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In Customer Service Last updated: December 11, 2022
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Surveys play the most crucial role in analyzing customer insight in a business. You need to know a lot about your customers to build a successful business.

How do your customers feel about your business? Are they satisfied with your service or not? What do the customers honestly want? Did the customers find everything they were looking for? To understand these questions and to fulfill the customer’s requirements, one needs to survey all these. 

However, it helps business people to run businesses efficiently. Nowadays, lots of businesses are rising abruptly online. For online businesses, surveys are essential to know their customers.


Surveys are a potent tool nowadays to drive your business level. Retailers or business people should be aware of the products their customers love the most and dislike the most. Furthermore, product data will further help you improve that product’s quality. 

Streamlining your survey process will be easier and more accurate using survey maker software. Survey maker applications are widely used nowadays to get relief from bulky work.

These applications provide analyzed responses that will help you rectify where you should concentrate more. You can elevate your survey creation using the templates these applications provide. Online survey maker applications also permit users to design their format with free drag-and-drop tools. 

What are the Use Cases of Surveys? 


Survey software is generally a tool that helps companies to record and collect data more efficiently. Thus, this software will ease your work by analyzing the recorded data. Online survey apps provide several benefits to your business and help you to reach a new level of success. 

Let’s have a look at the benefits provided by an online survey app:

  • Budget-friendly – Unlike written surveys, these are far cheaper and easy to maintain. Business people can spend their money on something other than printing these survey papers for your respondents.
  • Accessibility – Allows users to send the surveys via online mode. Allows the customers to fill out the questionnaire wherever they are free. Allows users to send surveys via email, social media, etc. 
  • Time efficiency – Online survey applications help users to create, administer, and to analyze the responses swiftly without taking too much of their time. 
  • Feedback – The main benefit of an online survey application is you have a limitless amount of feedback. It gives business people more diverse, accurate, customized, and honest feedback than ever to improve. 

In addition to these benefits, online survey apps encourage your relationship to be firm with your customers. So what’s stopping you from enjoying these benefits? Create different surveys as per your requirements and analyze the results of those surveys more thoroughly. 

What Should an Ideal Survey Look like? 


Surveys are essential for collecting data about people’s insights and opinions. But the question arises what should an ideal survey look like? What are the questions one needs to ask their customers for their survey?

Well, there are lots of ways through which you can collect their perspective. Survey questions are mostly asked in the form of multiple choice, open-ended questions, yes or no questions, or on a rating scale basis. 

The question you need to ask depends on your need and subject. One should keep these few things in mind while preparing the questions. A few are listed below:

  • First of all, make your questions short enough for easy understanding. 
  • Secondly, the survey should be quick. People in today’s busy world aren’t happy spending time attending surveys. 
  • Make the questions eye-catching by adding smiley emoticons. 

Online survey maker applications allow you to design questions based on your requirements. In addition to it, these applications allow you to select your templates for making your surveys attractive.

Design your survey questions seamlessly without being hectic. Moreover, most companies understand they can improve their quality with customer feedback

Survey software helps users design, send, and analyze the recorded data more efficiently. It helps companies gather data regarding specific app features or products and improve their qualities or services. Conducting regular surveys helps you to unearth customers’ insights more clearly.

Now the question is – which app is best for your business? How to choose the correct one that fits perfectly for your business?

Well, it depends on your company’s requirements. Whether they want feedback or want to interact with their customers, everything depends on their requirements. Let’s dig into choosing the best survey maker app that meets all your requirements and desires without further delay.


One of the best online survey maker applications is Typeform. Typeform permits users to get in detail and deeper insights into their customers. Furthermore, Typeform helps users to sync with all their crucial tools.

Thus, this application includes a vast range of themes. Streamline the visualization of your survey questions. Typeform made customization, building embeddable chatbots, and crafting data recorded easier and quicker. 

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On top of these, Typeform allows users to quickly go through a library of icons for the perfect visuals. Overall, it provides an easy user interface to use. Beginners can easily use this application without any guidance. With Typeform, you can take your survey process and business to the next level. 


One of the most highlighted survey maker applications on the list is SurveyMonkey. It is perfect for those eager to create their surveys on a phone or tablet.

Users are guided with the structure to format their survey questions. Unlike most survey applications, SurveyMonkey permits users to create, edit, gather responses, and analyze results on their smartphones.


Allows you to send a personalized thank you note once the survey is over. With an easy-to-use interface, you can create great surveys for your clients within a few minutes. In short, SurveyMonkey has figured out an easy way to let you drill down even on smartphones and tablets. 


Streamline your survey process with the Jotform survey maker application. Excellent platform for those who are looking for survey templates to ease the process. The most impressive feature of Jotform is the availability of widgets and add-ons.

