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Are you searching the internet relentlessly and not finding the right battery saver app? Well, your search stops here! Find the ultimate list of apps that help you save battery on your iOS or Android smartphones.

Today’s smartphones are so powerful that they can easily replace laptops or desktops for regular office work, personal stuff, and entertainment. However, they lag behind computer devices in one feature. You guessed it right! The battery that powers the device.

Though a smartphone can stay on standby mode for days, it might seem pretty quick to run out of battery when you do stuff like use GPS, mobile internet, play games, watch movies, etc.

Thankfully, there are some wonderful battery saver apps on Google Play and App Store that you can try to save your device’s battery. Continue reading to find more about battery power saver apps and valuable tips.      

What Is a Battery Saver App?

An app that saves batteries usually helps you stop unusual events that consume the most battery power. Some apps offer features like battery monitoring, profiling apps per battery usage, notifying you of low battery, etc.

Though Android and iPhone operating systems come with their proprietary battery-saving features, battery power saver apps extend the functionalities and convenience to a great level.   

Why Do You Need a Battery Saver App? 

You may want to get a battery energy saver app for the following benefits:

  • Make battery management convenient with the tap of a button. There is no need to go through the complex working principles of Android Battery Saver or iOS Low Power Mode. Simply use a battery-conserving app to extend the phone battery level.
  • Some power saver apps automatically freeze apps and functions when the mobile is in idle mode for a long. Hence, you get to conserve the battery power.
  • The latest Android and iOS devices indeed come with some advanced battery-saving features. However, these features are not available for older models. Therefore, you need battery energy saver apps for legacy Android or iOS models.
  • You can save yourself from buying a new phone due to a weak battery by simply switching to a battery saver app for device battery management. This saves you money and time.
  • Battery saver apps come with advanced widgets and tools to show advanced things like battery percentage, time remaining on the battery, battery health, battery-hungry apps, etc.
  • A good battery power-saving app will automatically manage power-hungry services like mobile internet, 4G LTE, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Infrared, and Wi-Fi. Efficiently switching on and off these services saves battery energy.
  • These apps more often come with an intuitive dashboard from which you can control the battery consumption of the whole device.

Now, let’s look into some applications from Google Play and App Store that are popular as reliable battery power-saving apps:              

Battery Saver Apps for Android


Digibites Accu​Battery can also help you save battery power and condition the battery to last longer. It uses advanced technologies to measure battery capacity, show real-time battery usage information, and save the device battery from harm. Its notable features are:

  • Charge alarm helps you prolong battery life
  • Shows battery ear during each charging session
  • Real-time monitoring of battery usage by the mobile phone
  • True usage prediction in standby, sleep, and active mode
  • Monitors all app-based battery consumption
  • Limited free use by allowing ads

You can get premium features by buying the Pro subscription plan of this battery saver app. Pro level offers black themes like AMOLED and Dark that saves the most battery energy.      


Greenify is an Android app that can maximize the battery saving on Android 6 and above. It stops your phone from becoming battery hungry as you install various apps and ensures it runs smoothly like the first day.

Using this app, you can identify the misbehaving apps and put them into hibernation when they are inactive. It saves your phone from battery leeching by these apps.

Battery Saver Apps for iOS

Battery Saver – Power Master

Battery Saver – Power Master is an iOS app that functions as a battery saver and power manager. While the app UI might look simple, it is no less than a professional battery-checking tool considering its features. It lets you visualize the battery details accurately and offers an additional layer of protection to your battery.

It can predict the battery runtime to keep you worry-free. You get a reminder from this app when the battery charge is complete. Also, it displays beautiful screensavers during the charging session and provides you with essential battery maintenance tips.

Battery HD+

Battery HD+ is an iOS-based app you can use on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. It is one of the best battery monitors available right now. It is simple to use, and the app interface is beautiful. Moreover, you can calibrate this app for your new or rare device.

Besides offering charge alerts and usage charts, the app also has a widget. Furthermore, you can get an instant idea about the remaining time for activities such as phone & video calls, standby, watching videos, listening to music, internet browsing, games, and reading books with your current battery level.

Battery Life Doctor Pro

Are you an iPad or iPhone user worried about the battery life of your devices? Use Battery Life Doctor Pro to manage the battery life and ensure its well-being by maintaining it properly.

When it comes to Battery Usage & Power Monitoring of battery saver apps, this app can display precise battery levels from 0.1% to 0.8%. You can use it for checking battery usage and battery life monitoring. It is also helpful for checking the memory status of your iPhone.

Checking battery usage and available memory space are other amazing features of this app. Using it, users can also learn professional battery maintenance tips and ways to clean the phone’s storage.

Battery Health – Charge Alarm

Overcharging can be harmful to your iOS device. Battery Health – Charge Alarm app alerts you with ringtones once the battery charge level reaches 100%. Thus you can remove the charge immediately after full charging to retain the battery health. This feature will work even if your phone is in silent mode.

Even after you close the app UI, it will always display the battery charging status. The app records battery charge and discharge rate data for the last 30 days. To know your battery’s charging speed, you can use this app to see the battery charge percentage at a specific time.

Cloud Battery

Cloud Battery is an iOS app suitable for all devices running on this operating system. It helps you manage your device batteries better by keeping up with the battery levels.

It lets you monitor the battery level in real-time and keep updating the battery frequently. The app also offers notifications when there is a low battery, or the charge is complete. Moreover, you can integrate it with Siri shortcuts.

This app supports effortless integration into iCloud, so you can start using it after a minimal setup. If you use it on multiple devices, you can check all battery levels from any device connected using the same iCloud account.

Top Tips on Mobile Battery Saving

Besides using a robust battery saver app, you can also follow these standard mobile phone usage tips to save more battery power:

  • Always use the phone at the lowest brightness level when using it indoors.
  • For outdoor usage, use adaptive brightness mode for screen display.
  • If you have access to Wi-Fi, turn off mobile internet, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, infrared, etc., to conserve battery power.
  • Try to keep the mobile on a flat surface when at home or the workplace. Doing so will trigger deep sleep mode in the latest Android and iOS devices. This increases battery power to a great extent.
  • Avoid shutting down apps in the background. Because doing so will consume more battery by RAM and processor the next time you run these apps.
  • Don’t use up the device battery below 15%. Connect to a charger when nearing this mark and charge the device up to 80% to 90%. This helps in prolonging the battery’s health. Read this to find out more about long-term Android battery health.          


So far, you have gone through some of the widely used battery saver apps for iOS and Android mobiles. You can try some of the above and decide which one works best for you. All these come with some unique features and are revealed in the article.

You may also be interested in these awesome and useful Google Android apps.

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