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In Design and Mac Last updated: July 14, 2023
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Whether you’re creating a short clip or a lengthy full-blown video, choosing the right software can make a huge difference in the final result.

Irrespective of your requirement, you need something fast, easy, and powerful simultaneously. While there’s a good number of video software available, not everyone is impressive. You don’t need something that does only half the work and forces you to download different software to do the other half.

For example, some video software out there only allows you to cut, trim, and compile clips. You don’t want “just” that because that’s not enough to create good-looking videos. You’d also want to be able to add filters, special effects, subtitles, audio tracks, transitions, and so on.

There are also a ton of online video makers or movie maker apps, but they’re good when you have minimal requirements. For robust features, easier accessibility, and potentially saving time, video software takes the cake without a doubt.

Finding the right video maker isn’t that difficult because I’ve done all the hard work for you. Before we jump into the list, here are some of the many reasons you need good video editing software.

Huge possibility

Good video software installed on your computer allows you to edit your videos in any way you can. You can add special effects, transitions, audio, and other cool stuff. You can fix audio issues, trim scenes, and even edit green screen footage.

There are also some video makers out there that can help you collaborate and work on the video as a whole.

Handles high-end requirements

Video editing software can handle high-end requirements in the sense that even if you want to edit films, commercials, or marketing videos, you can do that with ease.

Though there are chances you might only want a video editor for simple YouTube videos and not an entire film, just knowing that the software can handle heavy work gives you a sense of assurance that you do not have to look for other video editors if at all your requirements increase.


Since good video editing software can easily handle heavy-load, your computer will have less to worry about and won’t lag in between.

There’s nothing more irritating than the frequent lags. It interrupts workflow and wastes time, and nobody wants that. So, that’s just another reason why you need to go for good video software.

That being said, it’s time to dive into the list finally.


With an allowance of 100 media layers, Wondershare Filmora is way beyond just the basics of video editing. It can help you create videos that deliver your message in a very detailed and appealing manner. You can edit green screen videos, adjust keyframing, remove background noise, and enjoy crisp quality with full 4K support.

It quickly removes action cam problems like fisheye and camera shake. You can play with those if you fancy effects like slow motion and reverse.

Filmora is available for both Windows and Mac.


YouTube video

Creating professional videos with Movavi Video Editor is as simple as dragging and dropping elements. You can add filters and titles and apply attractive transitions. If your clips are shaky, you can fix that with ease. It has a tool for every need. Here are some of the most notable features:

  • Picture-in-picture
  • The one-click transition applies to all sections
  • Pan and zoom
  • Smart stabilization

This software already comes with many effects and elements in-built, but if you want more, you can head over to their store section and grab new ones designed by professionals. It works on both OS.


It supports screen recording and video editing, Camtasia is easy to use and one of the most popular ones on this list. Though it can be used for any purpose, if you’re into creating a tutorial or instructional videos, this software might be the one you’re looking for.

There is more screen recording software for Windows, macOS, and Chrome you can try.

You can add audios, titles, annotations, callouts, and various transitions. Other than that, it also allows you to zoom in and out and add pan animations.

The most exciting feature of this software is, that it lets you create quizzes within your video. This is great for maximizing user engagement and interactivity. Don’t forget to use their free trial to experience all the features.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Anything that comes from Adobe is bound to be great, and Premiere Pro is no different. It has features that can handle advanced requirements. You can edit your film, TV content, and web videos without feeling a pinch of heat.

Their creative tools and integration with various other apps make it one of the most flexible tools on this list.  It has an AI tool called Adobe Sensei that can help you massively save time by automating many tasks.

Not only that, but you can also edit footage in any format, whether it’s 8K or virtual reality. The great thing is, it has lightweight proxy workflows and faster ProRes HDR to help you work the way you want.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Premiere Pro comes with Premiere Rush, another all-in-one app that works on all devices, including mobile devices.


A very advanced video software with an easy interface, DaVinci Resolve 16 combines 8K editing, color correction, audio post-production, and visual effects under one tool. And the exciting thing is, this is the only software in the world that does this.

