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Cloud-based platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, and more are getting a lot of attention lately.

And why not, cloud computing is one of the fields with fewer chances of recession. It is more evident in uncertain times like these when the world is struggling due to the Covid-19 disruption.

The situation has made everyone suffer, from personal levels to business. In fact, many people across the globe have lost their jobs. According to ILO, the impact could result in job losses of almost 195 million.

Therefore, there is a dire need to strengthen your skill sets and an expert in your field to reduce the likelihood of staying in business or saving your jobs.

That said, AWS Certification is highly sought after for IT professionals that can induce handsome salaries. To grab this certificate, you need to pass the AWS Exams. While there are different AWS certifications included; you can choose anyone you like among:

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • AWS Solutions Architect
  • AWS Developer
  • AWS Administrator
  • AWS Networking Expert
  • AWS Security Expert
  • AWS Big Data Expert

Becoming a cloud solution professional is not that easy, yet high in demand these days. Hence, to pass the exam, you need to prepare – a lot!

But first, it’s important to understand the concept of AWS and why you should really become a cloud solution professional.

Understanding AWS

Amazon Web Services, one of the top cloud platforms, consists of 100+ cloud services that help businesses leverage advanced computation, database, storage, security, and other resources.

AWS reduces the need for companies to have physical hardware; instead, it delivers a full application-based environment to run their software. It helps them create the entire infrastructure where companies pay only for the solutions and services they use.

Ultimately, companies could cut expenses while ensuring better operation scalability and security. So, AWS certification is a great way to achieve milestones for aspirant cloud professionals.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of AWS certification.

Building professional expertise 👨‍💻

You not only need to study, but also keep on practicing and make a strong commitment to AWS technologies.

And when you pass the exam with the certification in your hands, you are eligible to apply for your dream job at a decent cloud firm and build your professional expertise.

Fat paycheck 💵

According to the IT Skills and Salary Survey by Global Knowledge, the average salary for AWS-certified Solution Architect Associate in the US and Canada was $130,883.

Yes, that’s right. You can enjoy a fast paycheck every month with an AWS certification.

Recognition 🏆

When you pass AWS exams, you get digital badges and recognition as a certified professional. These badges play an instrumental role in displaying your achievement that you can flaunt on your email signatures and social media profiles.

You get noticed, and it also gives you a platform to land a lot of opportunities.

What’s more – you can get instant access to exclusive AWS certification events, Summits, Certification Lounges, and so on.

A pool of available resources

AWS certifications were introduced in 2013, and they have traversed a long path since then. Aspirants can find lots of resources available around, such as documentation, training courses, whitepapers, practice, and mock tests to help prepare for the exam.

And in this article, we are going to discuss some of the practice tests you can opt for preparing for your AWS exam.

Hence, try any of these resources to take your practice test before you appear for your AWS certification exam.


Whizlabs can help you prepare for the exam efficiently and pass it with confidence. It provides free tests, paid practice tests, and online courses for AWS certification. It designs its practice tests to cover all the topics included in the real exam.

Whizlabs offers its tests for various AWS certification exams like AWS Solutions Architect, Cloud Practitioner, Developer, and many more.

Certified experts prepare all the practice questions and answer with an in-depth and justifiable explanation. You can also access its labs to check your AWS knowledge.


Discover your true strengths and work on your weaknesses by appearing through the practice tests that Simplilearn offers. It updates questions according to the latest exam pattern of AWS to help you get prepared for the exam in the best possible way.

You can test your skills and knowledge on topics like EBS, EC2, IAM, and VPC. Simplilearn offers practice tests for AWS Solutions Architect, Developer, SysOps Associate, and AWS Technical Essentials.

For AWS Solutions Architect Certification, it offers 60 multiple choice questions that you can attempt in 80 minutes. You can attempt a free test any number of times and also pause in between the test and then retake your test later.

A Cloud Guru

A Cloud Guru is another famous name when you are looking for AWS practice tests. Transform yourself from a complete novice to an expert in AWS solutions by testing your abilities and then passing the actual exams.

It also provides AWS certification courses and practice exams for Architect, Developer, DevOps, Security, Executive, and Big Data. A Cloud Guru offers standalone and embedded labs dedicated to providing hands-on experience with AWS cloud services.

For AWS Solutions Architect Certification, it offers one practice test with 12-course quizzes.

AWS practice exams

AWS itself provides sample questions, exam guides, and other resources to prepare for AWS certification courses. AWS also recommends having some hands-on experience with some AWS services and products along with these resources.

You can schedule these tests by choosing one of the convenient and flexible options that AWS provides you with. Choose the one that you find the best suitable for you. The best thing – the host is AWS, so you can better prepare for passing their exams.

It provides a list containing ten questions for AWS Solutions Architect Certification and helps you assess the difficulty level. You also get a detailed answer to every question as well.


The road to becoming an AWS-certified professional has become easy with Udemy. This test is created by Jon Bonso and has good ratings, with 72k+ students already enrolled.

This practice test includes six practice tests and 390 questions in total that you can access even on your mobile. It consists of topics including AWS Global Accelerator, EFA, FSx, and more. Each question you get is explained in detail at the end of your practice test for better understanding.

The explanations also include the topic overview, insights on why a particular option is applicable, and reference links. Udemy also offers 3-month access to an exam simulator with a review mode using which you can see the correct answer instantly along with bonus flashcards.

DigitalCloud Training

The unique thing about the AWS certification practice tests by DigitalCloud Training is that it conducts tests in 4 modes.

It includes:

Timed exam – It includes six practice exam sets with 65 questions each. There is a specific pass mark that you have to clear, similar to the real exam.

Not-timed training –  The tests are taken in training mode where you can check answers and its explanation. There’s no time limit to take the test, and you get a scorecard at the end.

Knowledge reviews – Assess your in-depth knowledge of a particular area through Knowledge reviews. Here, you will get a series of different questions related to a specific topic with no time limit. You can also check the answer to each of them.

Final exam simulator – You can finally check your exam preparedness with its Final Exam Simulator. Besides, you get 65 questions chosen out of 500+ unique questions, just like the real exam environment and with the same style, format, passing score, and time limit.

Tutorial Dojo

Tutorials Dojo offers practice tests in the same pattern as the latest AWS exam format. It includes practice questions in 6 training modes:

  • Timed mode
  • Review mode
  • Domain-based tests
  • Topic-based tests
  • Final test
  • Bonus Flashcards

Get a detailed explanation for each question, access them on mobile or PC; the choice is yours!

Knowledge Hut

Knowledge Hut is another venue that helps you prepare for AWS tests with its five full-length mock tests and 300 questions. You can undergo this test even in your smartphones and appear multiple times.

It also provides sample questions so you can get an overall idea of what you could expect in the real exam. The time for each practice test is 45 minutes and includes 60 questions.

Testprep Training

If you are looking for free practice tests to pump up your confidence before appearing for the AWS certification exam, you can consider Testprep Training.

However, you can also upgrade to the paid version for just $14.99. It consists of two test modes – practice and exam. There are 76 videos included, along with 23+ hours of content access.


Passing the real AWS certification exam is not an easy nut to crack. It requires in-depth knowledge of cloud computing that you can achieve with consistent study and practice. Thus, practice tests mentioned above can make you ready to take on even the most difficult papers and pass them with excellent scores.

Good Luck!

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