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In Collaboration Last updated: August 21, 2023
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The world we live in today is driven by the sheer amount of data being generated day by day.

By 2025, the amount of data released each day will reach 463 exabytes worldwide. Hence, the demand for collecting, analyzing, and securing the data is growing.

Along the same line, well-organized data lets you quickly access information, make accurate decisions, and efficiently use it for business intelligence.

Airtable comes in handy if you are looking for a simple spreadsheet tool that comes with a database connection where you can track projects or build charts.

Combine the power of spreadsheet simplicity and database scalability in a single collaborative platform called Airtable. It has got these cells called fields or attributes to which you can add images and docs in addition to numbers and text.

Why Do You Need An Airtable Alternative?

A laptop with a cloud on it sitting on a wooden table.

But like any other tool, Airtable has its own flaws. It doesn’t suit when you need some advanced project management stuff or want to collaborate through Zoom.

Basically, if creating and running an entire project, from start to end, on a single tool is something that intrigues you, then Airtable might not be for you.


Airtable Plus starts at $12 per person per month, and the Pro plan costs $20 per person for a month. Having a large team means the expenses will add up. So, look for Airtable alternatives if you need cheaper options within your budget.

Limited Integration Options

While Airtable is flexible, it may lack advanced integration capabilities with other tools or applications. The worst part is it doesn’t support Zoom or Teams integration. Also, in case of integration troubleshooting issues, you might explore Airtable alternatives.

Can’t Handle Big Data

Airtbale doesn’t perform well in the case of large datasets. Moreover, querying them is even tough. Therefore, if huge data is something you work on all time, then look for an Airtable competitor that can scale your data.

Cloud-Only Tool

Airtable is a primary cloud-based tool that can be accessed online from any device but doesn’t support offline synchronization. That is, the tool is only available online, and you can’t edit its content without the Internet.

So here we present you the top Airtable alternatives that you can pick based on your needs.


Knack login

Knack is a top-rated Airtable alternative that doesn’t replace developers but has the power to problem solvers.

This simple tool can transform your credible data into a robust online database that you can access remotely.

With Knack, it’s just a simple 3 step (define your database, build your interface, and deploy your app) process to create a custom database application.

If you have struggled with Airtable pricing plans in the past, you should consider Knack’s budget-friendly pricing options. It offers two months free subscription when you pay them for a year.

Top Features:

  • Whether you create the database from scratch or modify the existing templates, that tool allows you to define the exact features to fit your needs.
  • You can control who can view, access, or modify your data.
  • The tool’s super-fast searches and flexible filters retrieve the required data in no time.
  • You can add forms, calendars, tables, maps, and more to build a custom interface.
  • The tool’s custom dashboards and flexible reports let you see real-time trends.

Zoho Sheet

budibase github

Creating collaborative spreadsheets and cloud-based workspaces becomes remarkably efficient with Zoho Sheet.

Besides letting you add personalized comments to a single cell or a range of cells, the tool also employs @mentions to notify intended users about those comments.

The tool’s Audit trail feature tracks who edited the document, when it was updated, and what changes were made. Its auto-save feature ensures that any edits or changes made are saved automatically.

Moreover, the tool maintains the version history of the spreadsheet to let you go back to an older copy when required.

Top Features:

  • Real-time collaboration through the tool’s group chat and comments features.
  • You can decide who can access your sheet and their level of control over it.
  • The tool offers built-in blocks like drop-down menus, check boxes, and date pickers to help you build a customizable application.
  • It has an AI-powered assistant to automate data processing and analysis.
  • The Zoho sheet is compatible to work with major spreadsheets like Google Sheets and Excel.


YouTube video

No doubt about Airtable in organizing your work effectively, but Infinity offers added features for advanced work management.

This tool is an excellent alternative to Airtable, offering a single platform to organize all your projects, store everything, and work together with your team.

Seamlessly switch between different views of tables, calendars, forms, charts, columns, and lists within the same screen.

Top Features:

  • Organize your data by splitting your folders into subfolders.
  • Automate repetitive tasks and workflows based on triggers, conditions, and actions.
  • Its overview window shows all the tasks, backlog, projects, and archives in progress.
  • Offers over 50 templates for various industries, including Marketing, Projects, Sales, and Products.
  • Inviting team members, commenting, setting up role permissions, and tracking activity logs are a few real-time collaboration features of the tool.


Database builder software

Don’t let your obsolete systems and spreadsheets stunt your business growth, as Tadabase’s innovative technology is here to help you scale your business.

When analyzing no-code database platforms, you should consider Tadabase as a competitive alternative to Airtable.

Moreover, it also allows your team members to organize, analyze, and access data with ease. Whatever third-party tool you use, whether for data migration or collaboration, Tadabase has got you covered with over 1500 integration options available.

