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In Digital Marketing Last updated: June 25, 2023
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The demand for video content is increasing. This explains why video-to-text software can be a huge help for organizations, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and anyone wanting to share their videos across the globe.

But why this sudden rise in the demand for video content?

The reason is when people can see you, they relate with you, your brand, and your offerings more. It establishes a direct connection with them to build trust compared to other mediums where they can only read your stuff or listen to them. It not only gives you more exposure, popularity, and engagement but also helps you stand out.

According to Statista, 85% of US netizens watched online videos in 2018 (ranking 11), and Saudi Arabia topped the list with 95% of total internet users. This is why the majority of businesses presently use video as their marketing tool.

So, if you plan to implement videos in your marketing strategy, video-to-text software is a must-have. It’s because it will help you reach a global audience. With multiple language support, you can share and promote your video across the world in different languages so people can understand and get drawn to your brand.

Now, let’s discuss a bit more on the video to text converters and understand how they can help you.

What is Video to Text Software?

Video to Text software is a tool or converter that uses speech recognition technology to convert spoken words in a video into text or written words. This transcription can be done automatically or manually.

In manual video to text software, transcriptionists replay videos several times using a transcription editor to type and edit stuff they hear in the video.

On the other hand, in automatic video-to-text software, you can convert the spoken words automatically to texts. However, the accuracy of automated transcripts is still lower than manual ways to this date.

Video to Text software is helpful to transcribe speech in:

  • Video music for lyrics and live performances
  • Live talks such as events, presentations, Q&A sessions, conferences, etc.
  • Television for commercial ads and presentations
  • Other video-based resources like explainer guides, tutorials, landing page videos, case studies, video testimonials, webinars, interviews, documentaries, interviews, product reviews, etc.

What are the benefits of a Video to Text Software?


Improved SEO

A video transcript helps increase your videos’ SEO or search engine optimization across different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Vimeo, and more. That’s where you want to shine and ensure your video climbs up in the rankings.

Transcripts provide the context necessary to understand the video and help search engine crawlers find and define the videos better. They can index your video better if it has a proper title, brief description, metadata, etc.

Enhanced User Experience

Using video-to-text software for video transcription enhances the overall user experience. It gives the users a choice to consume the content in their desired form and share it with anyone without language barriers. People can read the transcription to find a section they are more interested in or want to repeat.

In addition, many users also prefer to watch videos without sound because of any reason they might have, such as timing, surroundings, or personal preference. A transcript makes it easier and convenient for them to access your video anywhere, even when they forgot their headphones.

Accessibility for people with hearing difficulties

It will be a handy tool for people having hearing difficulties as they can read the transcript of your video in their preferred language in the form of text, article, or subtitles. This way, you can reach out to people in this section who otherwise cannot watch your video. It gives them the right to access information as other people do.

Global outreach

Transcribing your videos helps them reach the masses on a global scale. Modern video-to-text software comes with multiple language support so that you can translate the video to many languages.

Hence, even if the language used in the video is unfamiliar, they can still read the subtitles or transcripts in their preferred language and understand them without difficulties. It is handy for webinars, lectures, and other video-based tutorials.

So, are you ready to grab all these benefits?

Let’s find out some of the best video-to-text software to transcribe your videos.


Convert your audio and videos to text automatically with Amberscript to save hours in transcription with AI power. Import your video in various formats and export it as a JSON, text file, SRT, VTT, EBU-STL, XML, or Word with optional speaker distinction and timestamps.

Amberscript supports 39 languages, such as English, Hindi, Finnish, French, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish, Farsi, Catalan, Russian, German, etc. You will get an admin dashboard, centralized billing, access to multiple users, personalized onboarding, and workflow integration for large businesses.

Access to their intuitive editor to edit and improve the quality of text by yourself. You can easily search through the transcription and adjust the highlight parts and text. You can also take help from language experts to review the text by clicking the manual transcription service.

Amberscript stores all the data on a highly secure server with a backup facility. The software supports many video formats like WMA, M4A, MP3, MP4, AAC, and WAV. Upload the video file and allow the speech recognition engine to create the first draft, which you can improve later with the help of an online editor to save 5x time.

The price for transcribing your videos to text on Amberscript starts at $10 for a 1-hour video.


