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Now you don’t need an SLR or a DSLR mandatorily to shoot high-quality cinematic videos. With the advancement in smartphone rear cameras, there has been an increase in the popularity of mobile videography over the years. 

Well-invested phones provide you with advanced lens specifications to record your best work. In many cases, it can be challenging to spot any noticeable difference between the two. But the area it falls short is capturing steady-smooth footage while you are in motion. 

That’s where smartphone stabilizers broke into the scene. Stabilizers enable you to shoot action sequences or long shots eliminating the human motion correction completely. 

A phone stabilizer corrects any movement made by a smartphone while taking a picture or a video. A smartphone stabilizer uses three axes—the tilt axis, the pan axis, and the roll axis, to counteract the motion.

Come, let’s know the importance of smartphone stabilizers.

Why Should You Use Smartphone Stabilizers?

👉 Broaden creativity: You may experiment with a variety of artistic approaches that demand stable film using a smartphone stabilizer. With precise and stable performance, one can capture time-lapse films, panoramic pictures, and slow-motion clips.

👉 Boosted image quality: To take images that are crisp and clear, stability is essential. Smartphone stabilizers assist in reducing hand motion blur, resulting in crisper photographs. When employing longer exposure periods or in low-light conditions, this is extremely crucial. 

👉 Shake reduction: The natural motions of the hand when holding a smartphone might cause shaky footage when shooting pictures or recording movies. By providing stability and guaranteeing that the camera is stable, smartphone stabilizers aid in eliminating this shake.  

👉 Super easy to use: Smartphone stabilizers aim to provide a lightweight, portable, and user-friendly experience. They allow you to securely mount your phone and start shooting immediately. Furthermore, these stabilizers are often customizable and adaptable to different smartphone sizes.

All in all, they are a necessary piece of equipment for any enthusiast or maker of mobile content, as stabilizers allow smartphone users to produce high-quality footage that was previously only achievable with professional camera equipment.

Key Features to Watch Out

Compatibility: Make sure the stabilizer fits the model and size of your smartphone. Although most stabilizers are made to work with a variety of cell phones, it’s still vital to double-check.

Stabilization capability: For tasks including starting and stopping the recording, zooming, toggling between the photo and video modes, and changing exposure, certain stabilizers feature separate buttons. 

Quality: Consider the stabilizer’s overall construction quality. Choose materials that are strong and stable and can survive repeated usage. 

Battery life: Longer battery life guarantees that you can use the stabilizer continuously for longer periods of time.

Portability: Be on the lookout for portable, lightweight, and small designs. Stabilizers that fold up are very practical for travel.

Cost: Think about your spending limit and contrast the characteristics provided by various stabilizers in that range. 

Now, as you have come this far, it’s time for you to scroll through the best stabilizers out there on the internet to make your purchase a whole lot simpler.

Hohem iSteady M6

In its 2023 edition, the iSteady M6 Kit gimbal from Hohem incorporates the all-new 3-axis model and features such as AI active tracking, gesture control, CCT fill light, and 360 RGB lighting. Moreover, it offers 18 hours of running time, ensuring your creativity doesn’t suffer!

  • Try out the newly created “Inception” mode using the phone’s video stabilizing feature! In this mode, you can spin your phone indefinitely and vertically for 360 degrees while shooting without any apps restricting you. You can also achieve a significant rotational angle of 335° when rolling and pitching.
  • Cutting-edge AI tracker that can monitor faces and bodies without a Bluetooth connection or app restrictions. The subject is constantly in the picture thanks to movements that activate or deactivate the AI vision sensor.
  • The phone stabilizer can support a heavy weight of 0.88 lbs and includes four extension connections that let you add various gadgets, such as LED lights and microphones. Sports mode, an ultra-wide lens, zoom, focus, A-B movement, and other simple settings let you record the most beautiful moments.

With the steady 7.0 Anti-shake technology, you can now redefine your videography for vlogs, reels, and other content media.


AOCHUAN Smart S2 is specially designed for smartphone filmmaking with top precision and quality. You’ll get versatile portrait & horizontal modes, 360°roll inception Mode, a cardioid microphone, and integrated fill lights that produce both a lighting and audio recording impact. The product is compatible with iPhone 14/13/12/11 mini/Pro/Plus and Android.

  • The Aochuan Smart S2 smartphone gimbal stabilizer specifically integrates three professional orthogonal axes to offer you more options and a wider field of view.
  • Stabilization using Smart 7.0 Even in live-streaming circumstances, the tracking function keeps you in the frame by easily following your subject’s movements. 
  • The focus dial on the left side of the Smart S2 gimbal allows for an unrivaled seamless changeover, allowing you to perform Hitchcock Zoom without boundaries.

This product comes with a stabilizer, carrying bag, USB-C charging cable, USB-C to lightning cable, tripod, multilingual user manual, and a 12-month warranty.

