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In AI Last updated: August 1, 2023
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Are you looking for premium quality, well-planned, elaborated, and well-researched content for research papers, websites, blogs, and tech magazines? You need a reliable article summarizer.

Scholars, creative content writers, technical content creators, and online content researchers have been summarizing articles for many years. Such a summary helps the writer digest the article’s core message and brainstorm to create genuine content.

In this article, we introduce you to some of the top and most popular article summary creators that are the trade secret of successful content creators.      

What Is an Article Summarizer?

What Is an Article Summarizer

Article summary creator is an online or standalone tool that helps you extract the main idea of an article. Thus, instead of going through all the non-essential text, you can simply read an article summary to know the message the writer wanted to convey.

The tool should not just omit some text from the content. It needs to capture authentic and salient supporting details and the main article concept. Then, it must present this to you in a readable format. 

The idea of such a tool is to condense the original text, digest the underlying message, and present a summary in a readable manner so that anyone can understand the summary. It helps the reader increase their reading skills or get inspiration to create genuine content.   

Use Cases of Article Summarizers

#1. Small, medium and enterprise-level businesses mostly use summary creation tools to monitor the public media.

#2. Website and blog owners engage with their followers and patrons by sending bite-sized newsletters that are essentially article summaries.

#3. You can use this to summarize your competitors’ content and produce original content to improve your blog or website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

#4. The legal sector uses this tool to summarize legal contracts of hundreds of pages into small readable outlines or paragraphs.     

Benefits of an Article Summarizer Tool

The Benefits of an Article Summarizer Tool

#1. An article summary creation tool generates good quality summaries within seconds. Thus, instead of wasting time on summarizing an article manually, you can use a content summary tool and spend more time on core business.

#2. If you need to present your scientific or creative article in front of an audience, you can use an article summarizer to produce content outlines. Then, you can use online presentation tools to generate stunning slideshows.

#3. Creative and technical content writers that work on website and blog projects benefit from AI-based article summary tools by avoiding plagiarism.

#4. Teachers and mentors can help students read and learn faster by providing rich article summaries.

#5. Article summary producing tools help you automate manual tasks in the writing industry and make your business highly efficient, streamlined, and productive.

Now, let’s look at some of the article summarizer tools that are useful for businesses and solo creators:


Looking for the smartest AI summarizer? Look no further than HIX.AI – the most powerful, all-in-one AI writing copilot. A standout in its offerings is its top-notch summarizing tool, HIX Summarizer, which can condense massive amounts of information into accurate, concise summaries at lightning speed.

It’s not just your average summarizer; it can distill content from varied sources. 

  • Directly pasted text, paragraphs, or full articles
  • YouTube video URLs or webpage URLs
  • Documents like PDFs, TXTs, and DOCs

In addition, HIX Summarizer offers flexible output formats. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from the following:

  • Bullet point summaries for a quick scan of the main ideas.
  • Paragraph summaries for a smoother, more coherent read.
An article summarizer displaying a blue background in a screen shot.

The best part? It is accessible anywhere through HIX.AI’s ChatGPT Chrome extension. Simply select any text and summarize it instantly, right from your browser.

All in all, if you need a powerful yet easy-to-use AI summarizing tool, HIX Summarizer is your best bet.


QuillBot is the platform for immediately condensing documents, articles, or papers down to the main points. Using AI and natural language processing, the tool can locate key information in the article easily while keeping the original context.

QuillBot an article summary creator

Here, users can get two types of summarization:

  • Paragraph Mode: Here, you get a unique summary in a paragraph. You can also manage its length with the summary length slider.
  • Key Sentences Mode: In this mode, the tool provides a bullet point list of the most important sentences. Using the summary length slider, one can change the number of bullets you get in the summary.

Apart from pasting the text, you can upload the file from your computer location or drag it to the field.


Information overload is a serious problem that negatively affects the productivity metrics of scientific writers, creative content writers, or technical content creators. Stop wasting time reading the whole reference article. Instead, you can use TLDR This to transform articles into easy-to-digest and concise text you can understand in a minute or two.

