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airSlate eSignature is a powerful solution that you can use to send and track contracts, agreements, and other documents. 

Contracts and agreements are the common forms of building trust between both parties when dealing with customers, vendors, employees, and others. 

Signing a document lays the ground for both parties to have clear expectations and avoid confusion.  

However, the traditional way of sending a document, receiving the signed copy, and tracking it is time-consuming.

This is where eSignature comes into the picture. 

But how to know whether an eSign solution is legally bound and follows industry standards?

To help you with this, I’ve come up with airSlate eSignature. This tool follows all the necessary regulations and compliance standards and takes advanced security measures. 

Thus, signing a document online becomes a secure task with the airSlate eSignature. It also automates the before and after processes of signing the document to save time and effort. 

In this post, I’ll discuss with you airSlate eSignature in detail and explain how it can enable a seamless signing experience. 

What Is eSignature?

An electronic signature or eSignature is a legal procedure for signing an online document efficiently and quickly. It can replace handwritten signatures while maintaining trust and security. It produces a unique version of your signature done manually so that you won’t need any paper or affix wet ink signs on it. 

In fact, eSignatures involve devices like computers, mobiles, laptops, or tablets to authenticate a person to sign in and certify the document’s integrity.

There are three types of eSignatures:

  • Simple electronic signature: It is the least secure and most basic type of online signing method used in digital documents like agreements and contracts. It doesn’t require any identity verification and doesn’t use authentication and encryption.
  • Advanced electronic signature: It offers robust security by allowing only the intended signer to access and sign the document, reducing the risks. 
  • Qualified electronic signature: It is the most fraud-resistant and secure eSignature type but the most complex one. 

Benefits of eSignature Solutions

Applying eSignature solutions in your company helps boost your operations. It reduces paperwork and enhances trust. 

  • It speeds up your document workflows and allows you to control and track every stage of the document easily. 
  • You can provide individual access to a document, store signed documents, and add an extra layer of security. 
  • Legal eSignatures have a similar legal weight as handwritten signatures with even better opportunities and perks.
  • You will get a flexible and easy solution for any country and industry to collaborate with your customers and teammates across the world. 

What Is airSlate eSignature?

airSlate eSignature is a digital signature platform that allows a person to send and approve documents online and enables other parties to attach their signatures electronically. It helps you set up straightforward and complex eSignature workflows. 

Furthermore, airSlate streamlines and speeds up your document processes, from organizing documents to managing files, with no-code workflow automation. It enhances your revenue by saving your resources and time, decreasing your costs, and avoiding manual work. 

With airSlate eSignature, you can set up and deploy legal eSignatures quickly for your contracts, web forms, and documents. You can assign steps, add notifications, and automate the processes. It offers over 100 no-code Bots so you can easily integrate with databases and CRMs to share your document seamlessly. 

Features of airSlate eSignature

You can set up multiple-step conditional workflows for your small and large businesses using airSlate’s enterprise-grade eSignature. It offers some features to make the online signature process easy. 

  • Drag and drop eSignature: I found this feature amazing; it helps you and other parties drag and drop signatures into DOCX templates, invoices, PDFs, contracts, generated quotes, and web forms. You can assign steps to other parties to let them sign the document.
  • Integrate eSignature: You can use no-code Bots to initiate and pre-fill eSignature workflows from cloud environments, local databases, or CRMs. It extracts data from these sources and moves the documents between multiple or single systems of record.
  • Automate Documents: With airSlate eSignature, you can easily set pre-signature and post-signature processes in automatic mode. This feature helps you streamline reminders, conditional document routing, and notifications.
  • Fast document sharing: airSlate eSignature lets you share documents securely and faster. You can send documents via SMS for signing. To this, you can set up a one-time SMS or repetitive notifications in order to make the overall process simple and fast by allowing your partners and clients to receive the documents and sign them in seconds. 

