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Accelerators serve as a great opportunity for startups to acquire new investors and propel their businesses to great heights. 

The landscape of modern entrepreneurship is evolving rapidly. 

Therefore, it has become imperative for startup founders to stay ahead in the race to register growth. 

Startups require different ways to get funding for their bootstrapped business and attain the acceleration they need to empower their startup and reduce competition. 

Let’s discuss what startup accelerators are, their benefits, and some of the best startup accelerators you can consider to grow your business.

What Is a Startup Accelerator?

A startup accelerator is a specially designed program or software that can help startup founders get funding and other benefits like mentorship, access to networks, guidance, and resources. 

The program allows startups to obtain a set capital or investment from investors in return for a specific equity percentage of their organization. Usually, these solutions support startups in their initial stage, not only with funding but also with networks and connections so they can grow their products and services even more. 

A startup accelerator follows a definite selection process, which can differ from one platform to another. In general, every startup founder has to go through an initial process where they have to submit their application. Next, they will be chosen based on the assessment of the application.

After the application acceptance, the startups are put into a batch, and the selection process goes on. Usually, investors, through startup accelerators, choose 2-3 batches of startups every year and not more than that.

Benefits of Startup Accelerators

Many startups from different sectors prefer using a startup accelerator due to the following benefits it offers:

#1. Initial Funding

The primary benefit of accelerators is that they provide you with the opportunity to secure initial investments from various investors. This investment is crucial for the startup to get the boost it needs for its offerings and the business as a whole. 

#2. Mentorship

Startup accelerators help you get access to mentors and industry experts who can help you with valuable guidance and various tips to grow your business.

#3. Wide Network Coverage

These platforms enable organizations to access an extensive network of investors, potential customers, entrepreneurs, and various industry professionals. It provides you with the base to build connections and meaningful business relationships.

#4. Validation and Credibility

Getting acceptance into a startup accelerator platform also enhances your organization’s credibility and validates the overall model. This way, you can build a reputation in the market and get recognized by top investors. 

#5. Global Recognition

Some accelerator programs also help you get exposure to the global market and provide the chance to showcase your product or service to international organizations. It also offers the opportunity to expand your reach.

Startup Accelerator vs. VC Investor

Startup accelerators, venture capitalist (VC) investors, and mentors might have the same aim, but they play a distinct role in the journey of entrepreneurs. 

A startup accelerator is more of a platform that offers startups a structured program, set funding, global exposure, and mentorship. All in one. 

On the other hand, VC investors are private equity investors who are focused on providing capital to startups with growth potential in exchange for a stake in the organization’s equity. They are also involved in the management and decision-making processes.

Furthermore, startup accelerators serve as an essential base in the entrepreneur’s world because they provide a structured program that helps new companies grow their business. In a structured program, they get workshops, curriculum, education, and mentorship from industry professionals. 

In addition, the program emphasizes helping with rapid growth and reaching the desired goal during the program duration. Startup accelerators also provide demo days where startups pitch to investors and ultimately get funding in exchange for equity.

VC investors, in contrast, don’t offer any structured program or demo days. Their primary focus is to provide organizations with enough capital to grow a business in exchange for equity. Generally, they make investments for the long term so that the startup gets the opportunity to expand its business in the market.

So, if you are looking for accelerator programs where you get an all-in-one solution, here are some of the best ones. 

Google for Startups

Google for Startup is a widely renowned accelerator program where startups worldwide take part. They offer product and leadership programs taught by top Google professionals, giving you an opportunity to grow more. 

Each accelerator program allows the top 10-15 startups to join together and work on different technical challenges. They also offer workshops and programs that will help you with product designs and customer acquisition. 

The best part of this accelerator is that it provides equity-free support for three months and also provides technical project partnerships.

Y Combinator

Y Combinator startup accelerator is a great program preferred by many. It is known for investing in companies in their early stages. 

Since this accelerator is run by startup founders, the startup that joins the programs gets mentorship from principal founders on how to build a thriving organization. You will benefit from their vast collective experience investing in 4k+ businesses in 20 years.

Through this program, you can easily connect to a private network of YC alumni and a community where you can find potential customers. Y Combinator will also help you hire new engineers and other professionals to grow your company.

Many companies have received funds from this accelerator worth $500,000. Since YC founders get to access thousands of deals from software companies worldwide, YC companies can avail of significant discounts on services like banking, hosting, back office, etc.


Whether you are a growing entrepreneur or an aspiring founder, Techstars offers an effective accelerator platform where they accept 500 startups to join their 3-month program. 

In this mentorship-driven program, they invest around $120K in an organization plus provide access to a massive network. 

Once you join the program, they assign three to five mentors who will guide you in every way, starting from product development and leadership to market fit and tips to grow your organization. 

Lead mentors will work with you on your product and help you gain the traction needed to find your first customer. They also work on your fundraising strategy and prepare you to meet investors and partners who will help your organization in the future.


500 offers a highly effective accelerator program to all startup founders and helps them elevate their organization to a new level. 

This program is tailored to help founders in every way and provides the guidance needed to steer the organization forward. 

The founders of this accelerator have created a specialized curriculum that focuses on marketing, accounting, product design, sales, finance, and various other aspects. 

In addition, they connect you with a large community where you can learn from your peers like how to gain potential customers. They also conduct demo days through which you can secure investors.

Plug And Play

With an elite ecosystem of entrepreneurs, the main goal of Plug And Play’s accelerator program is to invest resources and time in startups and help them connect with corporate clients. 

This is a unique accelerator that doesn’t require equity; instead, it focuses on investing in your startup’s next funding round. Its investments typically range from $25,000 to $500,000. 