Trint is for those looking for world-class transcription and a platform that will allow them to collaborate, edit and share their content with the world quickly.

With the ability to transcribe in over 30 languages and translate over 50, Trint turns your video and audio content into a searchable, editable transcript that you can work on with your colleagues in real-time.

The collaborative functionality lets you invite other stakeholders and set the appropriate permission level for each, whether it’s read-only, comment or edit, so your team can work at pace.

With a very simple interface that makes editing and crafting your story easy, it also lets users add captions over their videos, ready for export in .docx, .srt, .vtt, .txt, .stl, .edl, .html, .xml and .csv. formats.

Critically, Trint has prioritized security. At a time when so many 3rd party vendors across all industries are facing scrutiny for the security of their platforms, Trint has invested heavily to ensure they are at a military-grade level, meaning you can rest assured any confidential information is secure.

Start your free Trint trial today.


Rev helps you to convert your video into text either by human professionals or machine-generated transcripts. It transcribes your videos by a human professional with 99% accuracy or by machine with 80% accuracy. You can also add subtitles and captions with ease.

All your contents are safe as Rev uses secure tools and offers you speedy delivery of your content. With Rev, professional captioners, translators, and transcriptionists are always there to provide top-quality content every time.

To start using this tool, you can upload files from the computer or paste a URL from the web. Rev uses AI to transcribe the file easily in minutes. You can also export your file in different formats and share it with collaborators or teammates.

Get the service from human professionals at just $1.25/minute or pay 25 cents per minute if you choose machine service.


Use the best way to create subtitles and captions by transcribing your video to text in minutes with Sonix. It provides accurate results at an affordable price. It is also the first transcription platform in which you can edit the text automatically for video editing.

Once you edit the required stuff, you can add subtitles or captions by exporting formatted VTT and SRT files in seconds. Sonix’s platform allows you to save your highlights, strikethroughs and edits in a single location so that everyone can access them at any time from anywhere.

With Sonix, searching for words is a breeze. It has digital asset management features that allow you to organize and store your video files. You can add some notes in the transcript so that you can search them easily.

YouTube video

Get the benefit of customizing the captions and subtitles for the videos. Additionally, you can split the subtitles by the character length, the number of lines, and time duration in seconds. You can also adjust subtitles to display in perfect timing. Moreover, customize the look of the captions like font color, font size, positioning, and background.

Burn subtitles into the video and share it on any platform. Sonix integrates with Final Cut Pro, Avid, and Adobe Premiere to give you a better experience. You can preserve the original video while exporting the transcript. Use Final Cut Pro’s index search, Premiere’s marker search box, or Dialogue Search to search key parts and captions for your show.

This cutting-edge AI tool supports 40+ languages, accents, and dialects. Click on the particular Word you want to play and get an option of speaker dropdown to label who said what. You can also download your transcribed file in TXT, PDFs, Microsoft Word, or other formats.

Choose a plan that best suits your requirement at a starting price of $10/hour.


VEED helps in transcribing videos to text efficiently and automatically, adding subtitles, and more. With VEED, it is effortless to translate and transcribe your video’s audio text. Download the text as TXT and upload it to Google docs or open it with Microsoft Word.

VEED’s software helps convert video text so that the turnaround time is fast and easy. It also helps edit the transcriptions, and you can choose from a range of sizes, fonts, colors, and much more. You can drag and drop the video files or take a trial with the sample videos, choose subtitles, and auto-transcribe to start the process.

YouTube video

After finishing the transcription, start downloading the subtitles by selecting TXT as the format. VEED uses different languages worldwide to translate your transcription, making it accessible to the global audience. It ensures the best accuracy by turning your speech into text with zero or minimal errors with the help of voice recognition software.

This tool lets you remove the background or static noise with a single click. VEED supports many formats such as Facebook Video, GIF, Instagram Story Video, MOV, MP3, MP4, M4V, Xbox Video, Zoom Video, and many more.

Choose your plan and avail of the benefit of a free plan for 10 minutes, or choose a paid plan starting at $12/month.


360converter helps you in converting video to text with little to no errors. Choose the file from the internet, Dropbox, Google Drive, or local storage, specify a language in the video, and define the video segment you want to convert. Now, get ready for the outcome with ease.

You can also use the offline transcriber, which will benefit you in several ways. You can transcribe your entire file with no time limitation, and you do not even need to upload your file anywhere.

