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In SEO Last updated: June 25, 2023
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Traffic  checker tools have become evident in this rapidly growing digital landscape and fierce competition.


There are millions of active websites on the internet, and many of them are your competitors.

No matter how hard you try not to remember it, competition is exponentially increasing as we speak.

This is why, instead of running from reality, face your competition, conquer your biggest fears, and do everything you can to come up on the top, whether it’s search engine rankings or staying on top of your customers’ minds.

And a traffic checker tool helps you in this. You can learn about your competitors and benchmark your marketing strategy and lookup website traffic against theirs to do better than them.

So, let’s talk about traffic estimator tools and understand how they can help you.

What is a Traffic Estimator?

A web traffic estimator tool is used to analyze how users interact with a given site. It reflects information about the website, such as the number of site visitors, their sources (organic, backlinks, or paid ads), how much time spent on it, its keywords, SEO, and more.

Traffic estimators are used mainly for competitor research and leveraging the information to improve website traffic, clicks, and overall conversion rates.

Why should you use a web Traffic Estimator?

Even if your product/service is excellent, you lose your battle if your site does not have good traffic.

Or, you have done everything alright like keywords, SEO, and so on, but you aren’t getting the results. Your competitors are still outranking you. This means your competitors’ strategies are stronger.

A traffic estimator tool will track your competitors’ website traffic and tell their strengths and weaknesses, so you can improve your strategies and be ahead of the game.

It can perform several functions:

  • Shows details about the total number of viewers, their interests, and demographics
  • It helps improve your bounce rates and make adjustments based on user behavior
  • Determines specific searches through different search engines such as Google or Bing to improve your keywords
  • It helps strengthen your content strategies and engagement rates with better keywords, SEO, and best posting time in a week or day
  • Highlights page performance so you can get an idea of which pages are performing the best and which ones to improve
  • Pinpoints and compares your digital campaigns to drive more traffic and conversions

Now, let’s find out our best traffic estimator tools to perform competitor research and drive your site traffic.


Do you want to lookup website traffic of your competitors, potential partners, and prospects?

Semrush makes it possible to analyze the performance of any website. It allows you to check the domain performance, visits, visits per page, visit duration, traffic rank, and so on. It also helps you compare the website traffic volume of potential partners or competitors to map your position against them.

In addition, you can learn mobile vs. desktop traffic ratio plus user engagement. Monitor latest trends and define upcoming players and leaders as well. Also, compare your potential partners’ or competitors’ audience, evaluate the growth, and discover what a user prefers to see on the website.

Analyze partnerships and media placements, and find platforms that will help you connect with potential customers. Semrush also helps you in determining categories, top services, and products on competitors’ websites. In addition, you can reveal what digital campaigns your competitors are currently focusing on.

Identify popular content topics and blogs, and create co-marketing assets for your partners’ platforms. Moreover, reveal the most active marketing channels, identify the connections, backlink providers, and affiliates, and check company expenses.

Compare website’s online performance and traffic in different regions, and locate countries where competitors are active. Make a smart move by evaluating and tracking tactics and strategies on different channels, monitoring traffic trends, discovering niches and markets, and learning customers’ behavior.

Try a plan for free (special 14-days trial to Geekflare readers like you) to experience the platform.


Discover the sources of competitors’ website traffic through a website analysis tool of Serpstat. Researching for a topic, keyword, or ad has never been so easy, but Serpstat has made it effortless to fetch every data of the domain you want to know about.

The main factor of increasing traffic is keyword analysis or keyword distribution, so they offer a PPC and SEO competitor analysis report. Enhance your profit by using domain analysis tools, which will help you look into all the PPC/SEO competition and check the most valuable keywords.

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In addition, cross-check the market niche by comparing competitors’ websites with their competitors. Next, find the ranking gap through a complete analysis report and make a strategy accordingly. Serpstat saves you from the hassles of using various tools; only one tool is enough to get the best results so you can focus on growth.

