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In Mobile Last updated: November 17, 2022
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Do you feel difficult to go to sleep, or do you have panic attacks that cause you to wake up suddenly in the middle of the night? All you need is to use white noise apps that help you sleep better.

It may seem unusual to imagine noises as having various colors, yet the noise frequency determines its color. White noise pertains to a noise that encompasses all frequencies throughout the spectrum of perceptible sound in equal ratio. White noise is sometimes also called broadband noise since it spans several different sound frequencies.  

How Does White Noise Help you Sleep Better?


For many years, scientists have investigated how white noise affects people, finding evidence that it can lessen infants’ cries, boost productivity at work, and possibly even lessen the effects of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Several researchers have also studied how white noise might affect human sleep. White noise can assist with rest by shutting out external sounds and veiling problematic sounds. 

According to a recent study, adults who listened to white noise fell asleep 38% faster. White noise has been found to improve sleep in further recent research. People who reside in high-noise environments, for instance, slept more soundly and spent more time in bed as a result.

Another study found that giving critically sick patients white noise in a noisy hospital unit to listen through headphones enhanced their sleep quality.

A common technique to alleviate sleep problems is to utilize white noise apps. White noise generators can help you fall asleep and encourage healthy sleeping habits by producing ambient sounds. Your mind can be turned OFF using white noise, and you can sleep without negative thoughts. 

White Noise Vs. Brown Noise

If you prefer to shut the distractions at work with the sound of a running fan, you may already be accustomed to white noise. Brown noise, also known as Brownian or red noise, is a different frequency to test out because it highlights lower-frequency noises. It resembles a rumbling and has the most incredible intensity of any sound.

Brown noise includes all frequencies, just like white noise does. However, it emphasizes lower frequencies more, making low tones louder and higher-pitched sounds quieter. Due to its rounder, softer qualities, brown noise sounds somewhat less sharp than white noise. Thunder, heavy rain, and showers are all examples of brown noise. 

What Kind of Sounds Count as White Noise?

All audible frequencies are present in white noise. The distribution of energy among these frequencies is equal. A constant humming sound results from equal distribution. The sound of a rotating fan, static on a radio or television, noisy radiators, and air conditioners are some examples of white noise.

White noise can cover up intense sounds that activate your brain since it comprises all frequencies at an appropriate intensity. It is frequently advised for insomnia and other sleep disorders because of this reason.

How to Choose a White Noise App?


White noise machines are helpful, but straightforward white noise apps on your device are far more convenient and have many more settings. Some white noise apps come with peaceful color screens or image presentations, so you may take advantage of chromotherapy’s benefits and unwind with relaxing sights and sounds. 

Additionally, some apps provide a full spectrum of ambient noise options, including white, pink, and brown noise and other nature noises and calming musical soundtracks. Some applications concentrate on various ambient noises.

When you’re using white noise apps to increase your productivity at work rather than to fall asleep, you could like background noises like the hum of a bustling office or coffee shop.

Many white noise applications have an alarm or timer built in, so you may use it to wake up softly in the morning, set a timer for a power nap, or both.

Since you don’t need to bring any extra gadgets, using an app might be more practical while traveling. To explore what other customers are saying about the audio quality of the white noise items you are considering, check reviews.

Let us move on to look at some of the top white noise apps to fall asleep easily and quickly. 

White Noise Generator

When looking for the most delicate white noise apps to create your own noises, the White Noise Generator is a terrific choice for Android devices. Choose from various sounds, such as rain on your window, thunder, cars, wind, leaves, darkness, the ever-dependable fan, and white noise. 


The app is user-friendly and seamless, with well-organized sound libraries. You can choose from many sounds to seamlessly design your perfect day or sleep soundtrack because all the sounds available were chosen expressly for their mixing ability. 

With an Android device, you can use this app easily anywhere, and it is made specifically to provide users with white noise only. Hence, it doesn’t get weighed down by additional content of any kind. This is a one-stop app for white noise. 