The article summarizer TLDR This

The tool comes with the following salient features: 

  • Key sentences or basic summary
  • AI-generated advanced summaries
  • Paraphrased content
  • Ad-free and distraction-less reading and writing
  • Keywords discovery
  • Browser extension

The article summarizer tool is quite basic and highly user-friendly. First, you can simply paste the link to an article on the tool and get an instant summary when the article is available online. Secondly, if the article is not online or something you have typed in your system, you can paste it in the Paste Article Text box and produce premium quality summaries.  


Smmry is yet another popular AI-based article summarization tool that users can use as it is or embed on a website or application through API. You can use the cloud-based tool for free as much as you want. One can also use its API for free for up to 100 inquiries per day.

Smmry the article summarizer

It has a clutter-free user interface (UI), and you can access various settings to customize the summary generation process to your requirement. Moreover, you can also limit the summaries to a particular sentence length. Let’s say you need a 10-sentence-long article summary for your content. You can change the sentence limit to 10 from 7.   


As thousands of new research get published every year, it isn’t easy to keep pace with state-of-the-art research. Use Scholarcy to find out which papers are crucial for your work.

Scholarcy an article summary creator

The summarizer tool generates a summary flashcard of any report, document, or article in Word or PDF format. You can also configure this platform to extract tables, figures, and images from the research papers. 

This is a subscription-based service, but you can get a 14-day free trial to check its efficiency. Some of its partners are Cactus, Flowcite, Sage Publishing, and Citationsy. 


With the help of the Summarizer tool, you can shorten the text while keeping all the main points. This AI-based paragraph summarizer offers accuracy and is capable of retaining the original context during summarization. 

Summarizer the article summary generator

As you enter the content in the input box, it shows the word count. Hence, you can always check the word count of the original and summarized content. Users can upload or paste the text and determine the length of the summary. The supported languages are English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Dutch.

The platform also offers an option to include bullets in a summary. Click on the “Show bullets” button to get an outline where the sentences are separated by bullet points. Moreover, by selecting the “Best line” feature, you can ensure the summary contains the best line of the content.


Are you looking for a tool that will save you time by summarizing long articles? Go for AppZaza, an article summarizer that lets you absorb ideas quickly when you need to go through many resources in a short time. 

Article summarizer AppZaza

Whether you are doing background research on anything or trying to find a thesis on a topic, this platform will be highly beneficial for you.

This tool is not only free; it comes with the ability to process the source text at high speed. Its interface is also easy to use; even first-time users should not find it difficult. You can readily copy the summary and use it somewhere else. is an online tool that summarizes text to a specified short length. Converting a long article into main points lets you decide whether you want to read a book, article, or research paper. AI-based summary creator

The tool uses the concept of abstractive summarization and NLP to generate a summary that contains the main ideas. You can either upload the doc file from your computer or paste the content in the source field. Moreover, it is free to use and has a simple user interface.

Besides English and French, it lets you summarize content written in German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Indonesian, and Turkish. Depending on your needs, you can download the summary in doc format or copy the whole summary in one click.

Summarizing Tool

Summarizing Tool lets you summarize any text content for educational or official purposes. You can opt for this platform as it does not change the meaning of the original content even after summarization.

The online Summarizing Tool
  • This tool is completely free to use and provides instant access to all the premium features. It lets you perform unlimited text summarization in a single click.
  • Summarizing Tool uses AI technology to generate an accurate text overview. You can choose the summary length compared to the original text length.
  • Its support for multiple languages makes it a convenient tool for researchers and bloggers. The tool can summarize content written in English, Spanish, Italian, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Swedish. 
  • Here, you get different options to upload your source content. You can directly paste or upload it from your system, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Final Words

So far, you have gone through some advanced article summarizer tools. You can use the one that caught your eyes with the tool’s features, user-friendliness, and accessibility.

Article summary creators do not only help you to get the gist of someone else’s articles. They also help you summarize your own content and present that for approval from the publisher, editor, website client, or scientific community.  

Besides a good article summary creator, you can also use a paraphrasing tool. Here are some popular paraphrasing tools to improve content quality.

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