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In Gaming and Hosting Last updated: March 24, 2023
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Arma 3 is one of the best tactical shooter games with a commendable military simulation, endless content, and advanced features.

Although many video games are portraying modern warfare, only a few have managed to provide that realistic and immersive experience.

And Arma 3 is one such video game.

Probably, that’s the reason why there’s so much hype around this game.

If you have ever played Arma 3, you would know how awesome this is. But if you haven’t, don’t worry; we will cover all about the game before announcing our top server hosting providers.

Here you go!

What is Arma 3?

Arma 3 is a realism-based, open-world military video game involving tactical shooting. It was developed and designed by Bohemia Interactive and released in 2013 for Windows and then for Linux and macOS in 2015.

The game is set up somewhere around the mid-2030s over the islands of Stratis and Altis in the Aegean Sea and Tanoa in the South Pacific. These islands encompass photo-realistic water environments and terrain.

The single-player game needs the players to join the military campaign. They are placed in difficult situations such as lone-wolf infiltration missions, commanding large-scale operations with advanced armors, and more.

You as a player can choose different missions and weaponry like rifles, guns, artillery, UAVs, air support, and much more based on your style or preference.

Arma 3 offers all the thrill of a tactical shooter game, from clever battle tactics to intense gunfights. You can also go for the multiplayer mode to play with your friends.

Although there’s an option to self-host your game, it comes with many disadvantages and challenges.

  • Arma 3 is a heavy game with massive features and details; it requires a powerful PC with sufficient storage, memory, RAM, etc. Otherwise, you will encounter many lags and crashes, which will spoil your gameplay and mood.
  • The game offers big maps, which would be difficult for you to manage. And if you don’t manage them properly, the game would become very simple and a bit boring.
  • If you are new to this game or are technology challenged, setting everything may become really complex for you. Hence, you can lose interest in the game and might quit it even before discovering its true potential.

A solution to all these issues is Arma 3 game server hosting. It will remove the unwanted burden from your PC, help you manage the maps easily, and offer you a simplified control panel to manage everything with ease.

And if you encounter any server issue or technical difficulty, you can always contact their support team to get your queries solved quickly so you can start playing your game without any hassles.

Sounds interesting?

Are you ready for thrilling combat and spoils of war?

If yes, let’s discuss some of the best Arma 3 server hosting providers in the market.


Crazy for a tactical shooter game?

Try Arma 3 premium server hosting by HostHavoc.

HostHavoc hosts all the game servers on their powerful and reliable TCAdmin v2 control panel. To provide you with the best gaming experience, they have custom-designed their game template so that you can use the installers and unique features for Arma 3.

They allow you to launch a combat environment of your own under their hosting service. Whether you are a beginner or a power player, you will get all the features that are very easy to use. You can also install Altis Life (version 4.4 and version 5), Steam Workshop Mod installer, CUP, Antistasi, Exile, and more.

You have a file manager and FTP access to self-manage and modify things and can back up or restore your saved data manually for power players. You can also configure the command line, and their interface features wide-ranging specific parameters for Arma 3.

HostHavoc maintains a vast network with 10 data centers globally in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia. They offer 99.9% uptime and consistency in server performance due to true redundancy and reliable networks.

Be on the safe side when it comes to UDP floods and Source Engine attacks. Save your application and bandwidth from getting exploited as HostHavoc offers free DDoS protection along with a 2-step authentication security feature.

If you are not satisfied with their service, you can request a full refund to your original payment source within 72 hours of signing up. Start your game as the starting plan is available at just $20/month for 40 slots.

Survival Servers

Survival Servers offers you Arma 3 game server hosting with key features that you need for exceptional gameplay. Deploy your game server quickly after successful payment and manage your server with ease. Their in-house control panel allows you to make changes and customize your server without hassles.

You can install mods and maps, change any setting with easy clicks, and switch locations. In addition to this, switch mods whenever you need them, and they also support Epoch, Altis Life, Exile, Wasteland, Tanoa, and Contact that can be enabled with one click.

If you are an expert, then you can have FTP access to change and manage settings as per your need. You will also get full database access and experience incredible speed with NVMe SSD Drives and Intel/AMD CPU.