  • It works on:
  • Android

Dark Noise

An ambient and one of the most popular white noise apps for iOS called Dark Noise is simple and easy to use. It’s well-designed software including over 40 different ambient noises that integrate into Apple’s widget system and shortcuts for simple accessibility.


It uses many of Apple’s APIs to make Dark Noise incredibly easy to access. Dark Noise may be conveniently accessible via Siri by adding shortcuts. Instead of being forced to go through the program, this enables a user to tailor how to acquire Dark Noise to match their workflow.

This straightforward app has plenty of elegant animations, a quick and intuitive user interface, the availability to select from several color schemes, and various app icons. It has about 40 sounds in various genres, including the customary white, pink, brown, and grey noises, as well as various water, appliance, nature, fire, and city sounds.

  • It works on:
  • iOS

Sound Machine

The Sound Machine is another one in the category of white noise apps. This app is groundbreaking. It allows you to mix your own sets of background noise for usage during sleep and meditation and works as an excellent backdrop for various activities.


In addition to its substantial collection of stories, the library is stocked with musical clips and sounds from nature, harmonic beats, recordings from interstellar space, single acoustic tones, and more. It is a straightforward and intuitive app to use and made in accordance with keeping the user’s comfort in mind. 

By appreciating and dismissing songs via the app, you can alter stations and song patterns to hear them played more frequently and dislike tracks you don’t want to hear anymore. Thanks to the updated navigation, you can easily browse through entire categories or the complete inventory.

  • It works on:
  • iOS

White Noise

The White Noise app has a little bit more than 40 sounds. The looping of the sounds is flawless. You can use your own sounds by recording and looping them. You can combine your favorite sounds and adjust the volume, balancing, and pitch to suit your preferences.


Additionally, customizable alarm and timer choices with fade in and fade out are enabled to continue natural sleep cycles. After creating your masterpiece using White Noise, you can save it in the desired place. The mixer option here allows the user to have several noises going simultaneously. 

The equalizer option is fantastic, and it’s incredible that you can combine various audio to create a bespoke meditative sound. It makes you fall asleep within no time once you hit the sack offering you plenty of sounds to pick from. It also has the excellent sound quality for a smartphone and is among the must-have apps. 

  • It works on:
  • Android

White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds

You or your child will fall asleep thanks to the soothing and relaxing sounds of White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds. Installing the app will make you feel peaceful, at ease, and calm by setting up a routine that the baby will recognize even in strange environments.


White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds can be customized in more than 25 ways in Android. The autoplay feature makes it more widespread in Android. When someone relaunches the app, the last sound they played will begin playing again. The free version of the app plays sounds for 8 hours. It possesses a great library of soothing sounds that help you relax. 

You may use any other app while this app is operating in the background. You must subscribe if you wish to change your soundscape. Add more mixes after that, and include a one-hour extra-long fade-out with a subscription in iOS. Also, there are specific white noises for babies, with widgets and Airplay 2 support. 

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


You can choose from over 100 distinct sounds with the Atmosphere app. Additionally, the software lets you set a timer to prevent battery draining. There are environmental sounds that remind people of their favorite places, such as the beach, country, city, or even their homes.


The app uses isochronic tones and binaural beats to stimulate the brain while easing tension. You may put together your personalized playlists with all of your favorite tunes and change the level of each one separately before saving the complete playlist for future use.

You can enjoy a selection of calming and peaceful sounds sorted by settings with excellent customization features. One of this app’s appealing features is that you can get all sounds at once for a particular type of environment. Both Android and iOS users can access it.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


myNoise possesses some of the unique sounds an app can have that are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. There are 20 different sounds in this free software, including white noise as well as sounds of the rain, the ocean, and thunder. 


The white noise is explicitly customized to match your hearing thresholds. As a result, you can produce louder sounds with different colors, such as white, pink, and brown. The app also has a sleep timer to switch OFF the music and an alarm for a gentle wake-up.