This program is designed to help startups at all stages acquire clients while building their business. Since this accelerator has connections with over 450 top organizations worldwide, your startup will easily get global recognition. You can expand your business across Asia, the Americas, the Middle East, and Europe.

Founders Factory

You can also take Founders Factory into consideration, who will become a co-pilot in your entrepreneurial journey and assist you in achieving your goal. 

This accelerator helps you with six months of 1:1 support from a dedicated team that will help with data science, product design, strategy, marketing, fundraising, and other aspects. 

You will have access to marketing intelligence, distribution channels, credibility, and IP of top organizations. During the program, the platform provides you with the opportunity to pitch to top investors. With a proper portfolio, you can quickly grab the investment.

AWS Accelerator

From the house of tech-giant Amazon, AWS accelerator is a leading startup accelerator that conducts a 10-week virtual program to help individuals launch their startups. It provides you with curated training, support, and $2000 AWS credit to give you a head start. 

You can easily learn through its self-paced and tailored training program and also have access to the AWS tech stack. 

Once you enroll in the program, you can join the esteemed community. This way, you can utilize business and technology insights along with peer support from top global professionals.

Founder Institute

Whether you have a startup at an early stage or building a new company, Founder Institute is a good accelerator that you can consider. It offers a three-stage program: 

  • FI Core Program: This program guides founders to reach their goals in the pre-seed or ideation stage. 
  • Founder Lab: This program serves as the next phase, where you will get access to different virtual advisory programs that will guide you in navigating your business in modern days. 
  • FI Venture: When you are ready for your next stage, your startup will be featured on the FI Venture network, where a lot of investors will participate in making investments in your organization.

The accelerator connects you with entrepreneurs worldwide from 6 continents and 200+ cities. 

GrowthX Accelerator

GrowthX Accelerator is a startup accelerator offered by Microsoft with the aim of helping organizations scale and get the support of the Microsoft network. 

This is a virtual program where the accelerator lets you access proprietary technology, GitHub Enterprise license, Microsoft 365 licenses, and $25,000 Azure credit so that you can boost your business. 

You can connect to many mentors and large organizations that will prepare you in every way for selling your product. It also lets you work with expert financials to enhance your startup’s financial model.

Alchemist Accelerator

With the Alchemist Accelerator program, you will get the opportunity to get funding and access to the best enterprise investors and mentor network. 

Regardless of the industry, the accelerator runs a dedicated program where renowned mentors and coaches will guide you in every sector to reach your milestone.

This accelerator offers a structured path for startups to gain sales and raise funds from top investors worldwide. It has accelerated 300+ startups to date and helped raise $1.2 billion worth of investment.


Startupbootcamp is an excellent startup accelerator that conducts more than 20 industry-focused programs to help startups get access to relevant mentors, partners, and investors. 

AfriTech, ASIP, Decarbonize, Digital Health CT, Commerce Amsterdam, EnergyNext, Inclusive Fintech & DeFi, etc., are some popular programs offered to startups from different investors. The programs are valuable to startups, connecting them to a fantastic network of mentors and investors.

Nvidia Inception

Nvidia Inception is a free startup accelerator that is designed to help businesses land on their feet and evolve quickly.

This platform leverages modern technology and technical resources from Nvidia. It’s for startups in all stages and works closely with the organization to provide maximum support. 

Nvidia Inception provides you with self-paced courses, access to Nvidia developer Forums, and Cloud credits through Nvidia partners. It also provides you with endless opportunities to get connected to venture capitalists and secure the deal you need to fulfill your goal.


Ranked as the top US accelerator, AngelPad is a seed-stage accelerator program that has helped more than 150 startups get investment and mentorship. 

Through this program, AngelPad selects 15 startups and works with them for three months. It defines the target market and finds product-market fit to get the validation. 

You will get 1:1 mentorship for all startups to enable you to navigate your business even during difficult phases in the market. 

The best thing about accelerators is that investors often provide an investment of $120,000 for each company and a $300,000 investment in the form of cloud credits.


NFX is one of the leading accelerators that can help startup founders transform from fearless individuals into elite leaders. When you get accepted by NFX for the accelerator program, they allow you to join the NFX guild, which offers a network of 500+ top founders. 

This accelerator provides you with a platform for fundraising support and enables you to get executive coaching and workshops from top professionals. 

During this program, you will get assistance in pitch deck design, 1:1 with GPs, growth marketing support, and legal and IP counsel. If your startup has the potential, then NFX can invest between $1m and $5m in your organization. 


What are some of the benefits of getting your start-up in an incubator program?

The benefits of getting into an incubator program are huge as you will get mentored by top experts, access to a new huge network, and exposure to investors. You can also get access to many exclusive resources and marketing strategies.

Do incubators provide seed funding, too?

Yes, incubator programs also help startups with seed funding, and it is given in exchange for equity in the organization. The funding is mainly provided by incubators to help startups grow. However, seed funding varies according to the incubator program the startup joins.

What are some negatives of startup accelerators?

Startup accelerators benefit an organization in many ways, but they, too, have a negative side. Most accelerators don’t offer any customization in the program and come with heavy workloads that can be overwhelming for many organizations. Moreover, they might pressure organizations to scale quickly in a limited duration and competitive environment.

Are accelerators different from incubators?

Accelerators are different from incubators in many ways and have distinctive ways to support a startup in growing their business. 
Accelerators usually work with startups that have shown some revenue, whereas incubators work with startups in their initial stage. Accelerators offer both funding and support to startups, but incubators only provide organizations with resources, mentorship, and other types of support.


Finding the right accelerator to elevate your startup can be challenging. This guide helps you find the best one that will navigate your startup toward growth and make a presence in the market. All these accelerators are widely reputed in the industry and work with top investors worldwide.

Next, check out the top angel investing platforms to invest in early-stage startups.

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