Get an idea of top-performing content, ad samples, and keywords for the niche you chose. With the SERP competition analyzer, get the complete report on the keywords used in competitors’ top pages. Also, find the landing pages that get the most traffic, get a valuable list of landing pages, keywords, and ideas for your niche, and cross-analyze the data with other domains.

Choose a plan starting at just $55/month and avail unique benefits.


Estimate competitors’ website traffic statistics in different periods by different channels. Sitechecker allows you to choose top websites by their ranks and check their website traffic and find the percentage of web traffic your competitors get from different channels.

You can shortlist competitors who are using paid ads, compare bounce rate and session duration for each competitor, and explore the keywords that helped them bring the most visitors. Moreover, you can check the backlinks they have used to attract audiences from referral traffic.

You can also analyze reports to get an idea about traffic dynamics and their changes since the last six months to grow traffic. When you have the complete data of your competitors’ websites, it’s time to level up the game for your website. Check the status of your site to know the gap, make a strategy, and work on it to beat competitions and grow.

Elevate the performance of your website by choosing a perfect plan for you at a starting price of $29/month.


Similarweb helps you get the easiest and fastest way to discover what is happening online on your site. You can analyze app and website performance, implement industry research, audience research, reveal affiliate marketing and advertising, and explore the actual competition.

You will get investment ideas by monitoring websites and figure out how to generate more leads, engage sales, detect fraud, etc. Similarweb also gives you access to view website analytics through TrafficMeter extension, which helps you access the website’s insights and data.

Access every data available at your fingertips and increase the monetization of your website by knowing the real matter behind the scenes. Furthermore, Similarweb delivers an objective and an unbiased view of the app and web performance.

With all the data accessible, you can build digital strategies by making real-time decisions through the accurate data of your competitors’ websites. Similarweb offers a free plan to gain insights, or you can choose the enterprise plan after talking to a consultant.


Ahrefs is one of the best web traffic checkers that helps you see the honest traffic estimate for any webpage or website. It has introduced Site Explorer that allows you to explore paid and organic traffic metrics of any website.

Notice the graph to check how your site traffic has increased both locally and globally. Reverse engineer the process of what is working for competitors’ websites that can drive more traffic. You can also check each page traffic and analyze the data to enhance your growth.

Learn the keywords that help your competitor grow their traffic and determine how much each keyword drives traffic. By using this insight, you can find some new keywords to target your website traffic. You can also try to spy on their ad copy to inspire your search ads.

Check up to 200 websites using Batch Analysis Tool at once. You can dig deeper to know the mantra of getting high traffic with quick links and powerful keywords without even being a marketing expert to start with the search.

Are you still confused? Start a trial at just $7 and start digging real-time data. Choose a plan that suits your business at a starting price of $99/month.


Do competitive analysis and drive more traffic into your website with the Alexa checker tool. Alexa helps you gain insights into a site’s weaknesses, marketing opportunities, and strengths.

Just input a website, and then you will find many ways of growing your website’s organic traffic:

  • SEO keyword: This is the opportunity to know what keywords are used to drive more traffic, help yourself get content ideas, and make a powerful strategy.
  • Competitive benchmarking: This involves how your site gains traffic from keywords, search, and backlinks when comparing it with online competitors.
  • Website traffic: You will get statistics and reports of website traffic through Alexa Rank, referral sources, engagement metrics, and more.
  • Audience insights: Alexa helps you get an idea about audience views like what they want, what keyword they search, and what topics they liked the most to read.

You can install the browser extension to get a free analysis of millions of sites when you browse. You can even get more features with the advanced plan at a $149/month starting price and avail 14 days free trial.


Get unlimited PPC and SEO data with SpyFu, which exposes the secret formula of successful competitors. You can search for the domain and check every place they appear on search engines, every keyword they have got from Google Ads, ad variations, and organic ranking from the past 15 years.

