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In Digital Marketing Last updated: September 4, 2023
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Every business should make video marketing an integral part of its strategy to stay on customers’ radar.

In layman’s terms, video marketing is simply the process of using videos to showcase your product or service in front of your audience. It can help your business in many ways, like:

  • Increase sales
  • Boost traffic
  • Increase dwell time on a website
  • Engage the audience
  • Generate leads
  • Improve understanding of your product/service

With that being said, it’s not that easy of a task to integrate effective video marketing into your strategy. Simply creating a video and then sharing it on social media just won’t be enough. There goes a lot more to it, and I believe the below-mentioned tools will definitely help you in that regard.

If that sounds interesting, let’s jump right in.


YouTube video

Animoto enables you to create attention-grabbing videos that can help you drive traffic, increase sales, and engage your audience.  It has a massive library of stock videos, images, clips, music, and other assets that you can use to come up with videos for any industry.

You can further customize your videos, watermark them, and even share them across different social media platforms in their appropriate sizes. With just one subscription, you can create as many videos as you want, and that too in 1080p HD quality. You can either use their free plan or upgrade for as low as $5/month.



If you struggle with building a connection with your viewers, Wistia can definitely fix that for you. First of all, it lets you host videos on their platform that has one of the highest-quality playbacks. You can add a logo, change colors, and even assemble forms, links, and CTAs.

You can deliver an ad-free experience to your viewers and even create a mini-channel that showcases your handpicked videos. Other than that, you can auto-play one video after another to increase dwell time.

Talking about building a connection with your audience, they lets you use the viewer’s data to reach new people and also retarget existing ones on different platforms. You can capture their email addresses and keep them notified whenever a new video drops.

Worrying about SEO?


Wistia optimizes the videos for the search engine by adding schema markup (JSON+LD) and does all the hard work in the background.

Lastly, you can integrate CRM to take full control of things.


With hundreds of templates, thousands of assets, and a bunch of customization options, Vyond can take the burden of creating amazing videos. From ground zero to finish, you have full control over the visuals, fonts, audio, and all files. In fact, this tool is built in a way to help you turn your ideas into interesting videos.

Here’s an example video created using Vyond:

YouTube video

The fact that the videos will be animated makes the entire thing a lot better because it’s high in demand. You don’t even need to have any “animation” knowledge. All you do is select a template and play with the elements and functions to come up with your own professional explainer-type video.


A complete video marketing suite, Brightcove, is simple but very effective for your business. It is an all-in-one video marketing solution that lets you do:

  • Video editing
  • Live to stream
  • Content management
  • Video publishing
  • Transcoding
  • Analyze performance

You can assemble your own video player and embed it anywhere you like. In fact, within their system, you can share your videos on multiple platforms at once, without having to log into them manually. If you have Brightcove, there are very fewer things you have to do outside of it because they already have a ton of video-related functionalities built in.

You can get started with their free trial.


Great for generating leads and driving traffic via video marketing, SproutVideo was founded in 2010 but quickly became a reliable option.

It has a bunch of tools that you can use to supercharge your video marketing game, including an advanced video player that has social sharing and embed code sharing options. It also has built-in CTAs and End Cards to catch viewers’ interest.

I must say @sproutvideo has THE BEST customer service/support docs of any platform I’ve ever used. Always a pleasure using their product and speaking to their team!

— Kate Goldsmith (@KGoldsmithMKTG) August 15, 2019

Apart from that, you can add a lead capture form to your video that integrates with leading platforms like MailChimp and Hubspot.

There are other features to it, like video SEO, performance tracking, and a lot more. You can get started for free and take it from there.


Unless you’re a pro email marketer, it can be tough to keep the readers glued to your emails. However, with the use of BombBomb, you can at least make things a lot better by adding videos to it. It’s like adding video marketing and email marketing together for an effective outcome.


It helps your emails to stand out from the crowd because most of them would be plain text only. All you do is install the BombBomb Chrome extension and/or mobile app, record your video through it and then embed it into your emails. You can even choose any video from your library if you don’t want to record a fresh one.


You can create brilliant video campaigns for your brand with Shakr. In order to achieve good results from social media platforms, you have to be constantly posting fresh content and mainly videos. Keeping that in mind, Shakr is built in such a way that lets you create batches of videos a lot faster and in an effective manner.

You can render videos super-fast, to a point where over 500 videos can be rendered within a fraction of time. And after that, you can activate your campaigns the very same day to keep things flowing.


An all-in-one video marketing solution, Vidyard has literally everything you’d need. Most probably you wouldn’t have to venture out for other tools if you grab this one.

And why do I say that?

That’s because this tool lets you:

  • Host videos
  • Integrate videos in emails and content
  • Add CTAs, End Cards and forms to your video player
  • Optimize videos for SEO
  • Create a hub for your best videos
  • Incorporate personalized features to a video player
  • Analyze performance across the internet

As a @HubSpot Marketing Pro & Sales Pro user, I have access to Vidyard. So far so good.

— 🤠 Randy Milanovic (@kayak360) March 25, 2020

Vidyard is trusted and praised by some of the biggest names like LinkedIn, Microsoft, and S&P Global. Be sure to request a free demo to try them out.


Vimeo has recently really upped their game and became a whole lot better than they were before. In fact, it has now become the go-to video hosting choice for many people. And why wouldn’t it be with all those incredible features?

With Vimeo, you can:

  • Host videos
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Carry out the required marketing strategies
  • Gauge performance on a deep level

You get 7TB storage to upload your videos and organize them however you like. The video player allows you to add CTAs, embed anywhere, capture email addresses, and integrate with your favorite email marketing software. There are a lot more features you’d love to explore, so you can get started for as low as $20/month.


Choose any above-mentioned video marketing tools to create amazing videos, generate leads, build engagement, and skyrocket your ROI.

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