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The relentless technological advancements have made it super easy to connect to people regardless of their global location.

With technology building connections a cakewalk, the dangers of people posing as someone else have also grown. This is true, especially in the instances of scammers or fraudsters who love duping unsuspecting victims for their personal gains. They hide their real identities and fake themselves over phone calls to trick their targets.

Known as catfishing, this phenomenon has become a massive headache to individuals who want safe and secure communications. Luckily, Social Catfish’s Reverse Phone Lookup feature lets users verify a person’s online identity to avoid scams and trickery. Below, we intend to discuss that in detail. 

What Is a Reverse Phone Check and How Is It Useful?

Reverse phone check is a method of discovering who uses a particular number. This allows their identification and helps you verify whether a person is someone they claim to be. Using this method, one can find a person by their phone number. For your info, reverse phone check comes with multiple benefits:

  • A reverse phone check can protect you against scammers and fraudsters. Once you discover that a person’s true and claimed identity does not match, you would instantly know not to entertain them and fall into their trap.
  • It can save you time by quickly identifying an unknown caller that otherwise would have taken you days.
  • A reverse phone search can aid you in finding info about old numbers from your call log or inbox. This makes it easier to decide whether you should delete a particular number or save it and reconnect with your old contacts again.

What is Social Catfish Reverse Phone Lookup?

Social Catfish Reverse Phone Lookup is a surefire way of verifying an individual’s online identity. Utilizing this tool, users can simply provide a phone number, and the tool will tell to whom it belongs.

To ensure maximum precision, the tool searches 200 billion+ records. These include social networking sites, education and government archives, public databases, professional records, and even news articles.

Benefits of using Social Catfish Reverse Phone Lookup

In a world full of deception and fraud, using Social Catfish Reverse Phone Lookup offers numerous perks. Here are some of them:

#1. Stop scammers right in their tracks

By detecting who is behind an unknown phone number, you can prevent fraud before it occurs. Interestingly, the tool is capable of separating real numbers from VoIP ones.

#2. Reignite lost connections

Social Catfish can find information about old numbers sitting and collecting dust in your call logs or inbox. If it is a lost connection, you can save their number again and reach out to them.

#3. Verify businesses

If you are thinking of doing business with a company, doing a reverse phone lookup can help you compare who they truly are vs. what their website portrays. This ascertains that your hard-earned money is going to a legitimate business and not to a scammer.  

How Does Social Catfish Reverse Phone Lookup Work?

When a person gets a new phone number, they must register it to a service provider. Hence, if a phone number is valid, it is possible to identify the name of the person owning it. What the Social Catfish Reverse Phone Lookup tool does is look through billions of records to verify an individual’s online identity.

Most fraudsters and scammers today conceal their identity by using VoIP numbers. This empowers them to obtain a number in their preferred city, state, or country. By doing so, they can pose as locals even when they are not physically present there.

With Social Catfish Reverse Phone Lookup at your disposal, you can determine whether a phone number belongs to a genuine person or not.  

How Can You Use Social Catfish Reverse Phone Lookup?

It is pretty simple to employ Social Catfish’s Reverse Phone Lookup service to discern the person behind a phone number.

All you need to do is opt for one of their paid plans starting at 5.73 USD for three days (27.48 USD/month afterward) and provide a phone number to get info about it. This includes the owner’s name, address, and so on to verify their online identity. Yes, it is that simple!   

Real-Life Applications

Now we will take a look at a couple of real-life applications of Social Catfish’s Reverse Phone Lookup feature:

#1. In dating apps

While using dating apps, one can never be 100% sure of the authenticity of a potential date. Using such apps, they can either meet the love of their life or fall victim to a scam.

A huge number of swindlers lurking on these platforms repeatedly target innocent victims and dupe them. But thanks to Reverse Phone Lookup, users are verifying their potential date’s online identity and be sure of their legitimacy.

#2. In hiring processes

Hiring the right candidate is crucial for the well-being and growth of a company. The same is applicable for business relationships as well. Hiring the wrong employee or establishing a hazardous business relationship can put their own business in jeopardy.

However, using Social Catfish Reverse Phone Lookup, a company can determine whether someone they are thinking of hiring or doing business with is genuine. 

Are There Any Privacy Concerns Surrounding the Tool?

One question that might pop up in your mind while going through this article is whether Social Catfish respects your privacy or not. And it is quite natural. With all the data breaches and selling happening out there every day, privacy has become a serious concern.

Nonetheless, the good news is that Social Catfish protects your privacy and provides users with top-notch online safety. All searches you conduct on the platform remain anonymous. Therefore, the person you are looking for will never get to know about your search. 

Additionally, Social Catfish never shares a user’s personal information with any third party, ensuring their safety and security. So you can use the tool without any worry. 


When thinking about similar reverse phone search services, many names come to mind. But for now, we will look at the alternatives – IPQualityScore and NumLookUp.

#1. IPQualityScore

Like Social Catfish, IPQualityScore lets users find the owner’s name by only a phone number. Be it a mobile phone, landline, or VoIP number, IPQualityScore can verify someone’s online identity.

The tool works by searching for the number in a large database of over a million records and tells you the line type, owner info, location, etc.

Although, unlike Social Catfish, IPQualityScore reverse phone searches free of cost, the results lack accuracy. In fact, it can often give you the wrong locations. While creating a free account can increase its accuracy a bit, it still lags behind. 

#2. NumLookUp

NumLookUp also performs reverse phone searches to discover owner details. By simply entering a phone number in the given field and hitting search, you can find its owner’s name, address, telco info, social media profiles, and so on.

Unlike Social Catfish, the service is free-to-use and works pretty accurately.

However, there’s a little drawback. NumLookUp’s reverse phone search services are unavailable outside the United States. Thus, it has failed to achieve the global appeal of Social Catfish.            


To conclude, Social Catfish Reverse Phone Lookup can be your ideal companion in your quest to determine the genuineness of an online profile.

Identifying unknown numbers, the tool can effectively guard you against fraud and deceit to provide you with safe online interactions all the time.

Besides ensuring your anonymity, Social Catfish vows not to share your personal data with any outsider. So, your privacy remains intact, and you can make informed decisions every time.

Next, check out Social Catfish’s reverse image search.

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