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How Fast Your Website Load from Mobile? “Test Now”

How Fast Your Website Load from Mobile? “Test Now”

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Find out how much time does it take to load the web page from Mobile devices from multiple locations.

Mobile is everywhere, and more than 50% of Google Search come from Mobile devices. The latest research by Hitwise shows more than 65% of searches in Food & Beverage, Health; Sports come through mobile devices.

Are you prepared for your website to serve on mobile devices?

Serving mobile version of your site is essential, and there is a reason for that.

Mobile network speed (2G/3G/4G) is not as faster as broadband/fiber internet. So, the web page may load quicker on a desktop but slower on mobile devices.

You got to ensure your website is mobile-friendly, responsive and serve the mobile version of the webpage.

As Google says:

  • People are five times more likely to leave a mobile site if it’s not user-friendly.
  • Around half of visitors will leave if a page doesn’t load within 3 seconds.

You may consider the following to optimize your web page for mobile users.

Go responsive – having your web page responsive ensure page elements like a smaller image is served to reduce the overall page size, page outlet is fit to the device size/resolution for better user experience.

Make Mobile-Friendly – it’s must. Google consider this in their search ranking so ensure web page is designed to fit the mobile.

Now, it’s tool showcase time.

Site Relic

Speed test by Site Relic let you test website on mobile from the following 9 locations.

  • Oregan
  • Iowa
  • South Carolina
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Tokyo
  • Sydney
  • London
  • Belgium

You can either select to test from one location or all of them in summary mode. Test result contains the following essential metrics.

  • Resolving IP address
  • Time taken to load
  • Time to first byte
  • Page size
  • Number of HTTP requests made to load
  • Waterfall requests
  • Full page screenshot


Mobitest by AKAMAI let you test the website performance on mobile from the following locations.

  • London
  • Bangalore
  • Cambridge

You have multiple device options to choose from like iPhone, Nexus, Galaxy S5, iPad, Kindle Fire HDX, etc.

Most of the tools allow you to run the test once per execution. However, Mobitest let you choose up to three runs per execution.

Once a test is done, you should see the average load time, page size and if you are interested, you can scroll down to see the request in waterfall chart.

Think with Google

Test My Site by Think with Google doesn’t give you exact time taken to load but does something good.

It tests the mobile friendliness with the following points and gives you the score X out of 100.

  • Size content to viewport
  • Viewport configuration
  • Size tap targets
  • Font size
  • Plugin usage

Aim for nothing but 100

Next, it gives you mobile speed score but doesn’t tell the exact time taken.

The score is based on the following metrics.


GTmetrix is one of the most popular web page performance testing tools for a desktop. However, if you do a free registration, you will be able to test from Mobile using Chrome browser.

Currently, testing from the mobile browser is available only from Canada in free registration.

You get all the performance metrics what you get using a Desktop browser.

  • PageSpeed/YSlow test score
  • Time is taken to load
  • Page size
  • Number of HTTP requests
  • Waterfall graph

If you don’t mind doing a free registration, then GTmetrix will be useful to get actionable testing results.


SynTraffic let you test your web page from the following location using a Mobile client.

  • US East
  • US West
  • Australia
  • EU West

SynTraffic test result reminds of GTmetrix but in different design/layout. Looks like the good alternative of GTmetrix. You can see the following in test results.

  • Total number of request made
  • YSlow score
  • PageSpeed Score
  • Total time is taken to load the webpage
  • % of request in success/failure
  • Number of request by domain, content type, size & time
  • Waterfall charts

Dotcom Monitor

Dotcom Monitor got one of the largest numbers of location to choose a test from. You can select to test from up-to 24 locations worldwide.

Dotcom Monitor support multiple clients:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Nokia Lumia
  • Blackberry

Once a test is done, you can see the average test results or view waterfall for each location.

Each performance report contains summary, performance breakdown, request charts, host details and error if any. It looks very promising, and I just love it.

The world has gone mobile, and you should be considering all it takes to optimize for better mobile user experience.

If not already, you may consider using CDN like MaxCDN, CloudFlare, SUCURI who provides many performance optimizations from their network edge.

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