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In Digital Marketing Last updated: October 2, 2023
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The Tailwind app is a must-have social media management tool for your social media profiles, whether it’s on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or any other platform.

Social media networks are growing. Now, almost everyone who uses a mobile phone has an account on a social media platform. Influencers, bloggers, and businesses leverage social media to enhance their popularity and sales.

But doing everything manually, from creating a post to editing and uploading it and then monetizing it, takes significant time, effort, and sometimes money.

Here is where Tailwind comes in as a social media management tool. It will manage and optimize your profiles and help in marketing as well. It will make it less complicated to build organic traffic on social media platforms through perfect post designs and strategies and help you drive traffic with less investment.

In this article, I’ll discuss what the Tailwind app is, how it helps influencers and bloggers grow their brands, and some of its alternatives. 

Here we go!

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a smart online social media manager that allows you to grow your business through popular social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

The primary goal of the Tailwind application is to make marketing easy for every business. It offers advanced marketing tools to garner more followers, optimize posts, and manage other aspects of your profiles.


Tailwind enables even a small business to do marketing like a large business but without having to hire a large marketing team. Now, you can plan marketing campaigns, create unique content, and show that content to the right audiences easily without impacting everyday tasks.

This includes Tailwind Create, a new Email marketing service,, and more. 

Tailwind for Pinterest:

Tailwind lets you schedule pins for weeks and days in less time. It comes with features like Smartloop, SmartSchedule, and Communities. You can schedule a maximum of 25 pins every day. Create multiple board lists and easily pin them with a single click. In addition, you can monitor all the scheduling activities using Google Chrome and mobile extensions. 

Tailwind for Instagram:

Tailwind assists you in growing your online traffic easily with features like Hashtag Finder, Content Optimization, and SmartSchedule. You can plan your Instagram posts every day in a few minutes and let Tailwind post them automatically based on the right captions, time, and design.


Tailwind lets you create hundreds of engaging posts specially optimized for Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram without needing superior design skills for social media

#1. Tailwind Create

Tailwind Create generates content or posts automatically for social media platforms. With this, you can create with confidence and generate “almost done” designs. It transforms your photos into multiple high-quality posts. 


Now, you can magically create pins on Pinterest, transforming photos into personalized pin designs. In addition, Tailwind provides a preview of pin designs so that you find the right one. Each pin design you find is expertly designed for Pinterest engagement. 

Here are some tasks you can do with this tool:

  • You can switch between layouts, photos, and colors to find the perfect look.
  • Create eye-catching stories and posts automatically with Tailwind’s customizable and beautiful templates.
  • Tailwind takes your brand images and setup to create beautiful Instagram stories and posts. 
  • Tailwind can generate multiple Facebook posts in a single click.
  • Choose from hundreds of optimized posts created specifically for Facebook and give your audience what they want to see.
  • It also offers an email tool that can write attractive email subject lines for your business. This saves your time and drives results. You can find and convert customers easily with AI-powered email and social media combined. 
  • You can create campaigns and send them to your audiences in order to generate maximum clickthroughs, conversions, and opens.
  • Create a feedback loop that reminds you of marketing goals.
  • You can automatically send follow-up emails to nurture warm leads into customers, welcome new leads, and turn existing customers into fans so they can share your brand with family and friends. 

#2. Tailwind Schedule

Tailwind scheduler lets you save time in creating social media posts for Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Skip postings manually and automatically publish social media posts with ease. 

  • Pinterest Scheduler: With Tailwind’s Pinterest Scheduler, you can create beautiful pins, measure results, and grow your reach. It helps you schedule pins and visually plan at the best times. Tailwind’s browser extension helps you create pins from across the world and send every pin to the most relevant boards with a few clicks. Furthermore, you can optimize the pin title and description to ensure you get the right option.
  • Instagram Scheduler: It helps you plan, optimize, analyze, and create your posts so that you can focus on your business. Tailwind publishes your videos and posts automatically to Instagram. You can schedule all the content, including stories and multiple image posts, to boost engagement. Instagram Scheduler maximizes growth with SmartScheduler, Hashtag Finder, and time-saving shortcuts.
  • Facebook scheduler: Make a meaningful connection with the followers and fans using images that entertain and inspire. With schedulers, you can stay consistent without having the hassle of remembering when to post.

