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In Business Operations Last updated: January 16, 2023
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Learn about the top and popular UPS monitoring tools that let you monitor your UPS systems for interrupted power supply for your network systems.

One thing of electrical and power systems that most businesses are likely to take for granted has to be monitoring. On the contrary, it comes under the most critical elements of the infrastructure.

To keep your systems running in the event of an outage, having a backup power system is the new norm, preferably in the form of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

UPS enables the user to continue operating normally throughout the majority of outages and gives ample time to begin shutting down systems when the battery charge reaches a critical point.

Critical systems would benefit from a UPS and a generator for prolonged outages, but the cost is frequently prohibitive. No worries!

Today in this post, we’re going to share 5 top UPS monitoring tools for your business that won’t break the bank!

But before that, let’s understand what UPS monitoring means!

What is UPS Monitoring?


One of the most common problems that IT companies face is unexpected shutdowns. It can be frustrating, especially if you are working on something important. Well, UPS monitoring can be the fix to this wound.

UPS monitor is a software program that helps to track the status of various performance indicators of your UPS device. It provides information about the battery’s charge level, estimated run time, voltage, charge, current, and more. It is done to ensure that they are constantly online and operational.

Monitoring key performance indicators is essential for uptime, maintenance, and upgrading your power system to withstand protracted outages.

The obtained information can be critical in the event of a power outage, as it can help to determine how long the system will be able to run on battery power.

Additionally, a UPS monitor helps troubleshoot any UPS battery issues, such as if it is not charging properly.

Apart from that, there are more such benefits of incorporating UPS Monitoring.

Let’s take a deeper glance at how a UPS monitoring tool can help your business!

Why Does one Need UPS Monitoring Tools?


There are a few possible problems that can timely arise with a computer system. UPS monitors can help diagnose those problems with your UPS system. If you are having issues with your network system, you should first check the UPS monitor. It will help you to identify any potential problems with the UPS system.

Other than that, there are many more aspects where a UPS monitoring tool can do wonders.

  • First, in case of a power outage, if your system will not have any backup power, it will shut down. It can cause data loss or corruption, as well as an interruption to any work you may be doing.
  • Second, if there is a power surge, your network systems will be unprotected and could be damaged. A UPS monitor can protect against power outages and surges, making it an essential part of keeping your systems safe.
  • UPS monitoring tools also help you monitor the battery performance and to check the battery charging status so that you’re prepared for any upcoming challenges beforehand.
  • A UPS monitor is an important tool for computer users. It helps to ensure that the system is receiving the correct amount of power, and it also provides a way to monitor the health of your UPS system.
  • Electricity bills can also be reduced with UPS monitors. By monitoring your network systems’ power consumption, you can ensure that you are not using more power than necessary.

Considering these hefty reasons, if you are not using a UPS monitor, you should consider doing so now more than ever!

Features to Watch out for in UPS Monitoring Tools


An efficient UPS power monitoring program provides vital information on the battery charge and performance and informs you when something is critically wrong. You can also modify your power system to tolerate lengthy outages depending on the size of the network.

Below are some must-have features that everyone should look for while choosing a UPS monitoring tool:

SNMP-based custom monitoring

Simple Network Management Protocol is the most integral and go-to protocol that helps monitor the networks and performance of the devices and look for issues. UPS monitoring tools with SNMP-based customer monitoring are believed to be more efficient than anything else these days and a necessity.


SNMP traps for instant alerts

SNMP traps are protocol agent that tells the user about an important event about network issues. You’ll be notified immediately about any glitches through emails or text messages.

Graphs, reports, and dashboards

A good monitoring tool should portray graphical representations and informative dashboards to help you effectively analyze things around the network perusal. It helps you understand and deeply examine the networks.

An auto-discovery system to log all network devices

SNMP-based auto-detections help you identify and oversee all connected devices and support them across platforms.

A facility to analyze network performance over time

Timely analysis of the network is non-negotiable when it comes to efficient performance. A UPS Monitor tool should enable you to monitor the network performance with time to optimize it for the better.

Free trial or a money-back guarantee for no-risk assessment

While choosing a UPS monitoring tool, one must consider looking for a demo or money-back guarantee in case the tool doesn’t walk the talk.

