Tools are administrator’s friends, and one can’t live without it.

It’s essential for system/middleware administrator to be familiar with the available relevant tools to facilitate the work process.

It’s not like you can’t do a particular thing without the tool but using them will certainly help you in reducing the time taken, avoid human error, automate things and give you consistent results.

 Chrome is a second popular browser with 31.12% market share per October 2015.


Following tools are available in Chrome as an extension to help you for better productivity.

To add extensions in Chrome:

  • Open Chrome Browser
  • Click on Menu >> More Tools >> Extensions


  • Or type “chrome://extensions/” in address bar without quotes


  • Click on “Get more extensions” at the bottom of the page

So you ready to go through the extensions list now?

Page load time

Page load time is a very handy tool to measure the time taken to load the page and display in the toolbar.

Once installed, you will have an icon on the toolbar, and whenever you access any web page, it will show the time taken to load.

You can get this by accessing link.

This is how it looks like – below screenshot shows, took 0.83 seconds to load.


Use-Agent Switcher

Very often as a web engineer, you need to verify web page in different browser or version for troubleshooting.

Technically, to do this – you need to have that browser installed on your PC but how about using Agent-Agent Switcher, which will do the job. This can be downloaded with below URL.

It supports a large number of User-Agents including Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari, Slurp, Android, iOS, etc. By installing this, you should see the icon in the toolbar as shown below.


Capture Webpage Screenshot

Capturing full web page screenshot is easier than ever with this tool.

This allows you to edit and save to pdf/jpeg/gif/png/bmp format and available to download from the following link.

You can capture the entire page, visible part or based on a selection. This would be helpful in case you need to save a web page into PDF format.


HTTP Headers

One of the easiest ways to find the HTTP request & response header is to use this extension. It’s very straightforward – you access the web page and click on the icon to see HTTP header details.

You can avail this on below link to download.


SEO & Web Analytics

Developed by Woorank to analyze accessed a web page and give you an SEO score with a recommendation on various metrics like Meta, Keywords, Alt, Social Media, Broken Links, Mobile, Speed, Usability, etc.

You can download this extension from below link.


Average Load Time Tester

If you were troubleshooting slow loading page intermittently, then it would be very hand. This allows you to run load time test for a number of occurrences and give you the average load time.

You may also configure to wait between test and force refresh for accurate average load time. The download is available from the following URL.


Once you test is completed, this is how results will look like.


Window Resizer

It’s a perfect tool to test the responsiveness of web page. If you are looking to try out how does your web page look in different monitor size then go ahead and check this out?



Are you annoyed with flashy, pop up adds? Well, not anymore – this extension will block the ads.

I know how it feels when you access a webpage and it opens multiple annoying ads especially if you have accessed free video/movies website.

DNS Overrider

Very useful for troubleshooting the DNS issues when you would like to map URL with an alias on the fly. You don’t have to edit the hosts file.

One of the real-time scenarios would be if you are website is globally accelerated and would like to map different region IP from your PC to see how it behaves.


Network and Internet tools

One of the handy tools for Internet-based application to gather the information or troubleshooting. This tiny extension is combined with multiple tools like Whois lookup, IP Geo, W3C validator, Ping, DNS Lookup, Traceroute, etc.


Technology Profiler

If you are inspecting your competitor website or just curious to know what all being used to build the website. You can use this tool to know about them.

Usage of this tool is very easy – all you have to do is to access the page and click on the icon.



The developer will love this. This will help you to find the font being used on any web page. All you have to do is access the web page >> click on whatfont icon and click on the text to know the font.


Useful to perform basic security test on the website by manipulating HTTP headers. You can add or modify the headers on the fly and see how your website responds.

I hope above tools help you do all within Chrome and save your time in going through individual tools website.

If you love Chrome extension, then go ahead and learn how to develop one by yourself.