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In NFT Last updated: November 30, 2022
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The state-of-the-art Tezos NFT Marketplace offers high-speed delegated Proof-of-Stake transactions through its decentralized applications and smart contracts network.

The blockchain ecosystem is the go-to place for entities looking for a secondary income source.


Are you an NFT creator or artist who’s been on the market long enough? There’s every chance that you’re sickened by the exorbitantly high Ethereum gas prices. If that describes you and you’re in the market for a better alternative, we believe we have the right solution: a different blockchain network – the Tezos NFT Marketplace.       

There’s a growing frenzy at the Tezos NFT landscape fueled by an insatiable appetite among platforms launching monthly on the platform while existing ones continue to upgrade. The result is confusion among participating NFT creators and artists caused by all these competing NFT marketplaces. Since the growing spectrum of possibilities can confuse even the most competent participants, we will discuss the leading Tezos NFT Marketplaces

If you’re interested in cashing in on the ongoing NFT hype and are looking for a way to find, buy, exhibit, or manage NFT tokens and make money in the process, we have you covered. This comprehensive guide offers a summary of the best marketplaces on the Tezos blockchain to help you make an educated decision on where to begin your journey.

What is the Tezos Blockchain? 


Tezos is among the world’s leading blockchains where one can mint, buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Founded in 2017 by Kathleen and Arthur Breitman, the open-sourced platform uses the energy-efficient proof-of-stake model – a greener ecosystem in a world that’s significantly concerned about the environmental impact of blockchain and NFT technologies. Users can build decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts similar to other blockchains.

Anyone user who owns Tex, the Tezos blockchain’s native cryptocurrency, is allowed to vote on decisions that are made to change any of the network’s existing rules. Suppose some rules need changing, and the participants reach a consensus. In that case, the network’s software uses a self-to-amend feature designed to update the rules across all the nodes automatically. 

How Tezos Blockchain Differs from Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana 

If you’re familiar with other blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum, you already know that they must execute a hard fork every time they need to make any significant change. The most outstanding issue with hard forks is that anytime such changes are contentious, they almost always open the blockchain up for fragmentation, such as on Ethereum with Ethereum Classic or Bitcoin with Bitcoin Cash. That makes hard forks an unpleasant way to deal with making network changes. 

Tezos’ self-to-amend feature that integrates an automatic mechanism that allows proposing, selecting, testing, and activating network upgrades without a hard fork becomes the network’s greatest selling point. This governance system differentiates the Tezos blockchain from others by putting the power of change in the hands of users, which provides long-term stability. The self-amendment feature that vastly enhances user satisfaction has attracted auto manufacturers like BMW, Audi, and Porsche to the Tezos blockchain. 

Fungible and non-Fungible Tokens

A token is called fungible because it can have an identical one and be interchangeable. A perfect example of a fungible token is a one-hundred-dollar bill; it can be exchanged with another one-hundred-dollar bill and still retain its value. However, each non-fungible token (NFT) on a blockchain is unique and can never be substituted. 


NFTs can be used as unique “title deeds” to show ownership over things such as certificates, artworks, title documents, or contracts. Beginning in 2015, when the first Non-Fungible Token project was created on the Ethereum blockchains, NFTs have continually become popular in the crypto space. The movement has spread further to other blockchains, such as the Tezos NFT marketplace.    

Minting, Buying, and Selling NFTs on Tezos 

If you deal with NFTs on the Tezos blockchain, you’ll need a hardware wallet for your NFTs and the Tezos’ native cryptocurrency, Tez (XTZ). The Tezos blockchain derives its value from the Tex token and the different companies that tokenize their assets through its network. While it’s not the most popular crypto, XTZ is available in most centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges

Minting NFTs on the Tezos blockchain is similar to other blockchains. The best thing about using the Tezos blockchain is the relatively low transaction fees compared to other blockchains like Ethereum or Solana. Once you set up your NFT wallet, the next step will be depositing a few dollars worth of XTZ into the wallet to cover the transaction and minting fees. 