Value for money packages

Out of so many options available, look for one worth your price. Check whether the money you’re investing satisfies you with the features.

With that said, here are some best UPS monitoring tools that won’t cost you too much and can help you with effective UPS monitoring.


By finding the right tool for your business, you can ensure that your UPS units are always running properly and that you are prepared for any power outages.

Some of the most popular and effective options include the following:

PRTG UPS Monitor


With a huge fan base of 500,000 users, PRTG is one the most lucrative UPS monitoring tools available for every type and size of business.

As a monitoring tool, PRTG enables you to review the battery status of your UPS system, which can range from normal to low to depleted. With PRTG, you can also check the remaining runtime of your system, time on battery, and power consumption with time.

PRTG is more than just a monitoring tool, as you also get the luxury of receiving emails and message alerts according to the custom packages you’ve opted for. It just makes your entire monitoring so much easier and more convenient.



Yet another popular UPS monitoring tool is the OpManager. This tool is designed for all business types and allows you to monitor and manage the entire network and achieve 100% uptime.

The software is easy to use and provides various features, including the ability to remotely monitor and control your UPS units and receive real-time alerts if there is a power outage.

OpManager is a robust UPS monitoring solution that provides comprehensive querying and management capabilities and the ability to create custom reports.

Their quirky reports display takes the user experience to another level, making it easy for the user to instantly identify the bugs.

Site 24×7 UPS Monitoring


Site 24*7 brings you a 30-day free trial helping you figure out the compatibility of this tool with your business needs.

It provides essential UPS monitoring capabilities, including viewing UPS status, power consumption, and battery life. It’s a potent network monitoring tool that’s been here for a long time and has gained users’ immense trust worldwide.

Apart from that, this software is designed with some out-of-the-box support, including overseeing devices that support small, micro, medium, and large data centers; network closets; home offices, and more. It can be an ideal fit for small and home-based businesses.

Not only this, but the Site 24*7 UPS monitoring tool also comes up with default templates for a range of devices, including APC Smart-UPS 1500, APC Smart-UPS 750, APC UPS 9605, CyberPower UPS, Dell UPS v4, Liebert UPS, and a lot more.

Nagios UPS Monitor

YouTube video

With the Nagios UPS monitor, you can observe the network’s performance over time, analyze history, check reports, get immediate alters, and everything you need from a UPS monitoring tool!

This software is designed for larger businesses and organizations. It provides more advanced UPS monitoring capabilities, including viewing UPS status, power consumption, load shedding, network management, and more.

The Nagios UPS monitor can keep track of battery backup systems with swift handling and instant notification features.

Nagios UPS monitoring tool also offers a free trial, so that’s good for businesses to see whether it works for them. Not to mention, they are trusted by millions of users, including SMEs and Fortune 500 businesses. So, if customization was an issue for you, it wouldn’t be any longer!

Nagios solutions provide you with two awesome packages, and you can choose one that fits your pocket and needs:

  • Nagios XI
  • Nagios Core

For businesses wanting to keep a check on small environments solely, Nagios XI do have a free plan for them as well.

10-Strike Network Monitor


Another potent yet go-to UPS monitoring tool has to be the 10-Strike Network Monitor. Integrated with SNMP protocol, this tool falls under the most efficient network monitoring tool category.

It provides the same features and capabilities as the other UPS monitoring software but with the added benefit of accessing it from anywhere in the world.

The 10-Strike network monitor tools have a notification feature that informs you through texts or emails about every tiny stir inside.

YouTube video

The easiest tool to access information about your UPS 10-Strike Network Monitor, this special module can monitor almost every network with the help of SNMP checks.

The good thing about choosing 10-Strike Network Monitor is that their assisting team stays there for feedback and help. Their web interface is smooth, easy, and fast, making this tool more reliable and convenient.

If you’re planning to go ahead with this 10-Strike Network Monitor, make sure not to miss out on their 30-day free trial.


As you probably know, monitoring your UPS systems is important for every business. The uninterruptible power supply is valuable for keeping your servers and other equipment running smoothly. It is why choosing the right monitoring tool is vital. We hope our article helped you choose the right tool for your business. Before choosing any tool, thoroughly review the features and functionalities first.

You may also explore some best network diagnostics tools for small and large organizations.

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