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In AI Last updated: August 28, 2023
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AI has made its way into the legal industry, revolutionizing the way legal work is done. Traditionally, legal experts had to sift through gigantic amounts of data to find relevant precedents, which was exhausting and time-consuming. Thankfully, AI legal assistant platforms have transformed the game by swiftly analyzing data and pinpointing minute legal issues humans may miss.

The introduction of AI legal assistant platforms has proven priceless in assisting legal work. One of its key roles is assisting in complex legal matters, where it can efficiently review vast amounts of reports and predict possible outcomes. 

Notably, the legal field has increasingly embraced technology in recent times, making room for AI’s application. As a result, we have rounded up a list of powerful AI-based legal assistant platforms explicitly tailored to aid lawyers and businesses. These tools promise to lower human intervention and subsequently lower the costs associated with legal practices.

ProductNotable Features
AI LawyerAI legal tools for drafting & research
Juri FlowAI-powered legal aid & advice
CasetextAI-powered legal research & documents
DoNotPayAI robot lawyer for various legal issues
Ask AI LawyerAI legal advice with quick responses
ONE LAW AINatural language legal text interpretation
Genie AIMultimodal AI for creating legal documents
BetterLegalSimplifies complex legal language

AI tools present considerable prospects and considerations for the legal profession. These powerful AI legal platforms mentioned below have the potential to serve your clients better and deliver more influential legal services.

AI Lawyer

AI Lawyer serves as an advanced platform for Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other legal AI tools. The tool produces flawless paperwork that is legally valid and demystifies complex legal terms in a timely and exact manner. 

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The AI Lawyer platform includes thorough databases and readily responds to queries regarding an extensive number of legal matters, including bankruptcy, contracts, and zoning rules and regulations. It additionally comes with a bunch of beneficial features, such as document summary tools and automated document annotations. 


  • Legal Research: Performs rapid legal research, sparing legal practitioners valuable time. 
  • Document Drafting: Automates the techniques for creating legal documents, allowing lawyers to devote themselves to other leftover tasks. 
  • Document Review: Examines and contrasts irrelevant documents to improve their accuracy and relevance.

The system’s cloud-based solution assures unified access with a web connection from any location. As there is no need to set up additional software, lawyers can rapidly access and utilize their online accounts.

Juri Flow

Juri Flow proposes premium legal aid to lawyers. Users can easily upload their legal documents and get advice from lawyers powered by AI.

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Juri Flow intends to address the necessities of lawyers, law students, and anyone else who stumbles into legal crises. In addition to delivering personalized legal advice, Juri Flow takes a step further by giving users the power to speak with over ten qualified attorneys who are all fueled by AI and have expertise in a variety of practice areas.


  • Document Analysis: Juri Flow estimates legal records, extracting vital data to deliver quick insights.
  • Conversational Interface: Engage the AI assistant in chat-like interactions by making inquiries and seeking legal advice.
  • Insightful Legal Counsel: Obtain analytical expertise and skilled legal counsel concerning legal matters.
  • Condensed Content: Create concise summaries of essential legal papers or publications that promote proper data absorption.

With the platform, clients can link with a highly competent AI lawyer whenever and wherever they need top-notch legal assistance. There are only a limited number of licenses available on the platform.

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Casetext is an AI-powered legal assistance platform that combines smart search features with a wide collection of legal databases. Its special portal gives lawyers access to regulations, case law, legislation services, secondary sources, and CARA, a futuristic AI search engine.

casetext is an ai-powered legal assistant

CARA’s context-aware search facility assures that legal professionals get the opposite outcomes, saving quality time and enriching the accuracy of legal studies. Casetext also equips users with advanced research tools, such as creating and managing custom research folders, annotating documents, and teaming up with colleagues.


  • Rev legal research and deposition processes: Explain the legal issue properly and accurately jurisdiction points. Acquire a thorough answer backed by appropriate sources immediately. Accept a specific outline promptly for your deposition.
  • Ensure comprehensive document review: Its CoCounsel AI virtually pinpoints vital documents within contract databases and critical details during the discovery phase. This leads to enhanced precision and recall while lowering costs.
  • Streamline contract refinement: Advance contracts along with affiliated compliance policies. CoCounsel catches pertinent clauses, inconsistencies, and potential risks and proposes critical revisions.

Additionally, the platform incorporates widely known legal practice administration and document automation tools, making it the best solution for law professionals seeking to optimize their research process.


DoNotPay is an AI-powered robot lawyer that has revolutionized the legal terrain by delivering support for a wide spectrum of legal matters. One of its distinctive powers is effectively contesting unjust parking tickets.

This innovation was provoked by its founder, Joshua Browder, who encountered financial constraints in chartering legal help for his parking infractions. Joshua devised a solution encouraging him to contest and successfully confound these fines without incurring legal expenses.

donotpay is an ai-powered legal assistant

Today, the DoNotPay app has extended its abilities to aid with various legal issues, offering users access to advice on more than 1000 legal troubles. The app’s user-friendly interface promotes easy interaction, providing robotic advice and obliging in creating legal documents like letters. 


