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Bandwidth is the maximum amount of data transmitted over the internet connection in a specified amount of time.

People often confuse bandwidth and internet speed. In reality, bandwidth is the volume of information sent over the internet connection in a definite time. Usually, bandwidth is calculated in megabits per second (Mbps).

As people often get confused between bandwidth and internet speed, let us get clarity on it.

Difference Between Bandwidth and Speed

If we explain it in simple terms, bandwidth is the amount of information received every second, while speed is how fast it is received.

Let us understand this better with a daily life example. Imagine there is a bucket to be filled. Now, if the tap has a wider opening, more volume of water will flow than a tap with a narrower pipe, even if the speed is the same. Here, the volume of water is similar to bandwidth, and the rate at which water is flowing is compared to speed.

This basic concept will make it clear for you to understand the difference between bandwidth and speed.

Now, the next question that you might be wondering about is the amount of bandwidth required.

Let’s jump onto it.

How much Bandwidth is enough? 💻 🎮

The amount of bandwidth required will depend on the number of devices and family members. If you have to use the internet on multiple devices simultaneously and have more family members, you will need more bandwidth for smooth functioning.

You will need a certain amount of bandwidth for better streaming and gaming experience, along with other high-capacity activities. A proper bandwidth will prevent the issues of lagging and buffering. The more bandwidth you can receive from your internet provider, the better it is for you.

If you want an approximate value of Mbps to go with, you will have to understand your requirements first. For instance, if you love to stream content in 4K quality, you definitely need to go with 25 Mbps bandwidth as a minimum. For gaming and telecommuting purposes, you can still go with 4-25 Mbps bandwidth.

Now, let us jump onto the list of some of the best bandwidth calculators.


Calculating the required bandwidth can be made simpler with the help of the BroadbandNow Bandwidth Calculator. When you land on its page, you need to answer a few questions. The system will provide a result based on your answers. This will help you to understand the bandwidth you need to aim for your place.

Let us go through the step-by-step procedure for calculating the bandwidth.

Firstly, you need to enter the zip code of your place.


Next, you have to enter the number of devices using the internet simultaneously.


In the next step, you have to choose whether you take up video conferencing daily, weekly, or rarely basis.

Video Conference

Next, you need to enter your gaming activity.


The last question is whether the price is more important or speed. Here, you need to decide whether you wish to go for a cheap or mid-range plan or get a recommendation for the best speed plan.

Price or Speed

In the end, you will receive the results with the best recommendation and even a link to find the top internet providers in your area.



If you are planning on changing your internet provider or taking a new plan, you should use the Encore bandwidth calculator to make things easier for you. By entering a few details based on your online activity, you can find the required bandwidth.

Go with higher bandwidth options because nowadays, people use more than one device simultaneously. You can either go with shared bandwidth or dedicated bandwidth based on your requirement.


Using the Encore Bandwidth Calculator is pretty simple. You only need to enter the number of users in the multiples of 10 and the usage type from low, medium, and high. Once you enter the values, you will receive the value of the predicted bandwidth.

If you are looking for a tool with multiple calculating options, then is just the perfect one for you. Here, you will find various calculations related to bandwidth. You can even convert different units of data over here. Other than that, you can calculate download/upload time, convert monthly data usage to other time periods, get its equivalent value, and calculate the bandwidth used by a website.

So, you can say that this is an all-in-one option for calculating bandwidth at different places. Calculating website and hosting bandwidth is the most innovative option over here. Other bandwidth calculators on the internet do not usually offer this.

The interface is pretty simple and easy to understand. Thus, any individual with a basic understanding of bandwidth can use it and calculate the required metrics.


Calculating the data transfer speed based on your network speed is not provided by every bandwidth calculator. Databarracks work towards providing its users with an approximate time for transferring any file with a particular size. You can enter the value of the file in terms of megabytes (MB), gigabytes (GB), and terabytes (TB).


Databarracks Bandwidth Calculator has a simple interface with a single question field. You receive a table with the duration based on your network speed as you put in the value.

Omni Calculator

Omni Calculator is an intuitive bandwidth calculator that can be used in two different ways. If you wish to know the download speed, you can enter the file size and required time. The calculator will provide you with the download speed based on its calculations. You can even use it the other way around. You can enter the values and get the download time if you know the download speed and file size.

Omni Calculator

This is a flexible bandwidth calculator that allows you to find the missing information with the help of the data you already possess. This calculator provides plenty of speed and files size formats to obtain the results in different formats. So, you will find it pretty easy to work with this bandwidth calculator.

One Ring Networks

This simple bandwidth calculator helps you determine the internet speed that will work in the best way for you or your business. Here, you will have to select the number of devices using the internet simultaneously based on the number of employees or family members.

One Ring Networks

If you are running a business, you will have to remember that the bandwidth will be shared in the network. So, you will need higher bandwidth for satisfying the video conferencing of one employee and large file downloading of the other. With the help of the One Ring Networks’ Bandwidth Calculator, you will be able to understand your company’s or home’s internet requirements based on the number of users and devices.

Here, you will have to select the online activities and the number of people performing them. The calculator will provide you with a recommended figure based on your bandwidth requirement.


Fuze has come up with a persona-based bandwidth calculation concept. So, you will have to enter the data based on the calling patterns categorized into voice and video. You need to enter the number of users for every persona type like administrative assistant, call center, executive, information worker, reception, and technical executive.

Voice Bandwidth

As you enter the number of users, the calculator has set a generic percent of users in both voice and video calls using the service simultaneously. This generic percentage has been kept higher for being on the safer side. Here, you will receive individual results for both voice and video bandwidth requirements. You can keep them in mind and take up your next plan.

Video Bandwidth


DSLReports provides an easy-to-use bandwidth calculator with pretty simple functioning. There are three different columns provided over here. The first one is for the data size. The second one is for the time required, and the third one is for the speed.


You can enter values in different units. The allowed units are also specified below the given space for entering the values. If you are entering the values in data size and internet speed, you will obtain the time required for that particular download. The best thing here is that time will be displayed in different units like seconds, minutes, hours, days, and other units based on the time obtained.

So, you can expect an easy calculation with this bandwidth calculator.

Conclusion 👩‍🏫

Choosing the right bandwidth calculator is necessary to monitor your network usage. If you are thinking about switching your internet provider, you definitely need to look at your bandwidth requirements to get the perfect plan for you. Some tools provide various advanced options. You should go for the one that provides you with the necessary data as per your requirements.

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