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There can be various reasons why you’d want to convert a web page to PDF but one such instance is when you quickly want to share a web page via email for them to store it for future references.

And since PDF format is the most convenient way to represent any kind of document, it’s the best choice to have your web pages converted into.

If you’ve been wondering how to make a web page into a PDF, then I am here to tell you that it’s incredibly easy and simple to do that. There are many online tools available that can instantly convert your HTML pages into PDF format with the best possible result.

Before we jump into the list of the tools, let’s first learn more about what exactly these two formats are.

What is a HTML web page? 🖥️

To put it in the simplest words possible, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the code that’s used to structure a web page and its contents. It’s the standard code language for all websites on the internet.

HTML does a lot of the internal weightlifting of your website because it’s the foundation of it. It consists of a series of elements, tells the browser how to display content, and also labels specific areas of the content as different levels of headers.

What is a PDF format? 🖺

Also known as “Portable Document Format”, a PDF is a file format that’s quite commonly used when viewing, printing, and sharing final documents. It was developed in a way to make sure that documents have no issues working with screen readers and different other assistive technology.

This format represents the contents of your documents/web page in the best quality possible, so it’s a great idea to have your web pages converted to it.

With that aside, let’s have a look at the tools to have your web pages converted instantly.


Very handy and simple in nature, Sejda’s HTML to PDF converter is a treat to use. It’s turns your HTML web pages into PDF format instantly and accurately. You can either upload your HTML pages into it or enter the URL directly to have it converted.

Any files you upload on this site stays private and automatically get deleted within two hours for security. As a free user, you can upload documents of up to 50 MB and performs 3 tasks per hour.

Soda PDF

This tool called Soda PDF works both ways, which means you can convert your web page to PDF and also PDF to web page if you wish to. It’s smart enough to detect website overlays and display them wherever they appear.

You can use their online tool, download the Chrome extension or install their desktop application, whichever form of use is convenient for you.

Soda PDF is free to use for the start so you can get a good idea of what the tool is capable of.


With maximum file size limit of 1 GB, FreeConvert is another great option to convert your web pages to PDF. It’s a 256-bit SSL encrypted tool that’s been introduced to the internet not too long ago, but has quickly become a favorite among many users.

It’s easy to use and has advanced setting options to further fine-tune conversion parameters so you can achieve the best possible result without doing anything extra.

Alternatively, FreeConvert offers more conversions options, such as EPUB to PDF.


You can drag and drop, upload or paste HTML links on Convertio to convert them to PDF instantly within the browser. In fact, it supports more than 200 different formats, so you can turn the web pages into different formats if you wish to.

It’s used by some of the biggest companies’ employees out there, such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. You can get started for no cost at all and then decide to upgrade if you wish to.


Top quality conversion results and powerful API is what makes CloudConvert a great tool. You can literally use custom integrations to make this solution even more flexible than it is already.

It has a bunch of advanced options before converting the files, such as print background, margins, header/footer template and number of pages.

Not to mention, it’s also really secure and all of your data would be safe without being manipulated.


Very straightforward and simple, ILovePDF is another tool that gets the work done without asking much. You just enter the web page URL and it’ll convert it to PDF within no time. If you want, you can also download their desktop software and convert files offline.

ILovePDF comes with high accuracy rate for each conversion, so there’s a sense of guarantee that you don’t have to look for another tool in the future.


You can upload up to 20 HTML files into HTMLtoPDF to have them converted in batches. Even better, if you have the zip file, you could upload that too even if they contain images and stylesheets.

Once the result has been generated, you can download them one by one or export them in a zip archive. All of the data is deleted after 1 hour to protect your privacy. lets you drop files into the tool directly or import from Dropbox, Google Drive and the local device. It doesn’t store your data into their system, so there’s no chance of having your information being misused.

This tool is known to be quite fast, right from uploading your web pages to generating the final result. You’re also allowed to make edits and revisions before exporting the converted file to your device.


With very little waiting time, Webtopdf gives you quick and easy conversions even with average internet connection, and that too without compromising on quality.

All you need to do is drag and drop the HTML files into it and it’ll turn them into PDFs. You can change the output settings to match your exact needs, and good thing is that the files are deleted 1 hour after the conversion to keep things secure.

In fact, this tool has SSL-based encryption file transfer for maximum security.


Works seamlessly with all browsers, PDFChef is another free solution that you can use online. It features an intuitive interface and has been known to be quite easy to use for all types of users, more so because it guides you through every step of the process.

Not to mention, it’s also super-fast and provides 100% data security.


W2P or better known as Web2PDF converter is a quick tool to have your HTML files converted to PDF. The interface is simple; you just upload the file or enter the URL before hitting the button to get the job done.

You can tweak the settings and set your own parameters for the best possible results. It returns back with the final result in just a few seconds.


Available as an online tool and as well as a Chrome extension, PDFCandy makes it easy to upload files and convert them before exporting them to your device or a cloud platform.

This tool runs well on all browsers and operating systems, so irrespective of what you’re using, you can be assured it’ll get the job done without any hiccups.


The above tools would come really handy when you quickly want to turn your web pages to PDF, especially if you need it urgently. All of them are pretty good and they don’t disappoint when it comes to delivery time and result quality.

You’d also want to check out some of the PDF editors which you may need after the conversion.

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