Security and Compliance

At airSlate, data security is a crucial part. Since it complies with the security standards of various industries, your crucial data is secured. In addition, it remains transparent about its security practices to maintain its reliability and quality. 

  • GDPR Compliance: GDPR Compliance deals with consumers’ personal data and the storage of information that belongs to European Residents.
  • SOC 2 Type II: It guarantees the privacy as well as security of your data. In addition, it identifies organization controls to meet SOC 2 standards.
  • PCI DSS Certification: PCI DSS Certification deals with transaction data made through debit card or credit card.
  • FERPA readiness: This security feature secures the privacy of students’ data which is maintained by an institution. 
  • HIPAA readiness: HIPAA is concerned with maintaining the health information of a person. airSlate protects the processing of health information with this security feature.
  • CCA compliant: Unlike GDPR, It safeguards the customer’s personal data that belongs to California residents.

airSlate eSignature Templates

Don’t spend hours setting up your document workflow. airplane eSignature’s ready-to-use workflow and form templates are specially designed for your department and industry.

  • Human resources: With HR templates, you can convert the hectic manual data entry task into an automated job to focus on important work.
  • Legal: The legal template reduces the paperwork and turnaround times in order to improve efficiency.
  • IT and digital: This template integrates automatic administrative banking processes on a single and no-code platform. 
  • Marketing: You can get an advantage by automating the document workflows in the marketing agency.
  • Healthcare: You can eliminate heavy paperwork and focus on patient care with a healthcare template.
  • Education: You can maintain compliance and efficiency while delivering top-class legal contract management services.
  • Insurance: It transforms paper-based workflows into cost-efficient insurance processes.

airSlate eSignature Support

Get premium support with airSlate and access Zoom sessions easily with top experts. In addition, you will get proactive health monitoring of the documents and workflows. Fill up the form by stating your issues, and one of the experts will get back to you to resolve them.

airSlate eSignature Pricing

airSlate offers an all-in-one no-code solution for your business. You can take a 30-day free trial. 

  • Starter: It costs you $19/month if billed annually. It includes 500 credits/year, 200 documents/year, legally binding eSignatures, drag-and-drop form builder, document generation, and more. 
  • Growth: It costs you $79/month if billed annually. It includes unlimited documents, contract negotiation, advanced analytics, custom branding, advanced roles, and more. 
  • Enterprise: It costs you $399/month if billed annually. It includes custom integrations, API, dedicated integration with various apps, and more. 
  • Automation suite: It costs you $799/month if billed annually. It includes 10 enterprise eSignature licenses, 25 document editing licenses, and more. 

airSlate enables your organization to focus on important matters – career, business, and customers. It reduces the cost and time of configuration and deployment.

airSlate eSignature Alternatives

If you are looking forward to more features at an affordable price, I am mentioning some alternatives to airSlate eSignature. 

#1. Adobe Acrobat Sign

Speed up and transform your workflows with Adobe Acrobat Sign. It is the e-sign tool that takes advantage of Adobe Acrobat in a single package. This means you will get one place for all the e-sign and PDF sign works.

Acrobat Sign accelerates your organization by eSigning documents and collecting signatures faster. You can access PDF and sign documents from any device and anywhere in the world.

  • Your recipients do not require any sign-ups or downloads; they can directly sign the document in a snap.
  • You can scan and upload PDF documents easily using Adobe’s free scan mobile app from your device.

Tracking and managing electronic signatures

  • Send documents to other parties for electronic signatures quickly and easily from Microsoft Word, Acrobat, and other apps.
  • You will get real-time visibility for documents you sent out for signature.
  • You can receive notifications when the other party signs the document.
  • You can manage and create reusable templates for the forms. 

Sending documents to multiple recipients

  • With a single click, you can send a document to multiple parties at a time.
  • You can let your recipient get their own personalized form.