The idea is straightforward, incredibly effective, and does not call for pricey accessories like active noise-canceling headphones. Every audience can employ background noises in various ways during their daily lives. They are helpful in cases of insomnia, in addition to helping you concentrate when working in a noisy workplace or to calm your anxiousness.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Sleep Sounds by Sleep Pillow

It has been demonstrated that white noise apps improve sleep. You can relax and go to sleep by listening to nature and sleep sounds. You’ll sleep soundly due to this app. It is the best and most effective sleep app available.


If you cannot decide on one sound, you can mix many of your favorite sounds together, use one of the sounds to set the alarm, and place a timer for when the noise will end. It goes with both iOS and Android devices. They seclude you, foster a calm atmosphere, and gradually guide you toward a cyclic sleep pattern.

The app also possesses high-quality nature images to set the mood. The best thing is that the software keeps running in the background even if you are using another app or the device is locked.  

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

White Noise

White Noise for Android and iOS has over 20 alarm sound that wakes you up feeling on top of your mood. It also provides support for background audio, so you can utilize other applications while listening. You can record and loop audio professionally without becoming an audio engineer.


This app helps in doubling your focus and enhances efficiency to deliver to the top of your capability. Swipe gestures are supported on the media player, and volume buttons are on the screen for sound collection navigation. 

The White Noise app also allows you to upload and share your mixes and recordings. By utilizing the generator’s in-app purchase to create personalized tones, binaural beats, and color noises, help yourself to sleep peacefully. 

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

White Noise Lite

With White Noise Lite, you may choose from 40 different noises or combine several of them to aid in sleeping. This is among the top white noise apps for Android. The software is simple to use. To go between all the noises, simply swipe your thumb over the screen like you would on an iOS device’s camera roll. 


Realistic and calming noises are used. Some of the best options are thunderstorms, blowing wind, crashing waves at sea, a campfire, and raindrops on a car roof. 

While you use other applications on your device, the sounds also keep playing in the background. The interface of the program is darkish, which is helpful for sleep. Swiping allows you to browse sounds, or you can examine a list of all available sounds. You can also record your sounds to add to the playlist or layer sounds to make your mixes. 

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Bedtime Fan

Use the Bedtime Fan app for Android and iOS devices to sleep more quickly and with better quality. Many people use the sound of their fan to aid in falling asleep. But the drawback is that you can’t always travel with a fan. If you download this app, you will have the same sound at your disposal whenever you need it. 


Choose from a selection of pre-made meditations that are accessible for several purposes, including sleep and relaxation, if you are not in the mood to create one. It is convenient to turn the app ON before sleeping while traveling. 

The Bedtime Fan app has a beautiful interface, and the sleep section uses darker colors. It has one of the highest qualities of noise and fan sounds among the white noise apps. 

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


The interface of Noisli is the most precise and straightforward to use for Android and iOS devices. Simple graphic symbols on a plain background with softly changing colors give the design a serene feel.


You can set a timer, make combos, and play one or more sounds at once. It creates high-quality ambient sounds to aid in concentration and increase productivity. Noisli is mainly used to block distracting noises to improve productivity and concentration or to create a tranquil or restful audio environment.

Numerous sound selections are available for rain, thunderstorms, wind, forests, streams, campfires, crickets, trains, and coffee shops. The audio quality in Noisli is top-notch, with excellent background color shifts. 

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Writer’s Pick

From the entire list of white noise apps, White Noise Lite is an excellent one for both Android and iOS devices. I can say that it’s a worthy one because it doesn’t occupy much space and also helps you sleep properly. The app allows you to play the sounds in the background even when you are doing some other work. On top of that, this app also provides the option to record your own sound and add it to your playlist.


Set the most conducive atmosphere for your workplace, sleep, yoga, or workout using the above white noise apps to enhance your productivity and working efficiency. The apps will help you eliminate all the distractions that cost you your sleep. You can access these white noise apps from anywhere, which will help you achieve your desired state of concentration and consciousness.

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