Top Features:

  • Drag and drop the tool’s pre-built components to create your perfect customized app.
  • Connect unlimited users on custom portals.
  • With Tadabase, you can create timelines, charts, reports, and graphs on your data.
  • The tool automates repetitive tasks and typical workflows.
  • It offers single-click add-ons and export options.


rowy firebase

Simplify the way of building powerful backend cloud functions and managing your database on a spreadsheet-UI smoother through the Rowy low-code platform.

In case you have an existing database, you don’t need to create a new one, as the tool can directly interact with and manipulate your current database.

The tool allows you to store and handle data from over 30 different field types, such as text, numbers, images, and more.

Furthermore, you can write custom logic or use built-in templates for the backend.

Top Features:

  • No need to spend a penny on this tool; it’s all open-source and available on GitHub.
  • Rowy is so simple that non-tech people with spreadsheet experience can leverage it to build and manage databases.
  • Besides providing a collaboration platform, the tool lets you control who can view and edit your data.
  • The tool supports a wide variety of frameworks, including Vue.js, Flutter, NodeJs, React, and Swift.
  • Its intuitive interface offers seamless navigation across the tool.


A screenshot of a google analytics dashboard.

Baserow is an open-source replacement for Airtable. It offers most of the features you get from Airtable. Just a knowledge of how a spreadsheet works is enough to get started with Baserow.

This collaborative no-code database platform offers an array of data management features. The team is so active that the tool gets newer features or updates every month.

It’s a breeze for developers and doable for mediocre techies to create custom plugins using Baserow.

The great thing about the tool is that it’s every feature comes as an API, making integration into other tools much easier and more manageable.

Top Features:

  • Even with unlimited rows to store your data, the speed of searching, filtering, querying, and handling the overall data is surprisingly fast.
  • You can manage customers, products, airplanes, and pretty much any project on its single interface.
  • You can install the tool on your own server or host its SaaS version.
  • Lots of seamless integrations with many other tools.
  • Offers an array of pre-built, customizable templates for any project from marketing to finance.


nocodb alternative

Trusted by over 2000 organizations, NocoDB is a no-code open-source platform that can build a business workflow within minutes. You can connect the tool to an existing database like MySQL, Postgres, or Oracle and turn it into a smart spreadsheet.

The tool allows you to assign roles and access rights to your team members, boosting your data privacy.

Additionally, combine your favorite apps, such as Teams, Discord, Slack, and Email, with NocoDB to automate business workflows.

Top Features:

  • Supports a wide variety of databases, including MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and more.
  • With NocoDB, it is easier to query, sort, and filter your data.
  • The tool supports a popular open-source framework, swagger, to provide REST APIs.
  • NocoDB shows the same data in different views, including tables, charts, galleries, grids, and forms.
  • The tool has a built-in integration store to connect and get data from various third-party apps.


mathesar github

Analyze your data quickly with Mathesar, an open-source web interface that works on top of your database.

With Mathesar, the process of filtering, structuring, and organizing your data is incredibly quick and efficient.

The tool gives your team direct access to one of the most popular databases – PostgreSQL. Basically, any configuration you do in the tool’s UI directly reflects in the connected PostgreSQL database.

This way, your team members, whether tech-savvy or not, will spend less time creating custom reports.

Top Features:

  • This self-hosted tool gives you full control over your data and integrations.
  • No technical skills are required to work with your database via Mathesar’s UI.
  • With Mathesar, creating custom reports and updating data manually is a breeze for your teammates.
  • The software is completely free and has no other associated paid plans like many other tools.
  • This tool is a single-click solution for schema changes and data migrations.


budibase github

Budibase can be the fastest way to build tools that seamlessly integrate into any workflow. You can either connect to an external database and start analyzing it or start from scratch using the tool’s built-in database.

No coding is required! As the Budibase offers drag-and-drop components and premade blocks to let you design the forms, internal tools, and apps lightning-fast.

Deployment options are wider – Budibase Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, and DigitalOcean.

Top Features:

  • You can customize the deliverable internal tools to fit perfectly across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.
  • Not just an Airtable alternative, you can connect the Budibase to Airtable and let them work together.
  • Free templates are available for various development projects, including a Ticketing system, Tracking system, Travel approval, and Customer account portal.
  • Budibase streamlines your business operations and automates workflow.
  • You can either install the tool on-premise or use the Budibase Cloud to host it.


Airtable is a simple low-code platform for building next-gen apps. Although Airtable is still unique in many ways, you’ll find different tools that are cheaper and more sophisticated than Airtable.

So, when Airtable is down, you’re unsure about the price, or you want more features that Airtable doesn’t offer, you can pick one of the above alternatives to fit your needs.

You may also check out these best low-code or no-code platforms to build amazing applications.

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