forged information shared with bad intentions. Though the Social Catfish tool focuses on investigating romance scams, in other cases, one can utilize it to find the truth behind the shared details.

You may also explore some top reverse image search tools to find an image’s original source.

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