  • Assemble Complex Legal Documents: Generate intricate legal paperwork such as those related to banking and finance. Also, assist with scanning contracts, operating state trial court report, deciding defense attorney expenses, and accurately formatting legal citations.
  • Combat Unwanted Communication: Take steps to counter email and text spam and deal with unwanted robocalls. Explore routes for seeking settlement communed to these problems.
  • Steer Through Administrative Challenges: Contact government bodies, embassies, and consulates. Acquire rightful remuneration for victims of crime, notarize important records, implement Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, and more.
  • Secure Your Finances: Access the latest guidance on using burner phones, strategies for getting a paycheck for airline flight issues, utilizing virtual credit cards, accumulating free trial access without charges, navigating insurance and warranty claims, and more.
  • Uncover Hidden Financial Opportunities: Uncover methods to lessen property taxes, explore chances for college fee waivers and scholarships, craft adequate financial aid appeal letters, and find extra avenues for financial assets.

One of its standout qualities is its ability to automatically update users about any changes in their cases. Remarkably, this priceless legal approval comes at no cost, making it a readily accessible resource for anyone needing legal service.

Ask AI Lawyer

Ask AI Lawyer is an open-access website that uses advanced artificial intelligence to offer legal advice. Users can enter their legal concerns readily, and the AI replies with accurate responses within about five minutes. The public can access these responses by browsing the “Latest Questions” section. 

ask ai lawyer is an ai-powered legal assistant


  • Detailed Responses: Get ample solutions to your legal problems in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Most recent inquiries: Locate your answer quickly in the area established for the most recent questions.
  • No Charges Associated: Take full benefit of their tools and services with no extra costs or fees.

It’s essential to remember that AI was explicitly created to tackle issues relating to the American judicial system. The website’s vulnerability to several law-related issues, such as divorce, tax problems, and medical malpractice, makes it more comfortable for lawyers to access material suitable to their choices.

However, since AI concentrates on U.S. law, queries about legal matters in other jurisdictions might not get suitable replies.

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ONE LAW creates the best possible usage of natural language processing when interpreting legal texts. Its trained search feature, which lets people discover precisely what they need using a common language, is astounding. Legal experts and non-lawyers may utilize this ease of access to make legal research productive and user-friendly.

YouTube video


  • Case Manager Assistant: This section covers legal topics like human resources, IT support, case management, and even details about new phone numbers for medical providers. Case Manager Voice: Clients can make outgoing calls through the Case Manager Voice feature. These calls’ transcripts are then sent through email. 
  • Medical Provider/Funding Portal: Data is automatically retrieved from CRM databases and delivered to the Medical Provider Portal. 
  • Client Portal: Acts as a focal point for real-time information acquired from the customer’s CRM system. 
  • Mobile App: The Amelia toolset can be accessible on the Mobile App, which is available to download on both Apple and Android smartphones.

This platform offers tools like case management assistance, automatic case summarizing, citation analysis, and remarkable search capabilities. Thanks to these great resources, lawyers can quickly comprehend the impact of specific court issues. By doing this, they can both save time and elevate the general caliber of their legal study initiatives.

Genie AI

Genie AI is a magical legal platform that boasts of being the world’s first multimodal legal AI which revolutionized how legal agreements are created. Their purpose is to stimulate everybody with the authority to construct legal records confidently and without any penny. They have amassed a collection of over 1600 industry-standard templates, each formulated with fair clauses. 

genie ai is an ai-powered legal assistant

Employing these templates can swiftly lower negotiation time and legal fees by up to 80%. Their primary innovation is generative AI, which raises the quality and implementation of legal contracts while making them more convenient. It also lowers the time and effort needed to guide and update contracts in reaction to changing laws. 


  • Extensive Claus Library: Presents electronic signature ability and project management functions. This assures you have all the outputs to draft essential legal documents.
  • Personalize legal documents: You can make personalized legal documents with AI insights from expert legal advice and a vast contracts database.
  • Freemium tools: Their freemium tier is formulated to take your company from pre-seed stages to Series A funding without any charges.

A reliable group of people with different machine learning, design, and business backgrounds drives Genie AI. They aspire to set up a legal community encircling open-source legal knowledge and contracts. This simplifies legal resources and relieves the stress on junior lawyers, who frequently have to deal with repeated and unproductive duties.


BetterLegal is a game-changing Legal AI medium that allows you to peacefully navigate the complex world of legal jargon. This platform instantly converts complex legal language into simple representations that everyone can apprehend. 

betterlegal is an ai-powered legal assistant.


  • Ease the legal process: Simplify confusing legal jargon to help clarify the fundamental tenets in documents such as contracts, terms of assistance, and privacy policies. 
  • Get an Overview of legal documents: Make legal concepts simple to understand so that you can get an overview of the documents. 
  • Learn Legal Terminology: Provide the simplest way to adapt legal terminology and ideas without wasting too much time. 
  • Locate essential paperwork: Help you in searching terms and conditions in legal paperwork.

Whether you’re perusing agreements or official documents, their tool breaks down the intricacy of legalese, ensuring you are well-informed and never puzzled. With such an uncomplicated and potent tool, it aims to make the law accessible to everyone, putting you in command of your legal knowledge.


AI legal assistant platforms have been very insightful in law practices by easing the problems faced by lawyers and law firms. These platforms have been good and factual solutions to legal matters that took a long approach.

These AI assistants can scan legal details and even predict legal outcomes, resulting in more pace and precision for lawyers and businesses. 

However, it is important to remember that although each AI legal assistant discussed pledges to improve legal procedures and outcomes, they all have a fair share of limitations. As a result, before choosing an AI legal assistant platform that best fits attorney practice, lawyers must adequately analyze their conditions and objectives and, most important of all, avoid overdependence on AI to seek legal help and professional advice. 

Next up, AI legal drafting tools for effortless legal perfection.

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