Get notifications for the latest versions of supported mods and protect your site from attackers through DDoS protection. You can add admins with just one click and can access third-party tools and custom launch parameters.

Enable server status like start, stop, or restart and you can also have your DB backups so that you will never lose anything. They offer multiple data center locations globally, including Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, France, and Germany.

Choose your server and slots and start enjoying the fast server with just $25/month for 20 slots. And they accept payment through credit cards, PayPal, or Stripe.


Fozzy Game Servers offer robust and state-of-the-art ARMA 3 server hosting on which you can build a perfect game server for you and your friends. It empowers you to set and play the game as you want to. Add mods, customize the game rules, and invite friends to enjoy playing together. 

This personal game server lets you play ARMA 3 online with your friends. There are 3 basic plans available for you, which are designed for a different number of players. The most popular ARMA 3 server hosting plan features:

  • CPU 5.00 GHz
  • 4 GB RAM (DDR4)
  • 20 GB NVMe SSD Storage
  • 50 slots

Due to the flexibility of Fozzy server hosting, you can seamlessly customize it to your needs. With the scaling up of your gaming community, you can include slots, CPU, RAM, and disk space for more mods installation.

If you want to play some missions with your friends on weekends only instead of renting a server for a whole month, you are good to choose the special 3-day plan and save your money.

Since it is a rented server, you can develop your own community where like-minded gamers will join you to share their love for realistic military simulation games like ARMA 3. It is also safe to buy game server hosting at Fozzy as it provides a 3-day money-back guarantee.

For any game hosting, the absence of lags on the server is important. Fozzy Game Servers achieves this by using the latest Dell hardware and robust DDoS protection.

If you need any kind of assistance, you may contact Fozzy’s customer support.


Get your Arma 3 server hosting by GTXGaming and instantly set up your account to start playing your game. GTXGaming is one of the best Arma 3 server hosting providers globally with its user-friendly interface, advanced gaming features, and security.

They are always prepared to provide you with the best possible gaming experience using the latest technology, and they also replace their Dell machines every year to remain updated. GTXGaming is in the market for the last 10 years, and they never let you compromise on server specifications.

Instead, they offer unlimited memory and dedicated CPU cores so that you can install whatever plugins you need. You will find many control panel templates that add the latest functionality, thanks to the consistent and relentless work by the developers of GTXGaming. They also update their features by keeping an eye on the updates released by Bohemia Interactive.

With their beautiful interface, you can control your game server completely. It enables you to access the settings easily with a tick-to-enable option and drop-down menus, while elegant sliders make server configuration even easier. Expert users can have full FTP access and text editors to configure the servers manually.

If you want someone to manage your server, you can create a sub-user account and let them help you after granting permissions. Here, you do not have to worry about your server exploitation or slowing down your loading speed as GTXGaming protects your server from outside attackers through DDoS protection.

GTXGaming leverages the latest techs, such as powerful processors with i7 or i9 CPUs, and they have also started implementing AMD Ryzens. Switch games between Arma 3 servers instantly whenever you wish to enjoy more games. You can also schedule messages, install Steam Workshop and other functionality effortlessly, and get your installed items directly to your game server with simple clicks.

GTXGaming’s data centers are located worldwide in several locations, including 5 in the US and 1 each in Canada, the UK, Russia, France, Sweden, Spain, Singapore, Germany, Australia, and Malaysia.

Start your risk-free Arma 3 game server hosting with a 24-hour refund policy.


Get a uniquely tailored hosting experience by ArmaHosts created primarily to increase your comfort level. It comes with Arma 3 dedicated game servers and provides the best experience you have always wanted to have.

YouTube video

ArmaHosts provides you with complete control over remote data management. It also has sponsored more missions, communities, and mods than before. In addition, you will get all the hosted services you need to run Arma 3 and deploy your server instantly after completion of the registration.

Rent the server now with the best budget plan for 1-9 players at $2/month plus $5 for setup and get limited memory, slots, standard performance, infiStar Vision addon, control panel server management, and more.

Nitrous Networks

Welcome to the home of high-performance and reliable Arma 3 server hosting by Nitrous Networks. Set up your game server instantly in seconds with TCAdmin and manage your server and games using this efficient control panel.