Zhiyun Smooth 5

Introducing the 3-axis handheld gimbal from Zhiyun. This stabilizer supports 360-degree magnetic lighting capability with an optimized control panel containing a mode display, a fill light button, a joystick, and a mode switch. Moreover, the versatile control wheel is a really commendable feature added to the model.

  • Push the parameter adjustment button, then turn the adjustment wheel to change the parameter’s value. Professional round joysticks were added to complete the movement footage. The control wheel lets you adjust the focus and focal length.
  • Wide-ranging cinematography using a 3-axis stable construction and a novel motor algorithm.
  • Provides you with innovative filmmaking templates. You may play more imaginatively with the help of the SmartFollow, Gesture Control, Timelapse, and Panorama features.

At its quickest, a full charge takes just two hours, and under typical circumstances, the battery may last up to 25 hours. Making Zhiyun Smooth 5 as one of the best Smartphone stabilizers.

DJI Osmo

Appropriate for shooting YouTube, TikTok, and vlogging videos; just unfold the device to power it on. Yes, that’s what DJI OSMO Gimbal brings to the table. Modern 3-axis stabilization technology corrects undesirable motions and captures the scene with smoothness resembling that of a movie.

  • This portable phone gimbal stabilizer is lightweight (just 309g) and foldable, making it convenient to use anywhere.
  • Upgraded ActiveTrack 5.0 maintains your subject in the center of the picture while following them seamlessly. Take pictures of them when they spin around or turn to the side. 
  • This DJI gimbal is handy and has a variety of simple-to-use shooting guidelines. 
  • It has a non-slip coating, stain resistance, and an ergonomic grip that will hold it firmly in your hands. 

Available in a slate gray shade, it is compatible with phone thickness of 7-10mm, width of 67-84mm, and charging temperature within 5-40 degrees C. The packaging includes Osmo 6, a grip tripod, a power cable, a storage pouch, and a magnetic phone clamp.

Insta360 Flow Creator Kit

Compatible with Android and iOS phones, the Insta360 Flow Creator Kit gimbal provides Deep Track 3.0 – a next-generation AI-powered tracking that remembers subjects even when your shot is blocked. The set includes a tripod and an in-built selfie stick with a stabilizer. Just unfold, deploy, and fold it into your pocket – it’s that simple to use!

  • From sunrise to night, Flow’s 3-axis gimbal stabilization eliminates tremors in your film.
  • 2900 mAh of power. The best performance available lasts the entire day with a 12-hour performance.
  • One location for all the keys. Quick and simple access to a variety of helpful features, such as shooting controls and video replay, is made possible by the design’s simplicity.

This is a deal worth watching out for to broaden your creative skills!

FUNSNAP’s 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

FUNSNAP’s 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer has a long-lasting battery backup of 13 hours and awesome anti-shake technology to shoot vibrant unquivering videos.

It has a useable payload of 0.57 lbs thanks to quick, high-torque brushless motors and the adaptable 2.16-3.47 inch (screen size) phone holder. Look down for the promising qualities that made it secure a place in our chart-bursters.

  • The Capture 2s allows you to move flexibly since it has 320 degrees of mobility on all three axes. Inception, FPV, and PhoneGo modes may be used to create your own special viewpoint.
  • Using the focus wheel that is already there, you can focus and zoom like an expert. With only one click, switch between the focus and zoom modes!
  • Access helpful features like face tracking automatically, hand gestures, time-lapse, and more by using the Capture2 app.

The set is compatible with iPhone 14/13/12 Pro/Max/XS/X/XR and Samsung Galaxy S-series.

Fantaseal’s Hand Grip Stabilizer

There’s one attribute that may sum up Fantaseal’s Hand Grip Stabilizer. And that’s uniqueness! Here’s why – The retractable finger-shaped handle stabilizer can decrease hand vibration.

It also helps in steadily & smoothly filming to improve the video clearly & effectively, for eliminating muscle fatigue. By using a handheld camera, you may capture your perfect moment without having to deal with the unpleasant issue of your fingers obscuring the lens.

  • Handle stabilizer that is both light and sturdy is built of high-quality ABS material. It has a covering that feels like skin and is easy to attach with a thumb knob which is attached to a safety wrist strap tether for convenient and secure grasping to reduce the risk of falling.
  • A strong universal 360-degree rotating phone clip that supports both portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) orientations makes it simple to install and fix mobile phones with a wide range of 60-100 mm in size. 

Nearly all cell phones, cameras, and camcorders are compatible with it!

Wensot Gimbal Stabilizer

“Never blur any moment” – is what Wensot’s gimbal stabilizer proposes. The product enables 360-degree flip and auto-lock features, which automatically switch the position of the clip head with buttons.