Whether you are looking for an application for conducting surveys or gathering feedback, you can choose Jotform. With Jotform, you can create engaging online surveys using free drag-and-drop tools. 

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Analyze your recorded survey data quickly with Jotform’s real-time reporting tool. Jotform’s features support everything from adding more questions to changing the font and colors. You can also find form calculation widgets to make the calculations automatic and accurate.

Furthermore, make your survey interactive, short, and engaging too. Multiple embedded features allow users to copy and paste embed code into any website for further use. You can share your survey via email, link, social media, etc. 

Opinion Stage

Opinion Stage is an excellent online survey maker application for many creative surveys. Online surveys are fun to create, but sometimes they can be challenging too. But here’s a mind-blowing platform to reduce your work and increase its quality.

Moreover, its drag-and-drop tools for editing and formatting will benefit you. The opinion also allows you to share your surveys via several platforms for feedback. Opinion Stage helps you in gathering high-quality data from targeted audiences quickly and efficiently. 

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The platform allows users to strategically combine qualitative and quantitative responses, including open and closed-ended questionnaires. Make surveys accessible for your clients and yourself via the Opinion Stage platform.

In addition, share the survey via any online platform in a few minutes to get feedback. Proper analyzed feedback helps you elevate your brand and your business. 

Free Online Surveys

Free Online Surveys website has more straightforward navigation and provides efficient results. This website provides free CRM for research and marketing contacts. Track all the data and responses and it also helps to analyze each one individually.

The platform tries to keep respondents engaged and ensures to complete all questions. Intelligent survey design assistant contributes a lot to help you in making the survey rapid and understandable. 


You can drag-and-drop and create surveys that make data simple to visualize. It supplies you with a wide range of customization options for responses. Begin with various templates and then tweak them to excellence by editing according to yourself.

Free Online Surveys support every type, from multiple question-based surveys to questionnaire-based surveys. However, without investing more time in crafting a survey, you can create a questionnaire-based survey seamlessly. 


SurveyPlanet is among the best survey apps to start creating your surveys with. It offers plenty of attractive templates with pre-written questions on them. You can use those questions or add the necessary questions to fit your requirements better.

The logic branching feature is the best among all other features. A variety of free tools are available to design and create your survey. Users can also add images to make it eye-catching. 


Moreover, the SurveyPlanet application works on mobiles, tablets, and desktop computers. With the help of this survey maker app, you can customize your survey hassle-free. Its branching and skip logic feature allows you to control the questions that your client sees.

For a fantastic user experience and great features, switch to the SurveyPlanet survey maker app. In addition, this application allows users to create different surveys for different purposes, such as employee, research, educational, customer, healthcare, and public sector surveys. 

Super Survey 

The Super Survey application is designed simply for personal use, students, and nonprofits. Online surveys make it easy for people to be more honest with their experiences.

Super Survey provides easy-to-use tools, themes, logos, personalized fonts, etc. You simply need to add your created questionnaire and hit on to customize themes or create your own. 


You can share your survey with your clients for their feedback and do research. Super Survey allows its application to work on your mobiles as well as on your tablets.

Furthermore, you can add more questions in the Super Survey Dashboard if you want. The platform also helps you integrate the collected responses to flow directly into your CRM. 

Proprofs Survey

The Proprofs Survey maker software streamlines surveys, quizzes, polls, forms, etc. It provides you access to use 100+ pre-designed templates for your surveys. Keep your clients engaged with the extraordinary features of the Proprofs application.

You can add logos, themes, images, or brand names to make your survey look outstanding. Create a customized and branded survey with free-to-use tools. 

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In addition to it, you can integrate your survey with third-party CRM applications. Proprofs customer service executives are always friendly and available to solve all your queries.

You can easily track your audience’s movement and check who gave what response to understand your audience more deeply. With Proprofs, make your evaluation process seamless.


Last but not least is the SurveyNuts survey maker application. SurveyNuts is among the easy-to-use questionnaire maker and survey builder applications.

It possesses a super intuitive interface to start creating your survey questionnaire. It allows you to pick themes from their library more quickly. In real-time, you can also see the evolution of each response. 


Your excellent survey is now just three steps far. Just create, share, and analyze your stored responses and data. SurveyNuts’ dashboard displays the results statistically with simple charts through data experts.

Users can be creative with SurveyNuts’ software. You can collect detailed data in any response from the audience, whichever suits you. 


To sum up, surveys are usually conducted for the evaluation of customers. Customer surveys are significant for businesses. Analyzing survey data will enhance the growth level of the company.

Nowadays, for huge businesses collecting the data manually is a pain in the head. Moreover, it is not feasible though. Survey software helps experience an efficient process of data collection and analysis.

Due to the several benefits, retailers, business people, and companies switched to survey system applications. These applications are cheaper, less time-consuming, more accurate, and also help you to get faster results.

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