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In HR Management Last updated: November 20, 2022
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With so many platforms on the internet, it has become easier than ever to find freelancers for any service.

Similarly, if you’re looking for typing services, then the platforms I will mention in this post will make it super easy to find the best typist to get your job done.

Attributes to look for in a typist ⌨️

Typing is quite a valuable skill, and professionals need to be fast enough to scan through papers and audio files to transcribe them into digital documents.

Apart from the two attributes above, here are a few more qualities you should look for in a typist.

Strong grasp of the language

The typist needs to be fluent in the language they’re writing to ensure they can understand the source files or papers seamlessly and then transcribe them.


There are chances that the things you need to be written down by the typist can be very exclusive or important to you, and you’d not want anybody else to look at them. For this reason, it’s always necessary to hire a typist that can keep things confidential.

Experience in using word processing tools

Word processing tools are the basic requirement while transcribing content, so it’d only make sense to hire a typist with experience using those tools.

Attention to detail

As much as speed is important, it’s also essential for a typist to have an eye to spot grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors to order for the result to be free of any mistakes. Grammarly is a great tool to handle that, so it’d be ideal if they could use it in the process.

Ways to shortlist suitable typists 👥

While having the above attributes should be a huge plus point already in determining which candidate is suitable, there are also several things you should be doing on your part to ensure you end up with the best person for the job.

Here are some of the points you should keep in mind:

  • Write your requirement thoroughly without leaving any important detail out
  • Review the proposals sent by freelancers and check their past works
  • Make sure the freelancer is available to work on the given time slots
  • Interview with the potential ones if necessary
  • Assign a test project to see how they perform

These are some great pointers that should get the ball rolling for you. With that aside, let’s get to the main task: finding those freelancers. These platforms below are the best for typing services.


One of the most popular freelance marketplaces on the internet, Fiverr has everything you’re searching for. You can hire people for almost any category of work for very affordable rates, and all offer revisions to ensure you’re not left behind feeling unsatisfied.

You’ll find talented typists on this platform who work on your requirement immediately. The way it works is that freelancers post gigs offering their services, and you can purchase them to get the ball rolling. You’re also allowed to create custom postings on which freelancers would be able to apply directly.

Either way, it’s very easy to get up and running with Fiverr to find a suitable freelancer.


With a rigorous approval process for freelancers, you can be sure you’ll only find the best typists on Upwork. Upon posting your job listing, you’ll have talented freelancers bidding on it by submitting their proposals, from which you can communicate with them and select the right one.

This platform has been around for a long time and is trusted by some of the most popular brands, such as Microsoft, GoDaddy, and Airbnb.

Posting a job is absolutely free. You only pay when you hire people.


Freelancer is a platform where you’ll find talented people from all over the world to do services like typing. It’s similar to Upwork in the sense that it works through a bidding system, where you post job requirements, and freelancers would bid on it.

You can set the price, write a description, and provide all the information before you can start to get proposals.

The hiring process is straightforward, and your payments are secured with an Escrow system.


Another great platform to find your next typist, Guru houses a lot of really skillful freelancers that’ll do the job just fine. You can carry out both long-term and short-term contracts on this platform which has been around for more than 20 years.

It provides a sense of stability and certainty for freelancers and employers because it’s transparent from start to finish, including the payments that you release into it.


You can post job offers on Airtasker and have freelancers apply to it within your range of locality. It’s the best platform to find people nearby so you can meet up and hire them for your office if it’s ongoing work.

It allows you to post job offers for free, so you only pay when your task is completed by the freelancer. Moreover, you can view the ratings and past work reviews of those who applied to your job to better judge how capable they are.


Also known as PPH, PeoplePerHour has quickly picked up popularity over the years for its ease of use and reliability.

As a client, you can fill out a form entering all the necessary details about the task and leave the rest to their artificial intelligence technology to connect you with the most suitable freelancers. In no time, you’ll have proposals pouring in for you to select and hire accordingly.

You can hire on an hourly or project basis.

Typing Service

As the name suggests, Typing Service is a service rather than a platform. This means that instead of hiring an individual freelancer, you’re basically paying an organization for the task.

Their rate starts from just $0.80/page, which in my opinion, is super affordable for the kind of results they provide. They have a team of professional typists that churn out nothing but the best quality, so you can be assured you’re paying in the right place.

Take Note

Take Note is a little different than the rest of the platforms mentioned in this list. It transcribes your meeting recordings into text accurately. In fact, it picks up important points made by the speaker and also things like Q&As and other essential sections.

If you’d like a full transcript that includes all the umm’s and uhh’s of the speaker and basically without any cuts, then that’s possible too with their Verbatim Transcription option.

An amazing feature of this service is that when you think you won’t be able to record the meeting, you can let their professional “notetakers” join your meeting remotely and transcribe everything live.


The above platforms and services would be of great use when you want to turn your audio, video, or physical papers into digital text. No matter which one you go for, you can expect the result to be of fantastic quality. ✔️

Additionally, you might want to check out more such platforms to hire freelancers for any purpose.

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