A selfie stick can be pulled up to 68 cm; you may pick the ideal position by adjusting the height of the four-section aluminum alloy rod.

  • Combines the three modes: the extended selfie stick, handheld gimbal stabilizer, and phone tripod stand.
  • The tripod-integrated card slot in the Bluetooth wireless remote control eliminates the need for an additional app. It has a built-in remote control that has a 10-meter range of control. 
  • The Wensot Gimbal Stabilizer may enhance the video shooting impact of the mobile phone without shaking and retaining stability.

The Wensot Gimbal Stabilizer is extremely portable since it is compact and light. Practically all cell phones are compatible with it.

JCROBOT Gimbal Stabilizer

You might have a tendency to shaky hands predominantly or unsteady movement of hands after prolonged shooting – in either of the cases, JCROBOT’s gimbal makes life easy for you!

The AI face-tracking feature keeps the subject of your video in great focus, and the gesture control feature allows you to manage the shot with your hand.

  • With the 3-axis stabilization function of the gimbal, you can turn unstable videos into flawless theatrical images.
  • With the simple Gimbal Pro software, you can simply manage the iSleeky L7C Pro Gimbal on your phone. You may use Moment Mode of JCROBOT iSleeky Gimbal templates like Inception, Dolly Zoom, Motion Timelapse, and Panoramas with only one tap.
  • The portable and handy L7C Pro professional cell phone stabilizer lets you take professional-grade steadiness wherever your activities lead you. 

With this JCROBOT Gimbal Stabilizer’s quick charging capabilities, you can quickly resume shooting. While in use, you may also quickly recharge it.

FeiyuTech Gimbal Stabilizer

With this order, you’ll receive a gimbal with a tripod, a 7.8″ extension rod, a storage bag, and a USB-C charging cable. Well, that’s quite a lot, right? Speaking of some cool features, the FeiyuTech Gimbal Stabilizer has a dual combination zoom control mechanism that rotates the focusing roller to change the focus and slides the zoom push rod to change the focal length.

  • By connecting through Bluetooth, the Vimble 3 may directly manage the built-in camera of smartphones and the well-liked Beauty Cam app.
  • Pull out the 7.8-inch Extendable Rod for extremely high or far-reaching shooting.
  • One tap may be used to switch between shooting and recording or between landscape and portrait modes.
  • Technical support is available to timely address any of your queries. 

FeiyuTech Gimbal Stabilizer works with an ultra-wide lens in both portrait and landscape modes and has a fair tilt range while in lock mode.

MOZA Mini-MX Gimbal Stabilize

How many modes of shooting do you think a gimbal should offer? 1,2,3. Mini-MX offers 6 modes: vertigo mode, sports gear mode, inception mode, time-lapse, slow-mo, and fast-tracking. The model’s a perfect definition of an all-in-one combo! But the story doesn’t end here.

  • MOZA enables you to write your fantastic narrative while jogging thanks to its “Deep Red” anti-shake algorithm, and super-smooth stabilized technology.
  • You may easily and comfortably extend the setup range by connecting a tripod and other accessories to the 1/4 extension port. Enjoy how simple it is to edit your video with the MOZA genie app.
  • Compact and easy to carry.

Only 2.5 hours are needed for charging, and are in a balanced state. You may use MOZA Mini-MX Gimbal Stabilize for 20 hours without any restriction. 

PowerVision S1 Smartphone Gimbal

Designed with anti-shake and auto-balance technology, PowerVision S1 Smartphone Gimbal ensures cinematography stays smooth and vertical all along.

Gesture control and smart tracking allow you to capture moments with the motion of your hands. Staying in the frame is no more a hustle with the device’s AI technology.

  • Through gesture and face/object control, this gimbal’s cutting-edge AI technology enables simple, hands-free operation.
  • This gimbal enables prolonged shooting sessions and has a built-in wireless charger to keep your phone charged and prepared to snap the next fantastic photo.
  • For professional-quality films and photographs, use the 3-axis anti-shake technology and integrated tripod of the Gimbal Stabiliser.

This PowerVision S1 Smartphone Gimbal’s lightweight and portable design makes it convenient to bring along for vacations, outdoor excursions, and daily use.

Final Words

However, choosing the ideal smartphone stabilizer may significantly improve the caliber of your video-shooting experience. You may choose a stabilizer with confidence by considering aspects including stability, usability, compatibility, and extra functions.

These stabilizers allow you to record fluid, stable video with your smartphone, regardless of whether you are an expert or amateur. 

As a result, your films may be dramatically improved by investing in a dependable stabilizer, which can remove undesired shakiness and provide results that appear professional.

A comprehensive analysis of a few of the best alternatives on the market is given in this blog post. So, take the time to evaluate your demands and identify the ideal for your needs and price range.

Next, check out tools to unblur images and improve photo quality.

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