With Tailwind as your social media manager, never run out of ideas since it offers caption templates and personalized post inspiration. Using smarter analytics, you can check profile performance, post inspector, and summary reports, as well as drive traffic with a branded landing page.  

#3. Tailwind Optimize

Get everything you need to maximize your social network performance with intuitive insights, smart suggestions, and simple reporting. This way, you can build your online presence better and make better decisions. You can plan and schedule Instagram posts and pins at the perfect times for better engagement. 


Enhance your reach by using the most effective hashtags. In every post you publish, there is a “link in bio” that makes it easy for audiences to visit the site and make purchases from your posts. 

#4. AI-Enhanced Marketing

Tailwind’s amazing marketing tool offers advanced AI to create a ready-to-post copy within seconds so that you can do marketing easily. Leverage AI marketing tools to design more content, write engaging copy, and free up your time. You will get:

  • SEO tools
  • Chatbot advisor
  • Email marketing
  • Copy optimization
  • Video Marketing
  • Ad copy
  • Product listings
  • AI images
  • Hashtag generator
  • E-commerce ads: You can use AI to create ads and automatically maximize these ads to enhance sales and traffic. You can drive more traffic to your e-commerce store with unique ads optimized to increase traffic and orders. 
  • Content co-pilot: This is the marketing tool like your personal trainer that gives you an easy-to-follow and personalized marketing plan so that you always know what to create, how to grow, where to focus, and what to get. Content co-pilot will help generate the ROI with your available time. 

Now, there is no need to struggle with writer’s block, editing, and more. Tailwind’s ghostwriter advanced AI is tuned and trained specifically for designing effective marketing copy. It produces natural sound with perfect grammar and optimizes these copies to reach your goals. 

#5. Analytics and Performance Tracking

While you are thinking about social media marketing, you forget about the statistics and strategy that are the essential terms used in marketing. It’s hard to understand what works best for your audience without a proper goal, plan, and measurements. 


Every post or pin will become pointless without tracking the performance. To measure your social media metrics, you need to focus on four factors that will help determine the benefits of social networks. The factors are reach, share of voice, conversion metrics, and engagement metrics. 

Tailwind lets you track essential analytics for your social media platforms. It breaks down every data into digestible information and helps you keep track of analytics and performance. 

Tailwind Pricing


Tailwind has various pricing plans with a whole host of features depending on what you require:

  • Free forever: Tailwind offers time-saving features for free. This is for one Pinterest, one Instagram, and one Facebook account, 20 posts/month, 20 post designs/month, 5 Tailwind communities, basic analytics, unlimited email contacts, 10 ghostwriter credits/month, 20 email sends/month, and more. 
  • Pro: Get everything you need to enhance your brand growth at $12.99/month when billed annually. This includes one Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook account, 100 posts/month, 200 post designs/month, custom link, advanced analytics, 200 email sends/month, and more. 
  • Advanced: If you have multiple brands, you can get this package at $19.99/month when billed annually. This includes two Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, 1000 posts/month, unlimited post designs, 250 Ghostwriter Credits/month, 500 email sends/month, unlimited Tailwind communities, and more.
  • Max: Get unlimited access to manage your multiple accounts at $39.99/month when billed annually. This includes three Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, unlimited posts/month, unlimited post designs, 500 Ghostwriter Credits/month, unlimited Tailwind communities, 5 users, 1000 email sends/month, and more.

Tailwind also offers more plans for your business with higher email sends and other features. For that, you can contact its team. 

If you are still looking for more options, check out some of the best Tailwind alternatives.

Tailwind’s Alternatives

#1. SocialPilot

Get powerful publishing, insightful analytics, seamless collaboration, and smart AI assistant for your social media marketing goals with SocialPilot. It has an easy-to-use interface to drive continuous innovation and offers effective plans. 



