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UPC lookup APIs are a powerful tool to help you extract information about numerous products. 

Having such a tool by your side can significantly benefit your business by offering useful features and saving time and effort in manual work. 

So, are you thinking about building a website or mobile application and extracting information from universal product code? 

A good UPC lookup API can help you with the task. 

But if you are unsure which UPC lookup API would suit your needs, read on. 

Let’s discuss what UPC lookup APIs are, why to use them, and the best UPC lookup APIs to obtain accurate bulk product information. 

What Are UPC Lookup APIs?

A UPC lookup API is a simple yet effective application programming interface (API) that extracts accurate information about numerous products and items. 

Here, UPC stands for Universal Product Code, which is a global standard barcode that is used by manufacturers in the world in their product’s packaging for identification.

What UPC lookup APIs do is they make it easy for business owners to integrate their various types of applications or websites with the product database. The codes work like normal barcodes that you usually see on items’ packaging from your nearby market. 

Whether it is a UPC scanning app, inventory management system, or shopping site, having a UPC lookup API helps accurately generate bulk product information like product name, image, retail pricing, description, and other valuable information. Having UPC lookup APIs helps you to identify a lineup of products across a particular inventory. 

The e-commerce market that works with UPC partially depends on these APIs as this space is based on data-driven infrastructure. Besides telling you about the product information, these APIs also help take a look at the inventory list and how many products you have or how much you need to restock.

How UPC Lookup APIs Help in Product Research?

UPC lookup APIs have been highly useful for product research by business organizations. Here is how UPC lookup APIs can help in product research:

  • Identification: UPC lookup APIs play an instrumental role in product research because it helps them identify each product type separately. It spares you from researching each product type manually and fetches all the details at once.
  • Searching: These APIs help you search product categories by their name and give an overview of how much stock is left in the inventory. It is essential when running a considerable inventory, and through UPC lookup API, you know when you need restocking.
  • Tracking Accuracy: The precise inventory tracking capability of UPC lookup API has been instrumental in product research. It helps you get an overview of the movement of the product from the manufacturer to the consumer’s house.
  • Product Data Segregation: UPC lookup APIs help you segregate product data by geographical presence. It is highly useful in store management and helps you market products according to their popularity and usage in different geographical areas.
  • Maintain Demand: During product research, it is crucial to understand the type of product in demand in different time periods. It helps you restock products according to the trend and demand. 

So, if you are doing product research in a specific niche where market trends change rapidly, then UPC lookup API comes in really handy. It highlights the consumer trend and helps you focus on products in high demand among consumers. 

  • Competitor Stock Tracking: UPC lookup APIs can tell you about your competitors’ product stocking information. Not only can you extract information about the product type they are stocking, but also the quantity.

Now, let’s look at some of the best UPC lookup APIs you can use to gain accurate, relevant product information. 

Barcode Lookup API

Barcode Lookup API is considered one of the best UPC lookup APIs among many users. It not only makes inventory management an easy task but also helps you integrate product databases with your shopping site or application. 

You can quickly call an API for searching information regarding a product through your system or shopping site, and the tool will immediately come back with the desired details. The API can return all sorts of details that include name, category, description, date of manufacturing, retail pricing, movement source, and many more. 

You can call the API in your system in two ways, either by searching the barcode or by searching the term. When you search by term, you can input different search parameters like brand name and category to enhance the accuracy. 

The best thing is that you can use a single active API key for all your requests. Most importantly, all the results are shown in a clean and understandable format which is extremely useful during product research.

It has an interesting feature that shows you ten results per page and all the related results. This tool is offered in four pricing models: Starter, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise.


Algopix is a well-known UPC lookup API that is highly useful when extracting real-time pricing, product data, and other relevant information. It offers best-in-class UPC lookup API service as it returns product information by sourcing from numerous sources like Amazon, eBay, shipping carriers, thousands of retailers, and its partner sellers. 

Whether you want to do product matching or intensify product catalog data, you can call this API in your system or shopping application and let it do the rest of the job. The ability to churn out product sales performance and market pricing by analyzing numerous sites sets this tool apart from others. 

Moreover, the API is useful at all levels:

  • At the product level, it gives you product information and market share analysis.
  • At the brand level, it delivers pierce protection and competitor analysis. 
  • At the category level, it gives keyword research insights and helps you make data-driven decisions.

Algopix ensures excellent inventory management by allowing you to do the re-pricing of the products and inventory planning according to market dynamics. You can even import the vital data points to your ERP or CRM software which helps get into market insights.


With one of the largest product databases and massive international market coverage across all industries, GO-UPC is a highly demanded UPC lookup API among many business owners. It utilizes advanced technology that helps you get thousands of data from just a spreadsheet of UPCs. 

Unlike other APIs, it focuses on providing high-quality product data, and that too with a database that covers almost every country in the world. When you call this API, it provides not only name, image, and market pricing but also weight, brand, category, material, color, size, and many other intriguing details.

Go-UPC can even offer specialized product info like nutrition facts, author, packaging info, packaging material, etc. It integrates with many management systems and shopping applications and converts UPC lookup into visual and readable product information. 

