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In SEO Last updated: November 9, 2022
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Are you looking out for new innovative ideas for your next blog post?

Do you feel you are stuck on the same old topics? Then, you are in the right place.

When you run out of topics, let web tools do the trick for you.

Here’s a list of free and easy-to-use tools to help you generate wonderful original ideas you have been missing out on.


Generator by Hubspot stands out as one of the most straightforward blog topic generators. For all those times when you are stuck, you will be given a handful of topics to kick-start your writing process.

This tool provides you with five exclusive ideas for a set of 3 keywords or phrases (mainly nouns). You can input a set of up to 3 words in the given box section, and the tool will provide you with new upcoming ideas to use.

If you want to change the results, go back, and insert the set of keywords again.

Be specific if you are looking for some exact content.

This isn’t an ideal tool if you are looking for a dozen new topics, but for starters, this is the best to find.


Sumo Headline Generator knows the importance of headlines. Having an eye-catchy and kickass headline is considered to be the first step in creating an article. The headline will determine the chances of your article getting clicked and read. So, you should focus more on creating headlines that attract the audience.

Sumo Headline Generator

Every business or blog writer wants to create a headline that falls in the category of highly clickable ones. Instead of trying different headline combinations, you can take the help of the Sumo Headline Generator to come up with excellent headline suggestions.

You can choose from categories like Numbered Lists, How to, Explanatory, and much more while creating a headline. Once you select a particular category, you only need to put some necessary info in the left column. The results are displayed on the right side of the page, with plenty of headline suggestions to choose from.

So, you can quickly generate plenty of kickass headlines and select the right one for you.


SEOPressor is a valuable tool when you are looking for some blog ideas. With this blog title generator, you can get endless suggestions for catchy blog titles. There is no need to sit and scratch your head to find a new blog topic because you can get a perfect one from here.

The functioning of this tool is pretty simple. All you need to do is enter a keyword around which you need the blog titles to be. Other than that, you also need to select from a drop-down list, whether it is some specific brand name, a generic term, some skill, or even any person’s name. This makes it easier to find the right titles efficiently.


As soon as you click on ‘Generate Titles’, you will find thousands of blog topic suggestions based on the keyword you search for. You must be specific while searching for a topic to get proper and relevant topics.

You won’t have to run out of blog topics because SEOPressor is there for your rescue.


Copy isn’t just about a headline generator but has a host of other tools to help your publishing go automated.


It has one of the most straightforward blog topic generators. A user is only required to enter a few keywords and select the tone to get many headlines to choose from.

You can sign up for the free tier, which comes with the 7-day no-credit card trial having all the goodness of 79+ copywriting tools.

After the trial expiry, one is free to use for 2000 words a month.

However, the paid plans are about collaboration and multi-language support, which makes it ideal for anyone with an international audience.

Overall, this is a complete AI-powered content creation platform that one can use just for headline creation.


AISEO is another AI-powered headling generator that keeps things simple. Just enter the subject and a few keywords to get two variants of the topics along with a short introduction.


However, you can also adjust the length and creativity to get suitable headlines.

While AISEO has other AI content creation tools, there isn’t a free tier. Still, the blog topic generator is a free tool that you can use. But there is no other way except the paid plans if you want to have the SEO keyword suggestions for headline generation.

Overall, this is handy, and one should try this free tool considering it doesn’t need any registration.


Portent is an innovative tool to use when in need of topics. Although it suggests only one topic at a time, you can get several topics by clicking the refresh button.

Given four blank spaces, this website uses your keyword or search phrase on any of the following gaps and adds other relevant content in the others. Also, it gives you the reason for the other three topic words used.


In other words, this is an easy yet time-consuming tool if you are looking for a list of topics. At the same time, you get original topic ideas that you can directly use for your blog, unlike other sites where you get a key phrase.


Although Quora isn’t a direct topic generator, you would surely agree that most often, the following website you land on for a search other than Wikipedia is Quora.

One would agree with me that this site has all one needs when looking for an answer to any question in the world. Here you can look up particular topics of interest or directly look up questions to get answers written by knowledgeable people across the globe.

Thus, this tool also finds a place on this list because it gives you more information regarding ease of understanding than many others.

Several other options are available for you to choose from regarding blog topics and idea generators. However, this list should suffice all your needs.

Next, optimize content and copy with AI-powered tools.

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