Network hardware and T1 providers guarantee the lowest latency and stable connection, and you will find the fastest and latest SSD storage technology here. With the help of filtering PoPs, your servers are protected from DDoS attacks.

This hosting service lets you benefit from free MySQL and 7 data centers across the world, i.e., in London, Amsterdam, Falkenstein, and US locations, namely, Ashburn, Atlanta, Phoenix Buffalo.

Nitrous Networks will never ask you for any contract or fixed billing system. You can pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly, whatever suits your needs. You also have the option of canceling your server at any point in time with no risk.

Their plans start from $19.66/month.


Excited to experience combat gameplay?

Start your game with LogicServers that offers you powerful Arma 3 game servers.

Get your fast and reliable server in no time after registration and confirmed payment. With the TCAdmin control panel, you can have full access to FTP files, instantly set up your account with ease, and configure your settings and manage the panel as per your choice.

Experience reliable performance and speed with a 4 Ghz+ Processor, NVMe/SSD storage, and gigabit uplinks. You can choose different mods and update them with just a click or enable them by following their easy-to-understand guides.

Protect your servers and never let others use your resources by enabling DDoS protection. You can also restore and backup your files to secure data so that your data would be safe with you even if you face any issue on the server.

For expert gamers, LogicServers allows them to use a custom command line to change and modify the server functionality. They have 11 different data centers, including 3 in Europe, 4 in the US, 3 in Asia, and 1 in South America.

Don’t wait; start your game server at just $14.32/month for 15 slots. You can also choose a custom plan starting from $0.53/slot/month.


Get your own Arma 3 premium game server hosting from GPortal and make your server online instantly in a few minutes. They offer the best gaming performance for you with the latest hardware, Intel Xeon E5 2690V2 processors, and NVMe SSD drives.

You can play with other gamers ranging from 4 to 200, being online at the same time. To play in a range of 290 km2 area with many numbers of players, you need high speed and response time, and that’s what you get with GPortal.

YouTube video

GPortal’s user interface is user-friendly for both beginners and expert gamers. You can enjoy cool benefits like up to 50GB of backup storage space for configurations and saved games, a live console to track the logs and events in real-time, DDoS protection by Corero, and more.

Using Gamecloud, it becomes easy to switch games quickly, and they also offer you multiple support channels via telephone, emails, tickets, forums, and wiki. They have 14 server locations globally in Los Angeles, Montreal, London, Moscow, Frankfurt, Washington, Dallas, São Paulo, Johannesburg, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo, Singapore, and Barcelona.

All you need to do is to select your slot size (4-200) during the order, choose a period (3, 30, or 90 days), and deposit the money through one of their payment methods.


Nodecraft offers one of the finest Arma 3 game server hosting, which can be set up instantly and allows you to switch between game servers effortlessly. It has made it easier and affordable to have a private game server and access almost everything using their new user interface of NodePanel 2.

With this unique panel, you can install your server in seconds, change your configuration, and manage your settings. You will also find a Nodecraft App for mobiles, allowing you to control and manage your server from anywhere with your phone.

They focus majorly on performance, stability, and speed to satisfy all the gamers, and for that, they have built their infrastructure on the Linux ecosystem. They are also using 32 GB ECC RAM and 3.8+ GHz CPU, Intel Xeon E-2174G processors, and enterprise-grade SSDs.

They host their game servers on SSD, but for backups, OS, and general files, they use standard disks. The game server is built purposefully to safeguard it from network attacks and DDoS attacks. They know how frustrating you feel with server lags and crashes, so they allow only up to 12 gamers per device so that you can have more RAM, CPU cores, and disk IOs.

Nodecraft doesn’t fix any player limits, and you can save your instances and easily swap them to other game servers at zero additional cost. Choose a nearby data center from the list of 13 locations from different continents, including the United States, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Start your private server at an affordable rate of $9.98/month and take advantage of 7 days full refund guarantee.


Arma 3 is undoubtedly one of the best video games out there if you are interested in intense combat sequences and tactical shooting.

Choosing the right Arma 3 server hosting empowers you to unleash the true potential of this exhilarating video game. You can play the games with high speed, choose a data center, experience the lowest lags, and enjoy the game without worries.

Thus, go for a provider that ticks all these boxes and suits your budget.

Next, find out some of the best Space Engineers game hosting platforms.

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