You can seamlessly jump between editing, color, audio, and effects instantly without interrupting the workflow. It’s great for people like me who fancy multitasking.

Also, this solution allows you to collaborate with your team members and work on the same projects simultaneously. Whether you’re an individual or a company with plenty of members, DaVinci Resolve 16 is suitable, even for high-end requirements like feature films, commercials, etc.

It has some mind-blowing features that you’d want to check out. You can download the software for free for Mac, Windows, and Linux.


YouTube video

PowerDirector 365 is another brilliant video editing software, and it comes with 200 powerful editing tools. When I say “powerful,” you might think it will be a challenging task to learn to use all of that. Fortunately, that’s not the case. This software lets you create professional videos without really losing your mind. It makes it easy for you to use anything and everything inside of it.

Talking about the features, you can:

  • Add custom shape objects.
  • Add creative transitions
  • Utilize motion graphics and animated titles
  • Use title reveal mask
  • 1:1 ratio video for social platforms like Instagram and Facebook
  • Edit green screen footage
  • Access a variety of templates
  • Create video collages

And the list goes on and on. You can use this software on Windows, Android, and IOS.


Apple users know how good iMovie is.

If you have Mac or any IOS device, you can enjoy using this fantastic software and edit your videos effortlessly. You can create Hollywood-style trailers and excellent movies in 4K resolution.

Select your footage, and add titles, audio, and effects to create a professional video. iMovie doesn’t have the most advanced features, but it’s known for its ease of use, and I believe that’s a huge factor.

You can add filters, edit green screen clips, and even sync them over all your IOS devices. For example, you can trim a few parts from your iPhone, add effects on your iPad, and finish editing it on your Mac. Though I am not sure, who does this, it’s still a cool feature to have for feasibility. 😉

HitFilm Pro

Great for both editing and VFX, HitFilm Pro makes it convenient by keeping both things under one single solution. It has a powerful chroma key, particle, text tools, and the world’s biggest VFX toolkit.

HitFilm Pro works with well-known experts to bring you Foundry’s 3D camera tracking, BorisFX’s pro titling tools, and support for VideoCopilot plugins to make things even better. With all those exciting features, you get a smooth workflow having everything you need to see your project through to the end.

You can try out the features by utilizing their free demo. I highly recommend checking this one out if your requirement demands.


Working on the INFUSION engine, Video Pro X is fast and efficient in video editing. You can use this software for small-scale and as well as complex projects. It has intuitive tools to make precision edits, select a multi-format timeline, and utilize multi-cam editing to ensure the best workflow.

You also get a real-time audio mixer and cleaner, which is quite impressive. Apart from that, these are some great features:

  • Flexible track handling
  • Color grading
  • Lookup tables
  • Special effects
  • Chroma keying
  • HDR & 4K support
  • VEGAS video stabilization
  • Embed travel maps with MAGIX
  • More than 1,500 templates

Currently, you can use Video Pro X only on Windows.

AVS Video Editor

Another one solely for Windows, AVS Video Editor, is full of features that can possibly do anything video-related you can imagine. It supports different formats and resolutions, and you can edit videos much faster with the help of its “video cache technology.”

In a nutshell, here are some of the main possibilities:

  • Trim, cut, split, merge, and rotate.
  • Add over 300 effects.
  • Use creative transitions and overlays.
  • Integrate audio, text, and subtitles
  • Edit 2K and 4K videos
  • Utilize VHS tapes and DV/HDV content
  • Improve shaky footage
  • Color tune video
  • Use chroma key effect to change the background.

Keeping all that aside, AVS Video Editor is relatively easy to use despite being loaded with powerful features.


Now that you know the importance of good video editing software, all that is left is to choose a suitable one from the above list. I believe all of them are beginner-friendly, and no matter how much knowledge you have regarding video editing, you’ll easily be able to find a way around these solutions.

Check out Videvo to get FREE clips to practice video editing.

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