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  • Why spend thousands of dollars on email marketing when you can get things done a lot cheaper.

    Social Media has grown in the past couple of years. However, Email Marketing has been prevailing for a long time. Choosing the best email marketing service can have a significant impact on the success of your marketing campaign. Some alternatives, though sound doesn’t quite price efficient.

    Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) is a service that allows you to send and receive emails using your email addresses and domains. Amazon SES is an extremely cost-effective alternative and is thus quite popular.

    Various email marketing platform has integrated with Amazon SES to offer a solution at the low cost.


    Sendy is a self-hosted email newsletter application. It allows you to send bulk emails at a meager price.

    It also integrates with many third-party applications like WordPress, Magneto, Joomla, and Zapier.

    You can buy Sendy for a one time fee of 59$, and Emails cost $1 for every 10000 messages sent via Amazon SES.


    • Sendy API is easy to integrate
    • Gives a detailed report on campaign and users
    • You can manage and import subscribers easily
    • One account allows you to manage emails for multiple brands/products
    • Custom domain for brands
    • Clean inactive or unconfirmed emails

    Sendy recently introduced version 4 with a fresh new look and many exciting features. If you need help with Sendy installation and configuration, then you can hire on Fiverr for $10.


    BigMailer is a hosted email marketing platform, built to optimize client management for marketing agencies and consultants. It offers management of up to 10 million contacts with unlimited monthly sending, making it a favorite of high volume senders. Its free tier is only up to 1000 subscribers and 2000 emails per month, meant to facilitate trial testing.

    BigMailer allows you to:

    • Manage bulk, auto/drip, RSS to email, and transactional campaigns
    • Use either drag-n-drop or HTML editor for template management
    • Choose from a library of mobile-optimized templates
    • Advanced segmentation and geo-targeting
    • Detailed engagement analytics and campaign reporting
    • Signup forms, webhook, and Zapier integration

    BigMailer offers live chat support 7 days a week, 15 hours a day, with a typical response time within minutes.


    An email marketing software that is meant to help you grow your business and not your bills, Pabbly, is impressive in many ways, including the pricing structure. They have a free plan followed by super affordable options starting from $29/month.

    With Pabbly, you get access to all of these fantastic features:

    • Easy drag & drop email builder
    • Advanced email tracking
    • Beautiful opt-in forms
    • Ability to clean your list periodically
    • Ability to import new email addresses
    • Easily schedule your emails to go out on fixed time and date

    Not to forget, this software is trusted by many big brands, including Uber, The Guardian, and Manipal School.

    Email octopus

    Email octopus is yet another service to send emails. However, it doesn’t use its web servers.

    It has integrations with WordPress and Zapier.

    It is free for the first 1000 subscribers. The pricing ranges from $15 to $75, which efficiently works for up to 250,000 subscribers.


    • Extremely light and speedy.
    • There is a full WYSIWYG editor for easy building of campaigns.
    • An abundant list API to create, delete, fetch update lists.

    Pepo Campaigns

    Pepo campaign is the first enterprise-grade marketing platform that allows you to send marketing emails with AWS without much hassle. It’s headquarter is located in Palo Alto, California, and was founded by Sunil Khedar.

    It has an integration with Zapier (currently in beta phase), which will allow Pepo Campaigns to quickly integrate with Salesforce, Gmail, Zoho, Paypal, and more.

    It is free for up to 10,000 emails per month.


    • It has its email template library.
    • It also allows you to automate a campaign.
    • It lets you segment and target customers based on their preferences and actions
    • Generates campaign reports and statistics
    • It has a transactional API which ensures an instant engagement with the customers


    Moonmail is an open-source email marketing solution based on a serverless framework. It allows you to create pretty neatly in a very less amount of time. It is straightforward to use. It is used by various international brands like Warner Bros. and Nespresso.

    Moonmail has integrations with Zapier and Shopify.

    It just has two pricing plans. The forever free plan allows you to send 7500 emails per month. The Professional plan costs $9.99 per month and an additional of $0.5 per 1000 emails sent.


    • It gives you an acknowledgment regarding the status of your emails sent. You can see whether your customers have opened your email or not, and how they interacted with it once they read it.
    • Powerful, user-friendly drag and drop editor
    • It provides in-depth analytics and user reports
    • Ensures that all the emails reach the inbox of the receiver and not their spam folder


    EasyMail7 is an email marketing automation platform founded in 2009 by G-Lock Software. EasyMail7 is an excellent tool for large volume emails. It has over 7500 customers and an excellent support team.

    EasyMail7 has an integration with Zapier, which allows it to connect to various applications like Gmail, Google Docs, Salesforce, Shopify, Highrise, and Paypal. It also integrates with MS Access, MS Excel 97-2003, MS Excel 2007-2013, CSV Text file, MySQL, and MS SQL Server database.

    EasyMail7 has the following three pricing ranging from 159$ to 1569$


    • It offers real-time tracking
    • Automated email management and bounce handler
    • Different plans for multiple users and supports up to 30 users
    • You can schedule your email campaigns
    • You can use scripts to customize emails for individual subscribers


    Mautic is an open-source, powerful marketing automation software which allows you to send personalized email to your customers. The self-hosted version is unrestricted and completely free.

    Matic provides a significant number of integrations, including Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, WordPress, Joomla, Dropbox, Gmail, Twitter, WordPress.

    The self-hosted version is unrestricted and completely free. However, the pro version comes with a variable price tag depending upon the number of contacts the email is going to be sent.


    • You can design forms for your campaign to collect information from the users
    • Detailed feedback on the application is provided
    • Automated Campaigns can be scheduled
    • Various channels, like segment emails and template emails.
    • Dynamic content allows you to display targeted or personalized content on web pages or email


    MailBluster is a free email marketing software that allows you to send up to 62,000 emails every month for free. After that, you would need to pay $0.10 per extra 1,000 emails (Which is still pretty affordable).

    Some other cool features include:

    • Ability to segment your list by individual retargeting subscribers
    • A/B testing for a better idea of what’s working
    • Ability to schedule emails as per your subscribers suitable time zone
    • Advanced tracking and analytics
    • Easy drag & drop email builder for the non-techy
    • And a lot more!

    Also, you can also have unlimited subscribers on your list for no extra cost.

    I hope the above solution helps you to reduce the email marketing cost.