Get to know how you can connect with those domains and find the traditional and online lead generation methods like email, phone, address, social media, etc. In short, you can find almost every detail of a site. SpyFu offers recommendations to help you drive your Google Ads campaigns and SEO strategies.

In addition, you can monitor your SEO rankings on Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Connect with reliable contact to generate leads and establish valuable partnerships. Also, perform intelligent PPC competitor research, download their entire PPC keywords, see how many clicks your competitors get, and observe their spending on them without any download limits.

Track every site bidding on Google Ads, watch out for new competitors and detect changes in ad expenditure over time. Furthermore, you can type your domain name and view the vital keywords your top competitors have bought on Google Ads, but you don’t. They also offer recommendations for negative PPC matches to save you money on buying keywords that your competitors have already failed for.

Additionally, you get a PPC ad Rank tracker to measure your progress and impressions for keywords. Similarly, you will find lots of features for SEO research, such as analyzing SEO keywords of competitors, spying on SEO competition, multi-competitor keyword search, ranking history, branded client reports, backlink checking, influencer marketing, and more.

Use proper tools to drive traffic and grow your sales as there are many tools for keyword research to generate and organize keywords, learn the tricks to use the keywords, check the most profitable keyword for your content, do SERP analysis, and many more. You can create a custom domain list and filter by location, industry, search traffic, ad spend, technologies, and social media.

SpyFu offers unlimited downloads and searches without any contracts or hoops. Take membership at a starting price of $33/month.

Website IQ

Get detailed info on any website with Website IQ. It helps you increase your traffic through the statistics reports from the last 9+ years, growth charts, comparison charts, social media activity, and organic keywords.

Whether you are a digital marketer, entrepreneur, or investor, you can quickly analyze websites as per your niche, make intelligent decisions while evaluating the gap. Find attractive links that drive more audiences by checking relevant publishers.

Identify leads and apply for your website while understanding the keywords that drive visitors. Search for the domain and get almost all the information and start enhancing your growth.

Website IQ offers free sign-up with fewer benefits, while the Pro plan gives you more benefits at just $29.95/month. You can also opt for a custom plan to get a better price with a group discount offer.

Worth Of Web

Find the site revenue, value, page views and visits estimates, Alexa traffic charts and ranks, and more with Worth Of Web’s website value calculator. They start with audience traffic ranking data and use Alexa Traffic Rank to get the data you search for. You can also find how a website generates its revenue from advertising.

You may not get 100% accurate data from their automated algorithm as they use public ranking systems that aren’t accurate. However, if you want to buy or sell a digital property such as sites, domains, products, etc., you can contact them to get a precise evaluation.

You can search for the domain you want with a click, start knowing the differences you are making, and address it with increasing traffic to earn good revenue. Thus, it helps you make a strategic decision and move a step forward.

What to look for in a traffic checker?

Finding the right traffic estimator tool can be tricky. You need to understand a few digital marketing concepts and then make your decision to choose the software. Keep in mind these points before you use a traffic lookup tool:

Organic Traffic 📈

If your business or site depends majorly on organic traffic, improving the search engine rankings must be essential for you. In this case, you can go for a traffic estimator tool focusing on SEO aspects, such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc.

PPC ads ✔️

In contrast to the above, if paid web traffic is your significant digital marketing strategy, you need to choose a traffic lookup tool with a focus on paid advertisement. It must also compare the activities of other brands like the type of ads they create, distribution channels, etc. Tools like SimilarWeb can help.

Customer demographics 🌐

Think about the demographics of your user base before choosing a traffic estimator. Tools like Alexa can help you monitor the customer demographics of your competitors so you can use the insights to target a potential market.


Knowing who you are competing with and their strengths and weaknesses makes your strategies even stronger. The web traffic checker tools discussed in this article help you learn deeply about your competitors, shape your digital marketing strategies, and improve your site traffic.

As a result, you can target potential customers, increase engagement rates and conversions, grow your business even more, and stay on the top of your game.

Thus, choose the best traffic checker tool according to your business focus and customer demographics.

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