Integrating and connecting eSignatures with various applications and tools you use:

  • With integrations for ServiceNow, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, and more, you can boost your HR activities effectively.
  • You can close more deals by integrating with Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Salesforce
  • Give your supply chain and CRM more efficiency by working with Nintex, SAP Ariba, Icertis, and Agiloft.
  • You can reduce legal risk by integrating with Veeva, Box, Notarized, and more. 

Acrobat Sigh Solution is configured in such a way as to meet industry-specific standards across the world, including HIPAA, GLBA, FDA 21 CFR part 11, and FERPA. 

The price starts at $12.99/month, where you get tools for editing, protecting, converting, and e-signing PDFs.

#2. DocuSign

Make your business simpler, more cost-efficient, and faster with DocuSign‘s electronic agreements. It gives you an intuitive signing experience across any device. Your employees, vendors, partners, and consumers expect fast and convenient agreement experiences.

To give that experience, you can let them sign practically any type of agreement using any device.

Additionally, you can provide your consumers, employees, and partners with responsive signing and custom branding. DocuSign empowers your teams to prepare, send, and approve agreements. It offers dynamic document generation, collaboration with shared templates and comments, and configurable workflows to handle agreement challenges. 

Furthermore, you can protect your documents with enterprise-grade compliance controls and security without compromising the user experience.

You can integrate your agreements easily with the applications you use, including Google, Zoom, Microsoft, Salesforce, and more. Try DocuSign for free or choose any of the paid plans starting from $10/month that gives 5 envelopes per month, reusable templates, and more. 

#3. PandaDoc

Enhance the security and speed of your documents with PandaDoc‘s electronic signature software. Whether you are in your office, on a beach, inside a cafe, or somewhere else, you can send and track documents right from your smartphone.

This legally binding e-sign software is UETA and ESIGN compliant. You will get an electronic certificate with your signed document. 

PandaDoc is also SOC 2 Type II certified and HIPAA compliant. It adds an extra layer of security by verifying the recipient via SMS text and passcode so that you can relax knowing that your crucial information is safe. With its editor, I was able to drag and drop eSign blocks, upload product screenshots, and embed rich media.   

You will never miss any essential moment in the ongoing signing process with instant notifications that notify you of the time a customer receives, opens, comments, or signs on the document. PandaDoc offers more than 1000 templates of invoices or agreements you need. Its all-in-one API solution enables you to gather eSign files and eSignatures from any tool. 

Furthermore, you can collect eSignatures from custom-built forms directly so that you can embed them into the website or share them with a link. PandaDoc allows you to carry forward your electronic signing process in a single and unified workflow so that you can upload, send, and sign DocX, PDFs, and other files in record time. 

The price starts at $19/month, where you can upload unlimited documents, get real-time tracking results, and do more. 

#4. Signaturely

Signaturely is an online signature maker or generator tool that allows you to create an excellent online signature. It gives you an easy and fast way to sign legal documents and contracts. You can go artistic and use your trackpad or mouse to draw your own signature. Also, you can type your name to get the best matches possible according to your personality.

Try Signaturely for free and sign online documents and contracts seamlessly. You can also choose the paid plan starting at $20/month. The plan offers unlimited signature requests, a single template, OneDrive integration, Dropbox integration, Google Drive integration, audit log and history, notifications and reminders, etc. 


airSlate eSignature is an online platform that allows you to deploy legally-binding eSignatures quickly for documents, agreements, contracts, and more. I found its features amazing like drag-and-drop fields to assign steps into DocX, PDFs, invoices, contracts, etc., and easily gather signed documents. 

Furthermore, airSlate’s no-code Bots help you initiate and pre-fill eSignature workflows from local databases and cloud environments. You can draw your signature using your preferred fonts and styles to quickly add it to any document easily. 

Thus, go ahead and try airSlate eSignature to experience a simple and flexible online signature tool that keeps your documents compliant and secure. 

Next, You may also explore some best eSignature APIs for your business.

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