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Top 10 Video Voice Over Tools to Enhance Your Visual Content

Video Voice Over Tools
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Among all the types of content, video has clearly been the largest consumed media by people on the internet.

In fact, 92.8% of internet users worldwide watch digital videos every week. This can be any type of video: tutorials, gameplay, or even music videos.

What does this simple stat tell us? Well, it clearly indicates that videos are hot right now, and it’ll stay that way for ages to come. What better opportunity to be seen right now on the internet other than creating videos?

It’s a great time to start creating visual content, so if you plan to do that, you need to do it correctly.

It’s a fact that videos with a voice-over get more traction because, well, in this time and age, it’s so easy to get distracted. A voice-over keeps the users glued to the video for as long as possible.

Keeping that in mind, in this post, we’ll look at the best video voice-over tools; you can use to enhance your visual content and hopefully attract more eyeballs.

What is a Video Voice Over?

Without complicating things, a voice-over on top of a video is simply a person talking without being seen. The voice often describes or explains what’s being displayed on the video to help the users understand it better.


You must have come across many videos on YouTube, especially tutorials, where on top of the video that’s playing, you can hear a person talking that’s helping you walk through the steps. 

They’re usually providing additional information regarding the video to help you grasp the value.

A simple way to think about it is when you’re watching a children’s story, and the voice is basically explaining the story as it progresses in the video.

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Why Should You Add a Voice-Over to Your Videos?

Let’s consider two different scenarios. The first scenario is that you have an explainer or a tutorial video, but it only has background music. There is no voice-over on top of it, so the user only relies on the on-screen instructions to understand it.

The second scenario is almost the same as the first one, except, this time, you have a voice-over on top of the video that describes, highlights, and explains every step.

Which video do you think users will understand and appreciate more? Yes, it’s the second one because a voice-over helps explain the video much more effectively.

Besides this fact, there are many other reasons why you should add a voice-over to your videos:

#1. More Accessible 👥

While the regular audience does appreciate the luxury of being provided a voice-over, it’s a necessity when it comes to people with visual impairment. A voice-over can help them understand the video without the need to see any of the visuals.

This makes your videos so much more accessible and caters to a larger group of people.

#2. Adds a Human Touch 👦🏻

In a world of many bots and machines, it’s very important to provide a human touch to people. Despite having great visuals, if your video doesn’t have a voice-over, it can fail to hold the attention of your viewers.

A voice-over can add the required emotions and set the mood and tone of the video for people to connect and relate better.

#3. Makes eLearning Easier 📖

If you’re someone who offers eCourses and you want your students to get your message clearly, adding a voice-over will help you achieve that. It makes course materials and tutorials so much easier to digest, especially if the students aren’t native English speakers.

#4. Improves User-experience, Views, and Conversions 💰

Since the overall benefit of having a voice-over in your videos is improving the user experience of your viewers, it directly affects your views, and then that ripples into better conversions.

It’s like a domino effect that keeps going on and on, and I don’t think we could ask for anything better.

Do You Need a Huge Budget for Voice Overs?

It’s a big misconception that creating voice-overs requires a lot of money and fancy equipment. That is simply not true at all. Sure, if you’re looking to hire the top voice-over artist in your niche and create the next Hollywood-style video, then that might cost an arm and a leg.

However, there are other ways of doing it that do not require a lot of money at all. Something like purchasing a simple mic for recording can do your job if you want to record your voice-overs and add them to the videos.

Now, the question is: how do we add the voice-over to our video? Thankfully, it’s very simple with the list of tools we will look at now.

Some of these tools even create the voice-over for you with the help of text-to-speech technology. This means you don’t have to mess around with recording or editing.

Let’s check them out.


Suitable for various voice-over use cases, Murf can make your videos much more engaging with their tool. It has over 120 different text-to-speech voices in more than 20 accents that you can instantly put on your videos.


It’s powered by AI technology, which means whatever script you enter in the tool, your chosen voice will automatically generate an amazing voice-over reading the text you just provided.

The entire process takes just a few minutes, and the way the tool is built, you’ll go from amateur to pro in no time. And the best part? It’s incredibly easy to work around the interface.


It takes just a few minutes to create a voice-over video with Synthesia, all thanks to their AI technology that generates videos for you with actors of your choice.

