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In Cloud Computing Last updated: April 26, 2023
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While sharing files is an indispensable part of the business process, email services do not support sending large files. In such scenarios, additional file-sharing services can work as a life-saver.

Sharing large files can be a frustrating and annoying task if you do not use the right platform. While WeTransfer is a popular file sharing application, you might not want to use it for different reasons.

Thankfully, there is no need to worry. Many powerful WeTransfer alternatives are available right now, and in the following sections of this article, we will explore them. 

What Is WeTransfer and What Does It Do?

WeTransfer offers a smooth file transfer service for sharing large files with others over the internet for personal and professional purposes. It supports sharing files of all formats. This, along with a simple and intuitive interface, is the reason behind its global popularity.

What is WeTransfer

Using its free plan, users can share up to 2GB of files at a time. However, if you choose the paid plan, the maximum file size limit becomes 20GB. It only takes a few steps to share a file with your friends and colleagues.

Reasons to Use WeTransfer Alternatives

Though WeTransfer comes with an array of benefits, it has some drawbacks of its own. As a WeTransfer user, you do not get the option to choose a location to host the file that you are about to share. 

If you use the free account, you can not protect your files using passwords. Also, certain ISPs in India do not let you access the WeTransfer website. For the above reasons, you may want to use an alternative tool for sharing large files.

Here are some popular WeTransfer alternatives.


The trusted all-in-one online file sharing platform Sync is trusted by more than 2 million users. Almost daily, all organizations must share files and folders with different internal teams for project-specific operations, with clients, vendors, etc. To accomplish this goal, sync is essential, and because it is cloud-based, users may benefit from redundancy, security, backup, restoration, and high uptime.

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Sync is a comprehensive file storage and collaboration platform that helps teams stay safe, protected, and connected in the cloud. It has all the tools and features you need to collaborate and edit documents in real-time, share large files, and manage access permissions at a granular level like read-only, read-write, and remote delete.

The easy-to-use platform allows you to collaborate on the same files, regardless of your device, platform, or company, and most importantly, without sending sensitive information over the internet. Instead, you can share content securely with anyone, wherever they are, helping communication and team productivity.

Any type of file or folder, regardless of size, can be shared with anyone using the link sharing feature, and anyone can access them without having a sync account.


  • To prevent data from being passed back and forth, create a central team folder that everyone can access and update.
  • Create a dedicated customer portal to share files directly with your company’s customers.
  • Backup and restore files and folders from a secure cloud.
  • Data is always protected because sync servers rely on SOC 2 certified data centers.

Sync is a highly flexible and customizable file-sharing platform that works flawlessly with Windows, macOS, and mobile devices like iPhone and Android. Editing Microsoft Word, Excel, and presentations is made easier with Office 365 integration. Up to 5 GB of storage space on a sync account can be used for free.


With MASV, you get ultra-fast file transfer in a pay-as-you-go package. It is a reliable platform for content creators and videographers to transfer large files to their clients in no time. 

Attributes like no file size restrictions, storage limits, expensive annual contracts, port-forwarding issues, and slow downloads or upload speeds make it different from other WeTransfer alternatives. This tool uses a dedicated global accelerated network for quick upload and download.

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The software boasts of 150 servers worldwide to achieve maximum transfer speeds in most global locations. It can also handle issues, such as internet crashes and speed fluctuation.

MASV offers full visibility into the delivery status of shared files. Hence, you can keep tabs on the people who downloaded a file through notification emails. As a security measure, it encrypts the shared files in transit and at rest and offers password protection. 


Hightail believes that file-sharing should be a simple process, and it offers necessary features so you can send, receive and store files securely. Since it stores the files in the cloud, users can access them from anywhere at any time of the day.

Just like the file upload, downloading is also a seamless process since there is no need for the recipients to have a Hightail account to access your files. No more frustration over file sharing due to features like one-click content access, automatic file previews, and super-fast downloads.

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As soon as the files are available for download or delivery, the sender gets notified via email. One can also secure the shared files by access code, expiration date, recipient identity verification, and download receipt. 

Moreover, it lets you create a personal Uplink URL, using which anyone can share files with you without a Hightail account.


Using Internxt, users can enjoy a cloud-based service that offers best-in-class security and privacy. As a free user, you can share up to 10GB of files with others. As users are the center of its business model, it does not access your files or sell personal data to others.

Using modern technologies of the Web 3.0 era, it encrypts your files and fragments them even before they leave your device. This platform offers features for syncing, backing up, and file sharing in complete privacy. 

Internxt file sharing platform

Following zero-knowledge technology, it never stores or transmits passwords, files, or encryption keys in an unencrypted format. Here, users are in control of who can access the shared files and how many times a file can be downloaded. 

You can access this platform from a web browser, mobile app (Android and iOS,) or desktop software (Windows, Linux, Mac.)

Google Drive

You may have a Google/Gmail account, and in that case, Using Google Drive as a WeTransfer alternative is a viable option for you. It facilitates seamless and secure content sharing from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

This tool will proactively scan any file you wish to share for spam, malware, ransomware, and phishing; and prohibit sharing if any infection is detected. Its integration with popular cloud-native collaboration tools like Docs, Sheets, and Slides empowers effective team collaboration in real-time.

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While sharing files with others, you can assign them separate roles of your choice. Moreover, anyone without a Google account can be chosen as the recipient.

