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In AI Last updated: September 19, 2023
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eCommerce🛒product photography greatly affects your online business’s sales and conversions. 

Product photography is especially critical for e-commerce businesses, as it acts as a way to conceive your brand image into your consumers and improve the value of your products.

Statistics suggest that around 83% of online customers claim that product images play an influential role when making purchasing decisions. 

However, while important, product photography isn’t a straightforward task, especially when done manually. It’s a highly expensive and time-consuming process that requires enhanced photography skills. 

This is why businesses turn to automated Artificial Intelligence (AI) based product photography solutions. 

In this article, we’ll explore the challenges with traditional product photography, how AI tools can help overcome them, and the best AI product photography tools you can try for your eCommerce store. 

Product NameMain Features
Booth AIAI-generated pro-quality product images (simple prompts).
UnboundEndless high-definition product photos in any background.
Magic StudioCreate amazing product photos with editing options.
Photo AIRealistic brand product images with relevant prompts.
PebblelyInstantly generate captivating product photos.
ZEGCreate studio-like product photos and videos easily.
PixelcutQuick, beautiful product photos with various styles.
EcomtentGenerate unlimited eCommerce product listings quickly.
Vue.aiOn-model product photos for fashion apparel sales.
CreatorKitAI-generated product photos without quality loss.
BlendProfessional product photos with customizable backgrounds.
ZYNGEfficient AI product photo generator for various platforms.
FlairAI design and product photography tool with scene construction.
Shot RateGenerate unlimited eCommerce product photo variations.
LionvaplusPhotorealistic customizable product images without prompts.
ImajinnTransform boring product photos into eCommerce-ready layups.
Breeze.aiProduct photo generator for different device optimization.

Challenges With Traditional Product Photography

The traditional or typical way of eCommerce product photography comes with many financialđź’µand productivity challenges. Some of those are: 

  • Expensiveđź’°: Traditional product photography requires high-end technical equipment and highly expensive professional cameras. Besides, businesses often need to hire professional and experienced photographers, which adds to the expenses, especially if businesses need to do recurring product shoots. 
  • Time-consuming⏱️: Besides being expensive, traditional product photography is also time-consuming, as the process includes setting up the products in the right and creative manner, adjusting the camera settings and lighting, and taking photos from multiple angles. Moreover, the post-processing time for the photos is also high, increasing the time and effort, especially for eCommerce businesses with a large product inventory. 
  • Inconsistencyđź‘Ž: Achieving consistent angles, the right amount of lighting, and image quality for all the products is challenging and nearly impossible. This results in unprofessional and inconsistent product shoots for businesses. 
  • Editing and retouching🖌️: While the product shoot takes a lot of effort and time, the post-processing and editing can add up even more time and effort. This entire process can also go in vain with unskilled or unprofessional editors, making the end result of the product images look not as polished or desired. 
  • Physical limitations and handling risks⚠️: Large products like furniture or fragile items can get challenging to photograph, primarily because of their weight, size, and the risk of being broken or getting damaged. Moreover, inventory handling or physically moving items from one place to another also increases the risk of product loss or damage. 

Automation and AI solutions help overcome all these challenges, providing time and cost-efficient photography📷solutions for eCommerce businesses. 


AI Product Photography Tools and Their Benefits

AI eCommerce product photography frees up a lot of valuable time and product photography resources for businesses, automating aspects like image editing, object recognition, background removal, image recognition, image compression, 3D modeling, etc. 

Here are the benefits of AI eCommerce product photography and how it helps overcome the challenges one encounters with traditional product photography. 

  • Enhanced personalization: Following a data-centric approach, AI-based product photography can analyze customer behavior and data, allowing organizations to identify the product images that drive the maximum sales. 
  • Improved customer engagement: Organizations can generate high-quality, engaging, and realistic product images with the help of AI-based product photography tools, leading to an immersive shopping experience and improved sales and engagement. 
  • Reduced time to market: Traditional product photography gets expensive and time-consuming. On the other hand, AI product photography allows organizations to generate quality product images faster and more efficiently, enabling them to launch the product faster and reducing the time to market. 
  • Improved brand image: Since achieving consistency with traditional product photography can be challenging, AI product photography helps generate consistent, quality, polished, and professional images, improving the brand image and customer trust and loyalty. 
  • Gain a competitive advantage: Using AI-based product photography tools, organizations can gain a competitive advantage by generating and marketing attractive and consumer-focused product images, unlike their competition. 
  • Improved scalability: You can easily, quickly, and effectively scale up your product images with the help of AI product photography platforms—without sacrificing the quality, which is difficult to achieve with traditional product photography. 
  • Cost-efficient: Lastly, AI product photography eliminates the additional cost of investing in advanced photography equipment and hiring professional photographers, allowing organizations to achieve optimum image quality at comparatively lower costs. 