  • Publishing: SocialPilot helps you schedule and publish content easily on social media platforms. It offers best-in-class publishing features, including multi-network support, customization, content strategy, scheduling, storing content, and generating posts using AI. 
  • Analytics and reports: You can download the analytics to make decisions on marketing strategies. You will get multi-channel analytics, combined analytics reports, white-label reports in PDF format, and an easy set-up of social reporting.
  • Engagement: Keep your conversation flowing by engaging with your active audiences using SocialPilot’s Social Inbox. It offers clutter-free inbox messages, review management, community connections, and human conversations. 
  • Collaboration: Make use of collaboration features to make your workflows smoother.
  • White Label: SocialPilot helps agencies use its tools to create income streams by customizing its tool, streamlining security, customizing URLs, and personalizing analytics reports.

If you are unsure about SocialPilot you can try a 14-day free trial to understand how it enhances your brand growth. 

#2. Later

Experience a one-stop shop for all your social media marketing needs with Later and grow your brand by engaging audiences with stunning posts and designs. 



  • Schedule and publish: Keep your social media content fresh and organized by creating, editing, and scheduling posts to publish.
  • You can use TikTok and Instagram bio to drive organic traffic to your online shop, blog, or website with a custom link. 
  • Analytics: With Later’s analytics, you can understand what content works better. You can get the insights and make informed decisions easily. 
  • Content creation tools: You can search for unique brand content with this feature. Creative tools allow you to organize and edit your media so that you can easily find the content you are looking for. 

Later also has a free trial for 14 days so that you can know which plan is better for your brand.

#3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social gives a powerful solution to your social media marketing needs. It unlocks the potential of social networks to transform your marketing strategy along with every area of your organization.


Your team can extract business value, strengthen the market position, and drive revenue. Get valuable insights quickly and see value faster to make immediate decisions. You can elevate your brand without rebuilding the tech stack. Sprout maintains strong partnerships with different applications to help you grow more. 

Give Sprout Social a free trial for 30 days and discover the most cohesive and robust social media business solution.

#4. Sendible

Grow your customers, attract new audiences, reach your goals with Sendible, and grow your brand at scale. It offers monitoring, scheduling, and reporting on your social media platform. 



  • Direct scheduling: Schedule your month’s work in minutes and tailor your posts with locations, profile tags, and hashtags. 
  • Ocean of post ideas: You can source engaging posts quickly with Sendible’s automated RSS feeds, Google Alerts, and holiday calendar. 
  • Content customization: Sendible lets you add visuals from Canva, Pexels, or GIPHY and customize them using its built-in image editor. 
  • Reports and trends: You can show your results using automated reports and get the details of the best-performing posts to know the strategy. 
  • Audience engagement: You can quickly respond to audience comments, mentions, and direct messages in a centralized inbox. 

With Sendible, you can take the benefit of a 14-day free trial.

#5. Buffer

Build an organic audience base using Buffer‘s social media marketing tools. It can help you in four ways:

  • Buffer tells you what and when to publish so that your content stands out. This helps you share click-worthy content with your audiences to get more number of clicks. 
  • It shares your posts on the right platforms with hashtags so that your brand name grows. 
  • It publishes your content on social media platforms, saving huge time. Get automated reports to showcase your work. 
  • The tool makes collaboration easier. You can work freely with Buffer’s approval and permissions flows. 

You can pick any plan by choosing the number of channels and billing cycle. Buffer is free for businesses and individuals getting started with social networking.


Tailwind makes it easy for bloggers, social media influencers, and businesses to manage their social media profiles and publish the required content at the right time in order to attract more audiences. It also provides social media marketing statistics to assist you in making better decisions. 

You can schedule posts to publish them at the right time without posting content manually on various social networks. It helps you save time and effort and drive organic, genuine traffic from Instagram and Pinterest, allowing you to attain your marketing goals.

So, if you want to make social media account handling easier, try Tailwind!

Next up, the best social listening tools for growing business.

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