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Inflation has taken over the world by a hit, and we all are part of that for sure.

The purchasing power of money comes down every year due to inflation. Whether you are doing a job or running a business, it is always great to have another source of income to ensure financial security. If you can make it a passive income source, it is the best option, as it will require minimal effort from your side.

Passive income can let you earn money even when you are taking a nap or are soundly asleep by putting in little or no extra effort. A passive income establishes the much-needed additional financial freedom and reduces the pressure of your office workload. And if you already have one, it would not hurt to have another one.

Passive income can be a valuable asset making the middle-class rich and the rich more prosperous. If followed with diligence and utmost dedication, it can make richer the richest. It works as a backup or retirement plan with enough funds and ensures a future for yourself and your loved ones without any financial compromises. Additionally, it is always great to have some extra money in your pocket.

Passive Income Sources

There are plenty of passive income sources that you can use to generate some extra funds. Some of the most popular ones are selling digital assets like online courses and ebooks, blogging, affiliate marketing, and many more.

One of the best ways to generate a passive income is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is nothing but a technique by which you can earn some percentage of money by marketing and promoting a product for another person or a company. Here, you only have to focus on your domain, marketing, development, or advertising, and you get paid for what you do.

Passive Income

It is an excellent way to generate some passive income because of the following reasons:

  • You can work at your desired time from home or any part of the world since everything is online. The only initial investment required is time.
  • It is a low-risk venture to get into as it is cost-effective and does not require any initial amount to start with.
  • The rewards (income) you get are performance-based. The better you perform, the more the reward you get. In short, you reap what you sow.
  • There is no need to develop your product. Here the product is already available, and you only need to promote it.
  • No qualification or technical knowledge is required to start.

Affiliate Marketing is not only for affiliate marketers. It is a fantastic opportunity for every individual out there in different fields. If you are familiar with the products and have the right quality to market the product, then you can make a handsome amount through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Programs for API Developers

Here, we will talk about some affiliate programs for API developers.

Developers can highly benefit from affiliate marketing by using API platform affiliate programs. Some of the benefits are:

  • Using APIs will authorize the developers to connect and work uninterruptedly with the advertisers without going through any second channels. This will diminish the manual workload, and the work will be smoothly carried out.
  • APIs will provide high-precision data. It will also provide the affiliates with access to a humongous amount of data within a short period.
  • Data will remain safe and secure using an API key that cannot be compromised.
  • You need to enter the data manually only once. After that, it gets updated automatically by using the API keys.

According to your desires and fulfilments, you can either make affiliate marketing your passive income source or a primary income source.

affiliate marketing

Let us explore some API providers who run affiliate programs from which developers can make money.


ChangeNOW is one of the most prominent crypto instant exchange platforms worldwide. Its ecosystem includes various crypto services such as mobile exchange, and digital wallet as well as an outstanding affiliate program and numerous B2B solutions.

ChangeNOW’s affiliate program offers the most trouble-free way to make a profit: just choose one of the many solutions, and receive a commission from every transaction your audience makes through the chosen tool.

YouTube video

The exchange API is a great tool for crypto-oriented app and website developers, media, and bloggers. The service will greatly expand the functionality of the partner’s product by letting their users buy, sell, and swap crypto on favorable terms. By integrating API, you will automatically join the affiliate program and receive up to 1.8% back from every transaction made through your platform.

Other B2B solutions include a customizable exchange widget, a plugin for WordPress for website owners, and referral links through which you will also be able to earn a certain percentage from crypto exchanges.

Some of the affiliate program benefits include fast integration (from 2 hours to 1 week), a flexible commission system (you can set up a fee from 0 to 1.8%), a personal account manager and 24/7 customer support, a wide range of tools both for novice users and experienced developers.


ScrapingBee is a web scrapping API that provides affiliate programs from the API platform. The API it uses is straightforward to use and understand. It gives you a chance to earn a 25% commission by joining its referral program. You can join the program if you are a freelancer, create blogs related to programming on your own, or work for a software agency involved in web scrapping activities.


It makes the web implementation easy since it has code samples in every language like Java, Python, PHP, and more. You can also promote ScrapingBee by blog posts, adding a link to newsletters, or using banner ads on the website.

Promoting ScrapingBee is pretty easy as there are plenty of options. You can create an account on different social media platforms as a developer and promote ScrapingBee over there.


Apify is a complete, customized, and automated web solution. It is open to everyone and will let you automate the dull and time-consuming tasks on the web, taking the additional day load off your shoulders.

It has a fast, automatic, and user-friendly data scrapping and web integration, which otherwise proves to be very costly and unproductive because of manual work and scaling issues.


You can earn up to 20% of the recurring commission on each referral via an affiliate link. There is no limit to the amount you can earn through affiliate marketing on this platform.

The dashboard lets the user track the work, and the proxy feature works adequately with excellent customer support. The possible audience may range from freelance developers and mini startups to huge companies and help you give a thrust to your revenue.


Zyte is an advancing affiliate marketing API platform to get going with your side hustle. It provides the first-timers with a 1-month free access to the smart proxy manager for you to create unique content, helping you scale your web scraping and letting you earn up to 50% commission on sales up to $1000.


The customer support team is active and responds to your queries in a short period with a customer-centric approach. It provides the users with automatic data extraction without writing code and uses machine learning to select the most favorable IP address for a specific website.

Zyte is result-driven, and its proxy server is one of the most used and efficient servers when compared across various ranges of API platforms.


Abstract is another API platform for affiliate programs to earn a commission of up to $500 per month. You will access already published affiliate newsletters, HTML code, and tracking codes for free coupons and deals by enrolling in the affiliation program.


Here, the maintenance and updating of the site is the user’s responsibility. Its web scraping API helps you extract the data from any website via millions of proxies available at your disposal.

The pricing for the program is nominal. It is simple and has high transparency to match its counterpart platforms.


Hunter aims to empower professionals with the power to generate and nurture connections with people by hunting for email addresses from different companies, and the approach is highly user-oriented.


The platform gives you a chance of earning up to 30% of recurring revenue share inside the first year of becoming an affiliate partner after taking up the program to get you started. So, this is definitely an excellent opportunity to earn some extra funds. You can get your payment after 45 days via PayPal after every successful referral conversion.

The subscription charges are billed monthly or yearly according to the choice selected by the user on Hunter.


CoinMarketCap is one of the most referred price-tracking companies for crypto assets in the crypto space, and the mission is to provide quality and accurate crypto data in time.

The affiliation program on CoinMarketCap grants the user to create and establish a unique affiliate referral link. But for you to possess a referral link, you need to have 200 diamonds in your account.


Here, you get rewarded with 20 diamonds only when the person whom you have referred reaches 100 diamonds. The service is strictly restricted to personal use only unless you agree to commercial use.


Passive income from being an affiliate marketer can prove very beneficial. It also provides an extra boost to your financial stability and plans for future savings. Depending on your interest, needs, and time management, you can start as an affiliate as a part-time side hustle or even as a full-time venture. It is essential to choose the correct platform to avoid any hesitations in the future.

The above-listed platforms have high user reviews and excellent APIs, software, and proxy manager servers to carry out the tasks effectively.

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