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So, whether you’re a marketing head, a business owner, or an amateur photographer, let’s hop on to the top AI product photography tools you can try for your specific needs.

Booth AI

YouTube video

Booth AI is one of the best automated product photography tools that help you create pro-quality product and lifestyle images by giving simple and descriptive prompts. 

For instance, you can provide prompts like “photo of a woman posing against an office background wearing a black formal blazer.” 

Besides, you can also upload sample product images for the tool to take inspiration from so it can generate tailored and specific images for your brand. 

Thus, Booth AI is an intuitive and fast product photography tool that harnesses the power of AI to generate quality brand images in just two steps. 


YouTube video

Unbound is an AI product photo generator that allows you to generate endless high-definition product photos by uploading a single photo using AI in any desired background. 

All you have to do is to upload a transparent photo or an image of your product, choose a background scene by describing it to the tool, and choose from the number of AI images generated that best suits your requirements. 

You can choose and share the product images on multiple platforms, like social media, digital ads, or your website with Unbound.

Magic Studio

Create incredible product photos in minutes using AI technology, bypassing the need for days of manual work.

Magic Studio is an excellent product photo creator that helps you create amazing product photos in minutes, with the first 40 images for free. 

It supports the JPEG and PNG formats only. It’s a great tool that helps you edit, remove, and customize the product photo background to tweak the images and tell a new story with each image. 

Besides website product photos, you can also create product images for social media posts, marketing emails, and ad creatives using Magic Studio.

Photo AI

The Photo AI photography tool allows you to generate stunning brand product images that are highly realistic and lively. 

It lets you enter relevant prompts and upload photos to create product images with the desired quality. The platform accepts PNG, JPG, AVIF, and WebP file formats, so you can only upload photos in this format. It doesn’t support other file formats like HEIC. 

Huge companies like Spotify, Yahoo! news, MSN, TechCrunch, Instagram, TikTok, and trust Photo AI.


YouTube video

Pebblely is an AI product photography tool that helps you generate beautiful product photos in seconds. 

You can create stunning, capturing, and Instagram-worthy product photos ready to market in a single click using Pebblely. The tool allows you to generate up to 40 free photos per month. 

It comes in 17 different default themes and helps you generate different product photos for different platforms, like email, website, and social media, to grab users’ attention. 

Whether you want to generate and market product photos for social media advertising, mood boards, or websites, Pebblely is an excellent solution for creative designers, agencies, and small business owners!


YouTube video

ZEG allows you to create stunning studio-like product photos and videos for all platforms. 

All you need to do is upload the sample images, select a suitable template, and customize the result to your liking. 

ZEG is suitable for businesses of all types, including small businesses, large businesses, individuals, and educators.


YouTube video

Pixelcut is a free online product photography platform that lets you quickly and easily generate beautiful product photos in no time. 

It helps you create product photos using dozens of different styles, like Christmas, Bloom, Floral, Still Life, Superpop, and more—helping you generate product photos that best align with your brand and ongoing campaign. 

Once you select a suitable style, you need to upload your product’s image. Pixelcut will generate tons of beautiful, professional, and attractive product images for your brand on white or transparent background. 

Besides the web, Pixelcut is also available on Android and iPhone devices and is one of the fastest and easiest solutions to generate automated product images for your brand.


YouTube video

Ecomtent lets you generate an entire eCommerce product listing for your business, including quality product lifestyle images, optimized copy, and infographics. 

The tool is optimized for speed and volume, allowing you to generate unlimited product photos in seconds. The quality of the tool’s product photos is high as the images induce natural lighting, reflections, and shadows within the final output. 

Ecomtent is trusted by some of the top companies, including Olsam, Next AI, and Domu Brands.

YouTube video

Want to create on-model product photos without the hassle and effort of elaborate photoshoots? is the perfect tool to choose from. 