While the prices may fluctuate depending on market conditions, the cost of minting NFTs on Tezos NFT Marketplaces will average around 1 XTZ, which is about $1-3 at the time of writing or as low as ten cents. You can’t compare this with Ethereum’s price, which depends on the amount of traffic that places it between $5 and $10 or as much as $50 to $100 or more for more complex transactions.   

The affordable entry barrier has made Tezos a popular blockchain among artists seeking to mint NFTs worldwide. The next step after the setup is choosing the type of NFT you want to mint and whether you’ll do it alone or team up with others, depending on the magnitude.   

What is the Tezos NFT Marketplace? 

A Tezos NFT Marketplace is an online platform where artists and collectors can mint, buy and trade NFTs on the Tezos ecosystem. The Tezos blockchain facilitates the NFT trade by providing network security and stability for storing the tokens. 

The Tezos blockchain emerged during the period around 2018 when the blockchain ecosystem experienced its first meteoric rise. The platform has progressed since its initial release around September 2017 as a platform popular with decentralized applications (DApp). It’s now the next-generation smart contract platform due to its green technology and eco-friendly governance. 

Participants must be willing to run those nodes that support the Tezos blockchain and can seamlessly interface with other blockchains through relays and gateways. Thanks to the smart contract technology, users can also create and Sell their decentralized applications (DApps) on the Tezos NFT marketplace if they don’t want to use the existing ones in the market. 

Benefits of Using Tezos NFT Marketplaces


Some benefits associated with using the Tezos NFT Marketplace include the following: 

Lower transaction fees: The cost of minting NFTs and other associated costs has been cheaper than most other NFT marketplaces, including the Ethereum ecosystem. The proof-of-stake consensus mechanism allows for faster transactions that consume less energy than blockchains using the proof-of-work model. 

Decentralization: Like Ethereum, Tezos is a decentralized blockchain governed by its community, not a centralized organization.  

Security: The Tezos blockchain is security-focused, where verifications happen at both protocol; and application levels by leveraging on OCaml and Michelson languages that are central to mission-critical industries.

Eco-friendly: The network is more energy-efficient as it uses the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. 

Let’s now look at some of the best Tezos NFT marketplaces.


Objkt is currently the leading Tezos NFT marketplace regarding sales volumes and the number of active users. It sprung from the Hic et Nunc marketplace and went on to become something more significant.


Among its top features include: 

  • Numerous listing options
  • Leaderboards and rankings
  • Creator royalties
  • Split royalties
  • 2.5% service fees

Users of the Objkt open marketplace can list NFTs from other marketplaces such as Hic et Nunc, FxHash, Rarible, and Kalamint.



The OneOf is a premier Tezos NFT marketplace specializing in music and sports NFTs. Users get access to special NFTs due to the marketplace’s deals with mainstream artists and platforms like Grammy Awards and Warner Music.

Some unique features of this marketplace include:  

  • Timed auction listings
  • Drop calendar
  • Focuses on Musicians
  • Limited info on service fees

OneOf may not yet be the leader or the go-to place for indie artists, but it’s already showing a huge potential to become among the giants soon.


Kalamint may have received several mixed user reviews and security warnings in the recent past.

The platform’s prominent features include the following:   

  • Several listing options
  • Creator royalties
  • No info on service fees

This particular Tezos NFT marketplace remains a dedicated closed platform where artists must apply before gaining access. The result of this measure is that the NFTs you find on the platform are of a decently good quality from a variety of artists that it hosts.


If you’re looking for an open Tezos NFT marketplace where anyone is free to mint and collect NFTs, FxHash is the place to go.


Some of the best features are:    

  • Countless listing options
  • Collection rankings
  • Sandbox for testing projects
  • DAO 
  • Native token (in the pipeline)
  • 5% fee on mints
  • 2.5% service fee on trades

Nonetheless, since the platform isn’t keen on any curation, every once in a while, you’ll come across NFTs whose quality may look questionable. That’s all because this focuses on generative art NFTs which doesn’t necessarily suit everyone’s taste. However, if that’s your cup of tea, then visit the FxHash site.


Contrary to popular opinion, Rarible may not be the leading Tezos NFT marketplace, but for some reason, it’s pretty well known and is usually counted among the giant NFT sites. The reason is that Rarible is ranked among the leading Ethereum NFT marketplaces even though it also supports several other blockchains.


