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In Career and Design Last updated: November 1, 2022
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If you are interested in website designing, illustration creation, video editing, or photography, you must be aware of all the features and benefits that Adobe Creative Cloud offers.

Its tools come in handy to you in the hour of need and can prove very beneficial for accomplishing professional tasks. This article will focus on the small details about the Adobe Creative Cloud, the features it offers, and how you can master those features. 

Adobe Creative Cloud

What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

Adobe Creative Cloud, also known as the Adobe CC, is a set of services that Adobe Inc. offers its subscribers. These services come in handy for design, web development, photography, video editing, etc. They also provide cloud services and mobile applications that help you accomplish creative tasks.

They offer a monthly or annual subscription to the users. You can download the software from the internet and use it when your subscription remains valid. The creative cloud subscription includes online updates and multiple languages. 

Packages offered by Adobe

Adobe offers four tiers of subscription packages. These include:

Photography: Adobe photography gives access to some of the photography features of the app. It also grants access to Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC

Single app: All the features of the Adobe Cloud are available in a selected app. It also grants access to any given application out of a suite of 11 applications. 

All apps: This grants access to all the features of a creative cloud app in a single suite. 

All apps + Adobe stock: This includes all the features of Adobe cloud and all the features of Adobe stock. 

Adobe Packages

List of programs offered by Adobe CC cloud

Adobe CC cloud offers a list of applications and services. There is a list of 24 Adobe Applications that you can try out. The list goes like this:

  • Premiere Pro: It is used to edit YouTube videos and feature films.
  • After effects: This application handles VFX and other digital animation effects.
  • Premiere Rush: This was introduced for the use of smartphones or tablets. It is a scaled-down version of Premiere Pro. 
  • Acrobat DC: This is a document viewer that provides enhanced visibility to documents and PDFs.
  • Photoshop: It is an app used for photographers and photo and video editors. 
  • Lightroom: Photo editing software that saves the edited files directly over the cloud.  
  • Lightroom Classic: Lightroom Classic is also a photo editing software. The only difference is that it saves the edited files over your hard drive. 
  • Bridge: This is used for centralizing files. It is an asset management program. 
  • Media encoder: This tool helps encode media files in different formats. 
  • Audition: An audio editing program used by filmmakers. 
  • Camera Raw: This allows you to import and edit raw photographs on your device. It is a vital tool for professional photographers. 
  • Mixamo: This tool is used in creating and mixing animated characters in animation. 
  • Illustrator: Helps you with vector graphics-based artwork. 
  • SpeedGrade: Used in color grading of various digital videography projects. 
  • Flash Builder Premium: Aids you in building scripts in the gaming language. 
  • InCopy: Word processor of Adobe CC. 
  • InDesign: This software helps you create a design for your pages. It also allows you to create an industry-standard layout. 
  • XD: Helps you design interfaces for web designing and creating a user interface for web and mobile. 
  • Dreamweaver: Used for the development and designing of websites. 
  • Dimension: Used for visualizing 3D brands. It finds usage in design reviews of packaging of products. 
  • Aero: This is used for the designing of augmented design experiences. It is available for use on iOS. 
  • Animate: Used to create vector-based 2D animations such as flash animations. 
  • Character Animator: This tool tracks motion and creates real-time animations. 

Learning to use Adobe Apps

You can learn using the various Adobe apps by visiting their official website. Click on the ‘Beginner’ or the ‘Experienced’ tab and modify your learning experience accordingly. You can also select the app you wish to learn about and proceed further in using and learning the basics and advanced steps. You can also try creating your first design, video animation, logo, or visiting card to test your skills. 

Adobe also offers to teach you how to use these apps. The only issue is that they charge you a certain amount to provide the courses. You can first take the tutorial video, and if you like it, you can proceed further with the paid courses. 

Adobe Photoshop for Beginners

On the website, you may find Photoshop learning courses for beginners. The total duration of these courses is 300 minutes. You can also take the expert course for an entire period of 360 mins.  

There is also the option of opting to attend a master class with a total duration of 720 mins. Similarly, all other courses have different time durations and different payment criteria. You will get to learn different skills in every course as there are different skills taught in every class.

Now, let us look through some other external resources that can help you gain knowledge about Adobe Creative Cloud.


The Layers website is one of the most popular and best websites for learning to use all the Adobe suites. You can visit the website, select the course you wish to learn, explore more about the details, and start learning as soon as possible. 


Courses offered

  • Boris FX Optics: Learn all the film effects in Lightroom.
  • Recover the highlights and shadows using Lightroom.
  • Learn using Photoshop like a pro. 
  • Create a website using Adobe Muse.
  • Correct the distortion in your photos.

Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube

You can take help from the YouTube channel of Adobe Creative Cloud to learn using the various apps and features that Adobe CC offers. You can learn every skill from this YouTube channel, from Photoshop, Illustrator, and other mobile applications to web designing and video editing.

YouTube video

This is one of the largest creative communities in the world that offers you skills and a learning experience. 

Larry Jordan’s YouTube channel

You can also learn about the various Adobe CC apps with the help of videos and tutorials available on the Larry Jordan YouTube Channel. You will get to know about the Adobe Premiere Pro training, filmmaking tips, and editing techniques in a single place. The main aim behind this YouTube channel is to improve your skills and help you gain employment from the same. 

YouTube video

Julieanne Kost’s YouTube channel

The YouTube channel of Julieanne Kost mainly focuses on teaching you tricks, shortcuts, and ways of using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. By viewing the videos they upload on their channel, you can get a clear idea of all the features and edit your photos like a pro.

YouTube video

If you are a beginner or someone who knows the basics, this YouTube channel is perfect for learning all about Photoshop and Lightroom apps. 

Terry Lee White

You can view the YouTube channel of Terry Lee White also for learning to use the Adobe apps. This channel mainly teaches you designing and photography using Adobe CC. You can get a detailed insight into each feature and ways to learn using them. The Adobe CC becomes very easy to use when you know the various parts with the help of videos uploaded by Terry Lee White. 

YouTube video

Adobe Community

If you are keen to learn about the features and characteristics of any Adobe tool, you can visit the official website of the Adobe Community and learn to use and access every tool they offer. Adobe community has links and tutorials for using and accessing each feature they offer. 

Adobe Community

Conversations are available on every tool, making it easy for you to learn and get along with any tool.

Responsive Web Design in Adobe XD [Coursera]

You can learn the basics and Pro tips for using the Adobe app by registering on one of the courses offered by Coursera. Some of these courses may be free of cost while the others will charge you some money in exchange for the knowledge they offer. You can gather all the essential skills and have a fun learning experience with Coursera

Responsive Web Design in Adobe XD

If you are considering taking up an entry-level job in UX designing, then this one is the right course for you. You will learn every step, from empathizing with the users and defining their pain points to ideating the UX design and deploying it. The best thing is that it will add immense value to your UX design portfolio.


The Adobe Creative Cloud has creative work and learning features for those who have a creative mind and are keen to develop and learn new skills. You can install the 24 different apps offered under Adobe, learn using them from various websites and sources, and even join online courses to learn using these. The Adobe Creative Cloud triggers your creative side of the mind and pushes you to learn newer and better things.

You may also look at some of the best Photoshop tutorials.

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