This AI product photography tool is especially beneficial for retailers and eCommerce business owners selling fashion apparel, like clothes, shoes, handbags, and fashion accessories. 

The tool helps you generate product photos that showcase and helps customers view and visualize products on a model, helping them make informed decisions—improving your brand conversions and engagement rates. 

You can choose a suitable 3D model from’s extensive’s model library consisting of real models of different sizes, genders, and ethnicities. supports multiple categories and offers excellent customization options, including outfit customization, size visualization, background customization, and pose customization.


YouTube video

CreatorKit claims to help you create AI-generated product photos that boost your business’s sales. 

It lets you easily add new image backgrounds to your product images using AI, turning product photos into professional images in seconds. 

Moreover, unlike several other AI product photo generators, your AI-generated product images don’t lose on quality, eliminating the risks of shape changes or blurred images. In addition, it also provides deep integration with Shopify, allowing you to create photos from the Shopify admin using the tool’s video templates.


YouTube video

You can create professional-looking and high-quality product photos using Blend in just two clicks. 

All it requires you to do is upload your product photo image, describe the background scene you’d want in your product photo, and then you can download the generated results and AI designs.

Blend provides up to 10 free designs. The tool lets you generate and use the results of product photos for multiple use cases, including Etsy shops, DTC brands, car dealerships, influencer marketing, and more.


ZYNG is another simple yet efficient AI product photo generator tool that helps you create and install product images by simply uploading your product images, selecting a mode, and describing the product placement to the tool. 

You can use and share the AI-generated product photos by ZYNG on social media platforms, eCommerce platforms, and your brand website. 

While ZYNG is free for now, it will soon launch pricing plans for the users.


Flair is one of the best AI design and product photography tools for your branded content. 

You just need to drag your product photo to the tool’s canvas, describe the background scene visually, and edit and export the images to use for your brand and make excellent sales. 

Flair comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. It offers a scene construction feature that allows you to enhance your product images with additional accessories to fill in the blank spaces within the images.

Shot Rate

Shot Rate helps you generate unlimited eCommerce product photo variations to share beautiful and realistic product photos on social media daily and increase sales. 

It lets you enter prompts to describe how you want your final product photo to look. You can upload your product image’s original set, and then the tool takes about 20 minutes to train a model that generates images quickly specific to your brand requirements. 

Shot Rate comes with no hidden fees and doesn’t require any subscriptions, making it an ideal and beginner-friendly tool for many eCommerce and small business owners.


Lionvaplus’s cutting-edge AI helps you create photorealistic and customizable product images in any desired environment without expensive photo shoots in a studio. 

However, unlike other tools, Liovaplus doesn’t let you enter a prompt or describe your image background. Instead, it lets you upload your original source image that shows your product in an existing location like your staging area, which it uses as a reference to generate images that resonate with your brand persona. 

Liovaplus ensures the utmost data privacy, deleting the photos it generates for your brand after 48 hours.


Imajinn helps you transform your boring and redundant product photos into amazing eCommerce-ready product layups for free. 

It just requires you to upload or drag-and-drop your product photo and describe where or the background in which you wish your product photo to appear, and Imajinn does the rest of the job. 

However, you’ll have to pay for the plans to generate watermark-free, private images and images with high resolution.

YouTube video

Trusted by over 25,000+ users, is an excellent product photo generator that helps you create amazing, quality, and professional product photos, improving your brand’s productivity and engagement. 

You can create product images in different sizes optimized for different devices and platforms, such as blogs, social media, email marketing, and more. also provides different themes for you to choose from to customize and enhance the look of your product images per your specific brand needs and requirements.


Artificial Intelligence-based solutions help businesses save a lot of cost, time, and effort, automating redundant tasks that otherwise require a lot of human labor and budget investment. 

Similarly, businesses are leveraging AI-based product photography solutions that eliminate the need to hire professional photographers, purchase heavy camera equipment, and spend hours and days shooting product photos for campaigns. 

Using AI product photography tools, you can generate professional and beautiful product photos in bulk, without any expertise or photography skills, huge investment, or hiring resources—speeding up the entire product photography process. 

So, if you’re thinking of uploading appealing product photos on your new website or social profiles, make sure to check out the AI product photo tools mentioned in this article to automate your workflow and generate quality product photos at scale.

And if these AI tools aren’t able to give you that picture-perfect product image, you can hire a product photographer for your million-dollarđź’˛ideađź’ˇ.

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