Comprehensive hack prevention and security solution for your web application.

According to the State of Cybercrime 2017 report, cyber attacks would cost businesses $6 trillion yearly by 2021. As the hacking attempts get more sophisticated, online businesses need a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

Let’s take a quick look at the data breach cost by country.

The USA score high, but one thing is clear, data breaches everywhere.

If you are an online business owner, then you need a website security solution that is easy to deploy, provides proper instant protection with rules in block mode and takes away the pain of continuous management and updates.

There are many cloud-based solutions for that, but in this article, I will focus on AppTrana by Indusface.

AppTrana is an entirely managed, reliable and affordable SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution for securing your web applications.

AppTrana is trusted by thousands of global business online including Reliance Insurance, National Stock Exchange, HDFC Life, Tata Motors, etc.

It’s suite of security solutions covering the following.

Application Vulnerability Scanner

Scanning is the first step to managing a secure business.

Gartner estimated that more than 70% of breaches happen at the application layer. Hackers have higher motivation in targeting apps to bring down critical business processes.

It is critical that you find all kinds of vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit. With AppTrana, you get a combination of automated and manual scanning to look for common security issues including SQLi, XSS, CSRF, etc.

It is capable of performing an automated scan and manual penetration testing to identify application risks.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

The most significant barrier to the proper use of WAF is that it requires skills to maintain and upgrade which is time-consuming continuously. As a business owner, you would instead prefer to focus on your product and sales.

The general WAF usually comes with standard out-of-the-box rules without understanding specific application needs. The perils of such approaches are:

  • Little understanding of the application context, so vulnerabilities particular to the application that hackers can exploit are left unprotected.

As the saying goes, security is as good as the weakest link

  • Most scanners are ineffective when it comes to JavaScript-heavy/dynamic sites.
  • Gaps in business logic vulnerabilities can only be found via pen-testing. Results imported from such scanners are at first inadequate, and most often protection against such substantial risks is not accurately carried out by most of the WAF modules.
  • Out-of-the-box rules are reasonable in an ideal scenario. However, applications in the real world are far from perfect, leading to a lot of false positives & false negatives, making the solution ineffective.
  • Proper implementation of WAF requires the fine-tuning of standard rules to meet application-specific needs but, unfortunately, this needs a lot of expertise and time.

AppTrana WAF approaches the problem to take away the pain of configuring and managing Application security from the customer. Its capable of learning the application of traffic insights to provide exceptional protection.

Risks are mitigated through virtual WAF patching which means there is no need to restart the application. It has following options.

  • Advanced Rules – Rules which are written by security experts and that come with a zero false positive guarantee.
  • Premium Rules – Complex rules for enhanced protection which may generate some FPs based on individual application design and behavior. These are applied in log mode, being monitored and tuned to ensure Zero FP for an application before being put in block mode.
  • Custom Rules- Application-specific rules written by security experts with a zero false positive guarantee based on customer request.
  • Continuous Learning- There is 24/7 Visibility of the current risks via the scanner and its protection status via the WAF.

The attempted attacks that were blocked can be assessed, including where they come from and what they tried to do, which acts as intelligence for further updates to continuous improvement.

DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are a huge menace for companies globally. No matter how many vulnerabilities you patch, everyone is open to DDoS attacks.

AppTrana provides round-the-clock monitoring and expert support to mitigate sophisticated DDOS attacks, ensuring the availability of your site.

With the tightly-integrated WAF and Scanner modules, it ensures that there is constant learning which is shared across both, improving the efficacy of detection & protection for all types of attacks.

And, you can always block a specific region or IP to stop attacks immediately.

I hope above give you an idea about AppTrana service offering.

Here are some of the essential features provided out of the box.

  • Instant protection within minutes, complete with zero downtime during the entire transition
  • PCI-compliant infrastructure for their web application security, which is scalable to terabytes of data seamlessly
  • Security protection instantly through virtual patches created by experts, and round-the-clock risk visibility

Get started with AppTrana to see how it works. You can start the trial without providing a credit card.