The platform’s features include the following: 

  • Numerous listing options
  • Decentralized marketplace
  • Activity rewarded with tokens
  • Native token $RARI
  • 2.5% service fee

Rarible joins the list of the best Tezos NFT marketplaces because it shows good potential. As a result, OpenSea, the world’s leading NFT marketplace, has announced plans to add the Tezos blockchain to the blockchains it supports.


Versum separates itself from the competition as a unique Tezos NFT marketplace. Instead of the standard route of influencing users with rankings and leaderboards, Versum trains its focus on offering a more organic experience.  

Don’t be misled by the seemingly simplistic appearance of the platform. It uses a concept of boards similar to what you have seen on Pinterest.


Features include:

  • Simple listing options
  • Minting tools
  • Boards
  • Native token $MATERIA incl. airdrops
  • User Verification
  • Limited service fees

The platform’s stimulating method for discovering new NFTs is becoming popular with wannabe artists who find it difficult to make sales on other platforms.


ByteBlock is a unique open Tezos NFT marketplace specializing in Indian and Southeast Asian markets.


New artists visiting ByteBlock have reported enjoying the experience, especially since there is always a chance to earn some free XTZ tokens and mint their first token free of charge. Their excellent features include: 

  • Numerous listing options
  • Curated artists
  • IPFS support
  • Creator royalties
  • 1% service fee

Due to its unique market approach, pundits believe that platform is poised to scale phenomenal heights and capture a massive chunk of the market.


ArtForge is among the latest entrants on the Tezos NFT marketplace whose management team is busy introducing new exciting features, including pioneering the untested waters of handing out affiliate links.


The platforms features include the following: 

  • Various listing options
  • A referral programs
  • “Reveal” feature
  • Curated artists
  • 30% fee on mints
  • 2.5% fee 

Another unique feature up the platform’s sleeve is the ability to mint yet-to-be-revealed collections, which would otherwise require a participant to develop a custom-made smart contract. Should this feature win over the participants’ hearts, it’s likely to become a real magnet among collectors and curators in sharing their top collections.


If you’re interested in a Tezos NFT marketplace that hosts comic NFTs or those with illustrations by legendary artists, MinterPop is the place for you to visit. The platform only allows artists who’ve undergone their vetting process to mint NFTs.


The prominent features of the platform include the following:

  • Perpetual royalties on secondary sales 
  • Low fees 
  • Multiple wallet Support

Some of the leading names on the MinterPop site include Cliff Richard, Colleen Doran, and Steve Ellis, to name a few.


tzPunks is a high-class Tezos NFT marketplace specializing in Tezos punks. The founders were inspired by the success of CrypoPunks and are trying to replicate the success story.


The site’s unique features include the following: 

  • Random allocation of tzPunks while minting 
  • Standard 50 XTZ fees to mint a tzPunks
  • Multiple wallet support

The collection consists of 10,000 uniquely created characters that NFT enthusiasts can mint on the Tezos blockchain or buy minted tzPunks.


The typed Tezos NFT marketplace focuses mainly on text-based NFTs such as poems or other artworks made using letters and other special characters.


The platform may not feature any trending collections, top charts, or search functions but offers exclusive NFTs you won’t find easily.  



If you’re an artist seeking to begin your journey in a Tezos NFT marketplace that aims to iterate based on your needs and requests, Xarb is your go-to place. Xarb offers users a chance to mint, buy and sell NFTs and focuses on helping them find new ways to deal with existing and upcoming challenges. The platform’s most prominent features include the following:

  • Multi-edition artworks
  • Robust security
  • Fast transactions
  • Huge data storage

Xarb enables users with ideas to play their role in the crypto art world and develop them into something bigger.   

Final Words 

The Tezos NFT marketplace has proved itself an excellent blockchain for users who want to avail the best NFTs without burning a hole in their wallets. Unlike a few other blockchains, Tezos already features a variety of marketplaces with its NFT support.

If you’re new in the NFT space, Tezos blockchain is a safe place to begin your journey, whether you’re an artist, creator, collector, or trader. As always, it’s recommended that you do your research when entering any Tezos NFT marketplace so you can eventually own the decision you make.      

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