You can also integrate Google Drive with other productivity apps you use, such as Slack, Adobe, DocuSign, Salesforce, and Atlassian. Other noteworthy features of the software are Shared drives for a team, Admin Centralised administration, and group-based security policy controls. 


Dropbox lets you perform stress-free file sharing with anyone with full security. Whether it is a photo, video, zip file, or CAD file, anything can be shared just by sharing a link. It does not limit you like email attachments and allows you to share files of 2GB and more.

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Besides individual files, you can share an entire folder if you want to. All you need to do is to create a shared link and send it through email, chat, or text. People without a Dropbox file storage account can also view and download the content of share files and folders.

The platform also notifies you of any changes made to the shared files in real-time. The changes made to the files will be visible to all the recipients instantly and automatically. People working as a team can put all their sharable files in a shared folder for easy collaboration.


pCloud provides you with a secure and simple cloud platform to share files. This application uses the highest level of encryption to keep your private files confidential. By using it, you can collaborate and share files with both pCloud and non-pCloud users with equal ease.

pCloud offers the Invite to folder feature that lets you share private folders with pCloud users. Here, users can also control the access permission such as View, Edit, and or Manage. It is also possible to change the permission type or stop access to the shared folders at any time.

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If you want to receive files to your pCloud account directly, you can send file requests. Then, the recipients can upload files without having access to your pCloud account so that you can manage all files in one place.

On this platform, you can utilize the Public Folder, which lets you create direct links to files and folders. Therefore, you can use it as a hosting service to share files, embed images, and create static HTML websites.


Smash is an ideal service provider that lets you send super big files without any limits. It welcomes all file formats and folder types to send them to the recipients easily and quickly. The platform also makes sure your files are secure from any external influences.

It claims to be 5x times faster than its competitors in sending files using its powerful algorithm. As the tool uploads the files to a server closest to the user location, you can enjoy a higher upload speed.


Smash also ensures the stable performance of its upload/download systems, regardless of your internet connection speed. Hence, you can depend on it in all conditions for successful transfers.

Users also get the option to make the file transfers unique by personalizing the background, logo, and promotional pop-ins for the recipients on this tool.


Terashare ensures effortless large file sharing by directly connecting your computer to the receiver’s system. On this platform, sending files is not only fast and free, but it is also without any file size restrictions.

Terashare is one of the WireTransfer alternatives

This lightweight WeTransfer alternative generates a unique, secret link as you share a file. Using that link, the recipients can download the file directly from your system. It uses a combination of cloud upload and P2P BitTorrent protocol for file sharing.

Any file smaller than 10GB is also stored in the Terashare server so people can download them even when your computer is not running. Since it does not involve any upload time, one can download the files immediately after you share them. 


Icedrive is the next-generation cloud file sharing platform that also supports secure file storage. Accessing and managing this cloud storage is easy from any location as it has a web app, Windows app, and mobile app.

Here, you can readily upload and download any number of files and folders. Also, you can preview images and all popular document formats without downloading them. It also allows streaming your media through a built-in media player. 

Users who are looking for WeTransfer alternatives should opt for It lets you perform simple and reliable file transfers with anyone. Using it, users can share any type of file, including documents, photos, videos, and presentations.

One of the best WeTransfer alternatives is

Apart from file sharing, this platform also supports file storage. If your internet connection gets interrupted during the upload process, it will resume once the connection is restored.

To ensure secure file transfer, it performs thorough virus checking on each file. For additional security, lets you set passwords for the shared data packages. You can also send file requests to receive files on this platform.


Filemail can send large files for free without any size limit. This file sending service uses 2-factor authentication, end-to-end data encryption, password protection, and virus scanning for enhanced security.

It also lets you track the shared files to keep tabs on who downloads the files, along with when and where. If you want, you can get large files directly to your own webpage.

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Features like custom subdomain and password protection are available on it. Moreover, uploading the brand logo, adding custom images, and changing the color scheme of different visual elements are possible for the right look of emails and webpages.

Using Filemail, users can comply with organizational policy and national regulations. They can always choose the hosting location to store files on any globally distributed servers. 


While many might remember 4shared as a website for downloading their favorite music, it is also a file sharing and storage platform. Users get 100GB of cloud storage where they can upload any file for sharing.

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This platform offers a fast and resumable download that saves your valuable time. 4shared uses SSL data encryption to protect your files. Using its direct download links, you can ensure seamless sharing. The file-sharing platform is also available for Android devices. 


Do you want to share large files with complete privacy and military-grade encryption? Go for SurgeSend, a software where you can send individual files of 50GB size. It also offers the “pause and resume” upload feature that you can use for your convenience. 

You can easily track the status of transferred files with this tool. It sends you an email notification when the recipient receives and downloads the file. 

SurgeSend for large file sharing

SurgeSend supports uploads on the go for uninterrupted file sharing. When you need to switch devices, pause the upload and resume it from another device without having the start uploading from the beginning.

Public file sharing is also available on this platform, as you can share links to the uploaded files via WhatsApp and WeChat. Furthermore, you can add a security pin to your files so only the intended person can open these.

Wrapping Up 📂

Though WeTransfer is a common choice for large file sharing, it comes with its own set of drawbacks. You can conveniently share large files using any of the WeTransfer alternatives discussed above.

Additionally, you might be interested to know about secure file sharing services for sending private files.

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