Using this API, you can do a host of tasks in your product-related application, and it would give you the best results. GO-UPC offers its service in three categories, and they are segregated mainly by the number of API requests. You can choose between Developer, Startup, and Enterprise, all of which come at affordable pricing, starting at $19.95/month.

UPC Database

UPC Database is a simple and exclusive UPC lookup API that gives you the ability to extract product information from a considerable database spanning all the categories of the market. You can easily call this API in your application or system through HTTP requests. 

The feature that makes UPC Database lucrative for many business owners is that it offers different API endpoints, which you won’t usually find in others. It was launched in 2010, and soon it became a popular corporate option because it could furnish a vast database of information. 

Along with essential information like name, price, quantity, and brand, the API also responds by providing a rating system, item alias, product image, and many other details. On their website, you can even find the latest UPC codes and the items that have been added, and it helps you in scheduling your API calls. 

Furthermore, you can get full access to their database for free, but you will be limited to only 100 UPC lookup API calls. However, if you want more, you can go for the Hobbyist, Standard, or Professional subscription model that can offer up to 100K lookups.


Offering complete access to databases with more than 150 million products and that too with images, Buycott serves as one of the finest UPC lookup APIs. The product database includes items worldwide to fetch you the desired search result.

The API always provides up-to-date results as the database is constantly getting updated on a daily basis. Many users prefer to use their APIs when it comes to UPC lookup for accurately getting bulk information because the server quickly responds to your request. 

You can use the API to call for batch UPC lookup, and you will get the result immediately.  In addition, you can choose the desired output type depending upon your requirement, which is either in JASON, XML, or CSV format. From product name, image, and description to size, weight, and expiry date, you will get the results you are looking for.

With that being said, their API isn’t free, and you have three package options – Basic, Developer, and Startup. The Basic package offers limited UPC lookup and batch lookup, starting at $49/month. 


UPCitemdb is recognized as a top UPC lookup database that has more than 495 million products. It’s not your regular UPC lookup API that offers slow response and has limited features. 

The API lets you do both UPC lookup and search with ease, and you will be supplied with the desired response without any delay. With each lookup, you are fed with numerous information for each product, like name, image, barcode, shopping guide, size, structure, and other useful information. 

UPCitemdb allows you to access its database with any programming language, making it highly dynamic. Moreover, you can run bulk UPC lookup from both the Google Sheet add-on and Bulk Lookup sheet, thus, saving you from runtime limitations in G Suite.

With its free plan, you can access its database through API, but you can only make 100 requests a day. But once you switch to Dev or Pro package, you get the option of thousands of UPC lookups per day, along with numerous UPC bulk lookups when you call the API.


With over 331 million individual UPC records and an ever-expanding database, Digit-Eyes should be considered if you are looking for efficient APIs. The API can be called with any programming software, and you will get the response in JSON or XML interface. 

The API is suitable to integrate with all types of shopping applications worldwide, and the credit goes to its listing in 10 languages. When you perform a UPC lookup, you will be fed with all the regular information and some additional information like the product’s URL, nutritional information, trade item ownership, ingredients, and warnings. 

All the records you get through API calls are fetched in JSON, SOAP XML, or CSV interface. You can either go for the Free version if you have limited usage or the full version when you make many API calls.


The UPC lookup API service, Zebra, makes sure you accurately retrieve bulk information of production whenever you need it. It is explicitly designed to cater to shopping application owners and supply chain leaders as they can quickly get information on thousands of products. 

Zebra can help you make vital shipping and inventory decisions, showing what products are available and how many products you can ship. Zebra, through its UPC lookup API returns, helps you get all the necessary details, whether it is name, color, quantity, photo link, weight, condition, shipping cost, or price chart. 

You won’t need any external device or specialized program to use the API service in your system. You can utilize it with any Javascript, Python, C#, and Java program, and it will run without any disruption. 

However, you will need to add a Zebra Savanna API key to your system to incorporate product information. You can use it for free, but you will be limited to 100 per day UPC lookup API calls. To get higher or unlimited UPC lookups, you will have to go for the Basic or Barcode Intelligence plan. 

Barcode Spider API

Barcode Spider API has become the go-to choice for many users whenever they need to utilize UPC lookup API for gathering a lot of product information. It is highly dynamic when it comes to integration with other systems, and you can simply use it with your inventory management system or barcode scanning application. 

From retail pricing, historical price range, and description to brand, categories, and name, the API will return all the required information regarding a specific product. The API can work with several programming languages like Python, cURL, and PHP.

UPC Lookup APIs offers three pricing plans that you can choose from – Lite API plan, Basic API plan, and Dev API plan. The basic plan starts at $9/month and is limited to 1,000 lookups a day. 

Final Words

The UPC lookup APIs are necessary if you have a barcode application or shopping site or want to streamline your inventory management. By using the APIs to perform UPC lookups, not only can you gather basic product information but also retrieve crucial information and make better decisions. 

With so many UPC lookup APIs in the market, it naturally becomes confusing to pick just one. And to make that choice easier, you can read about the best UPC lookup APIs with their offerings and choose one according to your requirements.  

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