In addition, there is no need to wait for your turn to get the work; 360converter can support many video formats such as MP4, 3GP, MOV, 3GPP, WMV, AVI, ASF, WEBM, DAT, OGV, and many more.

You will require a Dual-core CPU 2.4 GHz and 4GB RAM to run the offline transcriber. It also supports Windows 7 and 10 of 64bit and Mac OS X to do the transcription. Download the offline transcriber and use it at any time you want from anywhere.

Type Studio

Looking for a tool to convert your video to text seamlessly?

Type Studio can do it for you. Big teams like Microsoft, Yamaha, Ahrefs, Hootsuite, etc., are using this tool due to its impressive results. It helps you convert the .mp4 or .mov video format into text automatically.

It stores all your finished work and the ongoing projects automatically as Type Studio is a web-based transcription service provider. Start uploading your video or audio and allow the speech recognition tool to transcribe the recording automatically.

Copy your transcript and paste it in any file or export it as .vtt, .txt, .srt, etc., file formats with optional timestamps. Send the videos with the text via mail just by sharing the URL/link. You can also embed the video and transcript it into the blog to receive an article based on that video.

YouTube video

The overall workflow consists of three steps.:

  • Upload your video file.
  • Edit the transcribed text.
  • Share it online with anyone you want.

No matter what profession you are into, Type Studio allows you to optimize your media marketing. It’s great for entrepreneurs, journalists, broadcasters, educators, consultants, coaches, to name a few.

Type Studio automatically turns the video into summaries, blog posts, show notes, or transcripts. You can also search your desired content from the Zoom recordings, lectures, or tutorials with ease. In addition, edit the text where you find it necessary to edit the video.

Get 10 min video upload/month with the free plan or go with a paid plan starting at $12/month for a five-hour video.

Go Transcribe

Do you have any video that you need to convert into text?

Try Go Transcribe.

Go Transcribe can help you in transcribing video to text automatically with output in minutes. The text will be in the format of SRT, PDF, Word (.doc), or many other formats. It supports many video formats such as 3G2, 3GP, AVI, FLV, M2TS, M2V, M4V, MP4, MPEG, MOOV, MOV, MK3D, OGX, MXF, MPG, etc.

Using Go Transcribe is effortless; just follow simple steps:

  • Upload the video to secure cloud-based servers.
  • Let Go Transcribe converts the video to text using the latest automated technology.
  • Edit the transcription in minutes by using an online editor.
  • Export and share the transcript to a variety of formats.

It supports dozens of languages. Moreover, you can organize the interview transcripts to edit, search, and share with anyone. Get accurate and crystal clear subtitles in less than five minutes. It also encrypts all your data using TLS for security.

Pay for the plan you choose starting at $12/hour and pay as you go.

Happy Scribe

Transcribe your videos to text format automatically and save time with Happy Scribe. It is trusted by 100k+ users globally and supports various languages, accents, and dialects. It includes English, German, Afrikaans, Amharic, Arabic, Lao, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Thai, Dutch, and many more.

You can also translate the video from some other languages to your preferred language to understand it better. Happy Scribe supports various video formats such as 3GP, AVI, M4V, MPEG, WEBA, MXF, MK3D, MOOV, FLV, MPG, MOV, MP4, QT, to name a few. Choose from different files types like DOCX, PDF, HTML, TXT, and more to export the outcome.

YouTube video

Import the video you want to transcribe from anywhere such as laptops, YouTube, Dropbox, or Google Drive and avail yourself of the benefit of free 10 minutes. In addition, you have the option to use both Human-made or Machine-generated services.

In choosing automatic transcription, you will get 85% accuracy with lightning-fast service. You can also expect 99% accuracy with human service as the transcribed files are checked and proofread by native speakers and experts. Happy Scribe is helpful for researchers, podcasters, journalists, and students.

The price is calculated on a minute basis and varies based on whether you want an automatic transcription or human-made.

If you want to translate your videos, you can also go for another excellent service they offer – Translate Video.


Transcribing your videos helps increase their global reach, improve SEO, and enhance user experience. It also benefits people with hearing difficulties. Thus, go for the video to text software mentioned above to transcribe your videos and avail of these benefits.

Check out this if you need to convert audio to text.

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