YouTube video

You can make them speak any script you want, which means you no longer have to worry about having equipment like a microphone and camera.

You can choose from over 100 different AI avatars that are digital twins of real actors. Not only that, but you can also create your own custom avatar exclusive to your brand. This feature totally steals the deal, in my opinion.

As a side note, they’re available in 120+ languages and accents. It’s safe to say that Synthesia totally takes voice-overs to a whole another level.


Simple yet powerful is what best describes VEED, a video editor that allows you to add and sync your voice-over in the easiest way possible.


It’s completely online, so you can access it from any device. All it requires from you is the video and the audio voice-over, after which you can sync them together. It has a very user-friendly editor to help you work without any hiccups.

While it’s not a feature that’s available currently, in the near future, VEED will allow you to record your voice-over right from the tool. That’ll be pretty cool to see.


What the above tool doesn’t have at the moment, Animoto already has. It allows you to record the voice-over from the tool or upload it from your computer. It’s a proud partner of companies like YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


The entire process of adding a voice-over to your video using this tool is just 4 simple steps and can be done in no more than a few minutes.

Besides having the ability to add and sync voice-overs, it has a bunch of video templates that help you create an attractive video as well.


Perfect for creating videos for platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram, Animaker allows you to create an amazing video and add your own voice-over to it.


It has a video editor that’s simple yet allows you to perform a variety of tasks. In fact, it also supports all video formats, so you don’t have to worry about your video not being accepted.

After you’re done creating the video, you can download it to your device or share it across 20+ social media platforms.

You can get started with Animaker for absolutely no cost at all.


Turn your plain and ordinary videos into engaging with the help of Flixier.

YouTube video

It’s packed with some great features, such as:

  • Ability to record, upload or generate a voice-over using text-to-speech
  • Multiple languages, accents, and dialects support
  • Powerful video editing capabilities
  • Edit voice-overs to skip past the “umm’s” and “ahh’s” and only keep the important parts
  • Publish videos straight to YouTube

Flixier is a completely free tool that runs in your browser seamlessly. In fact, you don’t even need to create an account.

Just click on Get Started on their website, and you can start editing straight away.

There are so many capabilities of the platform. It allows you to create voice-overs, turn them into subtitles and captions, and basically give your video a new life.


You can upload your pre-recorded voice-over or record one using the built-in mic of the tool. After that, you can trim and edit the voice-over to fit your preferences.

Moreover, it allows you to add effects, music, and more. The editor carries a lot of possibilities, so you can play around with it to really utilize it to its full potential.


You can sign up for free on Lumen5 to edit your videos and, of course, add voice-overs to them. It takes just a few clicks to complete the process, and the kind of interface it provides only makes things easier.


If you’re a marketer, publisher, or brand that’s looking to elevate their videos, this platform is a great place for that. It already has over 1,000,000 companies on board to use and love this tool.

The best part is you don’t need any prior experience or expertise to use Lumen5.

Genny by LOVO

Don’t want to use your own voice as the voice-over? Let Genny generate one for you with the help of AI. 

YouTube video

It specializes in helping you create a bunch of different videos, such as:

It features an intuitive video editor that allows you to add images, videos, sound effects, and voice-overs. You can utilize their library of premade royalty-free assets to include in your videos to take things a notch higher.

All in all, Genny is a powerful and advanced AI voice-over tool that comes with plenty of features.


Narakeet is as great as the other tools in this list. I particularly love the fact that it has over 500 professional voices that you can use to read out your voice-over script.

YouTube video

It’s amazingly realistic, and it’s safe to say that it pushes the limit with AI to its full potential. You can expect to create voice-overs that sound great and sync well with your videos.

Besides, you can turn your presentations into videos and use premade templates to create videos for specific platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. It also allows you to add closed captions and subtitles automatically.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Narakeet takes things to the next level by allowing you to create multiple versions of the same video in different languages or resolutions.

Final Words

At this point, you must be familiar with the fact that voice-overs really elevate your entire video and help your viewers grasp the information better.

By using the above tools, you’ll be able to pounce on that fact and hopefully create highly engaging and informative videos.

Next, check out these powerful content creation tools to boost marketing.

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